We all know Beyonce has a rabid group of fans, but the pop diva also has her fair share of critics who diss her for everything from her penchant for rocking bedazzled onesies, to her handwritten notes to the President and Mrs. Obama.

But today, talk show host Wendy Williams—who is known for dishing up major shade—turned her criticism toward Bey.

While discussing Beyonce’s upcoming self-directed documentary for HBO, Williams told her audience she’d be tuning in, but only with some assistance.

“I am a Beyonce fan. I’m gonna watch her upcoming documentary because fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says. You know Beyonce can’t talk. She sounds like she has a fifth grade education.”

(video from Buzzfeed)

After many in her audience let groans, Wendy quipped, “Excuse me, I just said I was a fan. But we have to call a spade a spade.”

While Beyonce hasn’t come off as the deepest, most insightful person during her interviews, I always attributed it to the fact that she was struggling to maintain an air of perfection, not her (perceived) lack of formal education.

Though some may agree with Williams’ shot at Beyonce, as the granddaughter of a very wise man who became a minister despite only having a third grade education, I understand that how smart someone is has little to do with what grade level they completed in school.

  • http://sixfoota.tumblr.com DeezaPeeza

    That picture of Wendy up there next to Bey? Lord have mercy! LOL Clutch, y’all tried it!

  • victoria

    ”…I understand that how smart someone is has little to do with what grade level they completed in school.”

    Wendy didnt say Bey was dumb. Wendy stated that Bey SOUNDS like she has a 5th grade education. I believe she was referring to Bey’s speaking abilities not her intelligence. That is why Wendy joked that she needed to use closed captioning. And clearly, Bey is not dumb. Also, for some Northerners it’s quite difficult to understand some people from the South.

  • Chillyroad

    Wendy who?

  • Treece

    LMAO on this one! Only because I admit I have had similar thoughts about Beyonce too. I don’t think she is dumb, I think she lacks depth. While I do like some of her songs (can’t say I’m a full fledged fan) I will not watch someone interview her or her documentary. She’s just going to give us the same surface dialog she’s always talked about in all her interviews…..she just seems vapid to me, almost mechanical. The documentary will probably be heavily produced and edited as most celeb “reality” productions are.
    But say what you will about Wendy….the girl dies not fake or bite her tounge! Cracks me up….

  • Yvette


  • Yb

    Lol. Right?! Wendy looks like a cheap knock off next to that picture of Bey.

    Now I know why Wendy dislikes her.

  • http://www.beyondblackwhite.com Christelyn Russell-Karazin

    Beyonce isn’t the brightest bulb on the marquee, but you can’t knock the fact that she maximized her looks and talent and can probably grow a farm of children to supply Wendy’s weave collection for decades. Just saying.

  • Anonin

    I used to watch Wendy because like many shows it was on when nothing else was on but I can’t take her or anything she says seriously.

    Even though im not Bey fan, she sounded like a 5th grader…seriously? This coming from “how u doing??” Wendy? She almost as unprofessional and vicious as Joan Rivers.

  • http://readingisthenewblack.wordpress.com naturallybettah

    I’m a Bey fan but I said it long ago … the girl stopped going to school in the beginning of high school because they got a record deal. She’s not the most complex talker and that’s okay. She’s not dumb, she just sounds like a round-the-way girl when she talks.

  • Tori

    “While Beyonce hasn’t come off as the deepest, most insightful person during her interviews, I always attributed it to the fact that was struggling to maintain an air of perfection”

    I appreciate this. I love Bey, not a stan… but I enjoy her music and her work ethic. But… when she speaks, I cringe. And the letters she writes (specifically one to the First Lady where she misused “every day/everyday”) made me want to cry. The best interviews I’ve ever seen of her are when she just does her. She doesn’t have her publicist in her ear, she’s just regular and she sounds normal and fun. The trying-too-hard-to-be-polished-and-poised Bey comes off contrived and stilted; and frankly, dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • Tori

    and she hasn’t done one of those interviews in a LONG time.

  • Treece

    LOL, while I know Wendy can be brash, I must admit that I have felt Beyonce is kind of vapid. Not dumb, but just mechanical and lacking personality. I do like some of her music, but I refuse to watch an interview with her and I will not tune in to this documentary. Her responses seem often rehearsed and generic (talking about how grateful she is and how she transforms on stage to Sasha fierce……blah, blah, blah). She just doesn’t seem to be a very interesting person to me.
    Not a huge fan of Wendy either, but she’s not afraid to speak her mind and frankly, that’s what she’s getting paid to do on that show. Lots if people were thinking similar thoughts…

  • SS25

    Wendy looks like a man and sound like a drag queen.

  • Allie

    Well isn’t that calling the kettle black.

  • Pseudonym

    I agree. I LOVE me some Bey, but when she speaks, my ears bleed.

  • chinaza

    So what? Wendy alluded to the fact that Beyonce is not that articulate and she is not. That does not diminish her accomplishments.
    Wendy has confidence and sass and a sense of humor so lighten up!

