Django Chained? Django Action Figures Pulled From Shelves

by Danielle Pointdujour

django action figures

Looks like controversy has struck the film Django Unchained yet again. After a few celebs like Spike Lee spoke out against the portrayal of slavery in the film, things seemed to quiet down for a bit. That was until the Weinstein Company decided to produce Django Unchained dolls featuring the main characters of the film.

Personally, I like the film and would’ve jumped at the chance to buy one of the dolls, but Brother Al Sharpton and his team from the National Action Network, along with Project Islamic Hope, were having none of it!

After making their voices heard loud and clear, their pleas were finally answered when the Weinstein Company made the decision to pull the toys from store shelves.

According to the company they have stopped production and only 1,000 dolls, made pre shutdown, are currently on the market. While the move squashes the outrage of some, other will surely be hunched over an eBay screen to buy what has now become a limited edition item.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Should the dolls have been pulled from shelves? Did you find them offensive?

  • Rue

    Out of curiosity, why on earth do grown people like to buy dolls or “action figures”, be they slave or non slave?

  • Catpopstar

    I was not going to buy them anyway.

  • Tonton Michel

    I am neither yay or nay on it, it was questionable judgement to produce the figures but I didnt the dolls presented in the pics as offensive. But I can see and respect the fact that others would be upset. The right move was made to pull the figures deal with it. On another note I have been seeing more and more of this Project Islamic Hope sticking their nose about.

  • johnnypressure

    in what way are the dolls offensive?

  • Sisterbritt

    I think people need to calm the fuck down! Muthafuckas always wanna be offended about SOMETHING I’m like STFU

  • Vg

    Did anyone sell dolls depicting Jewish people in captivity during the Holocaust??

  • cosmicsistren

    I am at a loss why the slave dolls were even made in the first place.

  • JadaJay

    For the record, those dolls don’t depict slaves in captivity either.

  • Me

    Isn’t it spelled “Brunhilde”? At least that’s the name that refers to the myth told in the movie. Broomhilda is a comic.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “For the record, those dolls don’t depict slaves in captivity either”

    um, if you are a SLAVE you ARE in CAPTIVITY…

  • binks

    I never understood why the dolls was made either to be honest, like I was thrilled when they were being sold nor I’ am I sad that they were yanked. I don’t get the point of action/fan figures but okay…

  • Ms. Write

    FYI there were Inglorious Bastards action figure dolls.

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