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The latest update in the murder trail for the death of Trayvon Martin is adding much controversy to the already-controversial case.

The attorneys representing George Zimmerman, the man accused of shooting and killing Martin last February, have obtained a copy of 17-year-old’s school records.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, state prosecutors and Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon’s parents, objected to releasing the records. Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson granted the release order, however, saying that Zimmerman’s attorneys were entitled to the information.

Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara has apologized for the request and said that the defense has no intention to demonize Martin. He said he owes it to his client to look into Trayvon’s full past.

“We are entitled to receive the school records because some information in Trayvon Martin’s file could be relevant in the defense of George Zimmerman,” read a statement on Zimmerman’s legal defense website.

The records have not been made public but according to the site: “If any detail of the school records should be considered relevant in the course of a Self-Defense Immunity Hearing, only the parts deemed relevant to the case will be entered into evidence.”

In related news, the city of Sanford, FL has created a new Trayvon Martin memorial. The items from the original memorial site are now at the Historic Goldsboro Museum and Welcome Center.

Since Zimmerman did not know Martin before the February 26th shooting, are his school records relevant to the case? You weigh in.

  • dee

    Seriously? This is insane, I just don’t understand. What do his school records have to do with a grown man basically stalking, confronting, and shooting him for looking “suspicious.”

  • Tonton Michel

    The only reason they want those files is to seek out any proof of him being a behavioral problem to paint him as a thug.

  • Pa

    Even when black kids are killed, the courts still want to know what part they played within their own deaths. He had a troublesome past; his school records will prove it, so let’s include this as evidence that Zimmerman had to protect his own life. :(

  • dirtychai

    Attempting to do the very thing that he said he isn’t doing: demonizing Trayvon.

  • Pa


  • Cocochanel31

    disgusting and sick sick sick!! Send this demon to the pen for life already!

  • kitty

    I wonder how many requests were made for the school records of the murdering, Sandy Hook monster, Adam Lanza?? Just wondering….

  • Jame (@jameane)

    Nonsense. The next thing you know, Zimmerman is going to claim he used his iPhone to look up Martin’s school history so he could determine he was a troublemaker, before pulling the trigger.

    Completely irrelevant, unless somehow there is evidence that Zimmerman used that info to determine the threat risk of Martin. We all know what the answer is.

  • Catpopstar

    For pete’s sake, he was a teenager not a crime lord.

  • khrish67

    What do his school records have to do with his being murdered?

  • Natasha P (@sweeternadiah)

    i totally agree; and I’m disappointed that the judge allowed it.

  • Cary Strickland

    It is relevant if you can show a propensity for violence on the part Martin.

  • Shirl

    If his lawyer was smart he’d just get an all white jury (ages 40-65)…wouldn’t have to bother putting on a defense. Guaranteed acquittal.

  • Treece

    This is so sad…fact of the mattey is that even if he was a juvenille delinquent, that still doesnt justify Zimmerman stalking and confronting him on that particular night b/c on that particular night he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He defended himself and then he was murdered. Sad but this piece of excrement will get off just because of a racist society’s depiction of this young Black man as a thug and a criminal, and a bogus “stand your ground” law that allows open season killings of minorities….just sad.

  • Shawn Richards

    This is what happens when defense lawyers get DESPERATE. They start looking for a needle in a haystack. They know a snowball has a better chance of surviving in HELL then they do of getting Zimmerman off.

  • Kam

    Zimmerman has a police record himself, yet everyone glosses over this!

  • Ronald J Riley

    Some of Trayvon Martin’s records were already leaked.


    Multiple suspensions
    Caught with women’s jewelry and burglary tool.
    Punched out a bus driver.
    Poor student.

    All of which is very relevant.

  • perrero62

    RjR: How is any of that relevant to what happened THAT night Zimmerman murdered Martin? I use the term “murder” deliberately; it’s legal definition being “The unlawful killing of one human being by another.” Because that is exactly what happened: murder.

    Just as the background of the most notorious prostitute is irrelevant in a rape case; just as the fact that a mother can be a crackhead is irrelevant in a child custody case — as long as that child is well-cared for (California) — nothing that a juvenile Trayvon Martin did is relevant to the bare facts of this case. That is that Zimmerman, with premeditated malice aforethought, stalked, confronted, instigated a fight, and shot that boy unlawfully.

    So you are wrong, RJR. Also, kind of obtuse, aren’t you?

  • Major Smith

    Punching out a bus driver shows a propensity for initiating violence. It’s not a against the law to follow someone just following someone is not stalking. We know Trayvon confronted Z because he asked why are you following me. Z had a broken nose, gashes to his head etc. What information do you have that Z instigated the fight. It is not unlawfull to shoot somebody in self defense. perrero62 makes a lot of unproved assumptions. Z is innocent until prove guilty, last I hear that hasn’t happened yet.

  • G-Ball

    Shirl — why 40-65? I know some younger white people who make excuses for Zimmerman too.

