butt injection death/tragedy

A second woman has been arrested in relation to the butt-injection homicide case that took place last March — yes, I said butt-injection homicide.

You may recall last year when a Georgia woman, 37-year-old Karima Gordon, died from blood clots in her lungs after an illegal butt injection procedure.

Morris Garner, who had no training or license, injected Gordon with a silicone-like substance in his Jackson, Mississippi home. He was arrested and charge with depraved-heart murder in September.

Now authorities have arrested an accomplice, 39-year-old, hip-hop model Natasha Stewart. According to reports, Stewart — who also goes by Pebbelz — helped recruit women for butt enhancement and introduced Gordon to Garner.

She’s been indicted on charges of murder, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

With so many black market butt-injections making national headlines, hopefully this saga will come to an end soon. Clearly, seeking cheaper alternatives for plastic surgery is not the answer.

  • http://www.urbanexpressive.com J. Nicole

    I don’t understand how none of these patients ran out of the room screaming when the person who would perform their surgery apprared looking like that. Is that the face of someone who looks like they know what they’re doing? Anyone who goes to a hotel or home for plastic surgery obviously isn’t that smart. Even going to a hospital with professionals poses a risk! These women are obviously desperate & have serious self esteem issues.

  • Billy Paul

    “These women are obviously desperate & have serious self esteem issues.”

    Forgive me for being so bold, but isn’t that why said individuals make such solicitations?

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    This is tragic, but I got to say I am not surprised. If your getting beat over the head again by the media telling you your not good enough the ones with the lowest self esteem are going to do something about it, and there will be some hustler who will take advantage of it. I find it a bit ironic that in a medal that reinforces white beauty standards that it is a so called black beauty standard that has woman running to these back door plastic surgeons.

  • Anthony

    Stupidity is unfortnately an innate aspect of the human condition. Some people will always take dumb chances for dumb reasons. Just like butt injections, there was a young black man who died last year after he let an untrained and unliscensed woman inject silicone into his penis to make it longer. The silicone went to his heart and blocked his valves, essentially giving him a heart attack.

  • Sasha

    What is exactly the appeal in having a butt that looks like that in the first picture? What really is the motive behind these butt implants? Is it because this kind of stuff supposedly appeals to me? This whole thing sounds stupid and incredibly pathetic. I have sympathy for the women and their families but clearly they didn’t value their lives if they were going to risk it by getting unknown substances injected into them by unlicensed strangers in unsanitary conditions.

  • Trisha

    Right now my eyes are larger than a 50cent quarter. Her butt is enormous. I hope these women stop. To lose your life over this (anything) is not worth it.

  • http://gravatar.com/chanela17 chanela17

    yes it is. we should encourage our young women to love themselves instead of getting cut open and stuffed..hospital or not. let’s stop it with the “if you don’t like it then fix it”. it is soo damaging. especially when these women getting nosejobs and breast implants have children with the same features that they “fixed”. poor kids grow up thinking something is wrong with them too.

    going under the knife when it’s not a serious health issue is not worth it. smh

  • D

    It’s not as much about self esteem as it is about money. The butt injection success stories, like the aforementioned Pebbelz, fuel this trend. Get the injections, become a stripper/video model, make lots of dough and hang with/get smutted by rappers and assorted celebrities.

    But don’t get it twisted. Under the right circumstances, this wouldn’t be just a woman thing. Though plastic surgeries are done more for them because of the sex industry (porn, strippers, escorts, models, etc.) if there was anywhere close to a reliable method for giving a man a foot-long tool the line would wrap around the planet.

    Not that I’d be on the line. Just saying….. :-)

  • Keepitreal

    The lengths some women will go through for male attention is astonishing. Fathers, hug your daughters please and some were hollering over Obama calling his little girls beautiful, this is why.

  • Misshightower

    Since when has our worth been reduced to “ass and weave?” We’re better than this!!!

  • JadaJay

    I’m sorry to hear about the woman’s death, but SERIOUSLY – her ass in the first picture was not worth her life. It looks so, so, so, so bad. Where do they make jeans for that?

    And the lady in the prison pajamas is in no way a person I would go to for advice or procedures on beauty or plastic surgery. What happened to HER face?

  • B
  • Anthony

    Be glad there is no way for a man to have foot long rod. The last thing the world needs is guys who couldn’t get any action with a penis too long get any action from the few who might be down.

    Another poster had it right, these back room procedures are about “breaking into the game.”

  • Robbie

    @ Keepitreal, You are so right. I love your comment, I am just adding my two cent on top of yours.

    Unfortunately many young women grow up in a household without a father and look for love, self acceptance and validation from men. Often times, they get it from the wrong ones.