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    (searching for Val’s comment)

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    She is not the best and articulate public speaker, but that is okay not everyone has the gift of gab. Speaking and being a conversationalist is truly a lost art on most people these days (even on so called “educated” people). So I don’t disagree with Wendy there, because I still cringe when I remember on 106 and Park when Terence J. asked her why she like Obama and his policies and home girl was stumbling…YIKES. But is it me but do others notices how quickly WW knocks black stars downs before she do white stars (if ever)? That is the one thing that irks me about WW hence why I don’t watch her.

  • http://shamontiel.wordpress.com shamontiel

    Wendy Williams can have a seat. A fifth grade education is the type of thing you do when you pull your notes out of your wig like the table can’t do a good job. A fifth grade education doesn’t get you to the top of Forbes list. This is in addition to other accomplishments from Beyonce:
    1) She’s taken a very strong stance on politics.
    2) She started the Beyonce Survivor Foundation to help families suffering from disasters and HIV.
    3) I’m even impressed with the work she did to help FLOTUS with the #LetsMove campaign.
    4) She’s managed to not play herself and always carry herself like a lady in public.
    5) She got the husband first, child second. I respect her for waiting it out until she found the right man when both parties are ready.
    6) Regardless of the GED high-school dropout rumors, she has managed to reach the top in business based on being savvy, picking the right management team and staying out of the limelight of negativity.

    I can’t stomach ONE episode of Wendy Williams from the “how you doing” to doing an entire show worried about OTHER people. Not that we should be worried about Wendy Williams’ opinion, but she should spend more time getting HERSELF together and stop worrying about somebody who already has it together. Have a seat. Fix your wig. And shut up.

  • http://shamontiel.wordpress.com shamontiel

    It makes me cringe when people use ellipses incorrectly where they should be using periods (ex. “But… when she speaks). That doesn’t mean you’re “dumb as a bag of rocks.” It just means you made some typos. How does that make YOU any better than Beyonce?

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    You’re not the only person who has caught on that WW tactic, binks.

  • Meagan

    It is true that Beyonce is not the most articulate young lady but you certainly cannot be dumb and get as far as she has gotten. Also, she does seem like she tries to come off as too polished and it seems rehearsed. At least she does TRY to come across as classy. There are a lot of beautiful young, black women in entertainment who are not very classy. I remember when Berry Gordy had his singing groups groomed to know how to act, dress, speak, etc. This is what needs to happen now.

    Because the wealthiest most visible blacks are atheletes and rappers, being a certain way is seen as cool. Hopefully being classy, smart and black will someday make a comeback.

    I also think that it is sad that Wendy Williams points out every little flaw in every high profile, beautiful, black women. She cuts them down. That is why she does so well.

  • Tori
  • Tori

    They don’t hate you. They feel sorry for you.

    Shoo fly.

  • Tori

    I’d be offended if
    1) this weren’t a blog
    2) I didn’t read your very articulate ::I can BARELY contain my sarcasm:: response on the following page.

    Shamontiel, Bye dear. Bye.

  • Wendy “Seabiscuit” Williams, Have Several Seats

    And for some Southerners and people from other parts of the world, it is hard to understand people from the North. The idea that all Southerners speak in indecipherable dialects that are affronts to precious Northern ears and all Northerners are paramours of diction and proper speech is one of the most egregious fictions of all time.

    Have you ever heard the way some people from Worcester, Massachusetts speak?!?! I don’t think any symbol in the English language captures the “a” or “r” sounds they make. And what of (Black people especially) from Staten Island, New York (like “Thing” from “I Love New York,” aptly named due to his vocal babbles and grunts)?!?! I don’t think even the most adept linguist could translate some of their speech! And I know a woman, born and raised in Brooklyn, duly nicknamed “Step n’ Fetch It” by some of her peers due to the unfortunate way she verbally conveys her thoughts (similar, they say, to the minstrel character of the same name).

    I write all of this to illustrate that your explanation is weak, at best. Further, for a city that proclaims itself so “cosmopolitan,” many people from New York (like Wendy) prove themselves the most parochial and small-minded I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Why brag about having a population comprised of people from all over the country and world when you just trash them because they don’t talk or comport themselves according to your self-centered standards?

    Perhaps Wendy should get closed-cations for her own show, so that those of us not fluent in horse can understand what she is “neighing.”

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val

    Lol! All I have to say is that this is the first and only time that I have ever agreed with Wendy Williams.

  • Jane Smich

    Since when does biracial = prettier than a “regular black woman”? That is basically the logic your comments suggest.

    I’m biracial and I have never had a problem getting along with women of ALL hues and vice versa.

    Maybe they have issues with you because you are an ignorant.

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val


    I agree with you about Wendy. She is constantly knocking Black artists and Black people in general. I think she thinks that will make her popular with White viewers.

  • nikki

    looks like trolling

  • SS25

    Maybe the reason you can’t get along with other black women is because you’re a simple bitch.

  • That Chick

    I think some editing is in order: “Well all know Beyonce…” WE ALL KNOW!!

  • Pseudonym

    What? Ellipses in comments mean [dramatic pause].

