Late yesterday evening, Beyoncé revealed a preview from her Pepsi commercial, set to air after the Pepsi-sponsored Super Bowl half-time show on February 3, 2013, which she is headlining.

Beyoncé’s Pepsi commercial is a part of a $50 million dollar deal which names her the global brand ambassador to the brand and includes limited-edition cans, which show a pop art-inspired outline of her fully made-up face. The ad campaign will coincide with the release of new music from the superstar.

Of the high profile collaboration, the singer, who has already appeared in four Pepsi ad campaigns, said: “Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve. As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.”

Reactions have been mixed. Fans view the campaign as a momentous accomplishment for the singer, while others chide Beyoncé for supporting a sugary-soda brand which is a health affront to many American consumers. They even accuse the diva of hypocrisy for appearing in Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative to encourage good health among children and later, shelling Pepsi cans.

One commenter said: “Parkinson’s, heart disease, obesity, stroke and Alzheimer’s tincture. Another celebrity getting paid to keep America on their mainline like heroine. I respectfully decline supporting this travesty.”

Another writes: “With diabetes and other ailments at an all time high, one would wonder why celebrities who claim to care so much about their fans would endorse soda. Almighty dollar.”

While Pepsi isn’t great for your health, is it Beyoncé’s responsibility to make sure America drinks less soda?

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Should Beyoncé only endorse products that promote good health? 

  • Val

    I thought that was Kim K. on the can. Lol. And, meh, no one sees Bey as a role model. So it doesn’t really matter what she endorses, healthy or not.

  • Britt

    I wonder if these same people that have a problem with Beyonce’s Pepsi campaign went out and joined Weight Watchers because of Jennifer Hudson, joined Jenny Craig because of Mariah Carey or ordered NutriSystem meals because of Janet Jackson.

    I don’t see it as hypocrisy because Beyonce was a part of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign. You can drink Pepsi, just like with everything else in life, in moderation.

  • B.Payne

    Good comment!

  • B.Payne

    That’s a really HIGH move…plus her face is on the Pepsi can?! I bet she didn’t see that coming when she was drinking the can as a shorty! lol

    I get what the author is conveying but Bey’s only responsibility is Blu Ivy…the rest of us grown adults (and teenagers) can make healthy decisions on our own.

  • EST. 1986

    No, she does not.

  • C

    I don’t care what food or beverage products Beyonce endorses. She’s just celebrity trying to make money and I don’t look to her to represent healthy or unhealthy nutrition choices because I make those choices based on other things than who’s endorsing them.

  • Relle

    I wish that people would stop blaming their problems on celebrities and start taking responsiblity of their actions. Beyonce’ is not a representative of all that is “healthy”. I congratulate her for continuously making major power moves as a woman.

  • binks

    While Pepsi isn’t great for your health, is it Beyoncé’s responsibility to make sure America drinks less soda?

    No, if you are drinking soda like it is water or have a huge dependency on it than you had a problem LONG before Beyoncé was endorsed by Pepsi. Nobody is in charge of your health or the health of your kid(s) but you stop looking to these people as gods and goddesses that have to tell us what to do, think or be the pinnacle for right/wrong or good/bad. These celebrities are basically a business wanting to brand their image and stack their coins too regardless if it is for political campaigns, overpriced perfumes, alcohol, weight loss, sex toys, etc.

  • Pseudonym

    It’s called portion control. Drink ONE can of Pepsi, every ONCE IN A WHILE (2/week tops).

    You can eat fried smothered pork belly with extra grease once a month and be healthy if you can keep portion size and frequency in check.

  • Felicity Rhode

    No one should view her as a role model, but they do. And that’s coming from a Bey fan.

  • Child, Please

    To be honest, I know quite a few people who did. They especially found Weight Watchers (which was affordable for them and already gaining momentum) very helpful. For them it was all in the dieting. While I’ve always felt one should diet based on what fits them, I honestly don’t think Beyonce her self makes diet conscious decisions; her rumored diets to lose weight almost seem unhealthy at best, but it may work for her (though I’ve heard some say they haven’t worked for them). I will say it wouldn’t hurt many to go and do a consultation with a dietitian; some may not charge for you to just meet with them. When you do meat you could discuss your “problem areas” and what you you want to work on concerning food. It also won’t hurt to work in 30-minute work outs, even if it’s just to help your insides rather than out, but that’s just me.

  • O’Phylia

    I’m more concerned that she’s shopping sans pants. Is that a thing now? Can we do that?

  • Mar

    Lol and I’m more concerned that shes endorsing pepsi… Errrrbody knows black folk drink coke. Jk good for her

  • Mind your own Business

    Why should a celebrity have more responsibility for your choices than you do? She didn’t stick a funnel in anyone’s mouth and force them to drink it.