    I have heard so many black women saying, I grew up without a daddy and I turned out fine so I don’ t need a man. I grew up also without a daddy in the household, and I when the time comes, I want my kids to have both mommy and daddy living under the same roof raising them.

    Fathers regardless of their personal status have to take their responsibilities serioulsy to raise their daugthers right. No one cannot underestimate the importance of saying “I love you”,” you are beautiful” to a child. Saying it and showing it is the only way for parents to build their self-esteem, and not let the media or any fool tell their kids how they should look.

    I thank God for building my self-esteem up and for being the strong woman that I am today.

  • http://mybigfatqlife.wordpress.com qlittlestar13

    Come on, after the ooo’s and ahhhss over the Beyonce photo yesterday. I can totally see why young women would do this, I mean not that monstrous display in the photo, but enhance with a nip,tuck or 10.. We praise looks over just about everything (except money)and with the bombardment of constant diet commercials, it is a wonder young, American women can reach adulthood feeling good about themselves. It is more important than just about any other time to sell sex to get what you want, so it is not just about male attention. It used to be said that the girls who heaux it up to get where they want don’t have real talent, nowadays even the talented ones covering all their bases by purchasing themselves a big butt.

  • Kacey

    I would like a man to explain to me what is so attraction about a derriere that looks like the one in the above left photo. I’m not being facetious. When I see that my visceral reaction is to cringe and then “eew” comes to the forefront of my brain. What is it about these amorphously large butts?

  • YeahRight2011

    What’s funny is that the Black Standard of Beauty (for lack of a better term) is responsible for this and related cases. Next time someone talks about the Booty Beauty of black women shut them down. Not every white woman has blue eyes or perky breasts and not every black woman has to have a big butt. Lets not act like all women aren’t trying to meet one standard or another. Brazil has its own standard and the women are literally dying to obtain it illegally.

  • binks

    Right! But I don’t know what it is about this era but sadly these days it is all about the Kim Kardashian/Mongolian/Indian, etc. hair, overly using makeup/contouring/airbrushing/photoshopping, and ridiculous cartoony a$$es, breasts, hips, and other unnecessary plastic surgery to enhance a feature that was perfectly fine before that it isn’t funny anymore. I swear I can’t wait until the tide changes and natural appearances are back into the forefront. Women dying to look like so and so and trying to obtain a feature deem “hot” in a fickle media or mirror celebs and video vixens is becoming senseless. We need to teach not only girl but grown women about self-love and self-esteem! Because clearly it is becoming lost….

  • Mademoiselle

    I’m torn: I definitely feel sorry for any kids left behind in this foolishness, but I’m having a really hard time feeling sorry for this woman’s death. I just figure the default result of getting a black market surgical procedure done to yourself would naturally be death (deformation being the runner up result if you’re lucky), so when I read that a woman died from a black market butt injection, my initial reaction is “well, yea…”

  • Anthony

    Kacey, a butt like that would fly in porn or a strip club, but not too many dudes would actually want a woman who rear is so big that she probably can’t wipe it. That rear is clearly in fetish territory.

  • http://chennadoll.tumblr.com pinklipstick227

    I agree. At some point, people have to take personal responsibility for the choices that they make. I’m not against butt augmentations but if one must increase the size of her derriere she should save enough money to receive services from a licensed surgeon.

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    I agree.
    If a woman wants to modify her body, then she should take the proper precautions.

  • Kacey

    Yeah, I wanted to broach the topic on how one manages hygiene with such an abnormally large posterior, but I figured that would be too much and I can see the conversation going way left (especially with some of these Trolls).

  • thinkpink

    Ehh I wouldn’t quite say that. The big butt thing wasn’t fully embraced by the media until Kim K and J Lo made it hot. Also in my observation it isn’t ironic at all. Black culture and (keeping it real) a lot of our men celebrate white beauty standards (even a big booty model needs to be light skinned. For some of these women their butt may have represented (in their minds) the only part of their physical appearance a black man might find desirable. Hence the obsession with enhancing it and all cost.

  • Kacey

    The photos at the ends (left & right) are the co-defendants in the case. The one in the middle is the decedent. And co-defendent on the right is actually a man. I’m guessing the face is a result of a combination of aging, synthetic female hormones and other toxic chemicals that s/he has been self-administering.

  • Frique

    Couldn’t agree more with both of you. There’s a book called ” Why Love Matters” by Sue Gerhardt that my wife and I have been studying (not reading) over the last few months in preparation for our son who arrived over Christmas. This should be mandatory for all parents. Black women have carried us as a people for far too long. Time for us fathers to give um a hand.

