Oh Breezy. After his epic blow up with comedian/cyber bully Jenny Johnson last month, Chris Brown supposedly “quit” Twitter. He has since returned, but has taken a more positive tone. His Instagram account, however, is a different story.

Aptly named “Fuckyopictures,” Brown’s Instagram stream is your usual mishmash of tour photos, party shots, and expensive purchases, but it’s Brown’s penchant to jump in and comment on his followers’ comments that’s the problem.

After a few fans wondered if he was getting a little too thin, Brown had a message for them: worry about your own weight.

While it’s unclear whether or not those worrying about Brown’s weight are “super obese b*tches” as he asserts, his unnecessary swipe at his female fans (and not male fans) is telling.

Though I’m inclined to think it’s yet another example of Brown’s inability to censor himself and deal with the criticisms of strangers, Shane Roberts of the health blog Frugivore wonders if Brown’s reaction may be due to his own insecurities about his body.

Could Brown’s jab at his “fat ass” fans simply be a reaction to his insecurities about his own body? Sure. But it could also be yet another example of Breezy’s well-documented immaturity.

Whatever the answer, what’s clear is that Brown still needs a few lessons on how to behave on social media.


  1. Seriously?

    Also your comment about do I go around berating employees and or owners and the answer is no. however, two things 1. Employees of business deal with people like that all the time and they can’t go derailing the person or thats their job. Anytime they decide to attack and respond “their” way they always get fired or arrested(depending on what they do)
    and 2 if i were rude, insulting especially to the owners they would have a right to not serve me, ban me even ask me to leave the store all which is in their legal right.

    And despite how rude i may have been they still can’t stoop down to me level.

  2. I’m beginning to think that he is a little slow.

  3. spookym

    That has got to be one of the stupidest, most laughable pictures/poses I’ve ever seen!

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