“Girls” received considerable flack for the first season’s treatment of race. Although the HBO series takes place in Brooklyn, New York, one of the most diverse boroughs in the most ethnically diverse city in the country, the characters are all lily-white.

Lena Dunham, the show’s star, executive producer, writer and creator, told the crowd at Fortune Magazine’s annual Most Powerful Women event that she felt “heartbreak at the idea that the show would make anyone feel isolated” despite the show’s popular and critical success.

She pledged to incorporate more characters “of color” in the second season so people “of color [can] see themselves reflected on-screen” and she’s making good on her word by casting Donald Glover (who raps under the moniker Childish Gambino).

Glover will play Dunham’s protagonist’s (Hannah’s) handsome Republican boyfriend Sandy. A review on The Hollywood Reporter reveals Dunham and Glover’s characters will directly tackle issues of race:

When Sandy calls out Hannah’s knowledge of race and its ramifications, she goes on a self-righteous, defensive rant, and Sandy says, “You just said a Missy Elliot lyric.” There are attacks on fixie bikes, rich white girls dating black men, gay iPad-using DJs, what constitutes a “pretty person’s job,” and the smug cynicism of youthful people who haven’t earned the right to it.

Though “Sandy”‘s political affiliation was revealed, perhaps in an effort to characterize him, it’s unclear if the show will address politics (it’s been apolitical thus far). Critics can at least say Dunham heard their cries about diversity by writing an interracial relationship into the plot.

  • Kacey

    *Eye roll* Welp! Black people, y’all couldn’t leave the white folks alone with their show. Had to go screaming for diversity and inclusion. Now you got it – contrived and patronizing. Enjoy!

  • Kacey

    Oh, and what happened to the black lesbian bike messenger (who makes her own soap) that they originally planned to write into the show? That was supposed to be their homage to diversity – kind of an all-in-one, kill several birds with one stone thing-a-ma-jig. LOL.

  • Apple

    How could Hannah fat and ugly ass with personanlity of a paint that wont dry pull him on the show?? At least give him to marnie or shoshana . I hate her character so much! Eek!

  • Yb

    Can’t Lena Dunham and can’t stand Donald Glover. They are a perfect match for each other.

  • dee

    I have no idea why people seemed to have a problem with this show exclusively. Most shows are all white.

    Maybe I just don’t know all the details.

  • binks

    Black, white, Hispanic, etc. This show is just plain boring and I am usually a fan of offbeat quirky sitcoms but I just can’t get into this show. It has a workable formula but something isn’t clicking for me I am over it.

  • sojourner4truth

    too funny

  • chrissy

    Dunham definitely chose the right guy for the role! I love Glover, and I’m excited to see what he brings to the show. The only problem is now I have to catch up on season one, so I’ll know what’s going on in time for the new episodes. Luckily, it’ll be easy to get up to speed on this show, since every episode is available to rent from the Blockbuster @Home service through DISH. I can’t wait to finally know what people around my office at DISH are talking about when the reference “Girls”!

  • qlittlestar13

    I learned living in NYC that just because it is the most ethnically diverse city in the country, that people interact. I worked with gangs of White guys on Wall st. who don’t associate with any other people than those that look like them. Same with folks I worked with in Harlem and the Bronx. Bensonhurst, Bayridge all super white and ALL in Brooklyn.

  • The Comment

    NO No No!!!!!!

    I liked her former boyfriend….he was an odd kinda of sexy but they were perfect. Oh Jesus.

  • Jess

    Don’t know where you live, and I certainly do not mean to generalize, but I see really attractive black men with traditionally unappealing white women all the time. So that’s quite realistic in my opinion.

  • Sasha

    I don’t care for D. Glover but I absolutely hate L. Dunham’s character on the show and I am absolutely disgusted by this. She legitimately has the worst breasts I have ever seen in my life and although I like Marnie and the other girls, I will not be watching for fear of seeing that backfatesque lumps on her chest….or breasts as most people call them. Sorry for that rant *claws retracted*

  • ChillyRoad

    You have to read Robert Putnam author of Bowling Alone. He wrote all about the sham of diversity. The fact is, the more diverse your neighborhood becomes the more reclusive you become. You are even less likely to vote.

  • ChillyRoad

    When Miranda was dating Blaire Underwood’s character on Sex and the City I wanted to punch myself in both eyes. Now if he had hooked up with Samantha’s stank behind, I could have accepted it. For an old lady Samantha was cute, but Miranda?

  • Anthony

    That is true.

  • GlowBelle

    Agree 100% I gave it a shot too but the show, and Lena Dunham in general just rubbed me the wrong way and I can’t engage. What I really can’t stand is that Dunham and the show are being touted as THE show/THE creator that represents “twenty-somethings” today. Just no.

  • Anthony

    I never understood all of the fuss about black folks on Girls. The fact is that most real friends are the same race. Most interracial relationships tend to be superficial.

    Len Dunham responded in true liberal fashion in that her idea of proving her non- racism is to have relations with someone black. I like the show, but this sounds like a gimmick.

  • ruggie

    I saw “Tiny Furniture”, the movie “Girls” was based on before I got into the show. Found both to be OK. Interested in seeing what Donald Glover brings to the show, he’s funny, quirky, has a cute style.

  • Anthony

    Just fat shame that white woman!

  • dirtychai

    Decent looking Black guy with a barely mediocre looking White girl is the most realistic storyline that show has.

  • gmarie

    and he was hilarious! ugh!
    I like donald glover but idk if he can compare

  • Anthony

    Dirtychal, that is one of the great truths on interracial dating. If a white man gets a sister, she will be fine, but too often, brothers get the “leftovers.” I often joke that the greatest beneficiary of the Supreme Court’s Loving vs. Virginia case has been ugly white women! Often when I see a regular black guy with a pretty white woman I do a double take!

  • SayWhat

    What I like is how she basically told black women to ‘suck it’. Black women complained because they wanted to be included, after all, this is a show centered on women (not that the men don’t count, but it’s not called girls for nothing) and we were completely left out.
    How did she respond? by choosing to add a black man before she adds a black woman. The black community is quick to give white women a pass as if they can’t be racist, but she in my opinion just told black women that hell will freeze over first before she sees us as equals.

  • mEE

    ugghh! why?! I really like Donald Glover but I absolutely cannot handle this show. I watched the entire last season because my best friend kept trying to convince me how amazing it was. the entire time I felt like poking my eyes out with an ice pick. Lena Dunham is insufferable

  • Sasha

    I am not fat shaming her by saying she has nasty breasts.

  • Pseudonym

    There are MANY groups of friends in Brooklyn that are all white. Just check out who’s sitting with who at the tables when you go out for brunch or dinner.

  • Anthony

    SMH, my nose is brown like the rest of my body. I say that the many black men getting leftover white women is a function of our relative lack of economic and social power in this society. Women tend to want men that can enhance their status, and white women who have options, can usually do better than a brother. Obviously, this is not the case always. I taught a very beautiful white woman who went on to become a lawyer, who married a black lawyer. He was the same boy she dated in high school whom her father disapproved of. She married a very handsome white man, but left him for her old flame. They now have two daughters.

    If find stories like the one I mentioned an exception, not the rule. Of course black entertainers tend to marry attractive white women if they want to, but obviously, they are far from ordinary in terms of money and fame.

    A white man, however, already has the advantage of being part of the in group, and he will not lose status for marrying a black woman.

