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The latest update in the murder trail for the death of Trayvon Martin is adding much controversy to the already-controversial case.

The attorneys representing George Zimmerman, the man accused of shooting and killing Martin last February, have obtained a copy of 17-year-old’s school records.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, state prosecutors and Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon’s parents, objected to releasing the records. Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson granted the release order, however, saying that Zimmerman’s attorneys were entitled to the information.

Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara has apologized for the request and said that the defense has no intention to demonize Martin. He said he owes it to his client to look into Trayvon’s full past.

“We are entitled to receive the school records because some information in Trayvon Martin’s file could be relevant in the defense of George Zimmerman,” read a statement on Zimmerman’s legal defense website.

The records have not been made public but according to the site: “If any detail of the school records should be considered relevant in the course of a Self-Defense Immunity Hearing, only the parts deemed relevant to the case will be entered into evidence.”

In related news, the city of Sanford, FL has created a new Trayvon Martin memorial. The items from the original memorial site are now at the Historic Goldsboro Museum and Welcome Center.

Since Zimmerman did not know Martin before the February 26th shooting, are his school records relevant to the case? You weigh in.

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