The dawn of a new year is the perfect time to start fresh and sometimes, that means leaving the style sensations of the previous year behind. Some trends have lasting appeal, while others don’t deserve a shelf life beyond December 31st.

As always, we’ll let you decide which styles should survive once the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Check out 10 that are up for grabs below:

1. Ombre Hair


2. Specs

Glamour Presents "These Girls" at Joe's Pub - Arrivals

3. Box Braids

Jada Pinkett Smith

4. Peplum


5. Bodycon


6. Mixed Prints


7. Grills


8. Stiletto Nails


9. Oxblood


10. Icy Lipstick


Which trends should we take and which should we toss? Speak on it, Clutchettes and Gents!

  • Liz

    7 and 8 can Stay in 2012.

  • Yb

    Oh my goodness let us bury grills in 2012 and not let them every resurrect again.

    Hopefully oxblood, mixed prints, and box braids follow us to the new year.

  • JN

    Grills should not have resurrected in 2012 in the first place.

  • African Mami

    I love the peplum look, but it’s now so played out! I would definitely get the stiletto nails, if I didn’t grow my nails, i LOVE the look. The hipster fashion glasses should be buried!! I don’t know what oxblood is, sounds like some goat food for that reason it should stay

  • myblackfriendsays

    I don’t like peplum, but to each her own.

    And specs are not a trend, some of us need them to see!


  • pinklipstick227

    Ombre hair and grills need to exit stage left!

  • http://facebook Mia Trotter

    Everything should stay except, the stiletto nails and the griils, and mixed prints, and box braids.

  • Neesiepoo

    No icy lipstick. I hate it!!

  • curious

    box braids and mixed print are both lovely.

  • Faith N Courage Owens

    LOVING 2,4,5,6 FOR 2013

  • CyGirl83

    Please Please PLEASE toss GRILLS, those dumb ass GLASSES, and the icy lip. Those three flatter no one!!!!

  • emjay

    bodycon and more specifically bandage dresses can have several seats

  • chrissy

    That icy lipstick and those grills can go. Everything else is doable in good taste.

  • Laughing808

    Icy lips, Grills and stiletto nails <————BE GONE

  • Sasha

    All of them can get the hell on with the exception of oxblood, love that color for my nails! And on the topic of nails, which dumbass thought stiletto nails was a good idea?! Every time I see a woman with them on and she has a small child I want to call Social Services. As far as the specs go, I associate them with hipsters, faux trendy people and people with no sense of personal style, all three of which I hate, so I’ll be more than happy to see those go.

  • heavenleiblu

    I’m totally here for this comment, LOL *pushes glasses back up my bridge*

  • goon. (@CRZY4AGEM)

    Basically anything works for anyone if they can pull it off and do it in good taste. im sure those who dont agree, just hasn’t made it work for them.

  • goon. (@CRZY4AGEM)

    that is also a terrrrible pic of icy lipstick lol

  • Chika

    Thank you! I can hardly see a foot in front of me without my “hipster” glasses.

  • binks

    Those are my main three too! I don’t mind any of the other styling though but I hope people get the memo that body-con isn’t the only option for dresses there is a time and a place for body-con.

  • B.Payne

    For some of us, these aren’t really trends…

    I’ve been wearing specs (near-sighted) for a while and I’ve never matched prints and I made it work.

  • Tifani

    I think the trends that need to kick rocks in 2013 are nerd glasses, stilleto nails, grills, and bodycon dresses. In. That. Order!

  • Tifani

    Oh and icy lipstick too!

  • Theantifash

    Stiletto nails are here to stay. Granted mine are not as sharp and pointy as the “classic” stiletto, but my hands look a lot more flattering with long oval shaped nails. I was never a fan of those dreadful square nails & french tips…

    I don’t have a big problem with grills. I don’t own one, but they do’t bother me b/c I’m just not that concerned with what’s going on in someone else’s mouth.

    Body con, and peplum have both been over in the fashion world so yeah…

  • Ms. Minnie

    I currently have box braids in now lol so I think they should stay lol but toss the ombré, grills, and icy lipstick

  • 2013

    I don’t like the grills, the mismatch clothing. They icy lipstick is ok on certain people.

