Beyoncé’s Racy GQ Cover – Are You Feeling It?

by Britni Danielle


Beyoncé’s 2013 takeover has officially begun.

In the next few months Beyoncé will drop an album, perform at the Super Bowl, premiere a self-directed documentary on HBO, and possibly cover the mother of fashion glossies, Vogue. The singer is on a non-stop promotional blitz, and according to several sources, she can add another magazine cover to her growing list: GQ.

A possible image of the February issue of GQ featuring a scantily clad Beyoncé has surfaced on the web, and as usual, her stans are going wild.

If this is the actual cover, Bey will appear as one of GQ’s 100 sexiest women, and from the looks of things, motherhood hasn’t quashed her willingness to compete with her fellow hard-bodied pop divas.

But do you love it? Or is mommy Bey showing just a little too much skin? You tell us!

*Hat tip to B. Scott. 

  • Shell

    a married woman with a daughter. have a little more self respect..
    .but i know in our society a woman exposing herself is liberating and showing how strong and confident she is….smh

  • CP

    This is just one step from the bodysuits we see her parading around in. No surprise here. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it.

  • I got sense!

    Like Bey but not this pic. She look hoeish. Looks like a Rihanna outfit.

  • Rachel

    Her body is STUNNING!!! Lawd!!!

    And what’s racy about it? Pic pretty much looks like her last album cover, this one just isn’t cropped.

    Bey used to be the Queen of crop tops and body chains, glad she is bringing them back.

  • kiki

    This is an outfit for a woman 20 lbs thinner, 10 years younger with 1/2 the talent. Not a good look.

  • Salmon

    I don’t like it…looks like a college freshman’s instagram photo sorry.

  • YoungKingTut

    She looks fabulous! Get it B!!

  • Toni

    Bey is bigger and better than this…. but, that body!

  • binks

    On one hand, it is a men’s magazine so I expect a somewhat racy cover but for some people who put Beyonce on a different caliber/pedestal than other celebs I can see how they say it is a bit too much. Honestly, I don’t care one way or the other. Personally, I think the cover could have been so much better (maybe I need to see it first hand) but as mention this cover seems a bit low budget compare to other great covers, hell off the top of my head Jennifer Aniston posing in nothing but a tie was a great cover this seems very beginner’s 101.

  • Bev

    20 lbs thinner???lol are you on drugs??lol

  • honestly

    I’ve released that Beyonce pays very close attention to what people say about her. They said she was private so she made a tumblr, twitter, and instagram. She is also making a documentary. People said she sings girly songs and has a almost all female fan base, now she is trying to appeal to them. People said her music on 4 was to R&B and that she didn’t promote enough. Now she booked the super bowl, she has a documentary, Pepsi is endorsing her, she has already been on the cover of two magazines, and apparently she will be endorsed/endorsing H&M.

  • pinklipstick227

    Lol. I’m weak!

  • Tanycha

    I’d have toagree. It does come across as a bit sophomoric for what I’d expected to see as the post baby-bump image evolution of Bey in 2013. Some of Rihanna images are what I consider artistically sophisticated and creative. No real comparison in my book.

  • pinklipstick227

    I love bey but cheetah print panties don’t belong on a magazine cover. I think the styling was cheap and tacky. Bey would be better of naked.

  • Elle

    Looks like Terry Richardson is the photographer. Her body is nice but coming from a fashion stylist the outfit is weak!

  • Child, Please

    I think it’s funny that she’s pant-less and in the top right corner of the mag it says: Gentlemen Put Your Pants Back On. “

  • graham

    It is fine. She was more revealed when she posed for sports illustrated in a bikini. Besides I have seen a lot worse. This mag caters to men not women

  • ChillyRoad

    Very cute.

  • Natarsha

    Love it! Confident, Bold & Alluring. Get it Bey!

  • Miranda

    she does have a beautiful body, but I am not sure about this cover

  • EST. 1986

    THREE Beyonce articles in 2 days. Sheesh!

  • EST. 1986

    GQ sexualizes all of the women who they put on the cover of their magazine while them men are dressed in suits.

  • BlkFreedom Expressions

    Like Madea, I am tired of seeing Beyonce. There is more to black people than Beyonce and Tyler Perry. If she never does another photo shoot, I wouldn’t miss her.

  • Chrissy

    I think they should have styled her differently.

  • ChillyRoad

    Beyonce is a MILF now.

  • Break the Cycle

    No ones going to comment on how white washed Beyonce is? And how the only way black women appear in magazine covers is by lightening their skin and having blonde hair? No? Ok then, carry on.

  • SMFH

    And the problem is…? If a woman wants to expose herself to feel liberated, that’s her own damn business. You don’t get to define how much self-respect someone has based on the clothes they wear. Being married with a daughter has nothing to do with it, or do you call Tina Turner and Cher sluts for continuing to wear barely-there outfits after settling down with children? People acting like nudity and sex are so shameful need to step back to the 1950s where they belong. And before you ask, I’m not a stan, just someone who lives in the 21st century.

  • shaunte2

    Bey needs to quit. She is a mother and a wife. Those days are over. Stop trying to compete with Rih Rih and Nicki. It could have been more tastefully done. But this is not the cover we wanted to see, we wanted to see the cover with ur “alledged” baby bump….#juststop

  • ChillyRoad

    Rhianna’s did the cover for December the 12th. Im still trying to get a back order of that one but her hair was short and dark. A bit like one of the three stooges. Now that cover blows this one out of the water but Beyonce still looks perfect here.

    I regret to admit she does look like a tanned white woman.

  • EST. 1986

    Why do you assume she is trying to compete with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj? She has been in the music industry since she was a teenager, probably has a bigger fan base than both of those women, and more money.

  • EST. 1986

    *…THE men are dressed in suits.

  • MuffyCrosswire

    If you got it, flaunt it. Boy I know you want it……
    Gone head Bey!

  • Tryingagain

    This is new how? She’s been T&A / stripper moves since day 1. The less vocal abiity the less clothing needed to sell it, SSDD in the music industry. She knows to stay relevant she needs to keep the show going b/c there’ll be someone young and fresher ready to take her place! Some say that’s already happened but I wouldn’t know.

  • B.Payne

    Mother, wife, sister, daughter, auntie…B is still hot enough to pull this off….and if you all had the opportunities like her, you’d be on this cover too…I would!

    You guys are killing me, lol!

  • Child, Please

    I didn’t say they didn’t. It’s just contradictory and I wanted to point it out.

  • Beyhive

    But she’s not. everyonce forgets she’s actually really light and she tans that’s why her skin tone constantly changes. The L’oreal campaign was whitewashed, this is her natural tone.

  • Child, Please

    “You don’t get to define how much self-respect someone has based on the clothes they wear.” –> I think everyone does unfortunately. You can define yourself for days, but people always make a judgment whether you like it or not. Despite how revealing she is or isn’t she’d get more respect based on visibility/who she is than the woman who’s in a full business suit, carries herself in a professional manner and conducts business as such. As a matter of fact, I’m more prone to hear more women in their position being labeled “boring in bed” as opposed to getting two snaps and a twirl for carrying them selves in a professional manner. That is something that’s shameful IMO. Since when did being tactful become classless? I will say however, that I wouldn’t put to much stock in saying “if a woman [or man] wants to expose herself to feel liberated” for ANY POP STAR, especially females, since their actions are often dictated by a team, which though they sign off on, they may not agree with.

