Beyoncé just can’t catch a break. The singer performed “The Star Spangled Banner” yesterday at the 2013 Inauguration and was praised endlessly for what most deemed a flawless rendition. The compliments extended to her glamorous sartorial statement as she wore an Emilio Pucci gown accented by a lavish Christian Dior fur and Lorraine Schwartz jewels. She was the picture of perfection as she sang with power, poise and ease then shared intimate kisses and hugs with the President and the First Lady.

But before she even stepped off Capitol Hill, the criticism ensued. Many remarked that she appeared to be lip-syncing and then a United States Marine Band representative, Kristin DuBois, confirmed their suspicions to Page Six. “All music is pre-recorded for the ceremony because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day,” she said. “We performed, live, the band. But we received last-minute word that Beyonce was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those were the instructions we were given. We don’t know what the reason why.”

All signs seem to support DuBois’ statement. The Washingtonian reports that “it was evident that the band wasn’t actually playing during the song.” And Beyoncé herself posted photos on Instagram with a recording device holding “The Star Spangled Banner” sheet music.

But why should it matter? Most performances of the National Anthem are pre-recorded though one of the greatest (if not the greatest) performances to date, that of Whitney Houston at the Superbowl in 1991, was reportedly live.

Some feel that Beyoncé’s dramatic gesture of ripping out her earpiece added fuel to the fire. During her performance, viewers were shocked that she took it out but ascertained she’s such a great singer she doesn’t need it. As it turns out, it was unnecessary because she wasn’t actually singing. Furthermore, the U.S. Marine Corps band representative made a point to acknowledge that Kelly Clarkson sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” live.

Beyoncé’s talent is indisputable at this point, yet some feel this compromises her credibility. What are your thoughts, Clutchettes and Gents?

  • LadyT

    Prerecorded or live, we can all agree that it was Beyonce singing. Among the many who may have been at inauguration yesterday, we can all agree that it was cold. It was beautiful and classy. Case closed. Continue doing what you’re doing, Bey!

  • sojourner4truth

    While I am disappointed, I know that the performances are ALWAYS pre-recorded for the Inauguration. The weather plays a major factor. At the first Obama Inauguration, cellist Yo-Yo Ma played his cello to a pre-recorded track because of the impact the bitter cold had on his strings. Lady Aretha doesn’t lip-synch and we all saw how the cold impaired her vocal prowess.

    At the Inaugural Balls, Jennifer Hudson was definitely singing over a pre-recorded track that contained her vocals. At points it was distracting. It was as if the AV person forgot that J-HUD was going to sing live and they played the wrong track.

    Again, I wish that Beyonce, like Kellie Clarkson, sang live.

  • Guest1234

    It was a historical event. And, as such, I would have preferred imperfect authenticity to a phony fake-out. Everyone else sang. Dang, even the little kids from the PS whatever choir who performed before the actual inauguration began sang – and the little soloists did just fine. That’s a little sad to consider yourself a professional, but when it comes time to do the job to chicken out. IF she’s such a great professional, why can’t she do ANYTHING the other real singers do (i.e. ACTUALLY sing, once in a while)?

    I almost respected her for a quick minute. But then again, what was I thinking?

  • Sammie

    It’s not a big deal. I went to the inauguration, and though I was much too far away to see or hear anything but echo, it was lovely. Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson both sang amazingly, though I’ll say that I surprised myself by liking Kelly Clarkson’s rendition better than I did Beyonce’s.

    Yo-yo Ma used a recording at the last inauguration, Beyonce did at this one. The artists, the band, and the organizers make a decision that will make the inauguration the best it can be. If your instrument is going to be out of tune or your throat wrecked due to cold, if you don’t want to take the risk of getting off timing due to noise and reverb, then by all means use the recording.

