It’s been a difficult day, Clutchettes.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families that were affected by today’s tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

If this does not serve as a catalyst for our country to have a serious conversation about America’s culture of violence and the need for sensible gun control, I don’t know what will.

President Obama appears to agree. During a press conference earlier today, a tearful Mr. Obama told reporters politicians must “take meaningful action” as a result of this, and other tragedies, that have occurred in our recent history.

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  • Billy Paul

    Interesting comment; however, allow me to add the following:
    - one’s eagerness to relinquish their legal firearms may only be overshadowed by their eagerness to die;
    - one may argue that it is only those that are suffering from negro assimilationist fantasies that believe “their” government can and will always protect them (see Hurricane Katrina and Sandy victims); and
    - it is a grave error to think that we Coloreds can reason with those that, on a whole, have shown nothing but contempt for our group.

    Carry on, Family.

  • Tawnymarie

    I truly commend President Obama standing up and representing America and the grief we share with the Victims of Conneticut, but I have a question in the back of my mind I want to ask, when is he going to address the violence that are taking our youth that our prodominatly Black, out by the records in his hometown Chicago? This unnoticed epidemic has been going way before the violence that have struck these Towns, and we really need him to say a few tear moving, concerned words in regards to this.

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