The dawn of a new year is the perfect time to start fresh and sometimes, that means leaving the style sensations of the previous year behind. Some trends have lasting appeal, while others don’t deserve a shelf life beyond December 31st.

As always, we’ll let you decide which styles should survive once the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Check out 10 that are up for grabs below:

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  • CyGirl83

    Please Please PLEASE toss GRILLS, those dumb ass GLASSES, and the icy lip. Those three flatter no one!!!!

  • emjay

    bodycon and more specifically bandage dresses can have several seats

  • That icy lipstick and those grills can go. Everything else is doable in good taste.

  • Laughing808

    Icy lips, Grills and stiletto nails <————BE GONE

    • binks

      Those are my main three too! I don’t mind any of the other styling though but I hope people get the memo that body-con isn’t the only option for dresses there is a time and a place for body-con.

  • Sasha

    All of them can get the hell on with the exception of oxblood, love that color for my nails! And on the topic of nails, which dumbass thought stiletto nails was a good idea?! Every time I see a woman with them on and she has a small child I want to call Social Services. As far as the specs go, I associate them with hipsters, faux trendy people and people with no sense of personal style, all three of which I hate, so I’ll be more than happy to see those go.