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Sports columnist and commentator Rob Parker has put his foot in his month one too many times. He’s now out of a job.

ESPN suspended Parker last month for a racially charged comment to Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. During an episode of First Take, he called Griffin a “cornball brother” and said “he’s not one of us.”

ESPN vice-president Mike Soltys broke the news via Twitter that the network has decided not to renew his contract. “Rob Parker’s contract expired at year end. Evaluating our needs and his work, including his recent RGIII comments, we decided not to renew,” he wrote.

In light of the controversy, Parker says he was not questioning Griffin’s blackness and claims his comments were taken out of context.

“It was just a conversation that’s had in the black community when athletes or famous entertainers or whatever push away from their people. And that’s really what it was about,” he said in his defense.

“We saw with OJ Simpson and some other people where they say, ‘I’m not black, I’m OJ.’ So it’s more about that, not about RG III and what’s going on. It’s more about this thing we’ve battled for years about why people have pushed away from their people.”

Parker went on to say that the show’s producers knew he was going to make the comment and allowed him to proceed.

“We had a discussion inside a pre-production meeting,” he said. “Not every single word but they knew which way we were going.”

Are you buying Parker’s side of the story?

  • Sasha

    Good riddance of bad rubbish!! I love the default excuse “what I said was taken out of context” ugh Parker please, look who is the cornball brother now!! I hate to see anyone lose their job especially in this economy but he got what he deserved. Time to spruce up that resume sir.

  • Anthony

    I can see where Parker was coming from but ESPN was not the place to attempt that sort of discussion. Personally, I only care about seeing RGIII ball, not who he balls.

  • Tonton Michel

    I believe Rob Parker 100% about his intent and that the producers new he was going there. This is a conversation people in the black community have all the time about black’s who do not behave or display characteristics of the norm. Unfortunately ESPN is not the platform for it. That is strictly in house conversation. I hope he bounces back.

  • DeezaPeeza

    He’s gotta realize some sh*t needs to stay in-house. That’s a joke we would say when we’re amongst one another watching football at the house – not on network television.

  • Yb

    Do people really say “I’m not black, I’m just (insert name here), I’m just me” ?

  • Tara

    This whole situation is sad. I dont think that he should have questioned his blackness. From what I understand, a reporter asked him if he wanted to be the best black quarterback and he said that he wanted to be the best quarterback period. That is like asking someone if they want to be the best black employee. You want to be the best employee not the best black employee. I dont think that his girlfriend or being a republican has anything to do with his blackness. I hate that conversation. I have heard a black man say something similar about a black man who was a comentator on CNN. This guy was a very well spoken attorney and the other guy was basically ghetto. Any way the guy looked at him and said look at this negro sounding all white…I bet that he has a white wife. I dont care at the end of the day if he represents himself well and is not a bufoon like a lot of the NFL, then he is alright with me. I mean what more can you ask for from another black person?

  • isola

    I don’t have a problem with his comments, it was just dialogue. I have a problem where he chose to express it. That was dumb.

  • Geoffrey Thorne

    bigots get fired if they’re dumb enough to express their bigotry in a way that hurts the image of their employers.

    no sympathy.

  • Ask_ME

    OJ Simpson said that mess in the 1970s (of all periods). He got his wake up call as we see. Jim Brown called him on it if I’m not mistaken.

  • binks

    lol but true! I kind of got where he was going but it didn’t come off well, unfortunately he has to deal with the consequences.

  • AM

    Sorry to detract from the article, but is homegirl on her way to prom?!

  • pinklipstick227


  • The Revolution is going to be televised!!!!!!!!!

    Not worth losing a job over. What is the problem?

  • Val

    I think ESPN just wanted to get rid of him because what he said wasn’t bad enough to get fired over.

  • Tara

    OJ Simpson actually started to believe that he was not black. I remember when the trial was going on and white his white friends was saying but we treated him just like he was white; like he was one of us :/ I think that they think that that is an honor for us to hear…..Well for some of us it is…lol.

    But anyway OJ is in a cell 23 hours of the day with 1 hour of exercise. At least this guy is humble. It will keep him grounded and centered.

  • willp

    What! Are you kidding me…you fire the guy(which is wbat it was) for those comments, PLEASE. Rob we’ll miss you. You’re better than any of those other guys. Good luck wherever you land.

  • Tara


  • mr.vicious

    Perfect example of when “keeping it real goes wrong”. ESPN is about being pc and what he did was bring high school lunch room talk into a international stage. What he was trying to say is RG3 is a cornball for not having that street edge, that pac-man jones or mike vick have.

    He may have pulled RG3 black card away, but espn slap him with the accountability card. He’s done, I dont anticipate him getting back to the point where he fell off.

  • MimiLuvs

    From my experience, I have been asked the “What kind of black person are you?” question ever since I was a child.
    Just like being called a ‘n*****’, it is something that I will be never be desensitized from.

  • Nic

    What I wonder is why he gets fired over insulting RG3 but Jason Whitlock didn’t get in trouble for insulting Serena Williams (he’s only a contributor but it was still out of line, not to mention Jason Whitlock shouldn’t be commenting on anyone’s body).

  • Nic

    Yes, she is the one who looks like a cornball but having a non-black partner is par for the course for black professional athletes so I’m not sure of how he is different except that we know he can actually read and doesn’t have 20 kids running around somewhere(which isn’t corny)…

  • Kim

    No. He did not say RG did not have street cred. What he was saying was RG was a typical black male athlete who runs after white women . People know who his fiancé is. If she where a black woman with the same character, she would be considered damaged goods. The truth is the truth no matter the out come. He will get another job and pathetic black folk will continue to do what they do. Everyone needs to know what goes around comes around.

  • LorriK

    Double standard here. When Steven A. Smith called someone the N word, it was all good. Everybody can’t get away with everything. Know your limits.

  • curious

    i know nothing about OJ’s comments, but i have said something similar before. not because i have no pride in my heritage, but because of the expectations. i’m nerdy and i’d rather go to an anime convention instead of a beyonce concert; i’m currently more interested in dating white guys than black guys because most of the white guys i’ve met are more in step with the things i love and believe in; i’m a vegetarian and i hate koolaid. none of these things take away from my heritage or my love for american people of the african diaspora.
    i don’t want anyone to tell me i have to be x-y-z or like a-b-c or do ANYTHING because i’m black, no matter what your racial background is. i’ll do me, you do you.

  • kaybee

    He deserves to be fired.No matter how successful you are there will always be people ready to tear you down. Idk if RG grew up with Black people and dont really care.

  • Miss Huntley

    I’m surprised by how many people are defending this loser Rob. Regardless how he and his friends feel about RGIII being a “brotha”, National Television was not the place for it. He deserved to get fired. RGIII is actually a pretty good role model for young black men, regardless of who he chooses to date. He is smart, well spoken, stays out of trouble and he is a great athlete, breaking all kinds of records as a rookie! It’s really sad that all of his good characteristics are overshadowed by who he dates. SAD.

  • ruggie

    Good point. Jason Whitlock should’ve gotten the boot a long time ago.

  • trina

    He shouldn’t have got fired, that was the truth, anyway what goes around comes around, he made him got fired, and he’s is now out of the field for 6-plus month rehabilitating his knee.

  • StopIt

    Oh pulease. RG is another black male athlete with a non-black girlfriend/wife…how is he a role model? Because with all his accolades (he is well spoken? really? isn’t that expected of a college graduate) his cherry on top is a white woman? stop acting like colorism doesn’t exist.

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