  • Trina Runnels Holloman

    I think she looks sexy & beautiful! She is a light skinned Black woman..what the hell y’all want? Her momma is damn near white. Her body is gorgeous & some people just can’t accept that & that is BEYOND SAD! She has NOTHING to prove to anyone. Just because your a mother & a wife doesn’t mean you can’t be SEXY AS HELL!! Which she is, so HATERS BE QUIET… Didnt your momma teach you if u don’t have something nice to say then keep your mouth shut?? Well, she should have!

  • Trina Runnels Holloman

    She’s beautiful & HATERS GONNA HATE!

  • Barbara

    Her mother is not damn near white. And what kind of an adult uses the word “hater” for strangers who disagree on them about another stranger?

  • MimiLuvs

    I think so too. After all, this is GQ Magazine, a magazine that is suppose to cater to men.

  • MimiLuvs

    I agree.

  • Anthony

    I’m not much of a Beyonce fan, but from a pure business standpoint, the photo is a slam dunk! T&A always, I mean always, moves product, in this case a men’s magazine. All kinds of men, myself included will do a double take when this hits the stands, and I’m sure the image is being Googled as I type and you read this. Beyonce knows she has hips verging on infinity!

  • MimiLuvs

    If I had a similar shape to Beyoncé’s figure, my wardrobe was consists of nothing but crop tops and low-rise jeans.

  • MimiLuvs

    Now, now, they do have a right (in some cases, unfortunately) to express their opinions, just like you.
    All you can do is hope that they can express their opinion with respect and civility.

  • gmarie

    Motivation for tonight’s workout. she looks friggin amazing!

  • MimiLuvs

    The article (as well as the readers’ comments) reminds me of an event that I experienced, a little bit of a month ago.
    I was involved in a “Girls Night In” with a few of my friends, over at one of their apartments. One of the activities that we had participated in was going through an issue of “Corset Magazine”.
    What pissed me off was listening to two of the women b*tched about ‘how the models in the magazine are perpetuated the Hottentot Venus stereotype’ and blah, blah, blah. Why it pisses me off is because those two friends of mine (actually, one of them is an acquaintance) were adding to the “problem”.
    Why can’t a Black woman (regardless of nationality and ethnicity) express their sexuality without having to hear the “You’re bringing the Black Race down” judgment?
    From my experience, the judgment doesn’t come from the ‘others’. The judgment could stem from a personal conversation between friends or family members.
    And I am not only referring to Black celebrities either. I am also referring to ‘Average Joes’ and ‘Average Janes’.

  • [email protected]

    Right? she looks the same color she always has been to me. In the winter she looks more pale (naturally) as our skin change shades from season to season like everyone else’s. Any reason to nitpick this woman though. I’m gonna continue reading comments and see who will be the first to throw out the “fake pregnancy” comments lol. motivation-get some.

  • Marcia

    She looks amazing! Wow! Go Bey!

  • LurkerG

    if she has nothing left to prove why is she still trying to prove that she’s “got it” with this cover? LOL you contradict yourself, my child.

  • Lola

    You GO Bey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking GOOD girl!

  • Break the Cycle

    Can I also add that this is the woman that the POTUS proudly lauded as a great role model for his daughters?

  • Zaza

    Think some in here are forgetting this image is for a men’s magazine. Right or wrong, it’s not supposed to appeal to a woman’s sensibilities(E.g we like and are used to Beyonce exhibiting a strong,in control sexuality). It’s men that like the docile sex kittenish image that Bey has going on in this photo-and it’s men who GQ are relying on to pick up the magazine and keep them in business!

    Have to admit was shocked at first when I realized it wasn’t a photoshop, because you never see Bey like this usually. But I remember her dangerous in love album cover where her top half was naked apart from a few select diamonds- Bey has used and explored her sexuality as a brand and artist before. Don’t expect her to stop and be shuffling about in a muumuu just because she is a mother- especially when she looks that damn good!

    Good on her showing she can still keep up with(and look better than) them youngins like Rihanna except even when Beyonce does ‘sexy’ she still has a bit of normality and freshness about her, unlike Rihanna types who seem to revel in looking as nasty/drugged up/drunk as possible. And I say that as a Rihanna fan too!

  • kiki

    Nope. Just think sh’e too big to be wear what she’s (not)wearing. She would need to be Rihanna or Kelly Rowland’s size to pull that off. Sorry. She’s not fat, but TO ME that look is not right for someone of her size.

  • Anthony

    She’s bad because she shows off her body? She’s a singer and a dancer, not a nun.

  • Break the Cycle

    I dont believe a woman who allows her body to be objectified by media run by predominantly white males should be admired. But, thats my opinion, and I dont expect everyone to share it.

  • Heather H

    It’s very sad to see women(BLACK WOMEN) tare down another women. She’s talented and Beautiful and happens to be a really nice girl. FYI her mom is VERY,VERY light, I’ve been in her presence. Get over it, she’s a light complected BLACK women. Stop HATING!! THERE I SAID IT!! I call it what it is. If you don’t like it don’t look OR HIT THE GYM!!!!!!

  • Pseudonym

    It really disturbs me when photographers feel the need to over-process and Photoshop bodies that are already beautiful on their own. This proportion change was so unnecessary (Beyonce has an hourglass figure on her own) and looks gross.

  • Cia

    If only I could have that body. Don’t hate, replicate.

  • h_o_p_3

    the only reason it looks so distorted is because she’s bending her back, lifting up her chest. i don’t think much re-touching was done to this photo

  • steff

    THANK YOU. You said exactly what i was thinking, people need to stop hating and see it for what it really is rather than making into such a profound topic. She’s a beautiful black woman (and you know i mean more than physically) who’s showing it off. And it looks great! What exactly is wrong with that? She’s an international star who millions have trusted with their money, respect, hearts and love. Why cant we trust that she knows what she’s doing?

  • EST. 1986

    How do you know she is a very nice WOMAN?

  • EST. 1986

    I know. I was just saying.

  • MimiLuvs

    Maybe she has had an interaction with Beyoncé before?
    I’ve met the woman (by accident, nonetheless) before and she was nice to me.

  • Pseudonym

    yES! I thought about the Aniston cover as well. That was a great cover!

  • MimiLuvs

    My first “Hidden due to low rating”…
    Whoo hooo

  • Salmon

    Great to see middle schoolers reading clutch. Literacy is great.

  • Anthony

    Mimi, I accidentally gave you a thumbs down, but I agree with you about too many women being hung up on other women expressing their sexiness.

  • Since1989

    Rhianna’s GQ cover > Beyonce’s GQ cover

  • Libby

    Correction according to her loreal she is African American
    French and Native American

  • Nicoline

    Looks great! As usual.

  • Since1989

    Covers like these are not gonna keep her relevant. People don’t want to see this side of beyonce, banging body or not, because 1) it’s not original and 2) she has a family now. If she really wants to stay relevant she’s gonna have to put out better music and get rid of the blonde or do something refreshing or creative with her appearance.

  • B.Payne

    LOL @ my “low rating”….to me this shows extreme level of insecurity!

  • Anthony

    Rhianna’s GQ cover is only better if you have a tatoo fetish.

  • MimiLuvs

    It’s all right.

  • lee

    Setting a bad example for young naive girls.

  • divastatemind

    She looks great! This cover was motivation for tonight’s workout at bootcamp.

