Shelly Frey was shot after allegedly stealing from WalmartShelly Frey, a 27-year-old mother of two, was shot and killed by an off duty police officer who was working as a security guard at a Walmart in Houston, Texas. Frey was suspected of shoplifting, an accusation that led to her untimely death.

According to police, Frey and two other women, Tisa Andrews and Yolanda Craig, were attempting to steal merchandise from a local Walmart when Officer Louis Campbell confronted them.

After attempting to stop the women at the door, Campbell told officials that he followed the women to their car and tried to open the door to stop them from leaving the scene. As the driver pulled off, Campbell, a 26-year veteran of the force, fired into the car striking Frey in the neck.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Deputy Thomas Gilliland tried to explain the officer’s actions: “When the vehicle took off, he was standing between the door frame and the driver. I think it knocked him off balance and in fear for his life, being run over, he discharged his weapon at that point.”

Others are questioning the officer’s decision to fire into the car, which also had two small children in the backseat.

“You know, there could have been another way around it, of getting her to stop, anything but pulling the trigger,” Calvin Mitchell, a neighbor of one of the women involved, said.

Another neighbor, Angel Gaines added: “To me, it should never (have) happened. I wish the officer didn’t shoot her. I wish he shot her tires just to slow her down. That’s a mother you know. And now they have to figure out what to do with the kids.”

Frey’s father described her as the “perfect mom, perfect friend, perfect daughter,’ and insisted that even if she had been stealing, she didn’t deserve to die.

After Frey was shot in the neck, the women drove to an apartment complex where one of them lived; Frey was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived on the scene.

Tiasa Andrews and Yolanda Craig were charged with robbery, and Andrews was also charged with assaulting a public servant for hitting the officer with her purse as they left the store. Officer Campbell is on paid leave while the incident is being investigated.

Walmart issued a statement, saying: “This is a tragic situation and we recognize this is a difficult time for all parties involved. We’re committed to working with law enforcement and providing any information we have as they determine the facts of the case. Because this is an active investigation, any specific details of the incident should come from law enforcement.

We hire off duty officers to provide security to some of our stores. While we have policies in place for our associates to disengage from situations that might put them or others in harm’s way, off-duty officers working at a WM store are authorized to act in accordance with their department’s code of conduct.”

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    A woman is dead for shoplifting, the security guard definitely went too far!!!

  • Sasha

    This is a tragedy. The other tragedy amongst this is the tragedy of her eyebrows. I wish a campaign would be started in 2013 to stop this madness. This comment may be in poor taste but I really hate this ugly eyebrow trend.

  • Yvette

    Yeah, definitely in poor taste, smh.

  • Perspective

    “The other tragedy amongst this is the tragedy of her eyebrows. I wish a campaign would be started in 2013 to stop this madness. This comment may be in poor taste but I really hate this ugly eyebrow trend.”

    Looks down at the grown in silence – trying to contain a laugh that would just be so wrong. Pull it together! Exhale! – NOW

    Back to checking your ass for saying something so terrible.

    “Yea! What the hell is wrong with you!?”

  • Perspective

    Here we go with that ” fear for his life,” nonsense.

    I guess next time I get into a fight with someone “especially” a white person I say –

    “I shot him first because I was afraid at the fact that he might be afraid of his life and try to shoot me that would make me in fear of my life – so I shot him first!”

    Lets see how that goes over.

  • Perspective

    What!? she was on probation from Walmart from pleading guilty to another theft at another Walmart…

    I don’t think she deserved to die – but are black women being intellectually dishonest again!?

  • Chillyroad


    Girl, I wish someone would pluck you out of existence.

  • Liz

    Poor taste? You don’t say.


  • Sweetles

    You are so disgusting!

  • LadyP

    It is sad this young lady lost her life. When you are engaging in criminal activity, it is unpredictable of exactly how the situation will end. In this case, it was death.