  • Keepitreal

    Wendy is right….and??? It’s not like she makes her money giving speeches as she keeps shaking that a** and screeching then Beyonce will be fine.

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    Oh, for the love of the six-pounds, 4.8 ounce sweet brown baby Jesus, this ‘shawty’ person is trolling!

  • Keepitreal

    “Who is..” I see you and Beyonce graduated from the same school.

  • Yb

    It’s a sad state of affairs for you. as a black male to go on a website pretending you are a It’s a sad state for you as a black male to go on a womens website pretending you are a biracial women. Just living out your fantasy huh? You must really hate being a black man.

  • Treece

    Sorry I posted twice…..being impatient, lol

  • Mimi

    I’d like to ask my two cents,what is Beyonce’s political stance? if I recall, and as someone above mentioned, when Beyonce was asked what she likes about POTUS and his policies, she stumbled on that answer…

    However, I won’t knock her for her campaigns, she did good there.

  • Mimi

    In response to the author’s last sentence: being smart is just the beginning of how great one can be. Without proper education, how smart a person is can be limited, after all, how many smart young black youth are somewhere not making use of the genius they were born with? People will always say, oh he was a smart young man, if only he did something with himself, etc. But I guess in this case, Beyonce will be that one example of someone who didn’t finish high school but turned out well and successful. But we also forget that she has a team behind her, unless you’re one of those people in that circle, you may never know whether it was or how much of something was Beyonce’s idea and mastermind.

    Also, I’d like to remind you, not to be rude or snarky, that smart equals not wise. Smartness comes from brains and knowledge, wisdom comes from experience..

  • Chic Noir


    Preech! ESP on that Berry Gordy school of representing the race. Like you, they are role models whether they want to or not.

  • EST. 1986

    Beyonce isn’t old, but at 31, the title ‘young lady’ is a bit inappropriate.

  • Chic Noir

    Wendy looks like a contestant on RuPaul’s drag race.

    A ton of plastic surgery and still a mess.

  • Chic Noir

    ^_____^__ ____flatline______

  • Chic Noir

    Man I can’t wait until the Beyonce stans show up. This post will go well over 100 comments.

    * pops popcorn and joins African Mammy, Val, apple and C on the couch*

  • EST. 1986

    Where have you been?

  • Mina

    I wouldn’t take it that far to say she sounds like she has a 5th grade education. I mean, she never did get her high school diploma and she’s working on it now. Idk how long she was in school but at least she’s trying now. That was harsh of her to say. But I do agree, she doesn’t talk eloquently or like she has a college education b/c she doesn’t. I hope she works on that in the future to become Dr. Beyonce Carter or something, but it’s whatever. I still don’t plan on watching her documentary unless she talks about world hunger or something. I don’t care much about her life.

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    The only “white celebrities” that she throws shade to are reality tv personalities. Otherwise than that, WW remains focus on the black actors/actresses.

  • Child, Please

    I can’t believe I was late to this. I agree with most other commenters, but what I’ve found to be overwhelming is how some people will rush to Beyonce’s defense (not necessarily here) on not finishing her diploma but had this been the Waka Flockas or the Soulja Boys of the world there’d be no sympathy and talk of how he and others like him are setting a bad example for black youth. The “so what she’s famous and has money” argument only works for that reason and because she’s well liked. Had this been another celeb known for similar qualities, I’m sure most wouldn’t overlook their schooling. There are several other singers her age who got their diplomas: Usher, Brandy, Monica to name a few. So there is no excuse for her to not have her’s. I know someone will bring up how she carries herself in regards to them, but most don’t see that; what they do see is a bedazzled cooch telling them they’re a female version of a hustler. I’d also like to point our Wendell (no typo) drags everybody! Beyonce, nor the next celeb, is above that – I mean as the fans say she’s still famous and has money right?

  • dirtychai

    Beyonce did an interview with Anderson Cooper some months ago where, based on her answers, I felt that someone needs to pull her back from speaking on social issues.
    I’m not going to shade her too much because I’ve been in plenty of situations where I had to speak to people who were far more educated and experienced than I am and felt a little nervous about expressing myself.
    I’ve learned the best way to combat that feeling is to just stay in my lane and only speak on what I know for sure.

  • apple

    well that was a shitty thing to say.. i really don’t get the beyonce sounds dumb thing, she sounds like a regular person to me

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val

    *grabs a bit of popcorn while keeping an eye out for the Bey stans*

  • maureen

    I agree with Wendy. Beyonce is a beautiful girl but I cringe whenever I watch her interviews

  • Pseudonym

    …or maybe you experience negativity b/c you regularly come on a black women’s site pretending to be a biracial made-up crazy person and talk nonsense and are nasty toward black women?

  • http://britnidanielle.com/ Britni Danielle

    Hey Mimi,

    I’d just like to say one thing:

    Education has nothing to do with school.

    Or as Einstein taught us: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Seriously?

    Right? I have been trying to figure out what it was.

    It made some comment about black single mothers being entitled to welfare even if they were irresponsible. I thought it came over from Stormfront.