  • solfresh

    It matters. It proves Beyonce is indeed a product and fantasy that not even she can live up to. I couldn’t pin point it at the time but I found it very odd when she ripped her ear piece out because there’s no way she could sound that flawless in the cold, open space. I’d have way more respect for her if she would’ve sang live. She almost doesn’t deserve to be placed next to the great voices of our time.

    Also, as a former sax player, when performing in the cold you run the risk of sounding completely out of tune because your instrument constricts. During winter parades, sometimes we’d end up not playing because it’s too cold. So I find it hilarious that the band was able to play yet Beyonce wasn’t able to sing. I’ve never heard of that “eventualities and conditions” reasoning for a singer not to sing live during a live event like the inauguration.

  • The Comment

    No. This is wrong on so many levels. This is not her performance. This is a political high holy day. A Day that separates America from some rouge country with multiple coups. It is a day that that never has happened in American history; a black man sworn in for his 2nd term on MLK Holiday. And for that she decides to give her second best? She cheapened the occasion. Aretha Franklin would NEVER give her second best. Nor Chaka, Whitney or Fantasia for that matter. Kelly Clarkson, J-Hud and Alicia Keys gave a wonderful LIVE performance… Why couldn’t B?

  • YAWN

    UMMM so? Beyonce isn’t known for her singing anyway. 5 4 3 2 1 until the next Beyonce article. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Emjay

    Alot of those performances are pre recorded. Yoyo ma used a recording for the inaugaration in 09. also bey uses pre recorded tracks for her live concerts. No one can do all that dancing and still sound perfect. Doesnt mean she can’t sing.

  • Deidra

    I guess ripping out her earpiece was suppose to add authenticity.

  • Child, Please

    I think people are upset that she lipped, but everyone else sang live and then she embellished it. I don’t have a problem with lip-syncing; I know why it’s done, but it’s just weird that she’d go through all of that and not sing live. She did a good job lipping it though; most don’t even give an effort.

  • Treece

    Yes it matters because she faked like she was doing somethin spectaular with the hand gestures, taking the coat off in chilly January weather, and ripping the earpiece out. If you were just going to lip sync you should’ve kept it simple, kept your coat on, left the earpiece in and mouthed the song. Dramatics…..

  • tina

    If she was going to fake it, it should have been announced at the time. And now Beyonce will mime to this pre recorded track. . .


    “Beyonce’s talent is undisputable…”

    Says who??? The chick has notoriously screamed & shrilled her way to fame & glory…. And that’s not including the times she calls herself trying to “rap”.

    I always knew that she was a phony from the start, & this Presidential “Milli Vanilli” move just proves it.

  • sojourner4truth

    too too funny!

  • JDH

    They might be prerecorded “all the time” but this is the first time in history at an Inaugural. I wouldn’t want that to be my claim to fame, but then I wouldn’t want to be the shill for Pepsi cola either.

  • Wow

    Ok. Thank u! Just all this X-tra! X-tra! Now I don’t go n on Bey at all but my brow was raised a tad.

    You want all this attention yet you super fail when it comes to being humble. Did you really have to take your coat off???? Do we really need to see what you are wearing. Can FLOTUS get all the shine for just one day w/o u trying to get in (old school vocab altert) edge wise?????

  • Relle

    I really don’t care because I didn’t even notice. I’m sure there was a good reason. But how about we let the Presidential Inauguration be about the Obama’s and the Biden’s, the original stars of the show. Please and thank you.

  • Justanotheropinion

    This line had me in stitches: “Beyoncé’s talent is indisputable at this point, yet some feel this compromises her credibility”.

    Indisputable talent? Credible?

    Really….? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • Kay

    I would say it matters, only because Kelly Clarkson sang live and SLAYED. Other performers did the same, and if it is pre-recorded it seems almost like she’s copping out. I understand that it was cold out, but most singers wrap their throats with warm scarves or fabric and drink warm liquids and they do just fine. Don’t know what her reasoning is, especially as she had originally planned to do it live and then minutes before changed her mind. *shrugs* I’ve never been a big Beyonce fan anyway so I’m not really disappointed.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    at least she wasn’t butte naked…

  • AM

    were there casualities as a result of her lip synching? I don’t think so. Too much ado about nothing…..

