Since she became the third winner of American Idol, Fantasia Barrino has been the subject of constant media scrutiny. The North Carolina-bred singer makes the news more often for her personal life than her enormous vocal talent.

Aside from being illiterate and becoming pregnant as a teenager, Fantasia is judged most harshly for seemingly breaking up a happy home when she had a baby with a married man.

  • Anorexicbob

    Wow, it seems like she gets dumber every time she opens her mouth,

  • Anorexicbob

    LOL @ Silverback baby momma comment. I’ll file that one away, I might want to use it someday.

  • modern lady

    A publicist for Fantasia is like the morning after pill for a hooker-something that is needed but never used.

  • chinaza

    Fantasia made a clear point about social hypocrisy and she’s right. Fantasia’s main offence lies in the fact that she does not conform to the light-skin, soft-haired, mannequins that the public idolize and celebrate in the entertainment industry.

  • kelly

    the bible says nothing against smoking weed, it actually supports the use of the herb… But the other things mentioned are a different story ..

    • Vic

      There is no mention of “crack” in the Bible either nor any other drug none to man today. It’s clear that if you believe in what the Bible says we should never place any substance in our body that will harm it. It’s statements like the one made here that scares me to death. People trying to make what is wrong be right.