    It made a comment about sleeping with a guy on the first date without protection. I still thought it was a racist troll.

    Then it made a comment that white men were better relationship material than black men. I thought then it was GenX troll pretending to be a black woman.

    Then it started making comments about being biracial. I thought definitely a GenX troll bringing up colorism or talking about black women being jealous.

    Then it started to say that black men are violent and mean to black women and abandon their children. I thought maybe this person is actually a biracial woman maybe even possibly a teenager by the way some of her comments are framed with some problems.

    Lately she has been really going on and on about being biracial. I feel this person must be a GenX troll or she is actually a biracial woman who was abandoned by her father raised by her mother and has some daddy issues.

    Either way. She has some problems.

  • http://gravatar.com/prxtence Salmon

    “and can probably grow a farm of children to supply Wendy’s weave collection for decades. ” LMAO

  • Child, Please

    “Education has nothing to do with school.”

    You can’t be serious about that statement. I mean even with the Einstein quote you can’t be serious. Comments like that make me wonder if folks forget in order to do such things as become a doctor or a journalist/columnist such as yourself, you need to go to school. Everyone isn’t going to become an entertainer. Do you realize how many people forgo school to pursue a career in acting only to be busting tables for a good while until something comes through. It’s work, but I’m sure they would have found fulfillment going to a school which specialized in performing arts and (believe it or not) finding work that way. I don’t get why people are diminishing education when I’ve seen first hand that it’s proven time and time again you need it regardless of who you know or what you think you know, life experiences included.

  • Jaslene


  • http://teachermrw.com teachermrw

    Well…Bey isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and, she’s not very articulate. She has a good production team behind her, and good promoters in front of her. That said, there are many bright, intelligent and articulate artists in the music business. Bey just isn’t one of them.


    If you’re one of Beyonce’s “stans” you’re giving Wendy Williams more than a leg to stand on regarding Beyonce’s lack of education-apparently its rubbing off to her stans? Tragic really.

  • Billy Paul

    “I mean as the fans say she’s still famous and has money right?”

    Not for long, if we use other uneducated Colored entertainers of the past as an indicator. Further, most Colored entertainers eventually go broke. As such, her future does not look like bright. I do hope that she and her family are able to keep persevere (I’m no hater).

  • Billy Paul

    Unfortunately, in a circle of highly educated professionals, she may arguably sound like buffoon. However, it is probably unlikely that any of the professionals would care. There are a plurality of matters that the wealthy need not worry themselves of.

  • http://twitter.com/itsravibaby -A.

    Lmao. She does. Especially in her “letters” to the President & Mrs.

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    “you certainly cannot be dumb and get as far as she has gotten.”

    Actually, yes one can. These entertainers are just living products. With the right management and plan they can “go far.” On the other hand, we’ll forget about Beyonce and all these others entertainers given 20 years.

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    Exactly. It’s strange how people in this country actually believe in celebrity narratives, as though Beyonce created her career herself. This is a business, and if any ingredient had been off — particularly her looks –she couldn’t have been successful.

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    Regrettably, Beyonce is inarticulate. It’s a cringe-inducing word, but it’s true.

    It is sad that while Black people have had to live with the centuries old dehumanization of being deemed intellectually inferior — when even President Obama, a Harvard law professor, is referred to as a “retard” by Whites — one of the most prominent Black people in America is arguably not very intelligent. I may be taking it a bit too far, but when I hear her speak, that’s the actual reason I cringe…

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    On a side note: I’m curious if any of these entertainers reads books or engage in any intellectual pursuits? There are very large percentages of Americans who never read. Why buy the music of a person who is untutored, uninformed, and divorced from culture?

    I think the lack of intellectualism is why the music has gotten so bad in all genres. Music was good during the Civil Rights movement and before because people were grappling with an existential issue that challenged every dimension of their lives, even if they’d only been to elementary school.

  • IslandgirlDesi

    @BillyPaul I agree. From my personal experience, not everyone with a high school dipolma or college education sounds eloquent. I am a professional and I have several degrees of which I am proud of, but some of the smartest people I know do not have degrees nor do they speak like they do. I think ppl need to stop hating on this woman as she has done nothing to offend people.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    I am certainly not a Beyonce fan, but saying that..Wendy Williams has an ugly heart to match her face…she consistantly disses all things black…nappy hair…other black people….I just think that it is a bad look in front of her very mixed audience…I think she forgets that that is a dead cat on her head and not her real hair…Wendy you are not white, you are not Jewish and you are hilariously unattractive.

  • Billy Paul

    “I think she forgets that that is a dead cat on her head[.]”

    Indeed. However, may I add that your attached pic arguably reflects that fact your afro is slightly warped on one side and in need of your attention.

    Carry on, Family.

  • Rosey

    I’m not really surprised by Wendy’s comments. She throws shade on a regular basis.

  • Liz (from the best city on planet earth, NYC)

    1) Wendy is NOT from New York
    2) You could have made your point without the attacks. Victoria made a general statement and you respond with “Step n’ Fetch It”, “parochial” and “small-minded”. C’mon. I don’t use the “h” word frequently, but if the shoe fits.