  • Ciara

    Bey looks AMAZING! she can be fully clothed or not and still sell records, period! her voice is amazing. its errks the hell out of me that people constantly compare her to rihanna. first off rih rih has to get naked to sell. nobody says anything when j.lo runs around half naked? how old is she? i just wish people would stop the hate with Bey and stop comparing her to rih

  • Bey1fan

    There is no competition with Rih and Nicki. Beyonce is the Queen. =)

  • mluv

    I don’t see anything wrong with this, not anything we HAVEN’T seen and wish my stomach was at flat as hers lol.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “wish my stomach was at flat as hers”

    with photoshop i can make you whatever you want to be…

  • isolde3

    All of Rihanna’s GQ covers >>>> Beyonce’s GQ cover. This whole “Baddie Bey”/ “Cake like Lady Gaga”/ “Ratchet” persona screams Ri Ri. Hopefully Bey doing the whole leopard print panties thing will dissuade Rihanna from doing the same. I don’t ever wanna see my fave on the cover of men’s mag in leopard print panties. No. Just no.

  • RenJennM

    Do I like it? Sure. Does Jay like it? Now THAT’S the real question.

  • JustBe

    Young naive girls shouldn’t be reading GQ…

  • EST. 1986

    All I am saying is that I don’t believe Beyonce to be competing with Rihanna and Nicki. I don’t understand why women are always pit against each other.

  • EST. 1986

    Or maybe people just didn’t like your comment. I didn’t give you a thumbs down, but I do wish people would explain the reason they disagree with a comment. I also want to know why the system allows for a thumbs down or thumbs up to cancel each other out.

  • EST. 1986

    Isn’t it great?

  • LuvLife289

    That’s the point! She wants to look 21, not 31. :-\

  • MimiLuvs

    Yes, it is.
    I also feel like the constant “thumbs down” is proving a point of mine.

  • binks

    Agreed I just did a quick google search of Rihanna’s GQ covers and they seem very well thought out and shot beautifully especially the one she had the red hair and fishnets (classic!) and the one wear she is damn near nude (the recent one I think) This just look like “let’s thrown Beyonce in something as little as possible and shoot”… this seems like something a gf will do for her bf so he can get a sexy pic not cover worhy…so someone behind the scenes dropped the ball here. Again I have to see the cover first hand but this is very King’s magazine not GQ….

  • Jaslene

    Those hips don’t lie.

  • Allie


  • Anthony

    I’m sure Jay will like the money she brings earns. He is in showbiz, I doubt if it bugs him too much.

  • EST. 1986

    Yo, fluck you for giving me a thumbs down. “Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!”

  • apple

    why do all the comments saying she looks nice have extreme low ratings and all the ones ripping her to shreds have tons of thumbs up?
    then again you guys probably won’t see this comment because its going to be hidden due to low ratings

  • EST. 1986

    Yo, fluck those cheetah panties. She should have chosen zebra panties.

  • Ryan Adams (@RyanAdams24)

    Amen to the photo shop finally someone other than me can clearly see that they photo shopped that picture to the fullest. I mean the picture looks great and flawless but that’s the problem. Look very closely people. Nobody’s body is that freaking proportioned. But like I said her body in the pic is definitely banging I just that she would have shown us her real woman’s body flaws and all because that’s why we love her!

  • heavenleiblu

    The comment section on this site really hills me sometimes, re: “She look hoeish”. Policing women’s sexuality, on a women’s site.

    Rich, I tell ya.

  • Actually

    Yeah, no, Beyonce’s been selling ass way before Rihanna’s rite through puberty.

  • Sharon

    It’s either air-brushed photoshop or “rich girl can pay for plastic surgery” picture is what I see. Where’s the natural stretch marks MOST women get?

  • heavenleiblu

    You mean, “SOME” women. I have ‘em, and just as many of my relatives and friends have them as those that don’t.

  • EST. 1986

    That’s why YOU love her.

  • Godiva

    The picture is blended…..its Bey’s face and sum1 else’s body….she gave Kim.K so much hell about being in that video i would think she’d stay her elegant beautiful self instead of degrading herself now that she’s a mom

  • p




  • Theantifash

    Agreed. She looks 10 years her jr, and I don’t mean that in a good way…

    I think people forget how sexy (even risque) a grown woman can look in the right clothes. Blue’s mommy tried it with this, and ended up coming up short. Tsk tsk tsk.

  • chinaza

    It’s not about the skin.
    Seriously it just looks low-budget cheap and not for someone at her level or age. Beyonce is beautiful with a nice body and this looks photoshopped and cartoonish.
    I hope this is not the real cover.

  • The Comment

    Ya’ll @ war on this board. Man……

  • Paula

    okay…to address all the idiotic/ignorant comments i’ve seen on this: beyonce is CLEARLY a fair skinned woman and always has been. so light fluctuation is bound to happen with the changing of the seasons. two, beyonce has ALWAYS had light, sandy brown hair even as a CHILD, so slightly highlighting her hair as an adult barely makes the difference. how can that be called “white washing” her?! and lastly, anyone who claims that this is not what her natural body looks like OBVIOUSLY has not seen her on any live appearances. beyonce has ALWAYS been notorious for her unnaturally wide hips and impossibly narrow waist. her weight fluctuates but her extreme hour glass proportions have remained true this entire time.

    yes, this cover is tasteless, but the other random claims of beyonce being white washed, and photos hopped have no basis and are unnecessary.

  • Pseudonym

    Um…they photoshop EVERYONE these days. Yes, Beyonce has hips and a small waist, but not like the above. As I said earlier, she has a beautiful body either way. To comment on the photoshopping is no diss to her (it’s not her decision and I love her body), but a criticism of the fashion and beauty industry that assumes that everyone must be fixed in one way or another. There’s no reason photographers should photoshop a woman who probably works out 4-7 days/week and intentionally keeps her body in shape. Some photographers even photoshop her nose to make it thinner!

    Even Beyonce with the already hourglass figure eventually started adding pads to the hips of her leotards to make her hip-to-waist ratio seem even larger. Which distorts people’s perceptions of how “perfect” a body can be. Then people wonder why women are getting illegal butt implants.

  • Danni

    J Lo had twins and has no stretch marks and also, these covers get photoshopped.

  • Niqs

    Yawn… Is she back, could have done with another year off from her overkill.. Love her but im sooo over her now.. Tooo much. Tht pic (if its not fake) couldnt have been leaked anywhere unless she wanted it to be..

  • Chillyroad

    I like both covers but I have a soft spot for edgy.

  • KK

    Actually it is the angle the image was taken, obviously the magazine was laid flat and snapped from the bottom.

    Google to see the mag taken upright and her body looks proportionate.

  • Chillyroad

    I saw her in high school back in the day. I know how light she is. In fact I would say she appears darker when in the media. I think my comments stem from a combination of her being light with very light hair in this photo. No diss.

  • Chillyroad

    Lol. My wardrobe would consist of crop tops and leopard panties. Lol.

  • Chillyroad

    Her father is all black and her mother has got the racial admixture. She is a black woman. As black as the Obama children whose father is biracial.

  • Tami

    Because she didn’t give birth! That’s her child because he hired a surrogate. Her egg Jay’s sperm that’s why the baby look like them. Idk who that girl think she’s fooling. Only her Stan’s I guess

  • Donna Mccloskey

    I only have one word…..trashy! She should no longer carry the name “Lady B”! And I wonder how she’ll feel when her daughter sees this one day! People expect more class from Beyonce, or should I say used to?