  • Anthony

    Before i say anything else, that guard/deputy had no business shooting her in that parking lot. Since he has 26 years of experience, he should never have put himself in a position where he “felt he had to shoot because he feared for his life.” Once he saw they would not cooperate, he should have called actual uniform police and kept his distance. He could have easily have written down their license plates from a safe distance or he could have video taped them. We all know Wal-Mart has extensive video capabilities, so she could have been identified on tape. She already had a prior conviction, so finding her would not have been a problem (I realize the guard on duty would not have known that last point.)

    Having said all of that, I am so tired of my people claiming that their son or daughter was a “perfect mother or child” when they have a clear record of criminal behavior! I don’t doubt for one minute that this woman was dealt hardship that I have never had to face, but if you steal, sooner or later really bad things are going to happen to you. She did not deserve to die, and the officer needs to face mnslaughter charges, or at least lose his job, but this woman was not an innocent victim.

  • Leslie

    Shoplifting is wrong but come on. It’s Wal Mart. Let’s think about how many people steal from Wal Mart on a daily basis. I don’t think they deserve to die over it

  • EST. 1986

    This guy went too far. Since when are security guards permitted to chase after shoplifters, hold their car door, and then shoot at her/him when the shoplifter doesn’t comply?

  • heavenleiblu

    She was charged with THEFT, not a violent crime. Since when is theft properly reciprocated with violence?

  • Yb

    This comment section is so sad. I guess when a black women is wrongly killed its times to joke about her appearance, post trolling comments, or use her death as evdince to further your hateful agenda toward black women.

    You would never see comments like these on this, when a Travon Martin article pops up. Sad beyond words.

  • EST. 1986

    ‘Young lady’? She was 27.

  • binks

    Agreed, he went above and beyond his job description. As soon as he suspected her of shoplifting he was supposed to call the cops before she went out of the door so they can be there waiting. Too many people are getting way to comfortable wanting to play superhero/vigilante these days. And some of these comments about her appearance are tacky and classless…smh

  • Tonton Michel

    Jesus even the banks have a rule to just let the thief go. This gaurd went to far and needs to beinvestgated

  • myblackfriendsays

    The idea that Wal-Mart even lets their security guards carry guns is ridiculous. But it’s Wal-Mart, so it doesn’t really surprise me. They also don’t pay their employees a living wage, so the employees end up on government programs like food stamps and medicaid.

    They wouldn’t be such a profitable corporation if people didn’t shop there. Something to think about if you’re one of their customers.

  • dee

    Since when is it okay to shoot people for shoplifting?

  • Anthony

    Folks, what is different about LadyP’s statement and mine? Ms. Frey did not deserve to die, but we all know what time it is in this country, especially in a place like Texas. Heck, black people get killed when we have broken no laws at all. When routinely break laws, we are leaving ourselves wide open for for what happened to this young mother!

    The cop was totally wrong in killing her, but there is no point in ignoring that she was a thief, not someone just minding her business.

  • Chillyroad

    The Bible exacts violence for theft.

  • Yb


    What makes you think everyone follows to the teachings of that book?

  • Perspective

    Her being BANNED from Walmart for a year was the result of a previous theft offense. Obviously she didn’t deserve death – but stealing and getting caught twice DOES come with the territory.

    Risk is Risk! You never know what could happen – and when you AREN’T in the right – and you’ve been warned, I don’t see much that there is to cry or complain about.

    Real life has REAL CONSEQUENCES – and they aren’t always what may expect.

    Take the Dallas Cowboys football player who was drunk driving and killed his team mate. “It was just a little drinking, we don’t feel he deserves life in prison” but be it that it was his SECOND DUI offense – what do you have to say now, in reference to what he deserves?

    Bottom line – she was in the wrong 2 times, and this time she just so happened to come across the wrong dude.

    We could take this situation and apply it to BW who like to get up in men’s faces. Yea sure a man shouldn’t hit a woman – but a woman should get in a man’s face also, but that’s not my point. My point is – the “MAN SHOULD NEVER HIT WOMAN” not all men follow that and a woman can think it’s ok to be loud and belligerent until THAT ONE DUDE – TIGER UPPERCUTS HER. Now she’s crying.

