Beyoncé Announces the Return of Destiny’s Child

by Myeisha Essex

destiny's child

The ladies of DC3 are full of surprises! After eight years of working on solo projects, Grammy Award-winning trio Destiny’s Child is gearing up to release new material.

Beyoncé announced on her Facebook page today that she, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams will be releasing a compilations album called Love Songs this month. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the 14-track album will include the group’s most romantic songs from 1997 to 2004.

And if the album is not enough, Bey also revealed the group reunited for a new single. “I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny’s Child music in eight years,” she wrote. The newly recorded track is called “Nuclear,” produced and co-written by Pharrell Williams.

The groups last performance was the 2006 NBA All-Star Game and the last album was 2004′s Destiny Fulfilled.

There is no word yet if the group will release a music video for the new single, but the new album is set to hit stores on January 29.

I wonder what sparked the reunion. Take a look at the full track list below and tell us if you plan to pick up a copy.

  1. “Cater 2 U” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
  2. “Killing Time” (“Destiny’s Child” (1998))
  3. “Second Nature” (“Destiny’s Child” (1998))
  4. “Heaven” (“Simply Deep” (2002))
  5. “Now That She’s Gone” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
  6. “Brown Eyes” (“Survivor” (2001))
  7. “If” ( “Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
  8. “Emotion” (“Survivor” (2001))
  9. “If You Leave (featuring Next)” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
  10. “T-Shirt” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
  11. “Temptation” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
  12. “Say My Name” (Timbaland remix) (“This Is The Remix” (2002))
  13. “Love” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
  14. “Nuclear” (“Destiny’s Child – Love Songs” (2013))
  • Kacey

    Another Beyonce announcement! Her camp must be paying this site some serious advertising dollars.

  • AM

    I am so LOOKING forward this. Will they be performing live? Shit, I need to get me some tickets.

  • AM

    You ain’t NEVER lie I want to scream in agony.

    -Ms Info. VAL, please come save me from this agony!

  • Barbara

    The return of basic bird music in group form, YAWN, call me when En Vogue makes a return. Secondly, just how much is Beyonce paying Clutch?

  • LurkerG

    How long has it been? Not quite 10 years? Sounds like someone really needs this to happen. Also could this be the beginning of a last hurrah?

  • Bria

    As much as I love DC3, I won’t be buying this album..I have ALL the songs already, except for the 1 (really though?) new song. I was expecting more! This looks like a playlist on my iPod already.

  • Ask_ME

    Basic Bird Music??? In my opinion, The Writings On The Wall was one of the best albums ever made by a girl group. I wish they would make a Writings On The Wall Part 2.

  • class of fitness

    Well 8 years is a decade in the music world?

  • AM

    stop irr!! You know Bey is reading this right now… nice.

  • Damn

    Bills, bills, bills was a classic yo! Seriously from DC era on was when music started sucking lemons hard.

  • Kenzy

    say my name is a love song?? 0_o

  • P

    I wonder what sparked the reunion as well. Not trying to be funny, but I wonder if it was to help Michelle with her career. She never fitted in my opinion.

  • Keepitreal

    I loved, loved, loved En Vogue & “Giving him something he can feel” was my issssssh. I’d gladly pay to see those ladies in concert again.

  • Mahogany

    I’ll pass on that one

  • Yb

    “Basic Bird”

    Yeah. I think those words have become the go to insults when speaking negetavitely of black women.

  • Ask_ME


    Damn shame it’s now coming from other black women.

  • The Bishop

    Wow if Destiny’s Child is dropping a new album, why wouldn’t they write about it in the entertainment section of the blog? Both of you guy’s sound bitter, why don’t you do something worth while and then we can talk about you in glowing terms. But until then hold the hate and disdain and give a side of congratulations and motivation.

  • Barbara

    Hoodrat or bird same difference. If the feathers fit then cluck cluck.

  • AM

    The Bishop,

    Bitter about Miss Bey? You dey craze!

  • Lol

    You really think Beyonce is doing this to help out Michelle? More like she’s shook because Rihanna is now the queen of mainstream pop tart or whatever you want to call their genre of “music”. Also, there’s a new singer getting tons of radio play who sounds exactly like her, Emile Sande.

  • DeezaPeeza

    I love Writings On The Wall but “Now That She’s Gone” ain’t no love song. Hell, neither is “Say My Name”. In “Temptation” they’re talking about cheating! lol This album name is no bueno

  • Lol

    There was short lived talk of a reunion but one of the members squashed it on twitter and was then attacked by so called black twitter for not wanting to reunite LOL so the demand is there.

