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New media darling Quvenzhané Wallis is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s special “Oscar” issue.

The Beasts of the Southern Wild’s breakout star who is nominated for The Academy’s “Best Actress” award at the tender age of nine — which makes her the youngest ever to receive such an honor — enjoys engaging folks who want to feel some of the positive, youthful energy apparent in her toothy smile and radiant glow.

Here is what Black Celebrity Kids had to say about young Quvenzhané’s honors:

Her performance has left viewers from the Cannes to the Sundance Film Festivals in love with her portrayal of the lead role Hushpuppy, so much so that she has since won awards such as breakthrough performance from the 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala to winning Best Young Actor/Actress at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. Now the young actress has made Academy Award history as the youngest person ever to be nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Quvenzhane is not ready to rest on her current success, having already landed her next role in the upcoming film, Twelve Years A Slave.”

Can’t help but enjoy her accession

  • Rakel

    I’m so happy for her success. Haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t speak on her talent. But I love her larger than life personality. And I’m looking forward to Steve McQueen’s latest I’ll def check for her in that.

  • Christine

    She was enchanting in the movie. Bravo Quvenzhané Wallis!

  • http://gravatar.com/hsm36 Whatever

    While I didn’t care for “Beasts of the Southern Wild” her performance was amazing. She’s adorable and I’m looking forward to more projects from her. However, I’m a bit baffled as to why she’s wearing a suit and tie on the cover.

  • http://gravatar.com/deechagirl mypointiz…

    what a cutie pie!

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks


  • Pseudonym

    uMMM…because it’s cute! I love it. It’s so refreshing seeing a kid look like a kid!

    and those cheeks!

  • Wakeup

    I’m a big fan of this little girl. I need to see her movie.

    I am very disappointed that Entertainment Weekly put her in a boy’s suit. They have an agenda. They are not dressing 9 yr old white girls in boy’s suits. In my opinion, this is another attack on black women (the black women are masculine lie)

    Hollywood has been making quite a few black men dress like women for some time now. The little girl is 9 years old, so when the adults tell her to wear a boy’s suit and pose like a boy how do you go against an adult.

  • Get Free

    lol, wow. she did a great job in the film and looks great on the cover.

    yall complain about everything.

  • rukyoftheyear

    Maybe, just maybe, she chose to wear the suit. (**gasp**).

  • Pseudonym

    Okay. When I was a kid, I would have LOVED this outfit.

    LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, I’ve even worn shirts and ties as an adult woman (and looked damn fine while doing so!). Soooo…chill pill.

  • http://elegantblackwoman.blogspot.com Elegance

    I was wondering that too! I hate to be Negative Nancy but wouldn’t they have put a non-Black girl in something cute, like a princess or something? They have her looking like a little boy! I call foul on that one. Have you ever seen a little girl on a magazine cover looking like a boy? I haven’t. They are trying to make her less cute, precious, and feminine in my opinion. I hope she looks cute for the Oscars.

  • LadyP

    Oh, she is sooo cute! I can add another daughter to my list! I loved her “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. I thought it was great to portray a tough “smart” little girl with a touch of sweetness. I am really hoping she brings that oscar home.

  • Mr. Man

    I haven’t watched or been interested in the oscars for many many years now, but I sure hope she gets this.

  • Mo

    Actually, when Tatum O’Neal won her Oscar at 10 she wore a little tuxedo to the awards show. We can certainly have discussions about how black men and women and masculinity and femininity are portrayed, but in this case they have her looking like a cute little girl in a suit. She does not look masculine in the least. I didnt even notice she had on a suit at first.

  • Whatever


    I like seeing little girls look like little girls… not little boys. Shrug

  • Whatever

    Exactly. While she’s so cute on this cover, she’s the youngest ACTRESS ever to be nominated and they put her on the cover in a suit, tie and all?

    Of ALL the clothes that were accessible? Why? She’s an Oscar nominee, women don’t wear suits to the Oscars. They wear dresses and gowns. There is a 2 hour pre show dedicated to their fashion choices, so why is this gorgeous young lady on the Oscar trail decked out in boys clothing?

  • Pseudonym

    Oh! In the country I live in, little girls are allowed to wear pants and still be considered little girls. Women wear pants suits and can be sexy doing so as well. [*shrugs*]

  • MimiLuvs

    It is a nod to Tatum O’Neal, eversince she was a fellow child actress that was nominated for an Academy Award for “Paper Moon”.

