Michael EalyAccording to the Mayan calendar 21-12-12, today, is the end of the world. We’ve heard this before and for whatever reason God has spared womankind. Until this afternoon, I assumed we’d get another reprieve. But now the signs point to the end being imminent. I say this with a heavy heart, ya’ll:

Michael Ealy is married.

People.com reported that the actor, 39, married longtime  girlfriend (4 years) in a private ceremony back in October.

“Michael has always been a private guy, and he wanted to enjoy his time as a newlywed with his wife privately,” his rep said. “Now that some time has passed and the holidays are here, he wanted to share the news with his fans that he is married and very happy.”

A moment of silence…




Did you hear that? It’s the sound of a million hearts breaking in unison.

Five years ago, when Halle Berry announced she was pregnant, men figuratively wept, mourning the “destruction” of Halle’s banging body. She was full (and glowing) with child, and so many men could only focus on losing their ability to ogle her. Women called their outlook “stupid”, mocked it, openly laughed at their selfishness. And now, the boomerang we unleashed has returned.

Halle’s shape returned with a f%^ -you vengeance, placing all their worries about her “blowing up” in vain.  Michael Ealy is gone, ya’ll… for good.

I was a little late falling into the trance of his aura. I’d missed his brief appearances on Law & Order and Soul Food when he was making his foray into acting. He first caught my eye in Barbershop, a film I have no recollection of other than him being the Brother with the blue eyes— blue like the clear water surrounding any Caribbean island— … and the cornrows. The hairstyle was past its heyday, but if he’d just “do something with it”, there was potential to be worked with. Most definitely.

Like some sort of “Catfish” participant, I fell in love with a man I’d never met watching “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. He was Tea Cake, his wife-B stained with sweat from a hard day’s work, wild-haired, hairy –chested, and sexy as all global get out. He was the young thang who courted Miss Janie, by bringing by strawberries, teaching her how to shoot a pistol, and tickling her feet with a rose. When Tea Cake finally put it on Janie, he leaned into lick her mouth and I leaned into the screen, mouth agape, wishing it was mine. I. Was. Sprung.

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  1. Bump Mediocrity

    Micheal Ealy will now need to do some damage control otherwise he will get the Taye Diggs treatment. I don’t care what anybody say…his wife may be a good person and all but he’s ultra wack to me now.

    You damn right black women will look at you with a side eye. It is what it is and oh fucking well. The shit is straight up wack, unsexy and makes him look like the traitor he is. If your life is your life and your choices your choices then get the hell out of the spotlight. Otherwise welcome to the real world of celebrity. History is history and taking your paycheck that you earn with our dollars and our attention to support another queen outside the black kingdom is a no no.

    White women and brother’s marrying otherness is a sore spot for a reason. There’s a racialized history that cannot be denied. As women we all know who is propped up as being most worthy and most desirable and it’s not us!!!! You add in colorism and racial ambiguity and you really have a complex set of divide and conquer factors that rightfully set black women off. If Micheal Ealy didn’t know this he wouldn’t have been “hiding” her all these years…

    I don’t care how many sisters are shamed for feeling the way they do. Call a spade a spade and Micheal “Bitch eyes” Ealy will forever be given the side eye by me. I’m married to a beautiful black man and I still feel some kind of way about handsome successful brothers crossing over; yet building their careers on our support. It’s a slap in the face…

    If you’re a black actor who makes black movies and has black love interest on the scream then why isn’t a black woman good enough for you to marry in real life? I’m saying tho?

    And don’t even get me started cause I saw Roots for the first time this past weekend.

    • I see

      Amen! We all know he was not going to marry any of us commenting on this page…..duh…..and though alot of us are not surprise,you still feel some type a way that the woman beside him is not a sis.

      Yes, who he loves and marry is porogative,but for those bw who would like a decent marriage minded brotha to call her husband one day them not seeing us as good enough for them is a cause for concern,or lets call a spade a spade it is a problem.

      And if it’s not a problem go over to Essence and read that letter posted by a bm listing the reasons he had to marry a bw. Now alot of bw see that as him celebrating us,but i don’t look at it that way. The fact that he had to even write that speaks volume. Why, you say, b/c it should be a given.

  2. Doesnt surprise me NOT one bit!

  3. I love Indians! lol

  4. Beautiful Mic

    What damage control does he need when he’s getting that Arab money, now?

  5. You are all racist, ignorant and bigoted. This kind of entitlement is precisely why black men don’t want you. They don’t “belong” to you. This rhetoric is completely antiquated, divisive and makes you look pathetically desperate.

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