Since she became the third winner of American Idol, Fantasia Barrino has been the subject of constant media scrutiny. The North Carolina-bred singer makes the news more often for her personal life than her enormous vocal talent.

Aside from being illiterate and becoming pregnant as a teenager, Fantasia is judged most harshly for seemingly breaking up a happy home when she had a baby with a married man.

The criticism affected her so deeply she attempted suicide. Now, the “Bittersweet” singer is speaking out in her own defense. She posted on her Instagram:

I Rise ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERMENT, THE church House… Everybody Trying!!!!!!! Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! Im not doing Nothing for you… My Life!!!!

She does have a point about being judged, rising above criticism and owning the choices she makes in her life. But many took offense to her comments about gay marriage being legal.

Even some Christians found fault with Fantasia’s post, saying her wording implies that same-sex marriage should be judged more harshly than adultery.

After the backlash, her public relations team responded to clear up her view on LGBTQ relationships:

Comments made by Ms. Barrino through her Instagram account were recently taken far out of context, and the purpose of this release is to set the record straight. Ms. Barrino is not now, nor has she ever been an opponent of the LGBT community. She has supported and performed at numerous events that are sponsored by the LGBT community. Whether it’s through a live performance or placement on social media, Ms. Barrino uses every opportunity to reach out and connect with her fans, all of her fans.

What do you think of Fantasia’s comments, Clutchettes?

  • MuffyCrosswire

    I’m tired of this super sensitivity when it comes to gays. Nothing wrong with what she said. This gay agenda forced everywhere we turn is annoying. There is nothing natural about homosexuality and the lifestyle is counterproductive for black people.

  • Sasha

    This woman is a nitwit. I am far from jumping for joy in regard to gay marriage HOWEVER please put your stone down Fantasia and stop trying to deflect. That glass house is awful delicate….

  • AM

    Fantasia needs PR people, ASAP! She needs to shut up, and just do what she does best, SANG!! She can share her thoughts with her family.

  • -A.

    While poorly articulated, I think the point she was trying to get across is that people pick and choose the sins they want to hold under scrutiny. It’s not fair, it’s never been fair. She’s just pointing out that there are others who have done wrong by biblical standards who are criticized far less than she is. It can be quite annoying when the majority of your critics are preaching from glass houses.

  • Smilez_920

    In 2013 we need to get Fantasia a better PR team and a media coach.

    Yes ppl critsism Fantasia because she’s an easy target, she put all of her buisness out there , reality show, twitter etc.. Of course people are going to comment some will be harsh. Unfortunately that is te new nature of media and super stardom once you put your buisness out there , you’ll be eaten alive if your dont make a change.

    I don’t remember ppl judging fantasia for being a teen mom, if anything she had a ” triumphant story” when she first one American Idol.

    Fantasia hasn’t done the greatest job when it came to keeping herself together . It happens no ones perfect.

    As far as the whole married man scandal .Fantasia had a public affair with the T-Mobile mall guy, got his name tattooed on her, supposedly started giving him money, got pregnant only for him to leave her for his wife , and try to get full custody of fantasia unborn child for MonEY. That is one heck of a scandal.

  • Isiswings

    It’s a shame people can’t be glad to see gay men and lesbians gain the same rights as heterosexuals. Yes, Fantasia’s right that she has been harshly judged but GLBT people aren’t taking anything away from her by gaining the right to marry. Also, to refer to gay marriage as the “gay agenda” is a tired old trope, like saying that gays and lesbians want “special rights”–when I hear that phrase it’s like having someone exhale their stale bad breath all over a conversation. How is wanting to have the right to marry and love openly an “agenda”??

  • Pseudonym

    Two consenting adults of the same sex getting married affects no one else negatively. Sleeping with someone’s husband and getting pregnant by him and it become a public humiliation does affect others negatively. I’m sure her baby daddy’s ex-wife’s life was turned upside-down and emptied out by all that drama and nonsense.

  • Libby

    EXCLUSIVE: Court Finds Fantasia’s Married Lover Was Separated From Wife At Time Of Tryst

    There’s been a major win for singer Fantasia, with a North Carolina court finding the married man who impregnated her was actually separated from his wife at the time of their love affair.

  • Shirl

    “the lifestyle is counterproductive for black people”. This has gotta be one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a long time.

  • Shirl

    Thank you!!!

  • EST. 1986

    Hahahaha at your name.

  • mEE

    even tho this comment will be blocked pretty soon because of the down votes, I’m interested to know your reasoning behind why homosexuality is counterproductive for black people specifically?