  • Wow

    maybe she didn’t know the words?

  • Kacey

    Wow. You mean Kelly Clarkson’s live singing in the bitter cold out-did Beyonce’s controlled-environment recording??? LOL

  • Sasha

    Unsurprising but yes it does matter. People keep bringing up Yo Yo Ma as if to say “oh he did, why isn’t it okay for her” to which I say you’re comparing apples and oranges. Why do people continue to idolize this phony? She’s not an artist, she’s a product of a great industrial machine.

  • Raeee

    So y’all mad cause she didn’t let it be known that she was lip synching ? When does that ever happen with any artist ? Beyonce is still a performer so she’s not gonna lay dead and just mouth the words to the song. Get over it !!!

  • Tonton Michel

    Y’all hens and roosters are going to get off my girl Bey’s back for real. I’m about tired of y”all circling around her waiting to bite at something. Keep it up and its going to be me and all of y”all, I got hot boxes for all of y’all.

  • GlowBelle

    I knew something was off…it sounded so echo-y and it sounded like the band was overpowering her. Now I don’t have a big problem with her lip-syncing, a lot of people do it and for good reason, but like what someone said above, this time out it cheapens the performance on such a historical day…plus what further irks me is the whole ripping out the earpiece bit. That was showboat-y and was to make it seem like she was really digging into it, and that’s why once again I can’t buy whatever Beyonce is “selling”, everything that is wrong is being covered by glitter and gleam, fooling us all.

    The Star Spangled Banner is a very difficult song to sing, yes, and I understand her not wanting to look bad as her image is built around the idea of perfection which is forever annoying…but from what I learned Kelly Clarkson (who I thought did better) and that young woman who was killing it in the choir bit didn’t lip-sync. Heck, to my knowledge, Aretha didn’t do it four years ago and it was all done in the cold weather too, and nobody brought heat on her for her voice cracking a bit that day…and that’s because she was dishing out authenticity, which Beyonce has never been from jump. So yeah, Beyonce pretty much walked herself right into criticisms for this.

  • Jess

    Everyone has so many negative comments to say about Beyonce’!!!! At the end of the day she has a beautiful voice and is one of the best singers out here. Whether she was pre recorded or not, it was her singing and she did a wonderful job. I’m sure some of y’all couldn’t even get out there and lip the words to perfection or sing it the normal way..She talented and I love her. Y’all find the most petty stuff to criticize. President Obama and First Lady surely enjoyed the performance and I’m sure that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

  • EST. 1986

    It matters, because people are talking about how well she did when in fact, it was a prerecorded track.

  • Muse


    I’m not a stan, but damn, can ya’ll give Beyonce a break?? Who’s to say she wasn’t sick or lost her voice. If she had gone up there and sounded awful, the same people criticizing her for lip syncing would rip her a new one for that. Geez!

    *braces for the thumbs down*

  • opinionatedgal

    Hmmm… I am a big Beyonce fan. But for an event like the Presidential inauguration, I think that the musical performances should be live. It’s a unique moment in political history and I just assumed that everyone’s performance was live. I guess it not a huge deal, but I think that it is good that these matters were eventually disclosed, for the purpose of historical accuracy and for the official record.

  • Here We Go Again

    So was she lip-synching OR singing over a pre-recorded track?? Those or two completely different things? The Marine Corp Ban director stated that they didn’t perform live for her and she used a pre-recorded track. Does this automatically correlate to her lip-synching? I’ve sung “live” before over my pre-recorded tracks…..

  • Here We Go Again

    Do we know if she was lip-synching or singing over her pre-recorded track? Those are two completely different things. I’ve sung “live” before over my pre-recorded voice.