    I will, say, however that since intermarriage is now legal, and increasingly common, I do believe that over time, more white women will marry black men because the social stigma is contiually declining, and frankly, one can already see that white society is gradually giving biracial people a higher status than blacks. The one drop rule makes no sense once your daughter is legally married to a black man, and the keep cannot be consigned to the woodpile or sent off some place where no one knows him or her.

  • Guest1234


    “If your stupid and contradictory hypothesis was the case, why aren’t Black men the maddest at interracial relationships?”

    ‘Cuz they’re stupid. That’s what 400 years of racism will do for ya. It reminds me of some South African (whose name I can’t remember) who said:

    “When the white man came, WE had the land and HE had the bible. When it was all said and done, WE had the Bible and HE had the land.”

    I think black american men will wake up from their stupor one day and say:

    “When the white man came, WE had the women and HE had the racism. When it’s all said and done, WE have the racism and HE has our women.”


  • Nic

    Pretty much, homely flabby white girls can easily get successful attractive black men. B/c she is very homely and flabby. And I don’t think he dates black women so it’s probably pretty realistic.
    I knew that the solution to the diversity criticism was going to be to add some black penis though. They can’t relate to black women but they have no problem relating to black pipe.

  • Anthony

    SMH, for what it is worth, any man who calls names and talks shit behing a computer screen is pretty sad. I am old, but I seriously doubt if you would talk like to me the way you wrote in your post if we were face to face unless you look like Shaq.

  • Nic

    You aren’t lying there. Ugly white women have benefited most from the Loving case just like they benefit most from affirmative action.

  • Shar

    Sho you right!!

  • angel

    Tired of yet another show about white women. I don’t even care about this new character. Typical. I’m sorry. Its played out.

  • Apple

    I am slain!! UNALIVE !!! Jesus put a warm fence around my heart because I can’t !! Haahahah

  • Val

    It’s funny how so many women on this site fall all over themselves praising IR relationships on TV if the relationships are Black women and White men but, if it’s a Black man/ White woman then the venom comes out.

    At least be consistent.

  • kc

    I would add that the criticism wasn’t just from black women, but from women of color in general. Also, Girls was touted as “voice of a generation” yet it only speaks for affluent, little white girls. That’s where all the criticism comes from.

  • Anthony

    I agree. We cannot seem to get the basic fact that black boys and girls are raised in the same homes with the same values. The same dynamics that make some black men adore white women make some black women adore white men.

  • bk chick

    Smh…I would’ve been content if she just changed the name of the show to “white girls”…

  • K. Michel

    “I say that the many black men getting leftover white women is a function of our relative lack of economic and social power in this society.” (Anthony)

    I see this argument all of the time and it doesn’t make sense to me. Are you saying that the same Black men who are getting these “leftover White women” would suddenly be getting top-choice Black women …if only for their complexes and misguided perceptions?

    “Women tend to want men that can enhance their status, and white women who have options, can usually do better than a brother.” (Anthony)

    If this is the case then all Black men are “leftovers” no matter what they do, even the Black men that Black women date. After all, Black women want “men that can enhance their status” too. This would also mean that all Black women who are not in relationships with White men are “leftovers” because they haven’t been chosen…

    –Which is pretty ironic.

    Unless I’m missing something (please correct me if I am), it’s implied in your comment that if a woman is even in a relationship with a Black man …it’s usually because she wasn’t able to get a man of a higher status.

  • Theantifash

    I agree with all that is written.

  • ChillyRoad


    “A white man, however, already has the advantage of being part of the in group, and he will not lose status for marrying a black woman.”

    Men generally dont lose status when they date inter racially because women’s romantic choices are more likely to be policed then men. It is expected that men have a larger sexual palate than women.

    Additionally what you are writting about is what Brittany Chevon Slatton covered in her dissertation, “Deep Frames, White Men’s Discourse, and Black Female Bodies.” She adds that, “Interracial marriage as social exchange is based on the idea that whites will engage in a marriage with a person of color only if the person of color has a value, such as money, attractiveness, and status that can compensate them for exchanging their “higher” status for the “lower” status of the person of color.”

    Both black men and women have to exchange higher resources and levels of attractiveness to date out. So if anyone is wondering why Im very ambivalent when it comes to inter racial dating for blacks, its this.

  • mEE

    LOL! yes her nude scenes traumatized me as well.

  • mEE

    @Anthony, I think the issue people had when they show first premiered was that media kept saying how this was such a REAL look at how 20-somethings in NYC live. and how Dunham was such an amazing representative of that subset. they compared it to Sex and the City a LOT and said that SATC was contrived and only showed this almost fantasy version of NYC.

    …but Girls does the exact same thing. all the girls are upper middle class white women who have their parents’ money to turn to in case things don’t work out with their random non-jobs. just floating through life doing drugs and being odd. now are there sects of those types of people. of course. I know these girls. I grew up in the suburbs so yes they do exist. but are they representative of any significant segment of the 20-something female population? absolutely not.

    as far as the race aspect it was the same criticism leveled against SATC, Friends, and other prominent NYC based tv shows. how are you going to be in NY and not show ONE person of color? not even walking down the street tho? and Girls has the nerve to be in Brooklyn of all places?? so Ross got a black girlfriend, Miranda got a black boyfriend (for the movie they even gave Carrie a black assistant), and now I guess Lena will have Donald Glover.

    additionally, I know what set a LOT of people off and why I initially refused to watch was because when the first round of criticism came out regarding the show and its lack of diversity, the head writer Lesley Arfin tweeted in response, “What really bothered me most about Precious was that there was no representation of ME”. -___- yea she said that.

    so you’re exactly right, most groups of friends tend to be monolithic. I don’t think anyone has a problem with that. however, if they did a show about me and my close friends, all 20-somethings living in NYC and LA; a teacher, computer animator, lawyer, talent agent, administrative assistant, and actor; oh yea and we’re all black, I don’t think anyone would start saying that we’re a good representation of 20-somethings living in large urban cities.

  • Anthony

    All of the implications you are talking about are yours, not mine. I do not see the connection between black men who end up with less desirable white women and the black women they might have dated or married. The same goes for black women.

  • Sasha

    I legitimately thought it was just me!! Like the show was pretty much dry but I watched for Marnie and the teeny virgin Jewish girl however it was as if Lena just HAD to get half naked in EVERY episode. The other girl, with the mermaid hair, disgusted me as well but at least I didn’t have to see her nude. More than it being vomit inducing, it was distracting because it really had nothing to do with the story line. How does someone that young who has no kids have such an unshapely body. Ughhhh now I’m thinking about her lumps again….good thing I haven’t eaten breakfast already.

  • Sasha

    I don’t think people aren’t being consistent its just that they’re calling into question their “coupleness” based on attractiveness. When I peruse the comments on most IR articles, they’re typically filled with nice things to say *if* (not exclusively but more often than not) the non-Black partner is physically attractive. Lena, by most people’s standards, is ugly, homely, unattractive whatever whereas most people would find Donald cute or handsome or marginally attractive.

    When I look at the photo, the first thing that comes to mind is “O___o what has God wrought” however if he was paired with say Marnie or Shoshana I’d be like “awww they’re cute together”. At least that’s what I’ve found to be my experience because I get several comments from Black women regarding his attractiveness and from the ones who think he’s attractive they’ll have positive things to say about him/ us but for the ones who do not find him attractive they don’t come outright and say it but they’ll say things along the lines of “why are you with him, he has a good job doesn’t he?”, “what if the kids get his genes?”, “aww you’re cute, you couldn’t find a brother?” the list goes on.