  • Val

    Fantasia is an illiterate and ignorant woman. All she can do is sing. And she needs to stick to that. And like many others, she needs to concern herself with what she does and not what others are doing.

  • binks

    Honestly, I agree! Again maybe I’ am being to analytical but I don’t see what she stated that was SO bad. As you said, it seem like she was speaking from a biblical standpoint. Just like adultery is a sin in the Bible so is homosexuality, a sin is a sin is a sin and if you are going to judge one harshly (as in her case) then follow the trend and judge them all with the same measuring stick. Not saying that judging others’ “perceived” wrongs/sins make her wrong right because at the end of the day Fanny’s situation was not only wrong and plain messy. But I see what she is trying to say it just wasn’t stated eloquently. And FYI, again just because you don’t agree with gay marriages doesn’t make you a homophobe, anti-gay, or whatever. Again, mountain out of a anthill…

  • Val

    “I’m tired of this super sensitivity when it comes to gays”

    I’m sure many White people are tired of Black people being super-sensitive too. I guess people who are apart of minority groups ought to just shut up and take what ever society gives them, right.

  • mEE

    sooo Fantasia, you had an affair with another woman’s husband and the father of her children. tattooed his name on your body. tricked on him buy buying him expensive presents while you were facing bankrupcy. left the woman taunting messages on her phone. got pregnant. had an abortion. attempted suicide (which would have left your only child without a parent). got pregnant again but this time decided to keep the child. …and you’re concerned about same sex couples getting married?

    when are people going to realize that someone else’s sin doesn’t negate their own?

  • mEE

    ::sigh:: isn’t it a shame when the oppressed start taking on the qualities of the oppressor?

  • -A.

    Never said that no one was hurt from the situation nor gave the illusion that I condoned it.
    Just that Fantasia poorly articulates what she’s learned from the Bible and the church. (She actually sucks at communicating in general, but that’s another story for another day.) I do not think she was “targeting” the LGBT community as many are trying to accuse her of. She was venting, and gay marriage just happened to be a part of her argument, as it is supposedly taboo in her religion.

    I only judge what goes on in a bed if I’m in it.

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    Weed is actually a medicinal plant, a lot safer and more beneficial than most pills and tonics prescribed by doctors.
    I hate when people try to make weed evil or sinful or some dangerous narcotic when it is none of those things, abuse of anything though can be sinful.

  • Isiswings

    How is it not homophobic to think some people don’t have the right to marry and live happily with the person they love? As far as claiming that from a Biblical standpoint Fantasia’s comments are OK, read up a bit on what it means to be Biblical:

  • AM

    I’m very curious too…….

  • Val



  • binks

    Who said that people who are anti-gay marriage oppose people for living their lives happily with the person they love? But if someone think that marriage is reserved between a man and a woman than that is their right. Personally, I don’t care who gets married one way or the other but why is there this perceived notion that because some people don’t agree with that particular issue than they must be rallying and screaming “Down with Gays” when that is not always the case. Not agreeing with something with someone’s notion and plain hating someone is two different avenues.

  • Rayquan

    Gay Marriage is worse than adultry according to the bible gay’s was called a abonination adultrey was called a sin abonination is worse get it together people!

  • Krishanda

    Ummm, I think that that’s her life and she can do what ever she wants because she is grown .. it just makes me mad when people judge other people stop worrying about what Fantasia is doing and worry about your own damn self .. whatever Fantasia doing does not have nothing to do with you people that’s judging her ! Like some of yall people need to grow up and get a life if she wanna have a gay marriage so be it that’s her .. That’s why i do not like when people judge people because nobody is perfect !

  • Isiswings

    Already pointed this out to someone else in this discussion. All you people who use the Bible to justify hate need to think about how Biblical your life is:

  • OMG

    @ Krishanda

    I concur. Honestly, I can care less how these celebrities live their lives because it’s not my life. I have my own problems to worry about. As long as they continue to make good music for me to listen to, then I’m good. I’m not their God.

  • EST. 1986

    Muffy Crosswire is the character from Arthur, a children’s show.

  • L. Wilson

    I think it was sometime in the 90s that 60 Minutes aired a report looking back on key Civil Rights moments. They aired one of those clips of white people, their faces contorted with hate, yelling at young black students entering a school. The 60 Minutes people had managed to track down one of those people and interviewed her. She said she felt shame whenever she saw that clip and she hoped her ignorance did not affect her children or grandchildren. I hope someday you acquire a similar sense of perspective on your hatred. Stop mis-using religion to justify homophobia.