  • E.M.S.

    I don’t even understand why someone would want a butt like this. I don’t aspire to have a big butt, in fact, I PREFER my smaller and toned butt. Because I don’t want to be yet another young woman on this earth who people only see as a walking pair of cheeks. But perhaps that means I’ve successfully shielded myself from all the brainwashing when it comes to physical beauty.

    It’s terribly sad what lengths women will go to get the body they think is beautiful. When will we all be able to look in a mirror and stop obsessing over our imperfections to the point we do dangerous things to “correct” them?

  • mikey kun

    eww to the first pic, and the the woman in the last pic looks like a villin

  • dee

    I find it ironic that this story talks about how people are basically willing to put their lives on the line, pretty much willing to die to fulfill a false sense of beauty yet right next to the story is a prime example of imagry that tells women that this is what “sexy” is….wich is an obviously photoshopped image.

  • http://defendingmoney.wordpress.com Marketing Gimmicks

    That woman in the last pic look like the love child of Frankenstein and The Grim Reaper. She’s not coming anywhere near my hind parts. No mam and thank you!

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Nothing attractive, once a guy knows its fake, (and dudes knew about her), stock in her drops.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    “She” is not a woman…..

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    I agree but for this part, “The big butt thing wasn’t fully embraced by the media until Kim K and J Lo made it hot.” That should be the white media, big butts has always had a home in black circles.

  • Trinity

    Haha…LOL! Clutch has been funny today. Time to sign off and spend some time w/ my hubby! smh…

  • B

    agree but for this part, “The big butt thing wasn’t fully embraced by the media until Kim K and J Lo made it hot.” That should be the white media, big butts has always had a home in black circles


    Black women weren’t getting illegal butt injections back when it was just a black thing. This trend started after white media started celebrating it.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    True, but what does that say about those black women?

  • BoutThatLove


    ”That should be the white media, big butts has always had a home in black circles” I never witnessed this like I do NOW amongst black people, now I see and hear it everywhere.

    I think the obsession about big butts were different then. No one was telling black woman that they had to look like a cartoon character to be a worthy black woman or that this was what a black woman looked like or that a big butt is what made a black woman beautiful. Black woman’s bodies were loved by black man, no matter if her butt was fat or not, but now we live in a culture where even black men and woman criticize a woman’s body for not having a fat as$, or in some cases, huge breast to match her big butt. The pressure wasn’t that great as it is now.

    I also like to add, that white media saw an opportunity to uphold non black woman as a beauty standard that everyone should compete with, as usual…. especially black woman. These woman made it easier because they dated black men, making black woman think that as$ is what it was/is all about.

    If we are talking way back, black people actually had real problems and a black woman with a huge butt wasn’t one of them, that would have been an issue of value. There is also a lot to consider when we talk about old times, because the black community was different then it is now. Our priorities and standards have greatly shifted.

  • The Comment

    Does anyone hear have a butt injection?

  • AM

    won’t they be dead?

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    your preference for smaller and toned is no less a brainwashing. Our preferences and standards aren’t instilled at birth. It just seems your preference is for your current condition and won’t lead you taking drastic measures to change yourself. If someone is naturally the dimensions of the girl pictured above, I could see her preferring to be that way over smaller and that wouldn’t be a problem.

  • E.M.S.

    That’s not the result of brainwashing, it’s about my own personal preference as to how I feel about my body, thanks.

    You contradicted yourself a bit there too. You say if a girl is naturally like the girl above and prefers it, that’s alright. But me naturally having a smaller but and preferring it IS a problem. Interesting logic.

    Seems to me you simply prefer big butts and don’t like the fact I voiced my dislike of them or proudness of the fact mine is not that way.

  • JNoire

    That is not a Photoshopped image. That is Pebbelz, (full stage name is Pebbelz Da Model) the woman who “recruited” the lady in the middle picture to have the augmentation. The woman on the right is the person who did the injection that ended up killing the woman in the middle picture.

    Pebbelz is famous in the rap/hip-hop scene and hood magazine world. If you care to watch some sad displays of ignorant behavior look up “Pebblez Da Model W/ Truestoriesradio.com”. It is a sad state of affairs.

  • JNoire

    That is not a Photoshopped image. That is a real person. That is Pebbelz (aka Pebbelz da Model) who is the woman who “recruited” the lady in the middle picture to get the butt injections. Pebbelz is actually famous in the rap/hip hop scene and in the hood magazine community.

    If you want to see a display of complete shameful ignorant behavior look up “Pebblez Da Model W/ Truestoriesradio.Com”.

  • The Comment

    oh my god I leave for a couple of months and someone hijackes my name.

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