  • Shirl

    Ok now you are a mess and made me snort out loud (sniggles) I like Beyonce and happen to think she has a beautiful voice but am a little disappointed that she didn’t sing live..maybe she was hoarse or something huh?

  • Shirl

    Ok now that was funny!!!

  • EST. 1986

    She was lip-synching to a prerecorded track.

  • soulfullyreal

    I’m so not a Beyonce stan, i think she is over-rated in a myriad of ways, however, to hate on this? I’m sorry, you’re just a hater, lol. We’ve heard Beyonce sing live a MILLION TIMES! WE KNOW SHE CAN SING LIVE! If this was Rihanna and i was on my petty ish, I’d be like “HAHA, YOU CAN’T SING, YOU HAD TO RECORD IT, HAHA!” but if for some reason B couldn’t sing live ONE TIME, ppl wanna jump down her throat? it’s just silly to me, and I’m pretty silly…

  • themadsister

    Jay-Z betta check out that passion snap

  • binks

    This! It wouldn’t normally be a big deal but people were going on how her rendition was the best since slice bread, how she killed it live and how other artists (particularly other black women artists) should take notes and this is why she is the “king” just to find out it was pre-recorded. Honestly HER stans brought the criticism on her because they were so quick to come at other artists and rag on them and speaks of this work ethic soon after the performance when she wasn’t live. Hell personally Kelly Clarkson and the lady who had the solo in the Brooklyn choir slayed it. Beyonce sounded like…Beyonce not bad but not great either.

  • Tonton Michel

    Exactly Shirl! We don’t know what was going on with her voice better to lip sync instead of singing and cracking on stage. Good God imagine I’d she fumbles the performance? These hooligans here on Clutch would have broke out the rope and swung her by her neck from a tree while singing Lauryn Hill songs dressed up like Eryka Badu while crowning Riri queen with Aaliyah’s robes on her.

  • ruggie

    hens and roosters, LOL

  • k

    I thought it was common knowledge that Whitney was lip syncing during her performance?

    Idk after watching the video it sounds like she was singing over a prerecorded track. Whatever it is I can hear two voices. I don’t get what the big deal is either way. That day isnt about the performances. She came and did what she was there to do. I’m sure the crowd was entertained which is all that matters honestly. All of these people acting like their world is destroyed (or like their hate for Beyonce has finally been validated) because of this need to get a

    People couldn’t wait to knock her down. Im no stan but I think its kind of pathetic to be so negative about this

  • EST. 1986

    You think this is silly, but you have the nerve to think that anyone who does not share the same opinion as you on this performance is ‘hating’ and being a ‘hater’.

  • Wow

    Had she worn a coat and left the dramatics behind…I would have forgiven her. But she is the kind of ignorant woman who doesn’t know when to quit while she is ahead. This was not the time to give 90%. This is history in the making. and she doesn’t get it.

  • naan
  • maxineshawattyatlaw

    “Had she worn a coat and left the dramatics behind…I would have forgiven her.”

    Exactly. This chick is so over the top sometimes. The dramatics was just so unnecessary in that moment.

  • Kelley Johnson

    Beyonce’s a bird brain idiot. First off, she shouldn’t be lip-synching at a moment that is so historically important. This isn’t the Superbowl. It’s not one of her stupid little concerts. It was the second inaugural of the first black president. But like everything with Beyonce, she seemed to think that they day was actually about her. So she shows up in her full Beyonce-ness: a tacky tight evening gown, a long fur coat, a giant blonde wig glued to her head, and million dollars worth of jewelry. Apparently, in Beyonceland, dressing like the bottom bitch of a 1970′s pimp on her way to the Players Ball is appropriate attire for a Presidential Inaugural.