  • LemonNLime

    Woof, these PR reps must have a full-time job with her as a client. Same thing with Chris Brown. I find that when one can’t write a coherent, full thought, without typing LIKE THIS or worse LiKe ThIs, they probably aren’t worth listening to. Fantasia is crazy and why anyone would pay her any attention, I will never know.

  • Yb

    Did you really just call a black person an ape?


  • Medusa

    Sure, but that’s his fault. He’s the one who took a vow. Not Fantasia. Doesn’t make her homophobic bullshit any better, though.

  • Tonton Michel

    And this is why your judged, cause the ignorance shines right through.

  • MuffyCrosswire

    Study after study has proven that children with both a mother and father at home are more resilient and productive. Homosexuality is against the natural cycle of reproduction and therefore “to me” counterproductive. 
    Black families have suffered enough as it as in regards to brokenness.

    Another issue is the feminization of black men. There is something wrong with men walking around acting feminine. A lot of these men come from single parent homes and raised around a bunch of women. Soft as all get out! Why are there so many sissies walking around today compared to fifty years ago? 

    We need strong men in our communities. There is nothing strong about a man bumping uglies with another man. 

    Furthermore, I believe a lot of people turn to homosexuality after experiencing some form of sexual abuse. The natural ability to use their sex organs as nature intended has been disrupted and perverted. 

  • MuffyCrosswire

    So I’m assuming you two believe gay is the new black eh?

    There is NO WAY you can compare the two based on historical context alone. You choose to be gay and expose that lifestyle. We don’t choose to be black.

    I would love to know how many people have been pulled over for driving while gay. How many gays are being killed by police because of their gayness? I sure would like to know how the media is attacking gay people right about now?

    Miss me with that.

  • MuffyCrosswire

    Um yeah why wouldn’t I want to take on the qualities of “the oppressor.” It’s not politically correct and “I” wouldn’t choose to say it like that but how else do you take down someone? Do you hit them where they are weak or where they are strong? In order to rise above another you defeat them where they are strong. Black people will never be the oppressor because we have been reminded of “our place” for far too long and we are scared.

  • Isiswings

    There are multiple axises of privilege. White people unfairly possess white skin privilege regardless of their sexual orientation. However, heterosexuals of all races possess many privileges gay men and lesbians don’t, including the right to marry in any state and the right to walk down the street holding hands with a partner without being bashed.

    Anyone who is both gay and black experiences an double scoop (or more) of prejudice and oppression, above and beyond the racism black straight people live with and the homophobia white straight people experience.

    I don’t know what right wing organization funded the studies you mention. Perhaps it’s one of the same conservative think tanks that regularly comes out with “evidence” supposedly proving that black people want to live on government handouts. Here’s another study for you to mull over:

    Strength is not a quality derived from the type of sex one has or the gender of one’s partner. Strength is not based on some false notions of macho masculinity. Strength comes from the ability truth to power while still holding compassion for others regardless of their differences.

  • Ask_ME

    While Fantasia is not the post child for good behavior I see her point. I, too, find it disgusting that gay folks get praise nowadays. On this site folks are actually pleased with two MEN marrying each other. That ish is gross.

    And you can call me homophobic or whatever. I don’t care. I’m not religious.

    I don’t throw the bible up and say people are going to hell. I simply don’t agree with homosexuality. With that said, I respect people’s rights to do whatever they please. I just hate when people expect other folks to “accept” ish that clearly is NOT normal or the way intended (referring to the reality that same sex couples CANNOT procreate).

  • dirtychai

    “I’m not doing nothing for you” however you want me to buy your bama-ass music, correct?

  • MommieDearest

    Someone needs to block Fannie’s access to ALL social media. That is all.

  • Kema

    So… at what point in your life did u ‘choose’ to be heterosexual?

  • MuffyCrosswire


  • myblackfriendsays

    many heterosexual couples cannot procreate, or have no interest in doing so–does that mean they are also “not normal”?

  • Ask_ME

    There is a difference between someone being barren or someone who has some type of medical condition and same sex couples…

    Let me make it plain:

    Two women | | cannot have sex and make a child.

    Two men – - cannot have sex and make a child.

    However, under normal circumstances a MAN and a WOMAN |- can make a child.

    See the difference???

    In my opinion, the mere fact that same sex couples cannot create life naturally (as in egg and sperm…each from one member of the couple)…makes what they are unnatural.

