Iyanla Vanzant has some work on her hands for the next episode of her hit show on OWN, Iyanla: Fix My Life.

The author and relationship expert will be sitting down with rapper, actor, and reality TV veteran DMX. He’s had a public battle with drugs, alcohol, the law and infidelity for several years and hopefully Iyanla can lead him down the road to recovery.

The second season of Iyanla: Fix My Life is due to return in April, but in the meanwhile, lets take a look at 5 other celebrities whose lives definitely need some of Iyanla’s “fixing.”

1. Halle Berry
The bitter custody battle between Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has been messy, violent and unhealthy for their 4-year-old daughter Nahla. Most recently, her fiancé Olivier Martinez got into a fight with Aubry while he was dropping off Nahla at Halle’s house. The couple was ordered to pay for Aubry’s medical bills, and in the meanwhile their innocent daughter is stuck in the middle of all this.

2. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson

This past 12 months has probably been the worst year in Chad’s life. His ex-wife Evelyn Lozada filed for divorce just two months after marriage following a domestic violence charge of him allegedly head-butting her on August 11. VH1 then pulled the couple’s upcoming reality series Ev and Ocho and Johnson then lost his spot as a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins. He recently made headlines for a linked sex tape that he supposedly didn’t know about.

3. Kevin Clash
The former Elmo puppeteer has some serious soul-searching to do. In a matter of weeks, he had a full-blown sex scandal on his hands and he was forced to resign from his job on Sesame Street. Four men accused Clash of engaging in inappropriate sexual relationships with them while they were underage teenagers.

4. Tameka Foster
Tameka Foster definitely has some healing to do after the loss of her 11-year-old son this summer and the brutal custody battle with her ex-husband Usher Raymond. Against her wishes, Usher won primary custody of their two children in August.

5. Katt Williams
I’m sure we’ve all lost track of how many times Katt Williams has been arrested this past year. From slapping a Target worker in the face — on camera! — to possession of stolen firearms, we really just hope Williams gets the help he needs. He was even accused of assaulting a man at a comedy show. What happened to the hilarious comedian that we once all loved?

Who else do you think should appear on season two of Iyanla Fix My Life?

  • Tonton Michel

    Even money says she doesn’t make a dent with DMX.

  • Dd

    I suggest anyone in the Entertainment Industry. They all need help

  • Jhee

    Karrine Steffans

  • Pseudonym

    Kenya Moore!

  • Pseudonym

    I know I should have enough of her by now. Okay, no appearance on TV, but Iyanla needs to go have a few emergency sessions with her ASAP b/c she’s looking like she’s reaching that “point of no return” kind of crazy.

  • Shelly

    That’s a nice picture of Dmx. That must be old…I don’t think he looks like that anymore.

  • Crys F&WM Earrings

    lindsay lohan!

  • Kristi


  • AM

    kanye west

  • Joy

    Katt definitely needs help. The Bro has completely lost it


    Sorry but you can’t fix that throat.. lmaooooooooooooooooo


    Naw, he just needs to come out the closet. He is at least smart to have a beard that people think there is no way he can be gay.


    Kat Williams is being attacked for exposing Hollywood. Katt Williams is an prime example of “Keeping it real goes wrong when you talk about the “Real” Hollywood”. You will continue to hear about him until the people who run Hollywood kill him or until he retires.

  • baffled

    Lance Armstrong

  • [email protected]

    Bobbie Christina, Bobbi Christina and Bobbi Christina!!

  • Dana

    Pilar Sanders needs her life fixed!

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