See, this is why we can’t rise as a people…

According to Deadline Hollywood, Oxygen Media, the channel that brought us the Bad Girls Club and Eva Marcille’s Girlfriend Confidential LA, recently ordered up another reality special that is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Aptly titled All My Babies’ Mamas, the one-hour special will follow Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo and his 10 baby mamas. According to reports the show will center around “the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas, and their army of children, capturing the highs and lows of this extreme ‘blended family’ as they navigate their financially and emotionally connected lives.”

I just have a few questions:

All My Babies Mamas FINAL 10.1.12 by dm_50db96d297d08

  • Who is Shawty Lo and why do we need to see his baby mama drama played out on TV?
  • Why is Oxygen, which once touted Oprah as one of its partners, working on a show that seems more suited for a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta storyline?
  • Who thought ‘All My Baby Mamas’ was a good idea?
  • Why am I glad the show’s producers, Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, are not black? (But why am I also horrified they think this is what black audiences want to see?)
  • When are trashy reality shows going to jump the shark?

Help me out, Clutchettes…can someone give me some answers?

[Via The Jasmine Brand]

  • Natalie B.

    Those that have no idea that they are in bondage cannot be emancipated….

    We need some type of incentive against ignorance. Ignoring it isn’t working.

  • Alyssa

    the stereotype is the way that these people are portrayed. Not every “baby mama” acts like this, I’m sure.

  • Stanley

    But aren’t you his baby’s mother?

  • dirtychai

    *that sinking feeling when I see how many daughters this fool has

  • Jjean

    Are we forgetting this is the same network that brings us Bad Girls Club?!?..Once you realize that this show shouldn’t come as a surprise…

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