  • Keisha (@texafornian78)

    She can have an opinion and when she shares it with the world, we can have an opinion on her words. If this bothers her, she should keep her mouth shut.

  • Val

    Here is a question; considering all of the hatred and discrimination gay people suffer, why would anyone choose to be gay?

  • MuffyCrosswire

    “the right to walk down the street holding hands with a partner without being bashed.”

    Oh please, where is this happening? Willacoochie, Alabama? No one is doing that anymore because being gay is “in” now.

    “I don’t know what right wing organization funded the studies you mention”

    So you’ve never heard of the advantages children growing up in two parent homes have over other children? Nothing to do with right wing organizations. Even your friend President Obama has stated this.

    “Strength is not a quality derived from the type of sex one has or the gender of one’s partner”

    There’s nothing strong about a man bending over and taking it up the rear end

    If all black people had to worry about was the right to marry then we would be alright. I can’t believe you all are trying to compare this to being black. Are you serious?

  • Tired of reading judgmental folks who hide behind the computer.

    She has a point. People are choosing which sins to overlook while judging others harshly. As someone said…a sin is a sin is a sin. They are all sins in HIS eyes and all sinners will have to answer to HIM. I don’t see her comment as gay bashing, but rather as referencing a hot topic. I wonder how many of those who are judging, name calling, etc were jumping for joy with the news of Kanye & Kim’s baby news. Don’t forget she is still married.
    On another note, the article said it was written on her Instagram account, not in an ENGL 1101 composition class.

  • Ask_ME


    I know quite a few people in fact made a CHOICE to be gay. Here is what they told me:

    1). They are tired of men.
    2). They wanted someone to love them regardless of their gender.
    3). They were raped/sexual abused at some point. And that either turned them off from men (as I have been told by so-called “lesbians” or they turned them on to men as I have been told by so-called gay men who were raped/touched by grown men while they were children).
    4). Being gay is now a trend for many. Some have told me years ago they would never have considered getting it in with the SAME sex. However, now that it’s the “in” thing…they have no issues doing.
    5). Last but not least, many of these folks own up to the reality that they cannot attract a mate to their liking of the opposite sex for a variety of reasons. For example, I have a cousin who now calls herself a lesbian despite having two children by two different men. This cousin admits if a man ever came along to her liking she would drop her girlfriend on her arse.

  • Yb

    And now your defending the fact that you referred to a black person as an primate. *facepalm*

    Don’t fix you mouth to say SHIT about “self hating black women” and “racist whites” if your justifying calling a black person a gorilla.

    Just another confused colonised black boy…..SMH for real.

  • Gail

    I don’t know much about the young woman, Fantasia, but I do understand what she was attempting to say. As noted by A, her argument was poorly articulated, however, she does have a point. If one was to read the Bible as written, not as interpreted to suit what ever life style (I know I am going to get bashed) then she is correct.

    According to an accurate reading of the bible Adultery is a sin so is the practice – note the emphasis is on practice – of homosexuality. It specifically mentions, adulterers, men kept for unnatural purposes and men who lie with men as being among those who will not inherit God’s Kingdom.

    In the context of the Scriptures she feels she is being unfairly criticized. What she fails to realize is that the practice of homosexuality usually affects only those in that relationship, while the commission of adultery affects a spouse and sometimes children and in the eyes of society and those who often set themselves as judge and juror, her sin is the weightier because it has greater repercussion; for the simple we don’t like sexual infidelity, perhaps the the gravest breech of trust between a couple.

    In addition if one wants to avoid public scrutiny of his or her behaviour it is encombrant upon that person to conduct his or her self in such a way as so as to avoid criticism. Her actions as an illiterate teen has roots in that very illiteracy because she did not, and based on the posted message, still does not have the level of vocabulary necessary to perform the essential self-talk that would help her make sound decisions. But then again, there are other highly literate people who do the same thing, so that is not saying much.

  • mr.vicious

    The same people who dont like what fantasia did, love what the bw is doing on scandal.
    Go figure right.

  • mr.vicious

    Excuse my graphic detail, but how many ladies wipe away or towards after taking a dump. Now superimpose that with what two men do…

    I do see where she is coming from, she saying there is a lot of sin going around, so why is she the focal point.

  • Pseudonym

    No one “likes” the affair that the protagonist is having with the President on Scandal. People like the suspense, the mystery, the stories of conspiracy on Capitol Hill, the black female protagonist who isn’t there to neck roll and bring comedic relief, who is an intellectual and professional bad ass. THAT’S why people like “Scandal.”