    Then she steps up there with all the dramatics, the fake nerves, the closing of her eyes like she’s trying to get fears under control. Then she starts “singing” and here comes the Beyonce dramatics: the quick head tosses, the widened eyes, the pained expressions, etc. And then the big one. She’s slaying the song so hard and so perfectly, that she has to rip out the ear piece because she’s such a great vocalist, she doesn’t even need to hear what’s going on. She’s enraptured in the music, because she’s the greatest vocalist of all time and this day is about her, not the country! Look at me! Please ,dear god, look at me!!!

    She brought all this on herself. All those dramatics and the woman was not even singing. She looks incredibly foolish today. It’s all over the news and she’s getting clowned big time.

    All this backlash couldn’t have happened to a more deserving narcissist. I wonder if she’ll keep copies of all the negative news reports in her Beyonce Media Center/museum she built in her house.

  • Eme

    Good God, can we stop with the damn Beyonce articles? I swear, Clutch has been purchased by her PR team.

    The readers of this blog has made it abundantly clear that they are not crazy about her. Why keep posting articles about her?

    Not even a month into 2013 and she already has a chokehold on the media. We had a bellyful of her last year. Lets pleeeeeeeeeeaaaassseee make a collective resolution to not give her anymore space/attention on this blog.

  • Child, Please

    Now, you know, she’s inspired, so her credibility shouldn’t be questioned. That Billboard performance and that Countdown vid were perfect examples of how inCREDIBLE-ly inspired she is. <—- not the serious sarcasm. (Girl, I couldn't resist either! LOL!)

  • Puh-lease

    Beyonce must have slept with your man because the soliloquy you just wrote sounds personal

  • Wow

    70s bottom bytch…


  • Kelley Johnson

    Sweetie, Beyonce’ s own man ain’t even sleeping with her. At least that’s what Rita Ora said. So why would mine want her?

  • maxineshawattyatlaw

    Oh lawd jesus, its a fiiirrrraaawww.

    And can I just say I especially agreed with this particular part:
    “All this backlash couldn’t have happened to a more deserving narcissist.”

  • solfresh

    If she didn’t know the words, then she never deserved to set foot in DC at all.

  • The Other Jess

    oh boy…the haters are out in force tonight. What does her lip-synching have to do with you? Do what if she did? Performers do it all the time. Plus the White House told her to, even though she was prepared to do it live.Sounds like some fake racist issue to me.

  • The Other Jess

    Wow…really people? Her dress wasn’t over the top – she looked cute. Can you say HATERS??

  • The Other Jess

    Ha ha haaa @Tonton Michel! I’m sorry but I have to agree with you LOL – what is all this catty hate towards Beyonce? They sound like a bunch of hateful white women. Warning, warning! The white chicks have taken over Clutch all to hate on Beyonce!

  • The Other Jess

    And what made the Marine Corp band director come out with a statement on Beyonce. He needs to shutup. What, is he mad because Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah? Can’t stand seeing a Black woman getting a confession of cheating from a white man, so they decided to trump up this false “controversy”? Please. Beyonce did er thing – so what if she lip synched? It was fine to me.

  • The Other Jess

    who ARE you people? Lip synching at one event, I don’t care how major, doesn’t make you a phony. Beyonce can jam and has made some great songs – that’s why she’s number one in this game, no matter how people try to hate on her.

  • The Other Jess

    Anyway – Byonce sang live at Obama’s first Inauguration, at the ball. So another fake “controversy” trumped up by the media.

  • The Other Jess


  • q. banks

    well she’s good at faking stuff…

  • The Other Jess

    Agreed LadyT! Ot sounds like a bunch of white women have taken over this blog – why the hate? It’s like Bey did something to some of these people personally.

  • The Other Jess

    And that’s another thing…most all of them sang over pre-recorded tracks. Why the controversy over Beyonce? Somebody just wants to stress her before the SuperBowl. But believe me, she won’t fail.