  • Anthony

    The truth is that in the eyes of many people, black people in general, and black men in particular are leftovers or less desirable. That is a fact, however, that does not mean that we see ourselves that way. Frankly, how any of us sees ourselves is the most important factor in our lives.

  • Anthony

    What’s with you and ovaries? If anything, you sound like a little boy who feels the worst insult he can hurl is to call another boy a girl.
    Like I said before, a man who calls names over the internet is not someone I respect. You are just a name calling troll, and you would be afraid to confront anyone in the flesh.

  • Anthony

    SMH, Kanye West is the classic example of a rish entertainer who pulls attractive white women, but Bby the the time Kardashian gets done with him, he may not be that rich anymore.

    By the way, you do sound like a little boy with all of the name calling.

  • Kim

    You’re lying. I take care of women every day. When ever there is a BM/WW couple, the woman usually looks like ish. LOL. It’s so bad that even the white woman working here comment on it.

  • Sasha

    *BOOM* just like that

  • hmmmmm

    Val! Word, as usual.

  • Ms. Information

    I don’t watch the show or much tv for that matter but I do know that for some self hating black people, any white will do….I have seen toothless, 450lb white women with second grade reading levels pull a brother….I have yet to see that the other way around…I went with my guy cousins to see Django and at the end, a bad sister walked out with a mediocre white guy and they damn near lost their minds…sisters are not lining up to date 450 lb white men with receipting hair lines….but white women know that they can get black men at any level…

  • Sasha

    The second part of my comment was not clear, by “his” I meant my boyfriend who is non-Black.

  • stellaxo

    you guys are being so rude. there are people in this world with different body types, deal with it.

    a lot of times we worry about the messages that beauty pageants, photoshopped images, etc send today’s children (or even men, for that matter) about the VALUE of a woman. there is a young girl who probably has lena’s shape! if you visit a museum, there may be classic paintings that glorify this shape. today’s world is much different, and of course the expectations are too, but lets just try to be a bit more tolerable? i’m sure lena knows she doesn’t possess the “ideal” body, and doing nude scenes was likely a way for her to make the show more ‘real’ and relatable.

  • Chillyroad


    And how do the black men look? Do you think if he had stayed in the race he could have gotten a better looking black woman?

  • Kacey

    Your comment about the 450 lb woman reminded me of an on-going guest on the Dr. Phil show who is morbidly obese (I think she exceeds 450 lbs) and she is married to this normal-size black guy who she treats like crap. I mean, this was a really good guy (and not bad looking) who takes care of her (because she obviously can’t take care of herself at that size) and she repays him by taking her frustrations with her size out on him, yet he still sticks around. I was stunned.

  • Ravi

    brothers are lining up around the corner to get with 450lb white women with second grade reading levels? I’m thinking this is a rare occurrence.

    I think women are a lot more willing to abandon physical attractiveness for other attributes than men are. I’ve seen highly educated beautiful black women with ugly, overweight, and even uneducated white guys. It’s rare on both sides, but I know of specific examples.

  • Chillyroad

    Since black women are on average heavier than white women if black men kept it in the race he is more likely to be with a big woman than if he went outside of the race. If he is exclusive with Asian women outside of Pacific Islanders he is almost likely to never be with a fat woman because Asian women are notoriously thin.

    My wager is that a black man with fat white women were with even fatter black women. Black men don’t go from dating Tyra Banks to Rosanne Bar.

  • Ravi

    exactly what I was thinking. should have let them have their show. We don’t have to be in every show and this is a prime example of why I don’t want us to be in every show.

  • Ask_ME

    Some of us are consistent. I don’t have problem with either or….more problem to them.

  • Ravi


    Preach!!! I was reading these comments and thinking the exact same thing. Where was all this vitriol when talking about all the interracial couplings on tv when it’s a BW/WM? And when it is an unattractive white man with a fine sista, I still don’t hear any hating. So it’s not the beauty difference.

  • Ask_ME

    **more POWER to them.

  • Diana

    This is true of colleges too. I went to a private college where the majority was white, yet the white students intermingle abs hang out with the few minorites on campus. Contrast that to my ” ethnically diverse” highschool when the cliques were forned by race. It’s odd you would think the more diverse an area, the less reclusive one becomes.

  • Ms. Information

    *the link is to show that even other whites think this about their brethren…

  • Ask_ME

    I LOL at this “sisters are not lining up to date 450 lb white men with receipting hair lines…”

    ^^^ Too true. Chris Rock said something similar. Black women aren’t going to jump at the chance to date an obese, old, bald white man….just ain’t happening.

  • Anthony

    I appreciate the referrences, Chillyroad, I’ll have to look them up.

  • Ravi

    It happens. Especially if he has money, but even when he doesn’t.

  • Ask_ME

    I have never seen a young black man (twenty-something years old) with a morbidly obese black woman. NEVER. I’m talking about the chicks who are out of breath just walking from one end of the room to the next.

    However, I have a white co-worker who is morbidly obese. I mean sloppy fat. Not thick. Not shapely. I’m talking about layers upon layers of FAT. Rolls upon rolls of FLESH.

    This woman has a picture of her and her black boyfriend staring at each other, getting ready to kiss, as her wallpaper on her computer. Her boyfriend is decent looking guy. He is slim and groomed. Appearance wise they make a very odd couple.

    It is hilarious to watch the expression on people’s faces when they walk by and catch sight of her wallpaper. “WTF?” spreads across their faces.

    So nice try. There does appear to be a different standard held for these morbidly obese white women and morbidly obese black women.

  • Ask_ME

    I haven’t seen it.

  • Ms. Information

    I haven’t seen it..I’ve seen black women with white men who weren’t handsome…but never with a fat white guy….I went to Publix yesterday and saw this tall slim black guy with a HUGE white woman..they looked like the number 10.

  • Ravi

    you really haven’t seen fat, ugly, or old white dudes with money with all types of girls including black? I’ve probably seen attractive black women with unattractive white men just as much as the other way around. Most of the black men I know that are with white women are just as unattractive as their white mate.

    It’s not just people I know personally. It is rare that I have walked through the DMV without spotting a fine black woman with some not nearly as attractive white guy. Often he is much older, shorter, heavier, or otherwise not on her level. It’s quite possible that she isn’t into looks and he treats her like a queen. It’s also possible that he’s rich and rich guys of all races don’t have trouble getting a beautiful woman of any race.

  • Ravi

    I wish I could show you picks from my friends, but I would never put them on blast like that. fat guys with game or money get beautiful women all the time regardless of race.

  • Ravi

    pics not picks

  • Chillyroad


    You exude zero masculine energy. It’s revolting.

  • Ravi

    are you really referencing an article that states:

    “As I have written about on countless occasions, many states are passing laws to rid their borders of the brown menace. And I am not talking about a black man’s bed sheets after sodomizing a white woman. Mexicans are learning that it is time to return home as with 10% of the US population unemployed, we can pick our own oranges.”

    could you not find a decent link from the David Duke official website? I would think that having someone as stupid as the author of this article would call into question any of the baseless assertions he makes.

