The dawn of a new year is the perfect time to start fresh and sometimes, that means leaving the style sensations of the previous year behind. Some trends have lasting appeal, while others don’t deserve a shelf life beyond December 31st.

As always, we’ll let you decide which styles should survive once the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Check out 10 that are up for grabs below:

1. Ombre Hair


2. Specs

Glamour Presents "These Girls" at Joe's Pub - Arrivals

3. Box Braids

Jada Pinkett Smith

4. Peplum


5. Bodycon


6. Mixed Prints


7. Grills


8. Stiletto Nails


9. Oxblood


10. Icy Lipstick


Which trends should we take and which should we toss? Speak on it, Clutchettes and Gents!

  • CarlaB

    I like the Oxblood, peplum, bodycon and boxbraids. I won’t mind them in the new year. However, the grills, icy lipstick and hipster glasses can stay right where they are. Especially the glasses, I’ve been wearing them before they were “cool” so I don’t understand the fascination. The others I’m indifferent about

  • Alyssa Masterson

    For me, it would be the Ombre hair, Peplum, Bodycon, and Icy Lipsticks because it is something new to all and would be excited to try on for their selves.

  • Lynaya

    The oxblood, talons, and grills should be left in 2012. Well grills…I think we left those in 1985…..they came back briefly in the early 2000s……and that’s it. Let them rest in all gold errythang peace!

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