Beyoncé’s 2013 takeover has officially begun.

In the next few months Beyoncé will drop an album, perform at the Super Bowl, premiere a self-directed documentary on HBO, and possibly cover the mother of fashion glossies, Vogue. The singer is on a non-stop promotional blitz, and according to several sources, she can add another magazine cover to her growing list: GQ.

A possible image of the February issue of GQ featuring a scantily clad Beyoncé has surfaced on the web, and as usual, her stans are going wild.

If this is the actual cover, Bey will appear as one of GQ’s 100 sexiest women, and from the looks of things, motherhood hasn’t quashed her willingness to compete with her fellow hard-bodied pop divas.

But do you love it? Or is mommy Bey showing just a little too much skin? You tell us!

*Hat tip to B. Scott. 

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  • Mother, wife, sister, daughter, auntie…B is still hot enough to pull this off….and if you all had the opportunities like her, you’d be on this cover too…I would!

    You guys are killing me, lol!

    • LOL @ my “low rating”….to me this shows extreme level of insecurity!

    • EST. 1986

      Or maybe people just didn’t like your comment. I didn’t give you a thumbs down, but I do wish people would explain the reason they disagree with a comment. I also want to know why the system allows for a thumbs down or thumbs up to cancel each other out.

    • EST. 1986

      Yo, fluck you for giving me a thumbs down. “Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!”

  • I think she looks sexy & beautiful! She is a light skinned Black woman..what the hell y’all want? Her momma is damn near white. Her body is gorgeous & some people just can’t accept that & that is BEYOND SAD! She has NOTHING to prove to anyone. Just because your a mother & a wife doesn’t mean you can’t be SEXY AS HELL!! Which she is, so HATERS BE QUIET… Didnt your momma teach you if u don’t have something nice to say then keep your mouth shut?? Well, she should have!

    • Barbara

      Her mother is not damn near white. And what kind of an adult uses the word “hater” for strangers who disagree on them about another stranger?

    • Now, now, they do have a right (in some cases, unfortunately) to express their opinions, just like you.
      All you can do is hope that they can express their opinion with respect and civility.

    • LurkerG

      if she has nothing left to prove why is she still trying to prove that she’s “got it” with this cover? LOL you contradict yourself, my child.

    • Libby

      Correction according to her loreal she is African American
      French and Native American

    • Chillyroad

      Her father is all black and her mother has got the racial admixture. She is a black woman. As black as the Obama children whose father is biracial.

  • Anthony

    I’m not much of a Beyonce fan, but from a pure business standpoint, the photo is a slam dunk! T&A always, I mean always, moves product, in this case a men’s magazine. All kinds of men, myself included will do a double take when this hits the stands, and I’m sure the image is being Googled as I type and you read this. Beyonce knows she has hips verging on infinity!

  • gmarie

    Motivation for tonight’s workout. she looks friggin amazing!

  • The article (as well as the readers’ comments) reminds me of an event that I experienced, a little bit of a month ago.
    I was involved in a “Girls Night In” with a few of my friends, over at one of their apartments. One of the activities that we had participated in was going through an issue of “Corset Magazine”.
    What pissed me off was listening to two of the women b*tched about ‘how the models in the magazine are perpetuated the Hottentot Venus stereotype’ and blah, blah, blah. Why it pisses me off is because those two friends of mine (actually, one of them is an acquaintance) were adding to the “problem”.
    Why can’t a Black woman (regardless of nationality and ethnicity) express their sexuality without having to hear the “You’re bringing the Black Race down” judgment?
    From my experience, the judgment doesn’t come from the ‘others’. The judgment could stem from a personal conversation between friends or family members.
    And I am not only referring to Black celebrities either. I am also referring to ‘Average Joes’ and ‘Average Janes’.

    • My first “Hidden due to low rating”…
      Whoo hooo

    • EST. 1986

      Isn’t it great?

    • Yes, it is.
      I also feel like the constant “thumbs down” is proving a point of mine.

    • And don’t you love how it’s always the same, stereotypical critique (i.e. Hottentot Venus)? lol. And to answer your question, I think that in our community, especially older generations, sexuality is seen as something bad and dirty.