    Stop projecting your bitterness about fictional characters on a television show.

  • RenJennM


  • Val


    Those people are not gay. They are str8 people who decided for whatever reason they want to have sex or a relationship with a person of the same gender.

    There is a huge difference between that and being who you are naturally. All those people are born str8 and are str8. There are plenty of men and women who are in prison that have sex with someone of the same gender, but they are not gay.

  • Reader

    L.Wilson, you cannot bully Christians into silence by calling them ugly names. Christians will speak out against immorality. Your ugly namecalling is very offensive, L.Wilson.

  • illiteracy strikes

    “encombrant” is not a word. I think you meant incumbent*.

  • lulz

    like gosh dude, find real people to compare to not a tv show!


  • Nicole

    Thank you Sasha for articulating that JUST right!

  • Sheeba Baby

    No one ever addresses how rape and molestation play into someone being gay….My gay brother was molested as well as 3 of my close gay friends. There is something to be said about it but no one will say it. Also you can love someone and not agree with what they do, at the end of the day, Christians must let God judge….I love my brother, but only God can judge him.

  • telling it

    They always trash black women and justify all kinds of moral evils. Truth is these liberal (on evil & perversity) types have lost all moral credibility. They want to condone all kinds of wrong yet still justify practicing racism against black women. I don’t see any need to give these inhabitants of the 3rd kingdom ANY acknowledgement forget about giving them any respect. These evil folks are worthless!

  • telling it

    Her sin is NOT the weightier sin. Exactly who made you to judge sin hypocrite? If Fantasia has repented then God has forgiven her.(This would be between her & GOD) Is she seeking out married men for relations? No. The Weighty sin is the sin that is unrepentant. Therefore those justifying homosexuality & those who practice it saying its natural & the way they are born are the most virulent & defiant sinners refusing to repent. So you need to apologize and re-read your Bible because you ARE not GOD!

  • telling it

    TIME FOR CHRISTIANS TO GET BOLD! BE BOLD! GET BOLDER IN BRINGING FORTH GOD’S TRUTH!!! NO THEY WON’T LIKE IT BUT ITS LIKE MEDICINE OR SURGERY. IT’S NOT PLEASANT AT FIRST EVEN PAINFUL BUT IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!! Sure they will be offended it wouldn’t be the Gospel if they weren’t. But it will save some lives into eternity. Its good for all.

  • lulz


  • The Revolution is going to be televised!!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps she ought to do her due diligence on the bible before she makes that comment.

  • Allie

    I love how so called Christians want to talk about other people and ain’t got they life together. If you believe in God then you know that GOD is the only being that can judge you. On another note, not everyone follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, believes in God, or reads the Bible, so those people do not have to live by those teachings.

  • mr.vicious


    kerry washington playing the part of monica lewinsky…

  • alldawg

    Your comment is the reason shame has left the BC. What ever you want to do, the BC is the community for you. People say things like “only GOD can judge me” are the people who never listen to people and never learn from there mistakes.

    I guess I can put the word judge in the same box as submit. Two things never to do in the BC.

  • The Other Jess

    I just wanna say that her hair, eyebrows and makeup are ON POINT in that picture! She looks great! That is all.

  • Gail

    Actually, “encombrant” is a French adjective meaning cumbersome, heavy, bulky; however, that is not the word I meant but the correctly noted – incumbent. Unfortunately, while I am usually careful to check both my mechanics and grammar I did not catch the misspelling until after it was posted. Thank you for pointing out my grammatical error.

  • Gail

    First I know I am not GOD and would never presume to stand in the place of HIS rightful judge.

    Nonetheless, you have missed the point of my argument. I am not saying one sin is weightier than another, what I am saying is that based on what she indicates, she does not feel that her actions are more egregious but society does. Thus, those who set themselves up to be both judge and jury finds her actions to be more heinous than those who practice homosexuality; perhaps because her actions affected other people, for example, a wife.

    Reading the verses of the Bible in context one would also see that it goes on to say that “that is what some of you were” thus indicating a cessation of those activities or repentance is of great value. Hence, her point is: If she is no longer a practicing adulteress why is she being judge more harshly than those who are still practicing the sins listed along with adultery, in this case homosexuality.

    As I have said, I am not GOD Almighty neither do I hold Christ power, but I can and do read my Bible and I understand it quite well.