  • Tami

    And she is trying too hard to keep herself relevant. She is having 30+ yr old syndrome. She don’t need to do all this. We know you didn’t have that baby too I bet your surrogate has stretch marks

  • AM

    over a woman who could give two hoots about their existence. LAWD!

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    @divastatemind Yep … hitting up the treadmill now. Hate her or love her … chick puts in work in everything she does. #motivation

  • Ms.Jackson

    I’m going to say, “No” to this cover. I don’t place Beyonce’ on a pedestal, however, I do expect more from her because she can give more. This cover is tasteless and is borderline trashy. Even with this being the GQ magazine, it’s Beyonce’ – a beautiful, sexy, sophisticated, naturally curvy woman. The cover could have captured a sexy, but classy photo of Queen B.

    If this was Ri Ri or Nicki M…they can do this. And as a fan of Ri Ri, I would not have considered the photo as tasteless. Ri Ri has more of a sexy, daring attitude (in which I love), therefore, I think it would have been more acceptable.

    On that same note, with Janet Jackson being my favorite performer (I have always loved her style). Janet possesses a sexy, (I can bring it), but classy attitude. So If Janet had this same exact pose as Bey, I wouldn’t have been impressed either. As matter of fact, I think she would not have done it. Not sure of what happened with this decision for Bey. As always, her body looks fabulous.

  • Fabulous

    Facts:1. Beyonce skin is on the lighter side if anything she prolly use more bronzer to appear darker. 2. Beyonce may not have ever been this racy before but the game is changing a bit more risque thanks to non-singers like Rihanna. 3. Ppl say theres no competition. Lies. Talent wise hell no. Chart topping hits Hell yes. Media domination Hell yes. “IT” factor yes. While Beyonce was home with Blue Rihanna took the opportunity to come out with three albums all chart toppers mad singles going number one great world tour most liked on facebook, immense followers on twitter and instagram . . . shes been doing her thing. Beyonce knows its not just about having real talent anymore to stay relevant. Its about Hits. BEY YOU GOTTA GIVE US HITS. If this album does not have at least AT LEAST 3#1s Im sorry ma but you will b a non factor to the immediate media 16grammys and all. 4. Rihanna will ALWAYS feel threatened by Bey because Beyonce’s voice blows her impact on higher scale is big and she writes her checks (lol). This cover may be screaming RIHANNAAAAAA but all I see is BADDIEBEY.

  • pinklipstick227

    I know. People love to hate on Beyonce.

  • Ravi

    she is decent size to wear something like that. a 20lb thinner woman would be way too skinny to look better (she is 5’7″ 130 something). I’m not a Beyonce fan and I don’t think it is a good look, but it’s not because she is too big. She has hips but she isn’t big at all. And Bey >>>>>>> Rihanna

  • pinklipstick227


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  • Boutthatlove

    Beyonce already has a nice pear shaped body, but I think the way the person took the picture from the magazine cover, it makes it look like her hips are bigger than normal. This picture looks very Rihanna-ish to me.

    I am not a fan of black women taking off their clothes. There is a fine line between being sexy and being classless, you can still be sexy with clothes on. Sexiness is not about showing off your body or showing too much skin. I do not care to talk about how Beyonce wears her hair blonde or bleaches her skin or has plastic surgery or that her photos are always retouched and lightened, because Beyonce doesn’t represent me as a black woman and I do not idolize or look up to her. I think that us black people need to except this, that every black person does not represent us… just because their skin is black.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    at the end of the day i think the cover says more about GQ than beyonce…

  • crzy4agem

    This really isn’t the first time Beyonce has showed skin on a cover of GQ magazine. Granted however, I do believe Beyonce should leave this sort of “raciness” to Rihanna or other younger women in the industry. She is now a mother and should continue to focus on continuously setting the standard based on where she is in her life x career. She doesn’t have to “fit in” she is the IN.

  • KingHER

    Team BaddieBey!!! She looks Gorg! Who ever said being a mom is boring. Hahaha – She bring LIFE to a DEAD music industry. #BaddieBEY

  • Esta Fiesta

    I’m ALL HERE for this cover. I’m sure she’s realized that while this photo is questionable at this stage in her life (she’s a mother, in her 30s and has a successful career) awhen she’s older taking such a photo will be downright UNACCEPTABLE. When her kid(s) are older they won’t want to see scantily clad photos of their mom in magazines, but looking at a similar photo of their mom from 20 years ago isn’t so bad.


  • Chinyere

    Yes!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the KING mag reference, it’s not that she’s barely clothed that’s the issue, nudity is perfectly fine when done in a tasteful manner. It’s not even about her age either, PLENTY of celeb’s who are age 30+ have done damn near nude spreads, and it’s ok, think Janet Jackson’s iconic rolling stone cover. As a avid buyer of the magazine for my boyfriend, I expect more from gentlemen’s quarterly. Rihanna’s last gq spread, hell even that Kate Upton cover where she’s licking a popsicle for christsake, come across as classier than this. This is a cover that even a Kardashian would pass on(Yes, I said it). There are so many other ways to show that you’ve still got it,but this delivery is just so painfully…RATCHET.

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  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Beyonce triggers many insecurities and she always will.

    She’s an easy target for women to project on because it’s easier to be a coward behind the screen than to invest in the work of looking into your own mirror.

    Clutch is always doing it’s best to inspire black women with the positive but those posts will always have crickets and a few comments. Why? Because women feed off of negativity to boost their own egos. If it isn’t about girl on girl crime it isn’t interesting and I find that to be truly sad.

    It takes a truly secure woman to be unaffected by another woman’s success. Unfortunately too many women aren’t secure with themselves. Gentleman’s quarterly is about selling desire and staying in the magazine business; not about your opinion of shape of Beyonce’s hips. While the chicken’s cluck men will be buying this cover and eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • goBEYgo (@goBEYgo)

    LOL girl hush. IF in fact… you are a Janet fan.. then you’ve seen WAY more from Ms. Jackson. There’s no need to lie to TRY to make a point. Just say you don’t like her and throw it in the big gurls in their feelings pile.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    The thumbs down is very cyber bullish. People love to hate on this woman and it’s boils down to nothing but there projected insecurities.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    You counted. And that’s why there’ll be three.

  • T.

    I don’t mind the poseor the outfit or the sexiness or whatever, but I think the photo itself is kind of cheap and amateurish. Looks like a Terry Richardson job, and I’m not a fan of his style/work.

  • Prettie_tracie

    She looks FABULOUS…. WHY SHOULD SHE WEAR A DAMN BIRKA? No one else is…werrrrrrk BEY…….

  • Ms.Jackson

    And barely misses J”s concerts. Janet’s set up is classy, but nasty (her word). LOL… I like all three! They all are fierce within their own individual way.

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  • Ms.Jackson

    CofS (change of subject): Looking forward to Bey’s super bowl performance. Already, I can hear the discussion of who performed best between the two.

  • AM


  • Stanoff

    Or just maybe not everyone worships everything she does. O

  • Keepitreal

    Of course it’s her damn business but as a public figure people will. get this, have opinions on it. Now, for my opinion :-)

    I don’t think anyone is saying nudity is shameful just the presentation is pure trash. One can be sexy and alluring without showing the underside of one’s tits. And
    not everything in the 1950s (class) was bad and not everything in the 2000s (raunch) is good.

  • Damn

    Only a dunce would believe that someone as educated, sophisticated and accomplished as the Obamas would want their daughters to look up to a barely literate, uneducated woman who makes her money off gyrating on stage in Brazilian wax revealing outfits singing basic bird music.