  • The Other Jess

    First of all, noooo, everyone else didn’t sing live. Kelly Clarkson also sand over a pre-crecorded track as did Jennifer Hudson. How silly and petty.sMDH

  • http://Clutch SL

    Maybe she was sick? Maybe something wasn’t feeling right with her voice. Not a Bey Stan, but doesn’t she get the benefit of the doubt? Maybe just a teensy eensy weenie bit? Lol.

  • The Other Jess

    Wrong again, Clutch. The Marine Corps band recanted their statement and said Beyonce was singing live to a back track. Also, CNN just had vocals coaches watch her performance and they said it was live as well.
    She did NOT lip synch – singing to alive backtrack means she was singing with a track instead of the live band. Boy, people try to make controversy out of anything.

  • The Other Jess

    They confirmed that she was SINGING OVER A PRE-RECORDED TRACK FOR THE BACKGROUND INSTEAD OF USING THE MARINE BAND. So people, get over it. She SANG, she did not lipsynch. Clutch becomes more and more like the mainstream media liars by the day.

  • Child, Please

    Sweetie, just give up. The damage has already been done and it ain’t pretty. A recanting statement from the non-spokesperson of the Marine Corp Band isn’t going to change anything, especially when it’s been reported ya girl Bey requested the pre-recorded track. Conflicting stories only mean one thing: someone is lying and what’s worst is she’s not even gonna be known as the second best to do it, but he first person – man or woman – to lip sync at an inauguration. So, unless you’re getting paid to defend her, you might as well sit back and ride this thang on out.

  • Humanista

    When I fist heard it wasn’t live, I immediately thought back to the earpiece-snatch, like “Oh…” Ha!

    It was extra silly if she wasn’t even singing, but I guess I don’t know why this is a big deal. The whole point was to bring a great voice to the event. That happened, so….?

  • Liz

    ehh… I’m no stan, but Beyonce can sing… screaming and shrilling sounds more like J-Hud. I would have been all with it if you had said she onesied and crawled around on the floor (seriously, she’s crawling on the floor in a good 75% of her videos) her way to fame and glory.

  • Liz


  • justanotheropinion

    Gurl, lot’s of folks is inspired on the dance floor when a good jam comes on – don’t make them indisputably talented nor credible. Bey has just had GREAT marketing. (Sarcasm for sarcasm – I got ‘cha!)

  • k

    Lol do u realize how crazy you sound right now lolol

    Wth does a coat have to do with anything?? Whether a person is singing live or not they are still going to put on a show. Cmon now

    Based on what you’re saying she shouldve just stood there and not even sung.

    Are you just as mad Yo Yo Ma? Does Whitney owe you an apology?

    Im pretty sure that Michelle and Barack are ok…people are just looking for reasons to be mad…making up new rules about how the song should always be sung live and all this lol meanwhile the national anthem has probably been lip synced more than another song period. Christina was one of.the few to not do so and is STILL catching hell for messing up the words.

    Just look at the words you’re using forgiveness?? ingnorant ???lol for what?

    You do realize that the officials who put on the event were ok with this right? Everybody prerecords it so its clearly always an option. Why is your opinion more important than theirs?

  • Yvette

    @Kelley – *slow clap* Ma’am, this truly might be the best comment that I’ve ever read on this site. Props to you.

  • soulfullyreal

    You’re right in that everyone has a right to their opinion, but I feel the majority of comments here grossly exaggerate the situation because Beyonce portrays herself as so “perfect” that the minute she does something wrong or unexpected, ppl bash her like she killed somebody. And I do understand that it’s an inauguration, so ppl were even more sensitive about it, but all the dramatics with the “she’s always been fake” and “she wants to make the day about her” imo screams hater.

  • Puh-lease

    Lol, wow excuse me! I didn’t realize you were a close and personal friend of Rita Ora too. If she said it, I guess it’s the gospel truth.

    You act like your pay is going to be docked because Beyonce may have lip synced. Girl, bye.

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    Exactly,she was singing live on her own pre-recorded track.and she did a good job mixing the two.I could see she was nervous but she nailed it.