  • Kia

    Bless her heart. Beyonce has been performing her whole life so she may not have had time to focus on school. We all have different gifts.

  • Natalie B.

    I agree with Christelyn. Beyonce had enough intellect to listen to good advisors, capitalize on her God-given assets, and create a profitable brand. Is she a gifted orator? Is she an intellectual? No, but how she conducts her personal life outside of her chosen profession is more important to me than the interviews that she chooses to give. I often use Beyonce as an example when mentoring a little girl that came into my life several years ago. The little girl is very beautiful, but she struggles in school. I don’t de-emphasize the importance of school, but I point out to her that Beyonce worked very hard on achieving her goal, didn’t allow detrimental people or influences to distract her and stays focused on making her dreams come true.

    Everybody isn’t intelligent or articulate, and that’s okay. I know plenty of well-spoken jerks and idiots that I have to take a Tums just to be around. A mark of true intelligence for me is not only understanding complex topics and contributing to them, but not belittling others that don’t. I have always found Wendy Williams to be loud and common, and her remark yesterday said more about her than it did Beyonce.

  • Danica

    That is correct…and I see 39 regular looking bitches hated on this post….lol..

  • Blaque217

    I agree with a lot of what was said here. I am not a huge Beyonce fan, but I am so over Wendy Williams dissing other Black people. I mean, she doesn’t have to walk around with an afro and her fist in the air, but good grief…show a LITTLE solidarity for other Black folks! But I mean, hey, I guess she is playing the game, right? Mo’Nique had a talk show geared towards Blacks and her show was cancelled. Oprah catered to white people and her show went on for decades. I guess Wendy knows what she is doing…I won’t watch her, but she knows what she is doing!

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    The attached pic is a cartoon loser…are you retarded?

  • Guest1234

    Okay! Here’s my 2 cents. The celebration of Beyonce, to me, has always felt like the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” The women held up as ideal white women often appear well-educated. We can’t hear enough about Natalie Portman’s Harvard education, or Emma Watson at Brown.

    But Beyonce, who is culturally celebrated as the ideal black woman, appears to be far less educated and intelligent than the aforementioned. That grates on me like no other. The subtle message is that the best we can do as black women is have light skin, a blonde wig and an 8th grade education. Well, that’s a lie. And it aggravates me to no end.

    Beyonce can do whatever she wants. But why we gotta hold such low standards for ourselves? White folks don’t celebrate Britney Spears as an ideal. They shoot a little higher while they hold Beyonce as the best black women can be. Why do we have to follow suit?

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnswilson1 John S. Wilson

    Simple. Because fans of music (or fans of most things, really) don’t judge the entertainer based on things that have nothing to do with the talent they possess.

  • Hmm…

    She looks like a man in drag, is it just me? Not trying to be mean, but she does. The truth is the truth. That was unnecessary to say that about Bey.

  • The Shoe Does Not Fit, I Cannot Wear It

    I guess that old turn of phrase is true: throw a rock into a crowd, and HIT DOG will holler.

    Liz, the sentence you chose to put in the title to your post, marked off parenthetically after your name, says it all. “Best city on planet earth”?!?! Speaking of shoes that fit, you wear the parochial and small-minded brands with such ease. The arrogance and conceit in your claim is astounding! Get over yourself and travel more…MUCH more, actually.

    And how clever of you, hinting toward the word “hater.” So original! You must be overcome with pride due to your witty rebuttal, clever quip, and well-thought critique!

  • D.T.

    1. Beyonce is a freaking millionaire. 2. Further proof that what women need to be successful is beauty and talent. Being pretty and easy to get along with will take you a long way. That’s why I laugh at women that make a big deal about their degrees. A woman like beyonce can come along and snatch up your man just like that. She is married with a family and tons of money. She’s an entertainer. What more is required out of her?

    She is probably on a yacht somewhere enjoying life while you all sit back on your lazy, FAT, single booties being critical. LOL

  • Guest1234

    Agreed. Case in point, Jessica Simpson. She’s world famous and coming up on a billion dollar empire, and it all began with her “Chicken of the sea” comment from that silly reality show. She just played dumb for the cameras and the endorsements, clothing lines, etc… all came pouring in. She didn’t orchestrate that stuff and write the business plans. She just planted her face on tv, and people bought whatever she was standing next to. (They still do.) It does not take a gifted mind to be a celebrity, folks. The marketers, product developers, etc, do all the work. They celebs just stand there gathering attention to it.

    It’s crazy to suggest that just because someone is famous, they’re smart. There’s a whole lot of idiots cashing in, big time. Snooki, anyone? She’s got a new york times bestseller – does that make her as smart as Hemingway? According to some of these folks, she’s smarter. Laughable.

  • Chillyroad

    Thanks for reducing Beyonce down to some random light skinned woman with a blonde wig and a fifth grade education. Beyonce is an ideal black woman not the ideal black woman. She is more than what you described. Perhaps you need her as a role model for grace and humility because you have Zero.