  • Kacey

    I understand what you’re saying (even if others don’t). I agree that women – of all races – are more likely to compromise on looks if the man has other redeeming qualities – whether those are financial security or love and emotional support. It’s not that looks are no longer important to the woman, its that she was willing to give him a chance DESPITE his looks because he had more important things to offer. I don’t think men are as quick or willing to make the same compromises.

  • Ms. Information

    @ SMH…lol, that is true…but Santa Claus? All I know is I don’t want anything white except my grits. (Im Southern, sorry)

  • Ravi

    There are plenty of slim guys of every race that like big women. you may not have seen an obese black woman with a slender young black man, but that’s only because your experiences are vastly limited. Come to Detroit, you will see it a lot. Even easier, do a few google searches on chubby chasers and BBBW. If what you were saying was true, then there would be no websites dedicated to fat fetishes. There are slim men and women of every race that prefer fat people of any race. There are some people that don’t care about the weight of their mates. Because you personally haven’t seen something doesn’t constitute a different standard.

  • The Comment

    @ Nic wrote;

    “I knew that the solution to the diversity criticism was going to be to add some black penis though. They can’t relate to black women but they have no problem relating to black pipe.

    Why was I playing my jungle music really loud when nerdy looking white chick just casually looked my way…nothing malicious and I thought…”I’m sure you have sucked more black dyck than I could ever imagine.

  • nona

    I don’t think you can really compare dating an ugly guy with money to dating an ugly guy just because he’s white.

  • Kacey

    (Sorry, hit ‘Post’ before I finished my comment)

    …However, what the other commenters are saying about black men more likely to accept an average or below average-looking white woman over a better looking black woman also has truth. I think it lies in this belief that being with a white woman (even a not-so-attractive one) is a “come-up” for the average black man. She’s a theoretical trophy just because she’s white. There’s this belief that white women treat them better, are more supportive, etc. and that he’s somehow gained socially by being with a white woman. So I can definitely also agree with what the others are saying also.

  • Chillyroad

    “I have never seen a young black man (twenty-something years old) with a morbidly obese black woman. NEVER. I’m talking about the chicks who are out of breath just walking from one end of the room to the next.”

    Yes you have. They are called felons and parolees with neither a pot to piss in or a dime in their pocket. There are theories as to why there are so many fabulous and fat black women. The low socio economic level of many black men means they have very little room to demand their women look any better.

  • The Comment

    Amen! I’ve seen homeless black man w/white women.

  • Ask_ME


    I will do a Google search, but I have NEVER seen it. I’m not talking about middle age black men and women who are both equally fat. I’m talking about YOUNG black men with morbidly fat black women…that I have never seen.

    Granted I’m from LA so that might be one reason I haven’t seen it. However, I currently live in D.C. and spend my time inbetween D.C., L.A. and ATL and I have NEVER seen a young black man with a Precious looking black woman on his arm. NEVER.

  • Sasha

    @stellaxo: While I am more than aware that there are people everywhere with different body types, I certainly don’t have to “deal with it” come again, I guess I am “dealing with it” by not watching the show because I don’t want to see her nude body anymore and the only way to do so is not watch the show. Sorry, there may be girls and women watching the show BUT I doubt they’re seeking relatability solely by seeing her body. Lena could make the show “relatable” by developing characters and plots that people could see themselves in while keeping her clothes on, her nudity serves no purpose. And on top of it serving no purpose, I find her body to be disgusting. This is just my opinion which like you said could be countered by seeing images where her body is praised and something to be admired. To be honest, nudity in most shows and movies turn me off because I don’t think they’re necessary however if I *have* to see someone naked on the show, I’d opt for Marnie or Shoshanna over Lena.

  • Anthony

    SMH, neither one of us has proven anything. You have just given your opinion and named one black celebrity in a relationship with a white woman. That is not exactly proof that would stand up to academic review.

    I have also given my opinion based on my own general understanding and unscientific observations.

    One last time, you really are coming off as juvenile at best with the name calling. I am almost fifty-three, I learned how to handle people who call in elementary school. If you think you are hurting me or making you point by calling names, knock yourself out.

  • AM

    Jesus better take over this comment section. LAWD hammercy ya’ll have killed this woman, her body, her sense of self, and existence. WOAH! The comments are funny doe!

  • Ravi


    I didn’t make that comparison.

  • Brittany

    “Black men are not angered by interracial relationships…”

    Sorry (actually, I’m not sorry), but this is the hugest load of bull I have ever heard. The degree in which Black women react negatively to interracial relationships is hugely overstated and misunderstood, whereas the degree in which Black men react negatively to interracial relationships is EXTREMELY understated and overlooked.

    I’ve heard and seen stories from countless black women who have been undermined and disrespected by black men because they date out of their race. Heck, just a few weeks ago, I talked to a friend online and she discussed how there have been several instances in which black men have seen her with her white boyfriend, soon to be baby’s father, and approached all with the intention of shaming her of her dating choices, whether the boyfriend was right beside her or not.

    And dude, I hate to break it to you, but I’ve seen far more conventionally attractive black men with average or extremely below average looking white girls, and that’s just the facts of life. Of course, this is not to say that there aren’t some black men with some pretty attractive white girls. It’s just they are far and few between, and I can see a prime example of this when I looked at my uncle or my mother’s side of the family.

    People are not angry that black men are dating white girls. We’re just shocked and humored when they talk down black women (“They’re unattractive! They’re ugly!”) and then end up with these insecure, homely looking white girls.

  • Chillyroad

    Here’s the thing though. Anecdotes do not an argument make. As per the work I just cited above by Brittany Chevon Slatton, both black men and women must bargain their relatively higher socio economic status to date out. However black women should be especially troubled by this because whether she stays in the race or dates out she is bringing in more resources and education than her white or black male partner.

    Men and women cannot compete in this arena. While there are many black women in here gloating about black men and their fat white women, think about how much status a white woman has where, be she fat or thin, she is not locked out if the dating market. Do black women have similar options? Black women have to be at her best to be in the dating market cross racially. What does that say?

  • Ms. Information

    Of course, I used nonsense to reference nonsense

  • Anthony

    SMH, Kim Kardashian has basically used black men to get herself media time that she would have never merited on her own. As far I can see, she made her first million off the sextape she did with Ray J. For what it is worth, I think she is genuinely attracted to black men, but she always thinking about the money too as far I can tell.

    She is pretty, and many men would not mind getting a little bit of the Ray J treatment from her, but she has that in common with millions of women about her age.

    Heidi Klum married Seal when he “rescued” her after she had been dumped by her baby daddy. She is rich, but she certainly did not reach down and marry some black nobody who had empty pockets and simply a whole lot of love, which is what you seem to suggest.

  • Ms. Information

    @ SMH – and these white men have MONEY..

  • Ms. Information know she looks like a wet towel….ok I’ll stop….hey mami!

  • AM

    hey hey hey!! #10 KILT me!

  • Ravi

    @ Kacey

    I don’t deny that some black men are willing to take a less attractive white woman than a relatively more attractive white woman, all things being equal. One of my sociologist friends calls this race inflation — where a less attractive white person is deemed more attractive because they are white. Sort of like getting bonus points for being white. I get that this happens, but it happens with black men and women (Chili’s dating reality show comes to mind, where she had all sorts of physical standards for men but clearly made exceptions if the guy was white). Additionally, you can’t tell why someone is dating another person just by seeing them together. So you can’t say that the fine black women are with their ugly white mates for one reason and the fine black men that are with ugly white mates is for another. It’s probably a combination of factors including this idea of race inflation.