    And as far as the Obama mission — Beyonce ACTUALLY MOVES!!! She can drink a Pepsi or two without a car because she actually exercises.

  • Pseudonym

    I didn’t even notice that but- now that you mention it- why does Beyonce not wear pants almost ever?

  • a.c.

    black folks where? all the black folks i know do pepsi sooo lol. she made the right choice

  • eboni

    No, absolutely not. Beyonce is an entertainer and one of the perks of being an entertainer is getting paid oodles of money to endorse things. She can do that without having to fulfill some kind of public responsibility. People need to be smart enough to drink/eat what’s good for them, and not just what’s being sold to them. That’s a personal thing.

  • ANthony

    I agree totally, Beyonce is an entertainer making money and giving people good shows. Anybody who seriously looks towards Beyonce about what to consume for healthy living truly needs a clue about life.

  • Anthony

    She doens’t wear pants because she looks awfully good with no pants on!

  • victoria

    I think Northeasterners drink Pepsi, Southerners drink coke. Both are too sweet and nasty and burn when swallowing. Yuk.

  • eboni

    her hair bothers me… she doesnt look like a black woman at all

  • Pseudonym



    (but she can wear them grocery shopping, no?)

  • EST. 1986

    I’ve already had 3 cans of Pepsi today.

  • Shayna

    The Olympics is sponsored by Mc Donald’s. I think that has a bigger impact then Beyonce. Lets focus on that then comeback to this pointless Beyonce argument….

  • dee

    all of my responses today are going to say “lol, no”

  • Bump Mediocrity

    Beyonce getting that money like she been doing and she obviously doesn’t put a glass ceiling on collecting that bread. Remember. Baby blue needs to eat off of diamond encrusted bibs and gold lame crib sheets.

  • Apple

    Lol it’s just a drink!! And beyonce been the face of Pepsi since 2003, remember her Carmen Pepsi opera song??

  • The Comment


  • AM

    SEXy sells. :)

  • Chrissy

    Beyonce looks cute in that picture! That look is working for her

  • Lady Ngo

    I can’t stand Beyonce and her phony behind but even i know how ridiculous this ish is. She isn’t anyone’s mama. Its not her job to make sure you (especially if you are a full grown adult) make smart/healthy choices in life. Not to mention that Pepsi has been around years. Its not like it something that no one has ever heard of or drank before. I know Beyonce has a stable full of stupid arse stans that live to kiss her behind but i don’t think even they are going to go out and OD on Pepsi just because she’s endorsing it.

  • Geechee Goddess (@JumpJunkieJoe)

    I love Pepsi, I have since I was a kid. I also love the part about being an adult where I have self control!!! Having a Pepsi every now and again won’t kill you. It’s not Beyonce’s responsibility to teach children that they can’t have 30 Pepsis a day.

  • Teary

    People also need to remember that Pepsi got the endorsment for the half-time Super Bowl show and they hired Beyonce. It should be the parents responsibility to help children know what to eat and drink. Not performers!

  • The Other Jess

    she 100% looks like a black woman with a horrible dye job. Same with Mary J. Blige.

  • The Other Jess

    she looks nothing like kim k, thank god

  • The Other Jess

    i think it’s pretty sad that black folks will do ANYTHING for money nowadays. Pepsi straight up insulted ALL Black women with that “Love Hurts” superbowl ad, but black people still will endorse them. this is why Black women get zero to no respect.

    Just as so many Black women shake their asses to music that insults and degrades them, and support artists that tell us straight out that they hate us, we wholeheartedly support companies that pull out all stops to insult us. Putting Beyonce on a can shouldn’t make Black women feel like they’ve arrived. SMDH. No other group in America is as ridiculous as Black people.

  • Ms Mia

    Im starting to get tired of the whole discourse about what celebs should or could be doing. I fail to understand why we put them up on such high pedestals. Why should be we holding them accountable to something like our eating/drinking habits. i mean c’mon if I want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, Beyonce sipping on water sure as hell is not going to motivate me to do it! Motivation comes from within. There is power within each of us that is the real foundation of change -NOT some celeb sipping on water and eating lettuce! People do all kindsa things for money, so be it.. endorsing pepsi never hurt anybody. besides when it comes to eating right – MODERATION is the key word. Hold yourself accountable for the choices that YOU make, rather than holding other people accountable.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    This is ridic. Beyonce is a celeb- not anyone’s mama. If people want to chug down Pepsi because Beyonce did an ad w/them, that speaks to their intelligence (or lack there of), not hers. America needs to learn something about personal responsibility.

  • cupcakes and shiraz


  • jamesfrmphilly

    i actually agree with this one…..

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i was with you until that last sentence….