  • DanaT

    The cover is not anything new. She’s a pop star; this is what pop stars do: sell sex and enforce a problematic environment for women. I don’t know, maybe I’m eroded because we see this all the time. But the first thing that popped into my head was, “Wait, didn’t The President and his Wife say something about her being a role model to their daughters…?”

    Really? Couldn’t find an astronaut, a scientist, huh?

  • B

    Ummm her voice is not amazing LMAO. The era where singers possessed amazing voices is over save for the token spot for 1 real sanger ala Adele. The industry went from embracing amazing talent to the mediocre. En Vogue to Destiny’s Child.
    Whitney/Mariah/Celine to Beyonce/Rihanna/Katy Perry,
    I mean, please. You’ll keep getting Rihanna and Beyonce comparisons because they represent the same downgrading of music so get used to it.

  • Ooh La La

    Definitely sense I bias on this article today. If this was Halle Berry, no one would be saying ish about her because she’s a mother/40+. People would be talking about she’s still got it.

    Bottom line, if you don’t like it, just say so. Don’t get all righteous and pretend like you’re offended because she’s a wife and mother.

  • msjazz79

    Wow I don’t think it’s racy. It seem quite tame compared to what Rhianna and Lady Gaga have looked liked on covers of various mags.

  • Kanyade

    and there’s the benediction

  • KK

    Like I said earlier, it is the angle the image was taken, obviously the magazine was laid flat and snapped from the bottom.Google to see the mag taken upright and her body looks proportionate.

    Don’t shoot me but I actually think the image is not heavily photoshopped (aside from smoothing e.t.c). Why?

    1) the way in which she positions her body is meant to exaggerate her waist, but interestingly her waist is not much smaller and you can clearly see that if she were standing upright in the picture her waist will almost be the same as her hips which is actually how her body looks now.

    2) her boobs are the same small size they are, which is typically exaggerated on other covers

  • t

    my mom had me and my sister and has o stretch marks (shrugs)

  • eparksm

    I think the outfit leaves little to be desired. Rhianna’s cover, while showing more skin, was far more GQ in my humble opinion.

  • Tiff

    The elevated panties make her look like Hottentot Venus a little…but whatev.

  • beks

    “Or is mommy Bey showing just a little too much skin?”

    Uhm….leading the witness much??? Let’s be more positive and not promote negativity towards other sister’s actions. I’m not saying be uncritical intellectually but dang…can a sista get a break from the judgement??

    My personal feelings: The idea that now that she is a mother means her sexuality needs to change is sexist. If it is too much skin, it’s too much skin regardless of her new motherhood status…

  • ABC

    Just because she is a mom doesn’t mean that she can no longer be a sexy woman. She has taken on an additional role she hasn’t given up her right to express and celebrate her sexuality.

  • shaunte2

    I think she does, she reads the blogs, even she said that. Dont think this pic just happened to leak. She will place this as the cover based on peoples responses. Thats one reason I was never a fan of hers, she cares too much what people think and tries to manipulate

  • CuteKinks

    And don’t you love how it’s always the same, stereotypical critique (i.e. Hottentot Venus)? lol. And to answer your question, I think that in our community, especially older generations, sexuality is seen as something bad and dirty.

  • shaunte2

    Ur exactly right, so why the pic if she is sooo secure. Gurl plz we know how this industry works, u not hot for one year and they forget the work u have done.She is trying to compete and cant get over the fact that people have moved on. Rihanna is the queen now, so get over it. Young people are not trying to look like a bey, but anytime rih rih switches up gurls follow (shes not the best example). People love real and bey is NOT that and if u dont blieve me just look at at the number of thumbs up I got ha ha ha :)

  • Joy

    A lot of insecure women are jealous of B. If the shoe don’t fit then obviously I’m not referring to you.

  • WaspOFF

    I don’t get this hoopla over beYAWNce posing nude. She’s practically naked on stage. Who cares? Meanwhile, your rent is due.

  • Realityplease

    This is THE comment!!! lol

  • Fantastico

    I’d say it’s one step down. I have no problem with the lack of clothing. She’s a pop star that’s what they do.

    But the clothes she chose look cheap-made of low quality material. I hope they pick something better for the real cover.

    Almost didn’t recognize her.

  • Anthony

    This picture I see looks awesome! Beyonce has an incredible figure! I’m buying the new GQ for sure!

  • Anthony

    I let my 11 year daughter see the picture of Beyonce ( I did not let her see any posts,) and she said “she is going to embarrass her daughter posing like that.”

    I guess my big baby just gave her leering Dad some perspective.

  • isola

    God Bless airbrushing. She looks lovely. Mommies can be sexy too.

  • Ooh La La

    I don’t understand what is going on in these comments. Had this been Halle Berry (mother/over 40), everyone would be beside themselves talking about how she still has it. If you don’t like the photo, that’s fine, just say so. But please stop trying to be all righteous criticizing her because she’s a wife/mother. This photo could have been way more scandalous, and there are women who consistently show less, yet are not anywhere near as ridiculed.

  • steff

    i really dont get why people are complaining honestly, you’ve spoken the truth! people need to get over themselves smdh

  • Chevy

    I absolutely love and admire B but I’m not feeling this cover. Looks cheesy and cheap. Beyonce is WAY more classy than this shot! I hope she does her thing this year!!!!

  • Mahogany

    If you thought the cover was bad here is a sneak pick from the inside spread
    SMH! Not a good look Bey.

  • http://clutch addy

    yeah if was an attempt to out do the Rihanna pose …it failed ..

  • Mahogany

    If you thought the cover was bad here is a leak of the spread

  • Tina

    This is disappointing from someone who has reached a level where her talent should speak for itself, but not surprising given that she’s married to a man who has throngs of people of all races shouting the n-word at his concerts. Bey and Jay are a couple that has the power to do better & move beyond what new artists have to do to be relevant but they stay in the gutter. I’m even more disappointed by the Obamas association w/ Bey & Jay. It would have been nice if the First Lady could have highlighted a black woman of elegance and class instead of one who chooses to pose like a video vixen right before she sings at the presidential inauguration.

  • Not You

    amen, tina.

  • ArabellaMichaelaa

    She is absolutely gorgeous. And, no, she is not showing too much. Bey is the definition of good taste and class, always. Her handlers and probably her mother make sure of that. And yes, the cover is also photoshopped because ALL magazine covers/photos are photoshopped. Honestly, I have always been very happy with my looks, but if I could look like anyone else, Bey would definitely be in my top 3 choices.

  • Stephanie Hickman

    I know this sounds bad but I am just tired of her. She got a note from Michelle Obama and had to put it on blast. Keep something for yourself and just go away long enough for people to miss you.

  • Claire

    It’s very possible to not have strechmarks. I’ve had 2 kids, and no stretchmarks. Nursing my baby also helped me to shrink back to a lower weight than b4 I got prego. It’s very possible for her to look like that, esp if she hit the gym too. I love Bey, but hate that she chose to do this cover. It is tacky. Damn, girl, with your looks, talent, it couple status, new baby, age, 50 mill pepsi deal, u can afford to be more choosy!!!

  • Paula

    yall really do sound like some haters. any slightly positive comment, even if it’s just pointing out the facts, gets the thumbs down every time. childish……smh

  • Classy?