    Judging by the amount of crap you are talking I’m going to assume you’re really educated. Too bad you never learned to be graceful and ladylike.

  • Chillyroad

    All you ugly but educated chicks are just trying to diminish Beyounce achievements and elevate an American High School education (like its some huge intellectual endeavour) to try to nurtralize Beyonce. Just stop.

    A high school diploma is worthless and IS NOT synonymous with an education.

  • Oh

    “It’s okay darling, you don’t need no stinkin’ high school education when you’ve got looks, blond weave, a fierce hair and make up team and T&A. And forget about a degree since it can’t git youse a man cuz without one you are nothing, love hoodrat mommy”

    With that sort of thinking I cross my fingers and toes that you are not a mother to a little girl.

  • http://differentnorm.wordpress.com differentnorm

    I simultaneously snickered & smh at this post. While I agree that B may not be the most well-spoken individual in the world, I don’t think she warrants the amount of shade that she continually receives…..and I’m not even necessarily a fan. I could pretend that I don’t get the B-hate….but I’m not going to lie to kick it. Beyonce is young, pretty, successful, and outwardly doesn’t appear to have any flaws – thus creating the need for some to mar that portrayal of perfection. I guess it is what it is though…..*shrugs*

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    Outside of autotune, airbrushing, plastic surgery, management, promotion, and a distracting stage, does Beyonce have talent? Rihanna? Lil Wayne?

    Let me put it differently. Mahalia Jackson had none of the above, but there’s no doubt who had more talent. Nina Simone. Marvin Gaye. Miles Davis. John Coltrane. Hugh Masakela. Celia Cruz…

  • Blue

    Where are you coming from?

    I buy music for entertainment purposes only….if I’m looking for something more intellectual, I read a book or watch a documentary. I do that on my own time & I don’t look for a celebrity to educate me neither should most people. But since society can’t function without someone famous telling them what to do, I guess that’s where your point comes in.

    On the other hand, if an artist CHOOSES to sing rave about a political or social issues in their songs, then I’m all for it. Music was also better back then because of the talent, not the message alone. Most entertainers are famous now because of the look, not the skill. Take away lip synching & computerized instruments & you will see who has talent & who doesn’t

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    This isn’t just a Beyonce issue. To be quite frank, she’s just one of many entertainers who are soft on talent and intelligence. Britney Spears is similar, but a lot of these inarticulate entertainers are Black. IMO, I find Chris Brown to be the most cringe-inducing as is Lil Wayne.

    Consider this: most of the money spent and made on these entertainers/living products are on the part of Whites. Whites by most of the music and make the most money off it. So, why is this lack of intelligence appealing to them, in particular?

    I think we all know musicians like Miles Davis,Nina Simone or Fela Kuti, with their obvious Black intelligence, would never make the kind of money as “entertainers” like Beyonce and Rihanna, but why is that, especially considering that their talent was far superior?

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val

    Lmao! You must be addicted to thumbs down and trying to get your fix for the day.

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    “It’s crazy to suggest that just because someone is famous, they’re smart.”

    The worship of celebrity is really starting to scare me. People are starting to imbue celebrity with the same superiority that people during the middle ages did with aristocracy and royalty. I don’t know where it’s coming from?

    I guess people sincerely believe the twisted ideas that wealth is merited based on hard work and determinism. That’s nonsense. Beyonce is wealthy because physically she conforms to White Supremacist beauty ideals and is the image to a music brand.

    Look, if it was universally agreed that Beyonce was ugly, it would be impossible for her to be a pop star. A lounge singer or serious artist with a tiny following, yes, but a pop star, no.

  • Chillyroad


    I agree. I’ve said it before as a black woman I’m proud of Beyonce. She is a good image of a black woman. She isn’t the ONLY image but a good one. The insecure women of Clutch want to elevate in themselves what they believe Bey doesn’t have to make themselves feel better than her.

  • Chillyroad


    Beyonce is a pop (popular) star. People buy her music and the products she endorses. They go to see her perform. She wouldn’t be making any less money is she were a Harvard Grad because her product is her talent beauty and image.

  • http://www.writingisfighting.com Lainad

    I don’t think that because people might agree with Wendy (I don’t, but I really don’t pay enough attention to Bey) does not mean they are insecure or ugly. I think that in general, we have a lot of young pop stars who are pushed into show business at an early age and education is not seen as a priority. Bey will be fine – she is very smart, shrewd and will always have money in the bank. What happens to those who are not as business-oriented as she is? That is where a formal education becomes important.

  • Britt

    I consider myself a Beyonce stan and I’m 24-years-old and college-educated. Yes, Beyonce stopped going to school in her teens, so she could focus on her career, but she’s what you call an anomaly. Most of us are not going to be entertainers, so we need education or some type of skill where we can make a good living. Beyonce is the exception to the rule, and she doesn’t advocate for young people dropping out of school. In her interviews, yes, she is guarded and doesn’t really speak on her personal life which I think is a good thing in this culture of celebrities over sharing. I think this documentary will allow fans and maybe even critics see her in a different light.