  • jamesfrmphilly

    and if she was endorsing crack?

    until black people learn to have a care about how they influence the children we will remain a mess. if our best and our brightest are no more than whores we will never advance. sugar harms more black people than dope because it flies under the radar.

    every celebrity has a responsibility.

  • i am Canadian

    Exactly, that’s what people don’t get. The power of the media can be mire powerful than parental inflebce in this day and age. Someone needs to remind these celebs that all money isn’t good money isn’t good money

    Diabetes is an reaching epidemic proportions in theUSand black folks are dying at alarming rates because of it. Someone needs lead the against these companies/purveyors of death because they are killings us! Who will be?

  • Anthony

    ASw long as she doesn’t do that “booty dance” over the fresh produce or meat, she can keep them off in the grocery store too!

    In real life, I have seen people wear much nastier looking shorts than that in public!

  • Penny

    Beyonce is trying to get paid; I can understand that. And this is coming from a person who does not drink soda. I think it is a smart business decision. I wish that people were as critical of athletes who endorse very expensive sneakers that often result in overspending, robberies, assault and worse. Yes, obesity is harmful, but I have yet to hear of anyone getting robbed of their soda. LOL. No matter what, there will always be people who over indulge and the issues associated with that tend to be a lot deeper than the celebrity endorsing the product.

    Beyonce has a responsibility to her husband and child…and she seems to be handling that quite well. Consumers need to be more responsible. If you are attracted to a product because of the celebrity endorsing it, fine. However, if you become obese or develop health problems due to the choices you made when consuming many of the products, that falls on you.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i love my sisters even if they cuss me out from time to time. as black people we are all in this together. our greatest weapon is love.

  • Nakia (@KiaJD)

    Seriously? Why? I could see making the assumption that kids would think what Beyonce promotes is “cool”, popular, interesting, fashionable, etc. But healthy? Has Beyonce made it a habit to be the arbiter of what’s healthy? Since when have we ever looked to Beyonce to determine what we should eat, drink, how much exercise we should do, etc? Not ever as far as I know. Who would make that assumption, even a kid? But all of a sudden her endorsement of Pepsi Cola will lead people to think the beverage is “healthy” despite the fact they’ve been told otherwise or that a basic dose of common sense would convey. Okay. You see how that’s quite a leap, right?

  • Bree

    These endorsements are meant to get more people to consume their product. Many big name celebrities like Beyonce have a lot of power to influence other people’s decisions. Marketers know this and that is why they use celebrities to endorse their products. Does she have a responsibility to make sure people eat and drink healthier — maybe not, but she is using her star power to get people to drink something that isn’t remotely healthy.

  • Ash

    Geez, she really does look like Kimmy K on the can.

  • Penny

    I mean this in the most respectful way because I really enjoy reading your posts…

    I agree that every celebrity has a responsibility, but to me, it seems that certain celebrities are held at a different standard than others. I am 41 and people have been obese for as long as I can remember. I have been hearing about heart disease and diabetes all my life. What contributes to all of those health issues is nothing new. However, nobody was so critical when Michael Jackson and Madonna endorsed a soft drink. Luther Vandross did a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. Lord knows I loved Luther, but somebody should have said something THEN! He struggled with obesity throughout his life and died of a heart attack and quite likely, also from stroke related complications. I live in the DC Metro area and for the longest time, I have been trying to figure out why the Washington Redskins needs Popeye’s (or KFC?) as their “official chicken.” Nobody says anything. Didn’t Janet Jackson do a Pepsi commercial too? Venus and Serena did a McDonald’s commercial…Tennis players pushing Dollar Menu items. SMH. Nikki Minaj endorses a soft drink…hardly anyone says anything.

    Now, here comes Beyonce. I am not the biggest Beyonce fan, but it seems that for whatever reason, people (many of them black people) tend to be overly critical of everything she does, every move she makes, how she talks, where she vacations, what her baby looks like, how much is being spend on her baby, what her relationship seems like with Jay-Z, with Kelly, etc. Now all of a sudden folks (not you) want to be health conscious. LOL. If people are going to jump all over Beyonce, then they need to jump all over Nikki Manaj and the athletes endorsing sneakers that “urban youth” feels the need to fight and shoot over.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “If people are going to jump all over Beyonce, then they need to jump all over Nikki Manaj and the athletes endorsing sneakers that “urban youth” feels the need to fight and shoot over”

    we need more social accountability from all of our celebrities.

  • Ms. Write

    Michael Jackson endorsed Pepsi. So what?

  • nicole

    I agree, I think that beyonce should not be on the front of a pepsi can and doing a video abt helping children loss weight with Michelle. I agree you are for health or you are not

  • jamesfrmphilly

    soda is liquid crack…….

  • ChiHou

    Nothing wrong with it. I give her props for being the first to have her face actually on the can! It’s evidence of her starpower. And everything in moderation, nothing wrong with a soda every now and then.