    But that’s not what the debate was about. The other commenters aren’t saying what you are saying. They are saying that black men tend to do be with these unattractive white mates and black women do not. That black men are lining up around the corner for obese white women, but they have never seen a black woman with a fat white guy (the suggestion being that because they haven’t seen it, it doesn’t happen). This is divorced from reality. It is a small minority of black men that are even with white women and an even smaller minority that are attractive black men with fat white women. Moreover, there are slim attractive men that just prefer fat women or at least don’t mind if a girl is fat. These guys aren’t looking for fat white women to the exclusion of fat black women. Where is this group of men that will date only fat white women, but not the same size black woman? I think that people are making conclusions about situations based on seeing a couple people together. That skinny black guy with a fat white girlfriend could’ve had 10 fat black girlfriends prior to her.

  • Anthony

    Chillyroad, I exude zero masculine energy? That’s pretty funny. I guess I need an avatrar of me engaged in some of my manly hobbies.

  • Ms. Information

    All I know is that white women, no matter if they are fat, ugly, whatever are painted as tolerant and sweet. Black women are painted as attitudinal and difficult, fat and mean. Although white men approach me, it is with slight apprehension and I don’t wear a scowl on my face..many people get their idea of the world from tv and act accordingly..white men fear what they have been told about black women….

  • AM

    LMAO!!!!! Say what now?! You just had to….

  • leelah

    before all of that sex and the city added black women. First season, we got samantha dating a black guy and his angry militant black sister. The feel good moment was samantha telling her off at a crowded black club. Then we got samantha, again, going to war with some black trannie loud mouth prostitutes.–I learned my lesson then, be careful what you wish for. I had no desire for a black face on that show again. I still watched and I still loved Carrie and her friends, but not once did I wish that they got a black friend because I knew she was going to end up a flat stereotype used for laughs.

  • Ravi

    Well yeah, if you are talking about LA. How many morbidly obese women the size of Precious do you even see walking around in LA? It’s the land of the skinny women.

    I’m in VA now and since I’ve been here I’ve only seen a couple slender black guys with big girls and they have only been black women. I have seen a couple slim black girls with fat white guys though (and fat black guys, in truth). And I understand that we are talking about young black people. I’m not talking about middle aged.

    It’s ironic that you keep referencing Precious because Gabby Sidibe’s boyfriend is a young black slender man. I googled her and found an article about her and her boyfriend who is apparently a regular guy.

    But the point is that just because you haven’t seen it isn’t a basis for the assertions you are making. I’ve never seen a football player cheat on his wife, but I’d be hard pressed to assert that it doesn’t happen. Especially when someone has explicitly stated that they have seen it. I’m telling you that I have seen it.

  • Treece

    LMAO at Nic and Apple! So true….

  • Santi

    I couldn’t disagree more. The show is based on Lena Dunhams life and friendships. As a black female artist I would be upset if someone told me I needed to add a white female friend on my show to appeal to a white audience. Don’t you see the hypocrisy here?

  • NeverBeenWrong

    As soon as all of that hoopla came out about there not being enough people of color on the show (most of the criticism coming from women), I told myself that that next season they were going to address it by having one of those chicks date a black guy and they did. SMH.

  • Nic

    Ugh, that was nasty. And she was super homely too. But I’ve seen homely chicks like her pull good looking corporate types. You know, the dudes who think a white 2 is better than a black 10. I’d have been okay if he’d hooked up with Charlotte too…she was cute and had a nice figure.
    They actually did have an episode where Samantha was swirling and they had his sister disapprove and they made it all about how men black women were and how weak the black man was for listening to his sister.

  • leelah

    Due to several friendships with white women who date black men, I can already tell where this storyline is going by the simple fact that this brother is a republican. She’ll be an open minded liberal white woman looking for love. But he’s a stiff black man whose issues with black folks will come to the surface and get in the way of their love. He’s going to say some border line racists stuff about his own people that will shock her. Maybe He’ll attack welfare or gang violence but he’ll make it clear that he is not like all them, he’s different. Then he’ll let some negative stuff about black women slip out and then she’ll wonder if he is really into her or just because she is white. She’s going to break up with him because of his racism/conservatism. Look we’ve been down this road before with Will and Grace, and Sex and the City. The black boyfriends were used to poke fun at interracial relationships and the black men who get into them. And mark my words, Donald Glover’s character is going to be a joke by the end of it.

  • Chillyroad

    @Ask me

    Stop moving the goal post. Pecious is at the extreme end of obesity. Most black women who are fat arent at the extreme end. They are monique or Jill Scott not precious and yes you can and will see black men with black women that size. You will not see many early 20s black men with black women that size because black women tend not to blow up until later in life.

  • Ms. Information

    Troll…I don’t wear weaves thanks you defender of white trash…thanks…go take your medicine now.

  • Ms. Information

    You sound like white trash..go empty yourself please.

  • MissRae

    wow lol

  • MissRae

    I thought Paul Wall lost weight.

  • Ask_ME


    “Stop moving the goal post. Pecious is at the extreme end of obesity. Most black women who are fat arent at the extreme end. They are monique or Jill Scott not precious and yes you can and will see black men with black women that size. You will not see many early 20s black men with black women that size because black women tend not to blow up until later in life.”

    Sweetie I’m not moving the goal post. “Precious” is the average size white woman I have seen with black men since I moved to the south/east coast. However, I have never seen a black man with a “Precious” size black woman.

    The white chick with a black boyfriend at work is a bigger than Precious!

    So, no, I’m not moving the goal post. You appear to be doing that. There is a difference between being overweight and being morbidly obese.

    The masses of black women out here are not morbidly obese like the white chick at work. When YOU make statements like this:

    “My wager is that a black man with fat white women were with even fatter black women.”

    Think about that!

  • Anthony

    pa-Troll, it is interesting that you say I come off as more female than male here at Clutch. It makes me chuckle because I have been accused of being sexist on some other forums because of some jokes I told about my admiration of big booty body types.

    I admit that I am very supportive and sympathetic towards feminism and black women in general. That said, I am a man and I have my blind spots and sexism issues, like any other man.

    One last thing I will say about the uglier white women with black guys is that the basis for that observation stems from time grocery shopping or taking my kids to the doctor or school functions. I tend to do most of this stuff because my wife has a much less flexible schedule than I do. I can’t tell you how many times I see brothers with some 400 lb. trailer park resident at the grocery store or department store.

    I do work at a university, and there I see young black guys with much cuter white women. I think a lot of these relationships are fundamentally about curiosity, but of course, some become long term and a few babies are made also.

  • SMH

    The celebrity cases were counterexamples to your argument. You used wealth as their qualifier, and I debunked that.

    However Toni, I made very concrete points that I extrapolated to generalized arguments, which you remain unable to dispute. Is there a reason you evaded those? Can you make a case for the absurdity of your opening argument, which is asinine beyond belief?

    I can understand that you have factors of age and negative experience working against you, but I expect you to at least be able to contextualize arguments — being a college professor and all.

  • Kacey

    You sound like a very lonely man.

  • eparksm

    I am not a fan of “token” characters, and the Donald Glover work in seems way too contrived. Hopefully it will play out better on screen.

  • Anthony

    SMH, Toni is not my name. If you cannot do me the basic courtesy of calling my by my given name and calling me names, I have nothing else to say to you.

  • OH

    And you exude ZERO feminine energy maybe it’s because you’re a sad pathetic male troll.