    I’m sorry, but I can’t. I personally like this cover shoot of her, [even though I'm not sure if it's the best for the mother of a daughter; I'm kind of in between, but she's not my mother or daughter so it's not a big deal] but the point of it is to not be “classy.” The point of it is to be racy; there’s no need to make any bones about that, but there’s no sense in calling the opposite of what it is either.

  • Also

    To be honest I miss the days when women left something to the imagination; that, to me, is sexy.

    I personally think that Beyonce’s had her rite to passage after her overall success and motherhood, which in itself is a different stage of person to show, so I don’t really feel like she needs to go back to “Half-Naked” days for “the Male Audience,” as it shows a rewind rather than any creative growth. It’s very 101; let’s see the progress; let’s see something new. Leave Video Girl-ish vibes to other young girls (I emphasize girls, not women) still trying to prove themselves in the industry. She’s a woman and a mother now; both of which can be sexy without looking scandalous and high school-ish. Really, just leave this to the little girls.

  • Nic

    You know that is photoshopped right, b/c her real figure is good but it’s not what white men want, so this was changed to reflect their tastes…
    I could care less how much clothing she has on, I just can’t with the way they photoshop everyone into the same thing. It looks more like Rhianna’s body type(who is taller and slimmer than her) than hers.

  • Nic

    Meh, pretty much anyone who is put on a cover is photoshopped into the same thing so you don’t know what anyone really looks like or what they weigh unless you are their doctor.

  • WhatIThink

    Last I checked GQ and many other mags have always had scanty clad women in their pages. What is so special about Beyonce that makes her different from any other entertainer black or white? Sexy photos are part of the price of doing business in that industry. And black women entertainers have always been showcased as sex symbols and “exotic beauties”……. Not seeing the point here.

    I am more concerned about her hair and look being more “almost white” looking……..

  • Michal Mayes

    she looks like a white woman. This is sad,where’s the love for self? and we wonder why black females have no identity and are lost. This is what they have to look up to

  • Modern Lady

    She’s been selling sex for years, like most female celebs do…so I’m immune to it now.

  • Lol

    Only a dunce would believe that someone as educated, sophisticated and accomplished as the Obamas would want their daughters to look up to a barely literate, uneducated woman who makes her money off gyrating on stage in Brazilian wax revealing outfits singing basic bird music.

    The shade from this comment upthread is giving me life.

  • i mean

    Why is it that any comment praising Beyonce it gets thumbed allllll the way down. And the ones that say these disgusting things about her like she bleaches her skin and she’s a terrible role model get thumbed allllll the way up. Once again it seems the people on this board have this weird division and the only people who are nasty get to have their comment shown. I’m sending an email to clutch about this, because it feels like hate speech and creates hostility. It really saddens me to see how Black women tear down other Black women, especially after they get praise and recognition from Whites. While I certainly don’t think that is what we as Black women should strive for (acceptance by Whites) it seems that this is the root of the problem. I worry that many of you are upset because Beyonce on the cover still doesn’t validate how you look. I could be totally wrong, but the overwhelming amount of hate is scary. So sad. Like I said in a previous post I wish you all love, health and a good therapist.

  • Shelly

    But why do black women always have to “express their sexuallity” publicly? They only do it to sell a product. So basically, they are taking their clothes off for money. Sounds very low-class and slutty. Because of all these slutty images of us (and especially images like this Beyonce mag. that literally EVERYONE is going to see), black women are stereotyped as sluts. That is why there is judgement. Black women parading around in panties in public does as much for our overall image as the new Shawty Low show does. And yes, as much as some of you made hate it, we are seen as a group. In many people’s minds, this Beyonce cover = overall perception of all african american women. We represent each other, so we need to do better. Stop trying to use “well, this white women did it, too” to justify our bad decisions, and just do better.

  • Shelly

    It would be easier to just learn to love your own body.

  • Deb

    He’s a straight up pervert and the fact that he is so well received in the industry says ALOT. It’s basically a cesspool.

  • Paula

    anyone who thumbs down this or have thumbed down any of my other comments in the past are just plain pitiful, it’s almost painful to see. i’m not going to get back on this blog again after this because you all are disgusting examples of adult “black women”. the fact that i’m an 18 year old girl and see right through your empty, PETTY comments about a woman that couldn’t give a damn about you or your thoughts is laughable. you guys will point out the most obsolete, meaningless things such as her skin color and hair color….as if you dimwitts have never seen a light skinned black girl before. -___- why the hell do you need a “black example”? how dare you say she doesn’t represent you? why would she need to represent you?! you should be in your own lane, doing your own thing and representing YOURSELF. if you look good, others can see it, too and that’s your chance of representing black ppl in your own community. beyonce being light skinned isn’t a reason for such hate and malice to be bestowed upon her. because she isn’t dark skinned? bc she has light hair? she all of a sudden isn’t black? if that’s the way black women think, then that’s shameful and something i don’t want to be a part of.

  • Hmmmmm

    In other words you just called everyone who disagrees with your take a jealous poopy head. Jealous dark skinded poopy heads to be exact. Do you know how lame and plain dumb you sound?

    Perhaps YOU are the one with the issues and believe just because your queen is light skinnded EVERYTHING she does must be met with Hallelujahs and praise dances.

  • JadaJay

    Look away Sasha and Malia, look away!

  • Kim

    GO AHEAD THEN B! DO YOU BOO! *shruggs* people hate cuz they body is wack.

  • deep.honey

    That ish is so unnecessary, and a woman who fully calls the shots on her own career should know that. Only skanks with no talent whatsover should even consider inartful pictorials like this. For those who have been easily fooled over the years, here’s your evidence that Beyonce’ is neither a feminist nor a role model for your children.

  • deep.honey

    If I could ^ this comment 1000x…

  • Christelyn Russell-Karazin

    I think Beyonce looks absolutely stunning. Me thinks there’s a bit more haterade here than folks want to admit. Instead of calling this beautiful specimen of a woman tacky, perhaps some folks may want to drop the hamburgers and french fries and hop on a treadmill. I’m going on vacation to Cabo San Lucas with my husband, and you best believe that I’ll be wearing my itsy bitsy teenine weenie bikini proudly. I work dang hard for this shape, and as long as I look good, I’ll be darned if someone tells me I’m too [whatever] to wear it.

  • wfm

    Ha, this Virgo got yall mad huh? Clutch has some bitter women on this site. I guess no one here goes to the beach, and wears a bikini? My guess is you don’t have the body to wear one. She is not showing much skin on this pic. You see more skin on beaches. I remember someone years ago telling me half tops were out of style. My stomach was flat and she had a belly and stretch marks, reminds me of the comments on this site, just mad, and insecure. Clutch commenters are so damn inconsistent. If this was a quirky, browner, feminist, queer, for example and someone said too slutty or sexy, people would scream, “Stop slut shaming”.I don’t even have a Beyonce CD. I have seen her live performances on YouTube and she is a pro. Beyonce has mastered something. How many on here have mastered anything (besides hating) or been the best at anything in life?


    But you’re the one that sounds mad though boo.

  • EST. 1986

    Not ‘sluts’, but hypersexual.

  • p

    GORGEOUS as usual!

    Boy, just whisper Beyonce and the crazy, jealous and insecure come running to show their craziness, jealousy and insecurity….. and Beyonce is still winning.

    Let it go Black females

  • p


    Id take BEYONCE over an Adele ANYDAY!

    What is it ABOUT BEYONCE THAT DRIVES SO MANY FOOLS LOCO?….and why do I LMAO and love it?