  • E.M.S.

    Interesting how because she’s Beyonce, “oh no, she has to endorse HEALTHY things.” But soda companies, and many others who produce unhealthy things, have used big name celebrities forever. Why is it an issue all of a sudden?

    She’s not responsible for telling other people what to consume. And just because a celebrity endorses something doesn’t mean people will or have to buy it. I love B, but does that fact she’s advertising for Pepsi necessarily mean I’m gonna run out and get one? Nope.

  • Really??!!

    Must she continue to wear that damn blonde weave?!!?

  • Bree

    Ummm… people will buy it. That is kind of the idea. They did not pay all that Beyonce advertising money for nothing.

  • moemiel

    I cant take this jellyfish seriously. has she no principles, no backbone, things she stands for except making money ? she cant b singing lets get moving as she sells soda. how many kids r gonna b askin their moms to buy that caca bc beyonce’s face is all up on it. she is not responsible for adults making choices but she has influence on kids, and pls dont tell me its parents who choose what their kids watch and all that blah, blah. were ur parents as influential in ur life between the yrs of 10-19 i doubt it. its lika a peta person walking around with leather shoes and bag (hypocritical is what it is). If she wants ppl to take her seriously she really should hv principals or u know show that she stand for something, bc she trends more along the fall for anything type.

  • Carla

    When’s the last time lettuce dishing out $50 million? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

  • Joy

    Why are (some) people hatin’ on Beyonce for the Pepsi endorsement deal? One day all of the endorsements will stop….so B keep getting the endorsements while you can.

  • Joy

    Carla: For the record I agree with u

  • Joy

    Really: B wears her hir the way she does for the saame reason you, me, and everyone else does. Because she wants to.

  • Joy

    Why is this a black issue for you. People of all races do endorsements (and make money doing so). If you were offered 50 Mil you’d do it as well

  • Joy

    Ms. Mia: Thanks for the mature response because some of the comments on here are so immature

  • Joy

    Relle: thanks for your common sense response. Why (some) people hate on successful black people is beyond me. I’m not saying that black people have to like all black celebs; but come on….hatin’ on successful people like Oprah, Wendy, and Steve Harvey is so ridiculous. I applaud anyone that has found their niche in life legally.

  • hookemhorns

    Parents have a responsibility to teach healthy lifestyles to their family. Shout out to Beyonce for having the clout to get paid that much money on an endorsement deal.

  • Penny

    People act like she’s selling malt liquor. It’s soda. SODA. It’s the same soda that Michael Jackson was selling when his Jeri Curl went up in flames. People were fat and drinking sodas long before Beyonce ever started endorsing it. And why is nobody insisting that Nicki Minaj be socially conscious? Isn’t she selling soda, too?

  • James

    Only weak human beings follow these foolish performers. Grow up and educate yourself to make wise consumer decisions. Do not blame anyone else for your choices. Period. Have a nice day and drink/don’t drink whatever the h*ll you want.

  • Pseudonym

    Well, thankfully the kids are still wearing pants. There may be hope, after all.

  • C

    People aren’t just going to buy unhealthy stuff because celebs endorse it. The unhealthy drinks and food will be bought regardless of who sells it. Beyonce might help Pepsi outsell/compete with other cola companies, but her endorsement isn’t going to make people pass up water for Pepsi if they weren’t going to buy the Pepsi anyway.

  • TheBeat

    Most of those weak human beings you are referring to are impressionistic minors, who will follow their favorite super stars no matter what. She endorsed Michelle Obama’s push for combating child obesity in this country, but now she’s peddling soft drinks? That’s why Beyonce is being criticized.

  • TheBeat

    You are right. It’s not her responsibility. I love Beyonce, though, because she’s constantly self-aware and aiming to be a “role model” for women and young adults, especially. That makes this bit of news disappointing. Of course, I don’t need her to tell me and my children how to eat/drink, but there are kids that will EMULATE regardless of what parents say. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be paying her millions to peddle Pepsi.

  • BR

    I wasn’t aware that Beyonce, who claims to want to be a role model for women, was hard up for cash. That’s why she is being crticized. Get it? She was in support of Michelle Obama’s child obesity platform, but is now peddling soft drinks. SHE DOESN’T NEED THE MONEY, so that’s a silly argument.

  • AT

    Beyonce has a right to do whatever she wants, but as someone in the public eye, who claims to want to be a role model and is in support of Michelle Obama’s child obesity program, she will get criticized. I completely understand the disappointment. Of course parents need to monitor their kids, of course it’s not up to Beyonce, but guess what, it makes her look like a hypocrite, doesn’t it? Don’t be in the public eye if you don’t want any backlash. By the way, I’m a huge fan of hers, so this was kind of a bummer.

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