    When it comes to Wendy Williams, I watch her show. She’s college-educated but she’s known for her catchphrase, “How you doin’?” That’s not exactly the Queen’s English.

  • D.T.

    That’s all you got? LOL!!

  • http://gravatar.com/beejcee beejcee

    Some people say they think it is her accent. I think it is more of a diction and speech issue. The same with Tiny.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    I completely agree. You nailed it. As you stated, the problem with Beyonce is her DICTION, and her DRAWL which for some reason sound uneducated. Same with Tiny (I gave up trying to listen to Tiny speak, too painful–lol!).
    However, no one can honestly doubt that Bey is very intelligent. The way she carries herself and conducts her affairs, make it quite obvious that the girl is smart.

  • http://britnidanielle.com/ Britni Danielle

    Hey Child, Please:

    To be clear I am not diminishing education. It’s important to be able to think critically, communicate effectively, know basic math, etc. That said, those things can be learned without “school” in the traditional sense (I “unschool” my son…so this is something I’ve studied quite a bit).

    But that is a whole other subject for a different day.

    I just want to be clear that I’m not saying people should walk around uneducated. But I also recognize that there are more (and sometimes better) ways to learn than sitting in a classroom and taking tests. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Pink Lipstick

    I didn’t know that being ugly is a prerequisite for calling someone inarticulate. Beyonce is exceptional at what she does but I have to admit I have never been impressed by her interviews. I also found her letters to Michelle Obama to be cringe worthy.

  • Liz (from the best city on planet earth, NYC)

    1) This has nothing to do with conceit or arrogance, and everything to do with pride and annoyance. You have the right to be proud of wherever it is you’re from, just like I do. And I don’t take kindly to people talking about my city and its people; the same way you didn’t like Victoria’s comment about Southern accents….

    2) Hit dog? I didn’t write a tome after someone made a very general statement about Southern accents.

    3) Clutch isn’t the place for me to try and flex my intellect. You’ve got a thesaurus and know a few SAT words, and you chose to use them all in the comment section in an attempt to read me. Silly girl.

    Be respectful. You don’t know me, so personal attacks are unnecessary. I pointed out that Wendy is NOT from NY, which she isn’t, and that you could have made your point without the attacks, which YOU COULD HAVE. I don’t understand why people respond to what they perceive as an insult WITH INSULTS?! Get a life.

  • Liz (from the best city on planet earth, NYC)

    where’s my comment Clutch.

  • Pseudonym

    Okay, “shawtie the sweetie:” can I just put it out there that I am black and Indian and have an Indian last name? and I mean this is in my real life and not in Internetland? So you can come off that. Nobody cares.

  • JadaJay

    Too bad Wendy Williams has spent hours on the plastic surgeon’s table and the in weave-ologists chair to look JUST LIKE Beyonce. She might not be the smartest girl, but Wendy sure is trying to be her.

    Anyway – since when has Wendy Williams and ANYTHING she talks about on her show been the basis of anything educational or academic. She needs to stop acting like she’s on CNN or something.

  • Melinda

    Two circles and a thumbs up! THAT is what bothers me; the fact that we hail B as a role model that little girls should look up to. Why? Unless that girl is an aspiring singer/performing with no other dreams, then Beyonce should be the LAST person she looks up to. There are black women who have succeeded in many field ( including the arts) AND they managed to get DEGREES. Notice the plural. And B doesn’t even have a high school diploma!? But we want our kids to look at her and say, “I wanna be like Beyonce.” Puhleeze!! Hell, at least show them someone who has a freakin’ high school diploma! People, we can do better.

    Having said all that, I really can say that I admire Beyonce’s hustle. She did what she did through sheer hard work and determination. She WANTED to be a successful performer/singer, and she did it. And, really, I think the finger should be pointed at her parents for her lack of education. If you’re gonna take your child out of school so that she can work on her music career, then AT LEAST make sure she has tutors and whatever other tools she needs in order to function socially in that music world.

  • Amy

    Beyonce may not be the smartest woman in the world but we’ve never heard her hating and belittling people. Of course she’s not my go-to person to tell me about world politics and I believe that in general, celebrities shouldn’t even talk about politics. Whether it is fake or not, she acts classy and that’s one positive aspect of her personnality. Nobody has their ish together. You want positive images of Black people who are educated, yet you call Alicia Keys a homewrecker and forget about all the work she does for charities. You say Jada Pinkett-Smith is not raising her daughter well, when she’s also involved in good causes. You say Kerry Washington, a George Washington university graduate, degrades the image of Black women on TV. I think that we just don’t want to see the positive aspects of all these people. Nobody’s perfect.