  • Rosey

    Ugh, no more glasses. Looking like the cast from Golden Girls.

  • i mean

    I plan on being buried in bodycon, so….

  • flower

    Stilletto nails, grills, and ivy lips must goooo….everything else can stay, after years of being stubborn and not wearing my glasses I have to wear glasses now and those specs makes me look im wearing a fashion statement rather than the geeky girl who has to wear them

  • Whitley Turner

    No for stiletto nails,they’re tacky and unprofessional. What happened to regular nails? Ombre’ hair is a mess,two toned colored are tacky and not cute. Box braids CAN stay because braids will NEVER go out of style. Icy Lips are UGLY,what happened to just wearing lip gloss??Nerd Glasses are CORNY,what’s the point of wear “nerd glasses”and you DON’T wear prescribed eyeglasses from a doctor?? I think that style is corny..

  • Whitley Turner

    @Ms. Minne: I concur!!!!

  • Whitley Turner

    Box Braids CAN stay,they come in handy during the brutal winter months.

  • Kema

    You and me both! I love it and it works. There may be other dresses but none work as well for me. Especially since my top and bottom are different sizes.

  • Toni

    I love my Up the Amp lipstick, I have waist length box braids in now and my glasses are perched high atop my nose. Bodycon on the right body are great! (Love, Love Bey… but there’s some padding in her hip area in that pic). Peplum can create the illusion of curves if you don’t have any, I’m all over it. The grills, who brought this back?! The nails can go… and mixed prints aren’t for novices.

  • nic

    Yikes. The icy lipstick (and the lighting and angle of the shot) makes Rihanna’s teeth look like the eroded teeth of a bulimic!
    That withstanding, the trend itself is fine. Just wear with care.

  • Mila

    Yes, indeed to box braids and bodycon!!! How can braids EVER be out for sistahs?! How can form fitting clothes NOT wrk for the shapely? I love peplum but it’s kinda over. The 80s wants it back….again. The nails have always been horrid, unprofessional and corney to me. Keep your natural nails well manicured with no-chip gel polish and keep it moving. (Never knew grills were an actual trend for women…ew).

  • Treece

    Ditch the icy lipstick please. it makes everyone look like their lips are ashy! Also, grills were never a good look….as well as stiletto nails. Just ugly. I love the mixed prints and oxblood looks though. Although oxblood is solely a winter/fall color trend.

  • MayaPapaya

    Hipster glasses need to go. Seriously, every time I see them, they’re either nonprescription or without lenses. What’s the point?

  • AOA

    1) ombré: NO, gross and never liked/understood it
    2) specs: YES, classic & fun
    3) box braids: YES, classic & saves money and time
    4) peplum: NO, gross… just plain gross
    5) bodycon: it has become a staple in fashion and cannot be overturned
    6) mixed print: YES, it’s fun
    7) grills: YES (the ratchet in me over ruled, lol)
    8) stiletto nails: NO, they look scary and could be considered a weapon
    9) oxyblood: YES
    10) icy lips: YES, but for only those who can truely play it off and please don’t wear this to your corporate job… not naming any names :-)

  • DasaniFRESH

    Wait, can we also suggest those damn Alexander McQueen shoes that look like someone is about to push you over the edge of a cliff.

    Jeffrey Campbell made them affordable and now those lady gaga shoes are everywhere! I hate ‘em, hate ‘em, hate ‘em!”

    I saw a lady wear them to an interview! o_O WHY???!!!!!

    Please leave them in 2012.

  • CarlaB

    I like the Oxblood, peplum, bodycon and boxbraids. I won’t mind them in the new year. However, the grills, icy lipstick and hipster glasses can stay right where they are. Especially the glasses, I’ve been wearing them before they were “cool” so I don’t understand the fascination. The others I’m indifferent about

  • Alyssa Masterson

    For me, it would be the Ombre hair, Peplum, Bodycon, and Icy Lipsticks because it is something new to all and would be excited to try on for their selves.

  • Lynaya

    The oxblood, talons, and grills should be left in 2012. Well grills…I think we left those in 1985…..they came back briefly in the early 2000s……and that’s it. Let them rest in all gold errythang peace!

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