  • CaSweetface

    She is by no means my favorite artist but I just don’t understand all of the Beyonce hate. Never seemed like the brightest start in the sky but the gyrating, wig wearing woman has talent. My only comment about the Inauguration performances was Kelly Clarkson sang her live pudgy buns off! I also thought the soloist in the choir was a revelation. Let’s focus on those stellar performances please. :)

  • Wanda

    I don’t understand it either. It is Beyonce Derangement Syndrome.

  • The Comment

    I agree. This is the best comment I’ve read on this site. Very entertaining.

    70s bottom bytch…………lord

  • Guess

    Oh lawd!! Hilarious… “ride this thang out”

  • Guess

    Well, Aretha had the artistic integrity to sing live in the bitter cold in ’08, Stan(ley) :-/

  • fierce angel

    I was there, really close, got the hook up with seats in the red section… and honestly it was a great moment- regardless.

    Much love to the Obamas!!!

  • LaLa

    lol so true last week it was her sexy pics now its her singing clucth is turning into a place for angry black woman ‘aint no body got time for that’

  • apple

    wtf does a coat have to do with anything? and what dramatics?

  • Micheal

    Beyoona should not been on program! Kelly Clarkson made her look like a fool! She too busy posting lies on the internet, flashing and bragging about her and JZ wealth when her ass should been taking care of business. One thing for sure, I wouldn’t waste $2.00 on her and JZ.

  • Micheal

    No, the truth is the truth! The truth is the truth! All the money this woman have made, her fake ass lip sing at the President’s Inangaration.

  • apple

    when your writing more than 2 paragraphs in a comment section about people who you don’t know, its time to get off the internet

  • Nat

    she wasnt the first person to lip sync at an inauguration

  • Nat

    Aretha Franklin did it

  • PBJ

    Criticize any other celeb like Whitney houston alicia keys or mary j blige and you just have an opinion. Criticize Beyonce and you’re suddenly “deranged.” This woman really has some of you people in some kind of trance. She is just a HUMAN BEING with a fiyah PR team to whip ya’ll into a frenzy on command. BTW the majority of so-called “deranged hate” for her lip synching antics is coming from the white media, go try that “why ya’ll hatin” routine on them , see how it works out.

    That off my chest overall I honestly don’t get the big deal about lip syncing at these types of events yet.

  • Nikster

    This! I was trying to figure out how in 30 degree weather when everyone else is wearing a coat Beyonce takes off her fur and had not protection for her neck from the cold. Silliness. I agree with the comment earlier that it seems ridiculous since she put on such a presentation like she was really doing something when all along it was a track. On inauguration day watching the performances I actually thought Kelly’s was better and thought her vocal ability was much better suited for the anthem compared to B. To know it was pre-recorded makes me question her chops a bit because for real…it wasn’t as great as people were making it out to be. I love some Beyonce. Play her songs regularly but even as a fan this is suspect.

  • PBJ

    I hesitate to visit black websites nowadays because I know there will be Beyonce Jay Z Kanye Kim Kardashian or some reality show trash somewhere on the front page, even the so-called upstanding media sites like News One and The Grio. Where can you go to just read regular news about everyday black folks and issues anymore?

  • LMAO

    Words are scary, spoken like a Beyawce stan.

  • The Comment

    Sure. of course. Just….that the stars were aligned to give us this historic moment. I would have appreciated a humble, soulful moment. Not a pop diva performance.

  • LMAO


    Those nut cases know not to go there with the white media knowing full well TPTB gave their owner a pass on that collapsing “pregnant” belly.

  • Winning Yve

    I do think people give Beyonce a harder time than necessary on some occasions. But most of the scrutiny is invited in by Beyonce herself and her team. That moment was not about Beyonce’s big comeback, so the theatrics of ripping out the earpiece, flailing her arms, and the facial dramatics was typical Beyonce/Sasha form but it does invite the critics and cynics. It’s the same issue with whole “fake baby” controversy. Nobody would even really care if she hadn’t announced her pregnancy at an award show and create a big dramatic scene but she doens’t know how to do anything else.

