Morehouse College is considered a beacon of pride in the African-American community, a distinguished institution of higher education with a long history of black male success and achievement. The school has not, however, been viewed as the most progressive or forward-thinking in terms of embracing the LGBT community. Recently, Morehouse made the news for a controversial ban on cross-dressing, which some felt unfairly targeted and isolated its LGBT students.

Six months later, the tide seems to be turning. Loop 21 reports Morehouse announced plans to offer its first course on LGBT history:

Beginning in the Spring 2013 semester, Morehouse College will offer a course focusing on the intersection of blackness and being LGBT, according to the school’s paper The Maroon Tiger:

The course is expected to outline various key concepts in Black feminism and critical cultural theory and methodology. Described as “an interdisciplinary survey of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) culture and politics” in the course’s syllabus, the class will serve as an in-depth look into critical, social and cultural theory that will vastly benefit the Morehouse community.

The course could help encourage an attitude of acceptance among Morehouse students, which will likely trickle down to other HBCUs and colleges in general.

Clutchettes and Gents, should other HBCUs follow suit in offering LGBT courses? What effect could Morehouse’s LGBT course have in encouraging tolerance from its students?

  • Allie

    I think this is fantastic and I definitely believe that other HBCUs should follow suit.

  • Salmon

    I’d love to see LGBT content integrated into existing curriculum– more of an intersectional approach. My only worry in creating new courses would be if HBCUs have the budget to sustain these courses. Not sure if its applicable to all HBCUs, but I know some of them took some serious blows to their budget.

    All in all, I’m all for courses that address the interrelated barriers of race, gender, class, and sexual orientation (and other identity categories)

  • Truth

    I think the course will help some students understand some of the issues facing LGBT community. However, I do agree with Morehouse’s stance on the ban on cross dressing on they’re campus. They are a private institution that have rules and norms that have been cultivated over a 100 years if you choose to attend this college be prepared to subjugated to them.

  • DaGeneral Patton

    Wow. Go Morehouse. Yes, HBCUs should consider courses that educate, stimulate and spark constructive discourse. This is needed in academics. In college, I took a Queer Cinema class at UC Berkeley and a Lesbian Literature class at Mills College. Both were great courses with great discussions. Knowledge is power. And…off subject, Human Sexuality should be REQUIRED to graduate.

  • Tonton Michel

    A well rounded education being offered with classes like this from an unexpected source. Or maybe we should expect this from Morehouse. It is a step in the right direction for acceptance of gays by some blacks.

  • Allie

    Yea I don’t go to a HBCU but at my university we did reserve some bad news about funding for our LGBTQ studies curriculum, that being that it was being cut and had to merge with the Women’s studies department. So I agree that funding always seems to be an issue when it comes to subjects like.

  • chanela17

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  • Val

    This is great news. Morehouse has been really backward when it comes to LGBT issues and treatment of gay students on campus for a very long time. So this is a very good thing. And, yes other HBCUs ought to follow suit.

  • black_feminist

    Long overdue!

  • Allie

    But really.

  • Dumi Lewis-McCoy

    Not sure why this article says the Morehouse dress code is recent. Actually the waves were made in 2009. Glad to see my alma mater stepping up with this course!

  • The Bishop

    Huh? Constructive comments need apply.

  • AnnT

    I get what you’re saying, but normalizing the issue expands the minds of people who are already interested and creates a gateway for people who may not know much about certain issues.
    If someone provides thoughtful, comprehensive commentary about LGBT issues to someone who is not so aware, that person may want to learn more on their own.

  • JC

    Totally support this decision. I hope the class sparks more open and positive discussions on sexuality in and out of the classroom. I only hope Spelman and Clark follow suit, though they already have intersectional courses on sexuality and feminism of course.

  • kelly

    Alright, I think a lot of these so called black sites are supporting this gay agenda as if the black community needs to step anymore further away from GOD, Havent we learned from the heavy promo of sex in music, movies and etc its the reason why our community has high rates of young mothers and absent fathers, that cause a heap of other issues. How much more destruction are you guys going to support before you get the picture… I was happy to find a nice looking black site but it seems to be filled with filth… I dont know whats going on but I dont like how the chosen people are now working in line with the devil.. But then again maybe I listen too to much Steel Pulse, and I know too much…

  • kelly

    SAD times


    When will they make a class on how to deal with the racism in the workplace and in the world in general? Also, a class on brainwashing of black people, eugenics, and etc. I mean do all aspects not just for the gays.

  • billy paul

    Interesting comment; however, allow me to add that Billy loves it when Colored people undereducate/miseducate themselves by paying money to take a class that will not make them any money, because that’s just less people that he’ll have to compete with. Proceed, please.

    It is a cold and harsh reality that dictates that having a 4-year degree alone will not save you. Why would a blog that’s geared towards Coloreds promote wasting valuable time learning meaningless knowledge? Shame on you, Clutch. Colored people as a group have some serious skill deficiencies that should be a top priority on these types of blogs. Arguably, it is the Coloreds lack of marketable skills that make them economic liabilities ripe for elimination and/or exclusion.

    Hence, take these courses at your own peril for there is little to no economic glory to be had there. Lastly, be not mislead, classes are an investment, not only for the student, but also their communities.

    Carry on, Family.

  • billy paul

    LGBT issues are not issues that are going to be dealt with in the Colored community. At the very least, that particular community will continue to be shunned. Worse case scenario would be for there to be a ban on such behavior in the Colored community. There is no law that says that the LGBT community must be accepted by the Colored community, so don’t expect such to occur. The law can and will be legally circumvented to preserve and promote certain community characteristics, with sexuality being one of them.

    Now this has nothing to do about discrimination and everything to do with one’s personal preferrences that need not be amended to accomodate others.

  • Salmon

    Well, no epistemology is not useless. It allows you to critique the framework that frames current academic curriculum, deconstruct the myth of neutrality in the law, and understand how social hierarchies are reproduced at the institutional level. So yeah, adding feminist material is useful to college curriculum.

    Oh and people of color aren’t marketable because of racism, not because of the degrees they chose. Take Obama for example– Ivy League trained, but there are still plenty of people who charge him with being incompetent and unqualified.

  • Get mad

    *cues violins* life is so hard.

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