    That ONE DUDE – is akin to this security guard.

    It just wasn’t her day – and it’s hard to feel sorry or throw the VICTIMHOOD card up on the table when she was wrong 2 TIMES!!!!!!!

    Got caught the first time, and was warned. Got caught the second time and now she’s DEAD.

    I could see the sympathy if this was her first offense, but HEY, she risked it.

  • Perspective

    Yup! and this is her second run in with walmart

  • Queen

    I would hope the NAACP is working to make sure black folks don’t continue to be treated so poorly in this country – I mean isn’t that their job, civil rights?

  • Nicoline

    I do not want to sound harsh but…

    If she would of never been shoplifting in the first place then she would of never put herself in the position to be shot and killed.

  • Nicoline

    BTW someone described the victim as the “perfect mother” if she was shoplifting with her two children in tow she was far from the perfect mother.

    To me he actions show how little she valued motherhood.

  • Nicoline

    I agree with you but…
    Since when is okay to shoplift?

    Had she went into the store and purchased her items like everyone else she would still be alive.

  • Apple

    “off duty police officer who was working as a security guard” so maybe that’s why he had a gun

  • myblackfriendsays

    Wal-mart could very easily have a “no firearms while working policy” like hundreds of other corporations do–off duty police officer or not.

  • dee

    Yes, definitely but I feel there were definitely better ways to go about this.

  • Naps!

    Couldn’t agree more.

    “Tonton Michel”…I think somebody in here is Haitian :)

  • Naps!

    Doesn’t justify her murder, regardless. I disagree with the whole “eye for an eye” tone of your comment.

  • Naps!

    Doesn’t justify her murder, regardless. Since when are we an eye for an eye society? What happened to due process? File a police report or something, but don’t go around shooting people

  • K. Michel


    This is a tragedy, plain and simple. As wrong as she was, she didn’t have to go like this. At least, I don’t believe so.

  • Naps!

    @Perspective and @Chillyroad, Please climb off your high horse. Since when is it okay to reciprocate theft with murder? We have this wonderful thing in America called due process of law, not take the law into your own hands because you feel like it. And also @Chillyroad, what part of the whole God is the only creator and taker message of the Bible did you forget? Who are we to judge this woman? She did not deserve to die.

  • Naps!

    @Perspective and @Chillyroad, Please climb off your high horse. Since when is it okay to reciprocate theft with murder? We have this wonderful thing in America called due process of law, not take the law into your own hands because you feel like it. And also @Chillyroad, what part of the whole God is the only creator and taker message of the Bible did you forget? Who are we to judge this woman? She did not deserve to die!

  • Tonton Michel


  • Tonton Michel

    I want more details but the story as is damning against this cop.

  • MimiLuvs

    Right now they are busy, over at the Serena Williams story, elaborating on their outrageousness over that important issue. But, don’t worry, if tomorrow is a ‘slow day’ here on Clutch, they will be over here.

  • Perspective

    Never Naps – but it comes with the territory.

    I remember a story of a white boy trying to steal from a warehouse. The owner (white guy) got sick and tired of people breaking in so he booby trapped the window with a shotgun. When the boy climbed into the window – BAM!

    The owner went to jail and later lost in a ciivl suit – but nonetheless the boy was dead.

    There is always the potential of some ish happening BEYOND THE SCOPE OF WHAT YOU THINK IS FAIR OR DESERVING – just the same as a man punching a woman in the face.

    So moral of the story, I don’t advise getting in a man’s face, and I don’t advise stealing – GETTING CAUGHT – and then STEALING AGAIN!

  • Perspective


  • Pseudonym

    I read this story in the news days ago, so I didn’t bother to click on it this morning to read it AGAIN on Clutch. I’m now getting bored enough to read the Clutch comments out of curiosity.