    Next, please do not label me. If we cannot have a congenial conversation in which we agree to disagree please do not resort to calling me names especially as you do not know me. In addition, my comments were not meant to be judgmental but to bring additional depth to the conversation by looking at the issue from a wider societal view. I neither defend nor condemn her or anyone’s actions. I merely made a comment as a thinking member of an intelligent audience.

  • Gail

    See, you are so busy calling me names that you miss the point of my argument. I am not GOD, neither do I hold Christ power, I do read my Bible and understands it well. My point being that in the EYES of society, her sin is weightier because adultery affects others, usually spouses and children, not that the practice of homosexuality was any more or less egregious in the Biblical context.

  • Smoke

    WHO CARES… she did it, she had the baby, its over. It’s not anyone on here typing so why does it really matter.. Yeah she may have said some dumb shit but oh well who doesn’t say things about Homosexual people and Religion, homosexuals are not gong to stop being homosexual and religion is still going to have it’s believers no matter what anyone says.. some people need to grow up and realize that shit happens and just because it happens doesn’t mean shit is going to change..

  • Sarita

    YES! We are all free regardless of race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation to say really dumb shit. Count it as a blessing that you aren’t censored 24/7 and move-the-frack-on.

  • Shelly

    @Sheeba Baby…yes, I’ve also noticed that people ignore the molestation thing. It is popular to jump up and say “homosexuals were born that way,” but no one talks about the obvious patterns that we see in the lives of a lot of gay people. Molestation is one thing, another (for black lesbians, at least) is exposure to negative male figures early in life. These things and other patterns may not apply to all gays, but certianly apply to many.

  • Anorexicbob

    Wow, it seems like she gets dumber every time she opens her mouth,

  • Anorexicbob

    The lifestyle is very natural and gays advocating for their civil rights is not “forcing their agenda”. If anything gays are fighting against having an agenda forced on them.

  • Anorexicbob

    LOL @ Silverback baby momma comment. I’ll file that one away, I might want to use it someday.

  • modern lady

    A publicist for Fantasia is like the morning after pill for a hooker-something that is needed but never used.

  • LOL

    Thank you for bringing some comedic relief to this topic.

  • EST. 1986

    ‘God’ is immoral.

  • Keepitreal

    ICAM. I’d love for these issues to be explored in a **respectful*** manner that does not ostracize those that were in fact “born that way”

  • Keepitreal

    Correction, only God can meet out justice. I’m judging yo’ ass! That’s the problem today, no one wants to judge, no one is using common sense and JUDGEment.

    I judge the block huggers who have nothing better to do than “holler” at me on my way to work.
    I judge the dude with 5 baby mamas working on his 6th.
    I’m judging the chick who has zero dollars in savings but owns a thousand dollar handbag.

    I use those JUDGEments to tell me who befriend and who to ignore and will teach my kids to do the same. You and the “I’msa do me/you do you & we’re all okay” crowd can continue on skipping in your land of dysfunction.

  • chinaza

    Fantasia made a clear point about social hypocrisy and she’s right. Fantasia’s main offence lies in the fact that she does not conform to the light-skin, soft-haired, mannequins that the public idolize and celebrate in the entertainment industry.

  • Nakia

    “Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing”.

    I took her comment to be about the hypocrisy of Christians, with whom she aligns herself, and their acceptance of things that are considered to be un-Christian, while being harder on her for the adultery and out of wedlock child (from her perspective). I don’t think she was making an indictment against gays (or marijuana use) herself and I don’t find her comment offensive. If anything, it was an accusation against Christians.

  • kelly

    the bible says nothing against smoking weed, it actually supports the use of the herb… But the other things mentioned are a different story ..

  • Vic

    There is no mention of “crack” in the Bible either nor any other drug none to man today. It’s clear that if you believe in what the Bible says we should never place any substance in our body that will harm it. It’s statements like the one made here that scares me to death. People trying to make what is wrong be right.

  • Keeping it real

    Who are you or anyone else to judge her for that matter? It’s ok to judge her because she’s a celebrity. Get your facts straight, she didn’t know he was married to begin with. He should have been honest from the beginning. She didn’t mess up a happy home, he did. Anyways, every woman and man has made a mistake at one point in time in their life. Before you cast stones, take a look at yourself in the mirror. It trips me out how it so easy for a man to be a whore because of his gender but a woman can’t go and have fun too when their both doing the same thing. What’s the difference? Some men are just as nasty as some of these woman of in all shades of color celebrity or not.

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