  • Keepitreal

    That’s what “The Bachelor” on ABC is doing now, kill several birds with one stone thing-a-ma-jig. For the 1st time ever they have 4 black girls on the show and not racially ambiguous black but black! oh and they also have a girl with no arms.

    Really ABC? Really? Lol

  • The Other Jess

    Now Black girls do you get it? They’re laughing in your faces and telling you how they really feel about you. You asked and protested the fact of why there were no Black girls on “Girls” – a show created by white women, by the way. So what do they give you as the Black token? A Black ‘boy”! Ha ha ha haaa…If that isn’t hatred, I don’t know what is. So what’s the lesson kiddies? STOP begging white people to give you anything! It’s embarrassing and they can’t stand you anyway! Black women can do better than some lame, narcissitic show on cable.

  • Chillyroad

    “white men fear what they have been told about black women”

    But what about the things what men have said themselves? What about the hate mail that that black ESPN journalist received? Yes white men are just so naive and innocent.

  • LeAnna

    While I totally agree with everyone’s comments on here about a regular looking black guy dating an overweight white girl, I think about my brother and his wife. Most people assume that when I say that my brother is married to a white girl that he is with a super blonde bombshell. Not the case. My sister in law is not the stereotypical white girl (she isn’t skinny), but they are in love. My brother is not the stereotypical black guy either. He loves Transformers (collects them) and Anime. He has dated Black women, but those young ladies were not checking for him. I know that their a special case, but just wanted to throw out their story before we look at all IR couples in a negative light.

  • Kacey

    I feel sorry for you. *hugs*

  • Anthony

    Another person who can do nothing but call names. At the end of the day, all you can do is lob lame insults. You are another person I wil just ignore from now on.

  • Fantastico

    These comments are gold.

  • Black People Are Pathetic

    There are no words to describe how pathetic and outright garbage black people are. One picture of a white woman goes up and the seven seals of the apocalypse descend amongst black people. There’s so much too say about black people and the real problems but who cares I guess. It’s amazing, no absolutely astonishing how so many black websites resemble Neo-Nazi and Aryan Brotherhood hate websites. On black female websites who’s the enemy, white people or black men? As for as the article is concerned, why would Lena Dunham replace her white girlfriends with black women? She and her friends are the stars of the show. So why act surprised when a black male comes on the show? Males are replaceable on the show, the women are exactly like Sex on the City, which also black women love, but I digress.

  • Black People Are Pathetic

    There are no words to describe how pathetic and outright garbage black people are. One picture of a white woman goes up and the seven seals of the apocalypse descend amongst black people. There’s so much too say about black people and the real problems but who cares I guess. It’s amazing, no absolutely astonishing how so many black websites resemble Neo-Nazi and Aryan Brotherhood hate websites. On black female websites who’s the enemy, white people or black men? As for as the article is concerned, why would Lena Dunham replace her white girlfriends with black women? She and her friends are the stars of the show. So why act surprised when a black male comes on the show? Males are replaceable on the show, the women are not, exactly like Sex on the City, which also black women love, but I digress.

  • leelah

    You are completely right. The best thing we can do is support shows featuring black actresses. Look scandal got huge ratings. and 2 seasons later there is deception.
    This is the problem with begging for representation, I stumbled onto this opinion after Sex and the City. These writers don’t know black people or any other people of color if they did then diversity would have been one of their main goals. there would’ve had a diverse cast from the start. I think about shows like Grey’s anatomy and Private practice and the L word, diversity was a given so they took the time and developed fully rounded characters. When you push diversity, you get tokenism. With tokenism you get flat stereotypical characters. You get characters whose sole purpose is their relationship to a white character, which means we have black characters who end up serving the white characters in some way. We get the black lover, the black assistant, they are lower than the white characters and their appearance and actions have to reflect their lower status.
    This is why we keep getting all these fat black nannies and maids. Because if you put a slim attractive woman in those roles then you have to acknowledge them, they no longer fade into the background. Remember Sex and the city casted jennifer hudson over kerry washington. jennifer coming off her big oscar winning character played a door mouse with 10 lines. Kerry washington in all her sexiness would’ve had samantha and carrie and the two plain ones questioning their sexiness.

  • Nic

    How often are ATTRACTIVE black women on TV paired with white men who are the same level of unattractive as Lena Dunham? She is ugly. Actually, it’s pretty common in a lot of all white sitcoms to have an ugly fat husband with a “hot” wife.

  • Nic

    They don’t pair attractive black women with fugly white men on TV…

  • Nic

    OMG, I actually saw one of those shows in Investigation Discovery about pregnancy and there was sure enough the black man with the white wife who was like 500lb…and he was all over it.

    Chris Rock talks about that too…he said that black men have no problem pushing aside a fat white belly for some white p****. He was imitating them saying “there is some good white ‘p’ under that belly.”

    This is why I love my parents generation. My dad does not get why a good looking black man would go there and will always be like ‘WTH’ and wonder why these guys are so psyched to show off their troll/wildebeast looking wives.

  • Nic

    Oh, in the same bit, Chris Rock also said that Rosie O’Donnell could roll up in any black club and get mad numbers, and he was like “and she doesn’t even like men!”

  • Anthony

    Leelah, you hit the nail the head, support black or diverse shows. I also say enjoy white shows for what they are. I think Girls is good for what it is, but there is no way on earth that a black person could ever be incorporated meaningfully into the show.

  • Nic

    I was at a street fair and saw the same thing. This woman had the same body as the Kool-Aid man and had a mustache, side burns, and thick arm hair to boot. She had a kid on one of those kiddie leashes and I looked at the kid and sure enough, he was black. Then her actually attractive husband rolls up and takes her hand.
    And I’m like seriously, how are you climbing on top of that hairy monstrosity every night. What is wrong with black men that they are so happy to have a white woman that they go there? And not just a little. A lot.

    Black men will go off about how fat black women are but seem to love white women in who need to be weighed on a freight scale.

  • Chic Noir

    @Jess, God woman you beat me too it.

    There is something about that BBC that just drives women crazy. Even when it’s unemployed living in it’s moma’s basement thoughtless of the Blk male MDs and MBAs.

  • Nic

    Usually if I see a super fat white man with a non-white woman she a) isn’t black and b)needed a green card.
    And I’ve seen some of them looking mighty sad that they had to resort to that.

  • Nic

    Roger Ebert and his wife are both chubby. Plus, she’s a judge, so neither really married down or up. She’s a well-heeled, well-educated lady who married her equivalent who happened to be white.

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  • Ravi

    yes they do. Admittedly the black woman is usually getting paid (which is another complaint I have for a different conversation), but also when no compensation is involved.

    Jared Harris is far uglier than Lena Dunham.

    And the reason she gets a more attractive romantic interest is because it’s her show. Do you think she will cast an unattractive man as her love interest? Most every plain looking protagonist in a show ends up with a more attractive romantic interest.

    And don’t forget “the Sitter” which started showing on TV a few months ago.

    this guy:

    paired with this girl:

  • Nic

    Kim Kardashian has made more money off black pipe than any black man or black woman ever will.
    It is crazy how much that chick has gotten paid for sexing up a D-list, wanna-be rapper.