  • Bosslady

    The Bishop is preaching tonight!! LMAO. Agreed, if you don’t want to read about Beyonce, try NOT clicking on the link. She is a celebrity, she is black, she is talented and has a lot of projects this year – Thus this and other site are reporting on her…and let’s be honest, I can’t imagine Beyonce would have to pay for advertising.

    Also, this post was about Destiny’s Child, the group, not Beyonce the solo artist.

    I don’t I’ll purchase it, as I have DC’s number 1′s album, but the idea of a reunion is lovely.

  • Kacey

    @ Bosslady and Bishop: This comment section allows us to express our opinions. I have done so and you have done so. ‘Nuff Said!

  • Clutch

    Nope. We wish! We just like Beyonce and it’s news :)


  • Clutch

    Nothing. And – we will continue to cover Beyonce. We are fans and see NO reason not to cover her.


  • Kacey


  • ImaLetUfinishBut

    Great for you to stan out and all but while I have your attention can you please pretty please do something about the trolls? It has gotten soooo out of control that it’s taken out the joy of visiting clutch.

  • rkj

    I would think that most DC fans would have these songs, sans the new one. And one new song isn’t worth shelling out full album money. I don’t get this business plan.

  • TheMuseintheMirror

    So I guess we really are going to have a Beyonce story everyday…lol

  • EST. 1986

    No need to pick up a copy when these songs are already available. Why can’t they just do an actual album together?

  • EST. 1986

    Maybe we should start spamming them to make it stop.

  • ImJustSaying

    Um last i checked “if” isn’t a Love song but a break up song.
    ” If You Don’t Know
    Now you Know You Gonna Miss
    My Love
    And I Ain’t Stressing Bout A doggone Thang
    Cause I was True When I Gave You
    My Love (My Love Yeahhh)”

    Who approved that on the valentine’s day CD?

  • Deidra

    I think they should release the new song as a single instead of putting it on a retrospective album.

  • Deb

    LOL I think the blame for all this should be on Matthew Knowles.

  • Child, Please

    Is she the only female celeb you guys like this much, because none of the other ones get as much postings on her as her. The closest is Nia Long, but that’s only to crucify her for having kids out of wedlock or express disdain for her being on next month’s Essence cover.

  • Child, Please

    To continue from my above comment, why don’t you all look at her critically as much any more? We get full blown posts on other things related to pop culture (ie. Django), but nothing on (in my Regina King as Margie voice) your precious Bey. I love the site, but there truly does need to be balance. If you can crucify Rihanna and defend her, then you can do the same for ya girl Bey.

  • justanotheropinion

    One song does not make a ‘return’. Not a huge fan, but don’t play ppl. This is simple mass media marketing to make a quick buck.

  • binks

    This! It doesn’t make no sense…as mention these songs are already available but the stans are going to be buying so…win win for them I guess

  • mikey kun

    Hopefully this will be the last time, I really like and root for kelly rowland as a solo artist. I feel by teaming up with DC (even if for a bit) puts her(and michelle) back as being seen needing B. I know it’s been a slow journy but I want in the next few years for the world to see that kelly is just as talented

  • P

    No, I don’t really think this. I’m just (wondering) speculating. We can go with your theory b/c I don’t personally see a need for a reunion.

  • Kendra (@Nerdstradamas)

    They trying to “goop the children”, with this album release. lol. I just wanted an excuse to use that phrase. I agree, when I saw the album art I thought, “this looks like mid 2000s Destiny’s Child”

  • ImJustSaying

    Just for the record Emile Sande sounds like her on one or two songs but that girl has a voice and a style all her own. Her album is so good. No shade or sarcasm here I just like her (ES) a lot.

  • Kay

    Yes!!! Sande sounds like what Beyonce WOULD sound like if she: A) stopped singing out of her range and B) ENUNCIATED. Sometimes hearing Beyonce scream past certain notes and use vibrato in places that are not needed just lets me know that she doesn’t know how to optimally use her voice. If she’s not careful she will destroy her vocal cords. She does what Alicia Keys is constantly doing: straining. That’s not healthy and is doesn’t sound good to the trained ear either.

  • Toni

    sounds like Michelle was running low on cash….

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  • Diamond

    They need to go away! Bey need to take a seat and raise her child! Alisha Keys got it going on.

  • Diamond

    Tickets for what?

  • Diamond

    What does Beyonce do for young girls in this society other than shaking her ass! All the money she have inherite over the years off the young people, what percentage of that did she give back?

  • AM

    to their live performance! Wanna join me?

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