    This is definitely a case of using excessive force- not to mention what if he shot one of those kids?!!! However, the woman, Shelly, was actually in Wal-mart after being banned from the chain after striking a plea deal in court after being caught stealing merchandise from a Wal-mart (a very important fact left out of this article). So…I just choose to stay out of it.

    I definitely think she should not have been MURDERED, but I also can’t go to bat for this woman if she was stealing merchandise from a store (a fact that I have yet to see someone confirm or disprove- there’s just circumstantial evidence from her previous thievery.).

  • Nicole

    Sorry, but she and her friends left her two small children alone in the car so they could go shoplift… Good people make bad choices everyday and unfortunately sometimes we have to pay for them with our lives. According to the story, he discharged his weapon because in their haste to get away, they possibly through him off balance. Not even once they realized their friend was shot, did they give it up. Like Thelma and Louise they drove to their complex for paramedics to meet them there?!? So her friends say the guard should have considered her kids, did he even see them in there? Was she stealing some diapers or formula for her kids or some frivolous crap. Sorry this story disturbs me all the way around.

  • Oh Whatever!

    How was she wrongly killed when she robbed a store? In many countries, this is what happens when you STEAL. What did the bible say about stealing? “An eye for an eye”. I guess black women are so above the law these days. They can yell, hit and slap whoever they feel like it and expect nothing to happen. Once something does happen, she wants to scream and play victim. Just looking at her picture alone lets you know she was a nut case. Then she had the nerve to take her children along so they too could learn the art of thievery. Please!

  • Native Gear


  • The Artist

    Smh. I never understood why officers choose to shoot in such circumstances. It’s not like this was a high spreed all out shooting match. So, you’re telling me there was no other way to slow them down. Pure. B.S.

  • The Artist

    Ha! The NAACP…that’s just like nobody.

  • Gail

    I wonder what is Wal-Mart’s policy on detaining shoplifters? I know the parking lot is “their property” but still most stores leave it to the local police once a suspected shoplifter leaves the store proper.

    There are a few things in this story that I am just not comprehending. First, Ms Frey while on probation and was banned from entering Walmart’s propertied because she plead guilty of shoplifting. So, why was she in Walmart? What was so blooming important or compelling about Walmart that she would risk jail to go there?

    Next, What did they steal that warranted the security guard following them to their car with every intention of detaining them? Did the officer actually see any of these women pocket something? Or were they suspected of shoplifting because of their demeanor?

    There were kids in the car, so am I to understand that three grown women went into Walmart and left two small kids in the car by themselves?

    Now the security guard has been a police officer for 26 yeas, one year less than that young woman was alive, and is still an active duty member of the local police force. In light of this tragic incident, he has been placed on paid leave. Who is paying for him to be on leave, Walmart or the city?

    One of the other two women has been charged with assaulting a public servant. Was not the officer acting as a private citizen in the employ of private corporation? Apparently I have been laboring under the mistaken impression that public servants are employed by governmental entities and not private mega corporations.

    Finally, how did the security guard find himself between the door and the driver seat?

    Yes she violated the terms of her court agreement, nonetheless, death should not have been the end result. Ironically, going to Walmart was not good for Ms. Frey.

    I feel for that family, but most especially for her kids, their mamma was self admitted thief, but she was their mamma, now they will have nothing but memories. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Rena0215

    The obvious answer to the question raised in the headline: YES! Of course the security guard crossed the line. The problem is allowing police officers to carry weapons off duty to jobs they have no business having them. Carrying firearms to a security job at Walmart can only lead to a terrible outcome.

    Now, about the picture. It makes me wonder if I should chose a photo in advance for my family to release to the media in case something happens to me.

  • paul

    hmmm things haven’t changed much black america since the 1950s when they chose Rosa Parks bus revolt (bougie light skinned woman) over Claudette Colvin’s as the case to challenge segretation.

    Contrast the almost unanimous and unconditional condemnation of the decision to fire the black weather girl (bougie light skinned woman) for responding to a racist on facebook, with the clipped condemnation of the murder of this young black woman for an suspicion of a PETTY crime.