  • http://gravatar.com/kanyade Kanyade

    Oh the movie is so grand. See it as soon as you can! Just a beautiful movie and this little girl’s performance? WOW.

    I’m so inspired by her and HAPPY FOR HER!

  • Jena

    It’s a throwback to Tatum O’ Neal, a little white girl that was nominated and wore a suit to the Oscars in the 1970s.

    I’m baffled why when a little girl wears anything other than a “dress” everyone seems up in arms about it. Quevenzhane also a creative little fashionista that will probably like to defy many norms like Willow Smith.

  • http://gravatar.com/actproductions Ugh

    My people…my people. Seriously? Sometimes black folks can be some parochial and simpleminded.

    1) I didn’t even think anything of the suit until some sensitive and narrow-minded commenters pointed it out
    2) It looks adorable to me
    3) Who cares what the heck this little girl is wearing. It’s just clothes. Is she naked? Is she wearing something obscene? Why are people so stuck on stupid and inconsequential gender binaries. People getting bent out of shape over fabric is just silly as hell. Yeah, it’s fabric. She is not having a sex change. Jesus.
    4) The suit is a nod to Tatum O’neal who was the youngest actress to win an Oscar and she wore a tux to the Oscars. And *gasp* Tatum O’neal is still a woman and did not have a sex change after wearing the tux.
    5) People with the mindset of some of these posters are the reason why so many people are judged for stepping outside of the box. Stop stifling creativity and limiting personal freedom of expression. Lord, the world would be so damn boring if it weren’t for people taking risks and doing the “untraditional”. Prince, anyone? Grace Jones, anyone?

  • Deb

    Look, we already know holllywood and white media don’t know how to handle black women. That’s established and expected.

    The wonderful thing here is that this girl’s beautiful spirit and smile OUTSHINES everything else. Yes she’s in a suit but she looks more beautiful and full of life than other little white girls or young adults that they have plopped in dresses while posing lifeless (sometimes). All that matters here is this wonderful little girl in the midst of a distorted industry. It’s why I hope her parents don’t get her too involved in the Hollywood lifestyle. The worst thing they could do is move to Hollywood imo.

  • Wakeup

    That’s your small minded opinion

  • Wakeup


    Here’s a hint – this is not the 1970s. This is 2013 and you do not see 9yr old girls wearing suits.

  • Wakeup

    We’re not in the 1970s anymore so that’s a silly excuse

  • Wakeup


    If you think putting a boy’s suit on a little girl is a demonstration of super intelligence, you’re wrong.

  • MimiLuvs

    Your insult is also silly as well.

  • jill

    wow, this little girl is super talented and making strides and all most of you can talk about is her clothes? seriously.

  • Pseudonym

    Plus, check out this photo of her in a gold dress and top hat on the inside: http://jezebel.com/5978680/most-adorable-oscar+nominee-quvenzhane-wallis-looks-adorable-in-adorable-photo-shoot


  • afrosik

    I am more disturbed about the hair. Is that hers? Either way, I am not feeling it. AT ALL.

    I love, love, love her though. And props to her for making the cover.

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    Let me ‘up vote’ you before the onslaught of ‘down votes’ begins.

  • Mr. Man

    Personally I absolutely love the cover, its classic, its different. I think everything about this is awesome. It totally captures that hushpuppy vibe. I totally would have signed off on this and wished it was my idea..She can do the whole pressed hair and princess dress later. You folks read waaaaayyyy to much into stuff.

  • Pseudonym
  • Wakeup

    Dear SMH,

    You sound small minded.

  • Wakeup

    You’re toooo gullible

  • Wakeup

    Dear SMH,

    You sound small minded.


    An educated person

  • channelinggemima

    Why am I having de ja vu at all the cooing, oohing and ah-ing over this child?

    Oh yeh, it’s coming back to me.

    “white is right” negros always break out in tongue and start doing the ecstasy booty shake whenever whites lavish praise on some random negro

    Last time was Obama.

    All you gotta do is be black and get praise from white people and “white is right” negros will love you like you took em five steps closer to a fool’s promised land (wherever white people live)

    Don’t know a damn thing about these people, all they’re going off is negro got “luv” from white people so let’s join the parade.

    Ok how about we lavish this kind of love on all little black children, all the time, without waiting for white people to give us the go ahead?

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