  • Paula

    no…you’re obviously the stupid one. i never once said that i was a fan of beyonce. i just recognize a hater when i see one. if you haters were light skinned, you wouldn’t be complaining about her “skin bleaching” and not “representing black women”. don’t twist my words. i said exactly what i meant.

  • Paula

    and for the record, your response was lame as hell….do better.

  • Trigger Warning

    There are a lot of people trying to police a woman’s sexuality in here. The anti-feminist in your head hates to see a woman free. smh.

  • BoutThatLove


    ”how dare you say she doesn’t represent you? why would she need to represent you?! you should be in your own lane, doing your own thing and representing YOURSELF. if you look good, others can see it, too and that’s your chance of representing black ppl in your own community.”

    Listen little girl, I know you are obviously talking about my comment. You basically reiterated what I had already said, that as a black woman Beyonce does not represent me…. and she doesn’t need to because I don’t need or want her to. So why are you so mad? In my eyes Beyonce would be a downgrade for the way I carry myself, as harsh as it may sound, it is true. Some people look up to celebrities (such as yourself) to the point that they can’t think, that is where my comment came from, it wasn’t based off of my need to have anyone represent me. But if you had actually read the comment, instead of being a Beyonce stan… then you would have probably understood that.

    Read Shelly’s comment to better understand what I was trying to say: ”And yes, as much as some of you made hate it, we are seen as a group. In many people’s minds, this Beyonce cover = overall perception of all african american women. We represent each other, so we need to do better.”

    Also, no one on this comment section said that Beyonce isn’t black, or even suggested that. People can have their opinions and can disagree all they want to, that is their right. So for you to come on here with your nasty attitude as if everyone is a hater for stating their opinions, is immature. I hope you are signed up for Spring classes at a community college, or already enrolled in school, because you clearly can’t read. There is more to life then Beyonce, she doesn’t even know you and obviously isn’t paying for your college education.

  • Tiff

    She’s doing her thing (I guess). I just don’t think she’s an appropriate choice to sing the National Anthem…

  • Winning Yve

    The points:

    1. To the people insisting that she isn’t showing more skin then you would on a beach. Just stop. She’s not at the beach. She’s never caught flack for wearing a bikini on the beach. No one cares what you do on the beach. The point is that Beyonce is making reference to setting new standards on feminism and taking back the control from men all while wearing a cut off footbal jersey and a pair of panties on the cover of a men’s magazine. A standard uniform for only the women that grace the covers of GQ magazines. 95% of the time a man is on the cover, he’s in a 3 pieces suit with hankerchief. No changes, walls, or standards are being changed or reformed in her spread.

    2. She is falling right in tune with what the industry has always decided. At some point in your career, if you want to be at the top, you must sell us your sex. All of it. 4 didn’t sell so now her life, sex, and sex life are up on the auction block.

    3. Here body looks amazing and I cannot and will not knock her for that.

    4. There is nothing wrong with keepin it sexy. Michelle does it for Barack I’m sure. Difference being, there are no photos of it intentionally spread throughout different media forums. She shares her love of her husband and children with us. But not her sex. That there is sexy. Me personally, I just stay sexy. Been sexy everyday of my life. There was a time when I was immature and thought that if a bunch of strangers don’t oggle me publicy than my sexy is not validated.

    Then one day, I just grew up. THe sex and your sexy should be for your significant other. I don’t care what your occupation is. If you’re woman first. Your priority is you and your health and the protection of your loved ones. If you are being validated at home, you do not need to seek it elsewhere.

  • apple

    “But why do black women always have to “express their sexuallity” publicly”

    are you serious? you acting like black women alone are being expressing their sexuality publicly.. if a woman –black white yellow or whatever wants to express their sexuality publicly thats their problem.. all black people aren’t alike so stop bottling them all up like they are..and this is GQ magazine have you looked at the last year of all their female covers?

    ill get a thumbs downs but whatever

  • Paula

    honey…..i don’t even need to go in and list all of my accolades to shut all you fools down but let’s just say that every single university i applied to offered me hundreds of thousands in scholarship and i am already currently enrolled and in my second semester at one of the best schools in my state. Idk about your level of education, but any human being can who can read properly and has an ounce of common sense can see that all you and your croonies’ comments were written with hate in your hearts which could result from a lot of different issues with yourselves… i said to this other chic who responded to me, i never ONCE said i was a fan or “stan” (idek what that is) of beyonce, but i don’t hate on people so seeing all of this sh*t talking coming from grown women is such an unflattering and appalling sight and that’s all i’m going to say about this.

  • Paula

    and you clearly took that as a personal attack because i never once singled out your response from all the other nay sayers. i’ve seen several people posting about how beyonce does not represent black women and making allegations that she bleaches her skin and white washed her hair, etc. not just you…i was disgusted by everyone’s blatant, hateful words. you don’t have to be her fan..i’m not either, especially after her pregnancy scandal, but i would never go beneath myself to say she doesn’t represent black women…who cares what she does? if you’re so worried about society labeling beyonce as our black representative, that’s your own issue. we also have legitimate role models that people see, such as Michelle Obama or Isha Sesay (CNN’s black anchor woman) etc. assuming that beyonce is all other races think of us is like saying kesha or katy perry represents all white people…that’s so silly.

  • oops

    And what are you?

    A white female… perhaps seeing how you’re foaming at the mouth over your owner being dissed.

  • shedaisy

    A lot of you are being judgmental. Saying she’s not validated at home? That’s harsh and none of your business.

    Did any of you read any of the article. She clearly stated that “power” and “influence” has belonged to men for a long time due to their ability to earn the most cashflow. Thus they have decided what is sexy, what sales, and yes what ges on magazine covers for centuries. That is one of the reason female empowerment is important. If you want to see women covered up, who look more like you (?) etc, then you have to drive for that.

    I find it hard to accept that you all really think her reason for doing this is that she’s careless or unhappy. If you really thought that then I would hope you’d be more compassionate and encouraging rather than bashing her. I think she looks gorgeous and it’s just the industry. You’re all making too big of deal out of it.

  • Winning Yve

    At no point did i explicitly state that Beyonce was not being validated at home. Agreed, her personal home life is absolutely none of my business. Why then is it for sale? If she wants to sex it up and meet and go along with industry standards, so be it. Do not then turn around and claim to be breaking down stereotypes and ideals of what’s considered sexy. She is following suit with standards that men defining the industry have set.

    Her breasts are not my business and when she makes love to her husband is also not my business. I get wanting to have a good time and show off a little. It’s her explanations for her behavior that throw me off.

    Anyway, moving on with life :-)

  • Jacqueline

    @trigger actually true freedom comes from doing your own thing and not what others expect and have deemed acceptable. When Beyonce first stepped away from Destiny’s child there were plenty of article written about how she jumped on the sex bandwagon right away. Grown women know that using your body is a neverending trap that you will forever be in. Need proof look at how desperate Madonna is.

    There was a time when black women knew we were sexy…just because we existed. we did not need white aesthetic and approval like Beyonce so desperately does. It killed Michael Jackson. It probably won’t “kill” her but I have visions of Beyonce living out a sunset boulevard existence. 80 years old and mascara running down her face waiting for her closeup.

  • Kelley Johnson

    Y’all are really going in on this thread. I wanna add my thoughts in one big post.

    I read the whole article yesterday. She ought to be embarrassed. But I doubt she is, being that Beyonce seems to be about as self-aware as a bag of beans.