    Clear evidence that even among blacks, some black lives are more important than other blacks lives.

    Now wonder whites are getting bolder in the firings and killings of black people. They know that bougie blacks are so disconnected from the black masses that they don’t have the number power to back any demand or to enforce justice. They know the black working class and poor is largely leaderless and disorganized and therefore doesn’t have the institutional power to defend to itself against institutional racism.

    You all don’t want to, but sooner or later you’re going to have unite – else they’re gonna take everything away from all of you.

  • themanlifestyle

    He stepped out of line and Yes he crossed the Line and should be prosecuted as such I don’t know at what point the world put a higher value on some Walmart clothes verse a persons life. But if it was that deep to him he should of just got the License plate number. I don’t care if she was running out of there with 6 TV’s on her back if gave no body no right to Kill her. Now whats next I would say kids being shot but Florida is already all over that one. The Gun law needs to be reevaluated and redefined

  • kc

    You are just proving Yb’s point. SMH.

  • Gemstarz

    My question is why did they continue to drive to the apartment complex even though their friend was shot in the neck? Why not stop and call paramedics IMMEDIATELY? Maybe things could’ve turned out differently?

  • Saddened

    People to day are living well beyond 100. Even Black people. 27 was WAY too young to die, and YES!!! She was a “Young Lady”! I hope that officer is charged with manslaughter at the least. Nothing at Walmart is worth dying for.

  • C

    Yeah, the bible says a lot of things about life…

    There is no *law* that gives people the right to KILL a shoplifter. This is America, not other countries. You bring up black women, but if this was a black man, people most would be saying the same thing, which is that person shouldn’t have been killed.

  • Ms. Information

    These fake rent a cops from Top Flight Security of the World need to chill…most security guards are guys who have a chip on their shoulders and cannot become real cops for whatever reason…they are worse than real cops..geesshhh.

  • Nicole

    So those of us who condemn her actions are what you refer to as “bougie” ? Well, I don’t anything about bougie, what I know is there is no way I could condemn the officer in this case without also condemning Frey and her friends. Many of us know what it is to not have, to walk into a store and see things you or your kids are in need of, not things you want, but things you need and not have a dime you can stretch far enough to buy them. But sorry, I have always been taught that stealing is not ok under any circumstance – that might be the “bougie” upbringing I had, I guess. How you can compare the situation involving the black newscaster with this case is beyond me. I fail to see a connection that should affect a person’s decision to support one or the other.

    The young lady in question here, according to other news feeds, had a prior incident with Walmart and was advised against returning there for a year. Yet she did and to steal, again. Nothing in walmart is worth dying for ( tell that to crazies you watch on tv willing to slaughter each other over a $2 waffle iron come black Friday) but did Ms. Frey know that? While we might all agree that Walmart should probably work with the officers they hire and come up with a sensible protocol on how to deal with shoplifters, are we supposed to turn a blind eye to this lady’s responsibility in her own death. I can’t.

    This case reminds me of the white homeowner who recently killed two teenagers who broke into his home to rob him. Having dealt with a number of break ins before, he murdered them. I say murdered because he went above and beyond the force most would consider necessary to protect himself and his property. Their family and friends, like this young lady’s father described them as perfect teens. Others thought they deserved what they got because whose to say what should be deemed necessary force in a given situation. As in this case, I believe that man went too far, but can I ignore those two kids responsibility in the matter. NOPE! When you choose to involve yourself in criminal activity, who’s to say once events get rolling how things will turn out. Sometimes, it takes a split second for everything to go down hill really quickly at a rate where no one has control any longer. So I can’t say what anyone should have, could have done… all of that would be hindsight talking to me. Folks say the “rent-a-cop” should have called the police. The same police most black folks would rather not have any dealings with? Who’s to say they would not have responded with as much force, with fatal consequences for them also? What I know is their decision set the ball moving. What I know is she left two small kids in a vehicle to shoplift. What I know is her friends, once realizing she was shot did not stop and call paramedics, they continued on in their bid to get away. Black folks must unite sure but lets call a spade what it is. I don’t know whether that cop was thinking to himself that here’s some Ni$%%gas he can’t let get away or whether he thought he was doing what he was paid to do. What I know is life is hard enough for black folk trying to live on the straight and narrow, why make it harder for yourself?