  • Amy

    Beyonce may not be the smartest woman in the world but we’ve never heard her hating and belittling people like Wendy does. Of course she’s not my go-to person to tell me about world politics and I believe that in general, celebrities shouldn’t even talk about politics. Whether it is fake or not, she acts classy and that’s one positive aspect of her personnality. Nobody has their ish together. You want positive images of Black people who are educated, yet you call Alicia Keys a homewrecker and forget about all the work she does for charities. You say Jada Pinkett-Smith is not raising her daughter well, when she’s also involved in good causes. You say Kerry Washington, a George Washington university graduate, degrades the image of Black women on TV. I think that we just don’t want to see the positive aspects of all these people. Nobody’s perfect.

  • Jen

    Exactly. You must be one of the ones who didn’t even make it that far (past a HS diploma) because “educated,” in America is usually referring to someone with a BA or post BA degree.

    And obtaining any 4+ degree IS a huge intellectual endeavor, that’s why people get paid so much for having one.

    And I don’t care how ugly you are, you can buy yourself a new face with all that money you’re making due to that BA or MA you’re holding.

    Also, btw, for an article written about eloquence, or lack thereof, in a sense, the ending was very abrupt & poorly written.

  • Oh Hit Dog that Hollereth

    Lassie…oops, I mean, Liz, if you think a few paragraphs equals a “tome,” then your biggest problem most certainly cannot be me calling out regionism, conceit, and arrogance. Get thee to the nearest library post haste!!!

    You see, Lassie, I did not need to consult a thesaurus or sample SAT to employ the words I used. Your presumption that I did says more about your verbal indexterity and lack of intellectual prowess than it could ever say anything about me. Pointing to a person’s use of words your daft, small-mind reads as “big” as evidence of some problem with said person only further bolsters the claim you so vehemently attempt to deny: you need to read and travel more (if you even read or travel at the present moment; and, no, skimming the blurbs on the back of a bag of Cheetos does not count as “reading,” nor does moving from your bedroom to the kitchen count as “travel”). The education system in the so-called “best city on planet earth” failed you miserably.

    Don’t call me a “silly girl” then write “Be respectful” and condemn ME for personal attacks. I am no “girl,” I assure you, and I only give respect where respect is due. I most certainly owe you NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO.

    Oh, and I have my life, merci beaucoup. Perhaps Timmy can help you get YOURS, oh hit dog that hollereth.

  • NoitAll

    “Perceived” lack of education? Either she has a degree or diploma or she doesn’t. Perception has nothing to do with it.

  • LurkerAnonymous

    i find it interesting that when a comedienne or persona like Wendy makes fun of someone like Beyonce, it’s a big deal, yet all the time, fans and comediennes and other folk make fun of folk like Fantasia and Mary J. Blige who admit to having learning difficulties. Beyonce doesn’t articulate well. Truth. The end. Why not make fun of ALL the starlets? Why is Beyonce an exception? Smh.

  • ruggie

    Wendy Williams always knows what nerve to strike. She has perfected the art of hateration.

  • KK

    “Why buy the music of a person who is untutored, uninformed, and divorced from culture”

    “I think the lack of intellectualism is why the music has gotten so bad in all genres”

    These I believe are wrong and are statements I have debated on always. Good music is music that touches and resonates with you. It is the reason why even in a language you don’t understand you find yourself listening to it (e.g Césaria Évora, Youssou N’Dour). After all, most don’t understand the words to Opera, nor do artists like Corrine Bailey Rae, Me’Shell NdegéOcello have the most gifted voices yet with both there is something that grabs on to you.

    However I also know a song can resonate with you due to its lyrical content/story behind it e.g Adele’s 21, Corrine Bailey Rae’s The Sea, Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, which is why I believe the statement below is more appropriate for why music has gotten so bad in all genres

    “Music was good during the Civil Rights movement and before because people were grappling with an existential issue that challenged every dimension of their lives, even if they’d only been to elementary school.”

  • Robin


    I completely agree!

  • http://differentnorm.wordpress.com differentnorm

    I completely agree with everything that you’ve said. You posed a question about why entertainers like Miles Davis & Nina Simone wouldn’t make the money of today’s pop stars. First, there’s a generational difference between the artists you’ve listed (though I think Esperanza Spalding would be an appropriate modern example), and because of that difference, pop artists are less invested in promoting certain issues pertaining to the Black community. Miles & Nina existed during a time where Blacks needed to unify, where using your platform as an artist could result in rights and freedoms being extended to the entire race. This isn’t as obvious a need today, though it is still necessary as evidenced by the continued injustices faced by Blacks. But at the end of the day, the almighty dollar speaks, and as consumers the Black race have demonstrated where a lot of our values lie…..

  • The Comment

    Oh No!!!!! Joan Rivers is not unprofessional….She may be vicious but unprofessional she is not. You don’t have career in comedy/showbiz for as long as she did being unprofessional.. Hollywood will not let the elderly survive in that industry otherwise.

  • The Comment

    I’m glad they make waterproof mascara……cause I’m crying over here…….

  • THe Comment


  • THe Comment

    Hmmmm. All this time I thought it was real… Tight either way.

  • THe Comment

    Are you talking about Coco…. Ice T’s ole girl, or Beyonce?

  • Liz

    …I don’t argue with fools. Have fun, dear.

  • Liz

    Oh, and you sound like a delusional idiot.

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