    I haven’t liked Beyonce since her Dangerously In Love days. I was never a huge fan, but I enjoyed some of her music and performances from my high school Destiny’s Child days on up to the beginning of her solo career. But even then, to me she seemed like nothing more than a glorified stripper who sang catchy disposable songs. Just as Britney Spears has always had a trailer park essence surrounding her that all the designer clothes and media training couldn’t hide, Beyonce has always had a “Magic City” p-popper air about her. IMHO, classy she has never been.

    So the idea that people find this photo shoot “disappointing” or “beneath her” is quite puzzling to me. She’s always been about satisfying the male gaze, not empowering women. The idea that so many people have forgotten this and buy into this idea that she’s above selling sex is just a testament to how great her hype machine is. She’s got the best in the business.

    What I find more gross than those photos is the crazy stuff she says in the actual article. Her megalomania is so extreme, they ought to send her to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and let the interns study her. Like, for real. According to the interview. the woman pretty much as what sounds like a shrine to herself in her home. Some kind of bat cave filled with every photo she’s ever taken, every piece of video footage she’s shot, every interview she’s give, etc. Apparently, she actually thinks that she is so important to this world, that her life must be documented on par with American Presidents and British monarchs. This is what is going on in her head and that shit is disturbing. Not to mention the creepy comments about how “powerful” she is. What? Really? She sounds like an emerging dictator. I could go on and on about the interview confirming her OBVIOUS personality disorder, but I’ll leave it that.

    Lastly, all this talk from her stans about folks hating on this black woman and not supporting this black woman and how we should be happy to see this black woman succeeding is just laughable to me. Here’s a black woman, who over the last decade in a half, has slowly but surely, done everything she can to not only aesthetically remove herself from black womanhood, but ethnically as well. The long blonde wigs, that nose job, the skin bleaching is not something I aspire to or identify with as a black woman. I don’t find striving for that white ideal to be inspiring or anything to be applauded. The insistence of her image being even further lightened and whitened in ad campaigns and whatnot is sad to me, not inspiring. The fact that she loathes her blackness that she would publicly state utter the words “I wish I were a Latina” does not make me proud, it makes me embarrassed for her. The fact that she has gone from calling herself “black” to then trying to call herself “Creole” to now listing her racial-identity as “French-Native American-African American” is not inspiring to me, it’s sad.

    So no, I have no “sista” loyalty for someone who so obviously feels that in order to be the best, to succeed, to be “iconic”, that she must downplay the fact that she is indeed black and strive to be a white woman.

  • asha

    to me, the question is why?? i like dem panties tho

  • CuteKinks

    The only thing I don’t like about the cover is the styling…it gives a more Maxim vibe than GQ, but she looks amazing nonetheless. I think she’s a beautiful woman and deserves to be sexiest woman of the 21st century :).

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  • ArabellaMichaela

    Omg! I am shocked at being hidden because this cover is well done and Beyonce looks gorgeous. She was voted the most beautiful woman in the world by “People,”a coveted title; and this happened after her she gave birth. That is a compliment to ALL black women (because, unlike ourselves, to other groups black is black. They don’t see colorism to the extent we do).
    I was truly unaware of the apparent jealousy of Beyonce. She is only, like, 31. She has a great body. Yes, she is slim and keeps herself in fabulous shape (maybe that’s why people hate her–IDK). Further, it’s not like she’s naked.
    I’m proud of her and glad that, this time, I can see myself in the definition of beauty.

  • Pema

    I think she looks great. Why in the world should she be embarrassed? A lot of you sound like Puritans; she’s wearing a bikini. She’s an entertainer and a sex symbol…this is how she makes her money. I say kudos to her.

  • Shay

    *Kanye shrug* I just take it as a magazine cover..wasn’t like I was going to buy it. lol Beyonce’s back! the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. Some of y’all are writing novels of your “indifference”. lol

  • Cia

    The level of hate-ration, jealousy and can’t-nobody-have-nothing-good-going-for-them talk is embarrassing. I though the women folk on this site were progressive, but I was wrong. If I wanted to be surrounded by schoolmarms and dorms mothers, I’d go back to college.

  • Nefer

    I am not a Beyonce stan, but I give props to her being one of the hardest working women in pop. I believe this cover will continue to fuel her fame machine, but I don’t think it’s the best she’s done. If she was going to strip down, (which I feel like she had sexualized herself long before this, so who cares), the styling should have been better.

  • QuestForPeace

    I like Beyonce as a person, but I wonder why she’s so preoccupied with dressing as scantily clad as possible. What need is it really filling within herself? Because when your talent speaks for itself, you don’t have to take your clothes off. We need to show our daughters that they’re much more than their 1/2 naked bodies.

  • modern lady

    Have u seen tv, film, mags and 90% of the porn, lately? That’s not us half naked b/c ‘us’ isn’t what the masses want to see. Think about it.

  • kbrann

    All I can say is I wish she wasn’t airbrushed to death. But congrats B. Do your thing!

  • Tiffany

    I am so tired of seeing Beyoncé’ appear pretty much naked all the time. (This is the kind of outfit you wear privately around the house with your husband/boyfriend not outside) Just about every time she does a video, photo, or performance she is in something that looks like her underwear! Yes she is beautiful, but dam why can’t she put so clothes on like the rest of us??? A truly beautiful woman can wear a potato sack and look good in it! So why is it necessary for her to be half naked all the time? I don’t get it!

  • Tiffany

    I’m sorry but yes she is pretty much naked. Can you go outside in your underwear? No you would be arrested! I’m sick and tired of living in a society where any goes! That’s what’s wrong with the world. No morals! No wonder we have so much crime in the world! Almost every time we see Beyoncé preform she is just about naked! She needs to put some “da@#*^ clothes on. Most of the greatest female singers in the world achieve their success without having to take their clothes off. Why can’t she? She is not empowering anybody! Instead she is corrupting the morals of our youth………!!!!

  • Ms. Write

    I don’t see why people have the need to police other’s sexuality, particularly Beyonce’s. Good for her.

  • Ms. Write

    And? What of it? Last time I checked, Beyonce is a grown woman and it’s her perrogative.

  • Tif

    A person’s sexuality should be behind close doors with their partner and not on the cover of a magazine! We don’t need to see anybody’s drawers!!!! lol

  • Kanyade

    Because her body is at its best after having a baby and she wanted to show it off?

  • Bluekissess

    For some odd reason I’m not ready for a Beyonce take over. She hasn’t evolved musically. Most of her stuff sounds the same. As far as the magazine… I’m tired of looking at half naked women. Since photography is an “art” what’s so artistic about these photographs? Not really “memorable.”

  • DJohnson

    I am a heterosexual male, and I am really and truly tired of seeing this woman parade her body around as though no other woman has a sexy body but her. I would much prefer listening to a sister who can sing and dress elegantly than one who totally exploits her sexuality. She could not be my wife.

  • Savory

    I agree it’s old now!

  • John P Boyle

    She looks EPIC…..FLAWLESS….. Blah blah blah….black woman…blah blah white…Obama…race….blah…f&%$ing blah……………This human being looks fine as F&%$!!!! She just had a baby…….she wants to know shes still got it…..and SHE DOES!!!!!!!! Show some love you assholes! She busts her ass for 2 reasons….betterment of herself ( ie money glory whatever family etc) and for us… her some love for the hard work she does for us…

    White Man Out…

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