  • ChillyRoad


    I answered a question that was asked and the violence which I was referring to was cutting off someone’s hand for theft not murder for theft.

  • Gail

    I swear, if this woman had been white, this ish would never have happened. Otherwise Lindsay Lohan would be dead right now. WTF, why do we always get guns pulled on us and every freaking excuse in the book is said to explain away why we get shot. You NEVER hear of a cop shooting a white lady, EVER. Forgive me but I am pissed the heck off. If she was stealing fine, thats is dumb and wrong, but to shoot someone simply of presumption of “fear for my life” is an old and tried out excuse. Im tired of it.

  • Geechee Goddess (@JumpJunkieJoe)

    Honestly, it’s a little hard for me to have sympothy for this woman. She’s described as a “perfect mother” but why is she stealing with her friends? What good mother goes out and steals? If you have to resort to stealing to provide for your kids, then clearly you’ve made a lot of bad choices in life. Besides that, this officer is going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble. Why did he give chase? Why did he open their car door? All of that is doing too damn much. He could have simply followed them outside and wrote down their license plate number and get a description of the vehicle. He could have called for back up. But to chase, try to pull these women out of their car, and then shoot someone, all of that is doing too damn much.

  • Deidra

    There had to have been another way to diffuse the situation…or perhaps, he should have just let them go. Regardless her petty crime, two children are motherless, and according to a neighbor, it is not sure where they will end up (hopefully, the grandmother can keep them). Were the two small children in the backseat hers? It bothers me to think that her kids saw their mother shot.

  • gennatay

    I am on the fence on this one. She did not deserve to die of some petty stuff like this. BUT, I can understand that the security guard may have felt his life was in danger.

    My husband use to work in retail and when he confronted a shoplifter, the person grabbed something off the shelf and hit him in the face with it. There was surveillance that shows he never touched the guy and was simply talking to him. I do think that if he had a gun at that moment he would have shot him.

    I don’t know all the facts of this case or what made him think his life was in danger, what I am saying is that I understand if he thought it was.

  • Dotti Sheridan

    Do You Notice , I know I do … In So. Florida … the Police Don’t come to your house and take fingerprints / Inventory when you are Robbed … But God Forbid you take a Loaf of Bread from Walmart who Relies on Public Welfare to Give Healthcare and Food to their Underpaid Employees … But they can Afford to have 5 Uniformed Officers at the Registers during the Holidays ! I Don’t Shop Walmart …. RIP … I am so sorry this happened to You and Your Family … I PRAY FOR YOU AN YOUR FAMILY !

  • Jenny

    Steals with her kids in the backseat no less?
    Girlfriend sure didn’t see this coming, but she put her children and herself in harm’s way when she decided to steal.
    Suppose she had just been apprehended. Seeing mommy handcuffs would have traumatized her babies.
    Evidently she didn’t care.
    The penalty for shoplifting shouldn’t be death, but the deceased bears some of the responsibility here.

  • tina

    She was driving away. How about getting her plate number and a warrant for her arrest. This A hole was not in fear for his life. How was a bullet to her head going to stop the car from rolling over him. He was judge, jury, and executioner and he’ll probably get away with it. Damn shame.

  • tina

    He was real cop working security. That’s why he had a gun and why he didn’t have to follow Walmart’s no chase rule.

  • MackAttack

    Somebody may have already replied to this, but he was a duly-authorized and deputized officer of the law and was wearing the uniform of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. He was not plainclothes and it should have been apparent to anyone that he was law enforcement.

  • MackAttack

    He was an actual cop in uniform, not simply a “vigilante.”

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