    I never knew Whitney lip synced the National Anthem and it’s only until now that those rumors are circulating. Beyonce has a history of lying and being called out on those lies so now that she’s back and has revealed how incredibly “powerful” she thinks she is, the cynics are gunnin for her…

    When you put yourself on a pedastal and have a nickname like “Beysus” you are not going to get away with the same things other people got away with. Beyonce, Beyonce’s team, and Beyonce’s stans have gone into overdrive promoting the idea that she is not of this world and is the best most amazing woman ever. Then they all get surprised and start puttin up the defenses and demanding mercy and understanding when it turns out Beyonce is a human like the rest of us and is subject to faults and mistakes. Then we have to watch some staged tell all interview or documentay highlightingh her “humanity” and “vulnerability.”

    The same was done to MJ. This level of scrutiny is what happens at the level she’s at and wanted to be at.

  • mm

    You need to be a writer. That was beautifully written regardless of whether I agree or not. I literally had that imagery in my head! But nevertheless, I agree with you lol!

  • Tina

    Beyonce wanted the glory of an inaugural performance (& while she may not have sung, she did perform) but she didn’t want to put in the work. She thought the Superbowl performance was more important and she practiced for that instead of taking time to practice with the Marine Corp Band. They should have found someone who thought it was worth taking the time to go through live rehearsals.

  • ChaCha1

    I don’t get the big deal since her presence wasn’t the highlight or focus of the inauguration…or maybe it was since everybody is talking about it.

  • Blue

    Hey…she can actually sing so what’s the big deal? I have a problem with people who can’t sing to save their life & need autotune to help them along yet they get paid millions of dollars cause tone deaf people contiune buy their albums while the people with real talent are unknown to most.

  • AM

    You have shut this comment seciton down. LAWD. Beyonce has definitely, printed this out and put it in her museum. *tears*!!

  • Nakia (@KiaJD)

    On instagram you can see her in the studio with the Marine Corps band. How is it you know she practiced for one more than the other? From what I understand it’s quite customary and common to pre-record vocals and music for occasions such as this because of how important they are. The cold weather alone could have had an impact on her voice and/or the musicians so better safe than sorry. Besides, there’s video that sounds like she’s singing live OVER the recorded track which would make sense that it’s there for backup in the event of any difficulties. Two layers of vocals. *shrug*

  • Wow

    Agreed! There is a time and place for everything. Believe it or not people…….the Presidential Inauguration is a sacred event. Your right to worship the devil or stay at home on Sundays came with a price. This chick does not get that because she is dumber than a box of rocks.

    Sure be diva glam all you want. Great…but god damn….know when to shine and know when to take several seats. The day would have gone perfect had she not made this spectacular engagement.

  • Kelley Johnson

    Thank you. I’m actually an entertainment writer. That said, before you disturbed stans go looking for my work so you can fill the comments sections with diatribes, chants, and calls to prayer defending Beysus Christ, “Kelly Johnson” is not my real name.

  • Child, Please

    I said the same dayum thang! She is definitely filing this for folks to remember, lmao!

  • tina

    How is it you know she practiced for one more than the other? The director of the band she wouldn’t rehearse with revealed it.

    - Marine band director Colonel Michael J. Colburn revealed Beyonce only had one day to prepare for the gig since she has been busy rehearsing for America’s Super Bowl half-time show next month (Feb13).
    On Monday he told news website Buzzfeed, “As soon as we get information from the Presidential Inaugural Committee (about) who the guest artists are going to be, we make contact with them, find out how we can prepare arrangements that will really kind of flatter their voices – of course in the right key.
    “Beyonce, she’s getting ready for the Super Bowl, so we didn’t have a chance to do anything with her until last night (20Jan13).”

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