  • Old TImer

    And if he is indeed proven to be a thug, delinquent, and behavioral problem? If Zimmerman were black you folks wouldn’t even care. UGH!!! Black folks! It makes me wonder what could change public opinion in Zimmermans favor. No injuries on Zimmerman was proven to be a lie, the tape was edited to make Zimmerman appear to be racially motivated, sightings of hooded individuals walking those same streets at night vandalizing peoples property, Martin comes along wearing THE SAME clothes, Martin was in a fight club, NOT the sweet innocent kid in the pictures, and that’s STILL not enough? Seems like most of you are no better than the KKK, damn the evidence kill him anyway! Its almost comical to see it play out, how easily duped, used, and manipulated blacks are nowadays. Pure emotional response, hive minded, top down thinking individuals. Instead of seeking the truth you sit there and wait for it to be disseminated to you from management upstairs. You ARE STILL ENSLAVED. I wonder what else the media can get you to do? You already kill each other over tennis shoes, the moment you get some change in your pockets you give it right back to the white man, fight EACH OTHER over skin color, embarrass yourselves on the grand stage of society and you vote 90% for folks who do nothing for you once they are in office, and you wonder why no one invests in your communities, looks you in the eye in public, and will drive 10 miles out of the way just to avoid your neighborhoods. MOST IRRELEVANT RACE ON EARTH.

  • isolde3

    Yes, I agree. It’s very relevant, as are Zimmerman’s arrest record, domestic violence charges, child molestation allegations, Zimmerman’s inability to follow police orders not to pursue Martin, and the fact that Zimmerman lied about his finances at his initial bond hearing. However I think that when all of this “relevant” information is released that it won’t be the minor with the behavioral problems at school looking bad but the grown man with the criminal record and violent history who shot him.

  • perrero62

    Lol. This from the most violent, warmongering race in human history. I’ll treasure this forever.

  • Shamwow

    Even if Trayvon did attack first, and Zimmerman was defending himself, he didnt have to shoot to kill to defend himself from an attack. That’s the problem with people with guns, they think they should be able to kill people when they feel threatened. You dont have to shoot to kill to neutralize a target. And for the record, this case is a blatant hate crime.

  • perrero62

    @Major Smith:

    Unproved assumptions? Maybe so; I’ll grant you it’s debatable. That said, no unbiased court would allow your “propensity for violence” argument . Just on the face of it, it is true that Zimmerman injected himself into that time and space after being told to back off and allow the police to arrive and make an assessment. Without that interjection, Zimmerman was rendered unable to skin that smokewagon.

    So the debatable question is: Why did Zimmerman continue to engage Martin after being told by emergency dispatch to back off? Here’s another unproven assumption for you: Zimmerman was itching to shoot someone with that gun.

  • Major Smith

    Z claims he lost sight of Martin and was walking back to his vehicle when Martin approached him. Police did not order Z to not follow Martin, a dispatcher, not a law enforcement officer told Z they did not need him to follow Martin and he may have taken their suggestion and headed back to his vehicle. Or he may have ignored their suggestion and continued to follow Martin.

  • perrero62

    That is true, Major; dispatch is not a sworn officer, but don’t you think if Zimmerman possessed a smidgen of judgment & prudence he would have heeded the advice?

    Now, you say Zimmerman stated he lost sight of Martin and walked back to his car. The distance of the car from the event and Martin being dead belies that “fact.” Martin also said he had no financial resources to pay for competent defense, and yet . . .

    Why can’t you face the truth that there’s a small faction of crazed White males in the South that not only relish the idea of shooting Black men, but are actually carrying it out?

    Someone posted above that the Black race is criminal and inconsequential and yet totally ignored that the most heinous shootings recently were perpetrated by White males. How so un-self aware.

  • Major Smith

    Z says he was walking back to his car – he never said he got there. I looked a map of the area and saw where his car was parked and where he said he turned around and headed back to his car after he lost site of Martin. True or not, it’s plausible. I don’t doubt there are white racists and black racists that would like to kill someone of the opposite race and in this case it may well be that this Latino guy wanted to kill a black guy. I wasn’t a witness and all I’m doing is looking at the facts – I don’t know what happened or why it happened. It’s just unfortunate that it did happen

  • Marie Young

    So very true. This case has the potential to create a massive uprising if Zimmerman gets off. His attorneys have a lot of work on their hands.

  • sbake seer

    Look the truth of the matter is this case is gonna boil down to evidence. not about what is said not what if or couldve,shouldves or didnts. Fact: z has pictures and evidence he sustained a beating. fact: trayvon had no injuries. self defense law says you can use whatever force you feel necessary in the face of bodly harm (i sumed it up) it doesnt say your life doesnt have to be theatened. Hes gonna walk.
    and yeah i wont be surprised if blacks riot and go ape shit cause they are good at fighting for the wrong cause. look at the whole oj thing.
    Around the same time of the trayvon incident the cooes of whiteplains ny were filmed taughnting and useing racial slurs at an old black war vet . tht was right before they stormed his home and killed him. why were they there? Because his medical alert bracelet went off and they were suppose to go there to make sure he was all right. Did you see a national debate about apolice brutallity? Rasim in law enforcement. it was breifly mention but you ddnt see bkack putting the movent ir having the uo roar they had over trayvon. that wouldve been a worth while cause.

  • sbake seer

    Racist society depicting black as thugs? your people perpetuate this sterotype. Talking about thug life and “dont f$&@ wuth me cauz iz a thug.” please. more black die at the hands of other blacks then by all other races combined! and thats a documented fact. if you dont give a dam about each other why will anyone else. if this case was about two blacks it wouldnt have even blipped on the news. there wouldnt be a debate or national outrage about the stand your ground law. Or guns. its okay , by black own reactions to these cases, for blacks to kill blacks but god forbid any one else does for what ever the reason.

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