  • Anthony

    SMH, I am going to go back on my word and talk to you for a minute. I went back and looked at your posts. The fact you hang your arguments on is that black men are in involved in interracial reltionships at a higher rate than black women. From everything I have read, and based on my own observations, that seems to be a fact, however, that says nothing about the attractiveness of the women these black men get. YOU cannot supply statistics about the average attrativeness of the white women that black men get, and you know you can’t. Such an assessment is subjective, and based on what you see in the course of your own life.

    The other thing I would like to say is that since you like to question my manhood, is that insulting someone over the internet strikes me as totally unmasculine. I guess since I am old,my sense of manhood is old school. When I was coming up, I said what I had to say face to face, if I came out on top, fine, if I lost, I could take an ass kicking like a man, and I didn’t whine about it. All of this internet arguing is like little girls gossipping about each other in grade school (I have two grade school daughters and I see this firsthand.)

    Go and call me another name since I know that only thing you are good for besides dreaming about hot white women and all of the sisters you can’t get.

  • Nic

    Plus, Heidi Klum has told the story many times that the first time she saw Seal, he was in biker shorts. She isn’t even subtle when she describes how it caught her eye. And she got all excited(until they got divorced, she would get all excited TELLING the story), b/c it was clearly like nothing she had seen before (her baby daddy was some old ass Italian dude and her first husband was an oldish hairdresser).
    So yeah, she got excited b/c I guess they don’t have pipe like that in Germany…

  • Anthony

    pa-troll, be a good white boy, go back to your momma! If she is dead, patch the hole in your inflatable and burn off some energy!

  • Ravi

    Again, just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. I’ve seen it so there isn’t really a way to argue that it doesn’t happen.

  • Ravi

    well, he was still fat and ugly. Doesn’t matter if they are a match on other levels. I’m sure the skinny black guys with fat white wives married their equivalent that happened to be white. That wasn’t the point

  • __A

    @Ask_ME – I understand what you are saying. I don’t know why some of these other people act as if they don’t know what’s going on.

    Most men approach women because of their looks. Looks are very important to men. They are not as important to women especially if a man has money and status. This has been happening for a long time now. Would a woman prefer a good looking man? Of course, but ugly but rich men can just about always find a beautiful woman to date. Do you really see men lining up to date ugly women? Not really.

    This whole black men with unattractive white women thing is weirder than attractive black women with unattractive white men because men are interested in looks, but what is going on in these situations then? Love I guess is the lovey dovey version of what people would say. Attractive black women with unattractive white men is weird but more people will not think it is as weird as the other situation. People will assume he has money. Looks are very easy to observe walking down the street. Money and status are not, so you never really know if it’s the same “white pass” situation.

    Someone mentioned a good looking black woman with her average looking white boyfriend at the movies. If that guy were below average in looks and broke and everyone knew it, black people would say she gave a pass to him because he’s white. It is the same thing that they think when they see an attractive black guy with a white woman who is unattractive. He’s excusing her looks because she’s white.

    I rarely see couples where the men are good looking and the women are below average. I rarely see good looking white men dating ugly white women. I rarely see good looking black men dating ugly black women. And when white men date interracially, I rarely see good looking white men dating ugly black or Asian women, so yea it seems weird that there is a significant number of attractive black men dating unattractive white women.

  • Ravi

    some of these other people are acting like we don’t agree about what is going on. Your argument is nothing like what Ask Me is saying up above. Your argument presumes the very thing that she is denying — that ugly white men are getting with beautiful black women. She wasn’t arguing that attractive black women with unattractive white men was less weird; she was arguing that she doesn’t see it happening.

    You don’t raise a bad argument, but you aren’t taking into account that beauty is subjective and you lack the basis to say that attractive black men are more apt to be with an unattractive white woman than an unattractive black woman. There is no way for you to show that there is a disproportionate number of attractive black men with unattractive white women. You are only basing it off of seeing a few such couples, and your experiences don’t speak to what happens in general. I have personally seen attractive men with unattractive women of the same race far more often than interracially. The thing is, they probably didn’t think their woman was unattractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s more than likely the case that the woman I felt was ugly, was beautiful to her man.

  • Anthony

    Clutch folks, I apologize for taking the troll’s bait and posting such a negative and personal response to pa-troll. I did my self no favor’s by acting like him.

  • Anthony

    If a “black man’s advantage” is that he can get a lot of sex because he is seen as desirable, I guess that’s cool, but I would hope mature man would aim a little higher. Heck, I have been approached by white women literally told me that they wanted to get with a “big black man” like me, but frankly, the idea of simply being someone’s taste of jungle fever never appealed to me. If that is the great advantage, I can live without it. I have said before that I am not against interracial relationships. I am all for people being happy with whoever makes them happy. I just have never been a man who made a big deal out of getting with a white women for the heck of it. Since I am married, very happily to a black woman, the point is moot in my case, but I don’t like seeing my people seemingly thinking laying down with someone white in and of itself is such a big deal.

  • Anthony

    I get the notion that “a black man’s advantage” is that he is seen as a desirable sex object. I see that at school all of the time. I experienced it myself when I was flatly told by a white woman that she wanted me because I am a “big black man.” I guess my response is that after a certain point, I would hope a man wants more than to supply white women with a dose of jungle fever.

    To be clear, I am all about individual choice and people dating or marrying who they want, whoever that person is, but I really have a problem was fixating on white women simply because they are white. I honestly feel many brothers end up with lesser women because they will take anything if she is white. That said, they have a right to live their lives as they see fit. I’m sure what I like looks odd to them.

  • Anthony

    I would also like to see that in my opinion, being seen as a desirable partner goes far beyond sexual attraction. An attractive partner to me, is someone who is seen as possible mate. Granted, a young man probably doesn’t care if he is seen as meet the parents material most the time, but no one is a kid forever, and no one should take much in basically being seen as only a bed buddy.

  • Kelly Hawkins

    I don’t even like Donald Glover aka Gambino, I think he’s trying to hard to make hipster rap music that was done 5 years ago. However, I do like Girls and I like it White! That’s what we get for bullying Dunham into adding color into her show, now she’s dating a Black guy who will probably throw in some anti-Black girl jokes just for good measure. Black people… Black women… we need to do our own thing and stop trying to force ourselves into the mainstream aesthetic because it was not made for us!

  • mikey kun

    well it’s something maybe next season they will add a black female to the show

  • modern lady

    Agenda much?

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Honestly…to cry about a black character not being on a show is kind of impotent on black folks part. Sometimes we get so wound up about the most superficial things that we forget that we really don’t need the validation of the culture of power to love ourselves.

    My father always said that the Golden Rule is: He who has the gold; makes the rules. And I’m sorry. I won’t generalize white people but the ones in power have never been interested in sharing it. Understand their views on Darwinism. In their minds they have to be on top!!!! This is why we’re always begging for a bone.

    Diversity, inclusion and harmony have never been a part of their brain chemistry. Ever! Their brains simply don’t work that way.

    Wasn’t their some scientist that put black women at the bottom of desirability while simultaneously putting black men at the top. Like seriously… this idiot couldn’t see the connection that Beautiful black men come from a beautiful black womb.

  • Anthony

    Miley kun, if they add a black female, she will probably be a stereotype too. Let Girls be and push for more black programming.

  • Kam

    Actually most black people didn’t care. The attack on Lena Dunham was pretty contrived.

  • nerdstradamas


    Sometimes I hate this type of forced inclusion or diversity in entertainment. This is because the writing tends to feel awkward and contrived, and you know that the efforts are usually superficial or short lived.

    What happened to telling our own stories or supporting works that did just that?

    Would we have had television such as Living Single, Martin, A Different World, and etc. if we just begged to be included in others’ programming?

    It’s a valid complaint that Girls does not have realistic race representation, but being content with bread crumbs is a whole other can of worms….

  • Marisa

    This was the same issue with Sex and the City, Seinfeld, Mad About You and Friends a bunch of shows based in NYC which has ZERO people of color in any real way. I think all these show creators are doing is on purpose just showing how they see the world which lets just pretend minorities don’t exist. I get if its in the Midwest or Seattle somewhere but, your trying to tell me they cant realistically reflect society in these shows. Of course they can Hollywood just doesn’t give a crap. So black people just need to create our own shows and no reality tv does not count.

  • Rosey

    I was telling a friend today that I found the whole show extremely overrated. Maybe because I can’t relate? It felt like some critics and people said they liked the show because they didn’t want to seem unsophisticated. Whats so revolutionary about the lives of spoiled rich white girls living in NYC? **yawn**

    So I really don’t care about Donald Glover on this show (although I love him in Community).

    On a sidenote: Why can’t some of yall commenters engage in a civil discussion? It’s really pathetic.

  • p


    I usually ignore you….and scroll pass your posts but Black men are more desirable?Proof?Yes, you do see more Black men with *others* but that is because they are men and women will always overlook some things to get a matter who or what he is.

    Are you an attractive Black woman…so what the hell do you know about who approaches Black women and *choices*. I have been approached by every *race* and both genders and in most of those I declined…not because of the *races* of the people but it wasnt right for me at that moment….and I have seen many Black women more attractive than I. …THE NUMBERS AND CHOICES ARE LOW FOR BLACK WOMEN AND *OTHERS*, MOSTLY BECAUSE OF BLACK WOMEN THEMSELVES… you and the other *most wanted by everyone black men(according to you) that post here

    F****K! OFF

  • p


    That/you sound so pathetic

  • p


    Yeah they do…have pipe like that in Germany that is…..

  • p

    Yet you married an Asian@chillyroad/qon…..

  • Anthony

    I was just listening to NPR’s Fresh Air and it featured a a critic, David Bianculi (SP?) raving about how smart Lena Dunham’s response to the lack of diversity on her show was. It featured a snippet of dialogue between Dunham and Glover’s character that I think I could have written in my sleep. I am now certain this show was better just white because the black character is clearly set up to be a sort of “other” instead of an actual person.

  • Nakia

    The sad thing is that many of the people crying for diversity on the show were not Black. They were people arguing and articles written on behalf of “people of color” in general. The characters (Black and Puerto Rican) in her office and the use of the ‘Black Bum’ in season one should have let folks know that we didn’t want to be written in by folks who don’t know or appreciate us, just we can be part of the story. I wish Dunham would have stuck to her original plan. Anyway, if I can’t relate to (or find entertainment in) a show, I don’t watch.

  • MommieDearest


    1. How did I miss this article?
    2. Why did I think it said “Danny Glover” at first? LOL!!!!

    Any who, ITA Kacey. Somma ya’ll just can’t leave well-enough alone… .


    I wish black people would stop supporting these shows so, they can stop complaining about the lack of diversity. The creators, Viacom and Hollywood do not care about our black asses. They do enough “black stuff” to shut us up and do enough to keep our money flowing to their pockets. Only if black would actually boycott something but, we know that will never happen. Therefore, suck it up and just deal with the lack of color on TV because, as other posters said “These white people will show whatever they want”. Black Americans are actually the highest number of people who watch TV. Therefore, we watch more TV then white people. So, that means we are supporting all of these shows we complain about lol. Also, some shows just need to stay WHITE. I hate when they incorporate a “Safe Negro” to shut up the Negros lol. When Friends, Sex in the City, and Seinfeld did it I was like Why? Just keep it snowflakin on the screen.

  • The Comment

    *tears n my eyes*

    “I can still hear you wheezing all over my comments, fat Albert.”

    I’d get Dish Network to see this conversation played out.

  • Anthony

    LOL, I was watching the season premiere, and it took all of two minutes for Lena Dunham to show her breasts! I hope you women who hate her bosom aren’t too traumatized!

  • Anthony

    I see Lena Dunham just won a Golden Globe. I guess her breasts and tatoos are going to rule Hollywood now.

  • Robbie

    No matter what so many people have said so far, this show has just won two Golden Globes tonight. I have never watched it because I don’t have cable and don’t watch much tv. Somehow many like it enough to make it a big winner tonight. Waiting to see how this new addition will turn things around. I am sure that I will read about it soon. I do agree with those that say that not all shows need the token black person in it especially that based on what I heard, this show is about her life experiences as a white woman.

  • aj

    PREACH! #Chuch

  • Gina

    Just want to point out here that Seattle does have a huge community of POC, but most of them aren’t black. White guilt about Asian people hasn’t produced as many tokens as white guilt about slavery. There are of course bleached neighborhoods, and black neighborhoods, but we need to broaden “people of color” to include other non-white races.

  • Gina

    East Coast provincialism happening here! Seattle has many people of color, but most of them aren’t black. Most of them are Asian, in addition to a longstanding black community. White guilt about Asian people hasn’t produced as many tokens as white guilt about slavery. The underrepresentation of Asian people on TV is sad, but having lots of tokens isn’t really better.

  • Gina

    Ms Denham, nice try. Let’s see if some women of color can join your BFFs. Women of color with our own backstories and plotlines independent of your doppelganger. Alright? Lots and lots of them. Maybe hire some women of color as writers and producers, too, in case you’re worried we’ll be misrepresented. We may not be able to represent all women who look like us, but we each know our own story and the stories of our mothers, sisters, aunts and friends. See if you can go an entire episode without pasty people prattling on about gefilte fish and bagels. Most of Brooklyn does.

  • steff

    i love Girls! For me (and i mean just me) the lack of black women on the show doesnt bother me in the slightest, The show is about “girls” and last time i checked i was one, i find it extremely relatable and have found it really funny! Excited to watch the new season :)

  • Chococat

    Uh, spoiler alert :/

  • Ashur

    Though I do check out most HBO shows, I’ve never seen Girls. It came on after I went to college and my school doesn’t have HBO (meaning I’m helping to make Game of Thrones the most pirated show in the US!).

    Lena Dunham’s response to criticisms of her show’s lack of diversity have shown that she has no understanding or respect of black people. Her good friend, Leslie Arfin, who writes for the show, has written about her love of the N word and, in response to the controversy, tweeted such vapid and ignorant statements as “What really bothered me about Precious was that there was no representation of ME.” The last thing I would trust these two with is a black character.

    We should undoubtedly continue to complain about the lack of representation of black and POC characters on television, but we should also be realistic about where we’re going to get good representation. A better complaint might well have been lodged at Game of Thrones — as much as I love it — for turning a prominent black female character from the books into a redheaded white woman, and making a canon Middle Eastern kingdom European like all the others.

    We should also support shows that do represent us fully, and which don’t relegate us to black channels and black shows. Reach out for shows from afar that do, try to get them on TV in America. A ton of British youth shows represent POC well. A retelling of the King Arthur matter featured a black Guinevere (this show got broadcast on Syfy thanks to American interest). Some Girls, a high school level Girls, stars a black girl whose friends include two white girls and an Indian girl. The biggest romantic interest and male character on the show is a black boy.

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