Arguably, the most glamourous of BET’s Awards show franchises, the BET Honors taped its 2013 showing over the weekend at the Warner Center in Washington, DC.

The awards show, which is in its sixth year, often brings out big names; past attendees include the late Whitney Houston, Maya Angelou, Queen Latifah and even First Lady Michelle Obama.

This year was just as star-studded as legends like Chaka Khan and Hollywood luminaries like Halle Berry and Alicia Keys graced the red carpet.

The grand honors were matched by extravagant fashion. Celebrities stepped out in truly breathtaking looks that added to the night’s glamour.

Clutchettes, click through and tell us which ones you loved and which left you scratching your head.

  • Yvette

    They all look stunning! Gabrielle Union’s gown is my favorite though…gorgeous!

  • Cocochanel31

    This was such a greaaaat show this year! I hope every tunes in! Wayne Brady has a special treat!! Newfound respect for him!

  • Sophie

    Kelly Rowland looked amazing!

  • Ms. Information


  • Val

    AK looks amazing, as always.

  • AM

    LOL! I kneeeewed it.


  • pinklipstick227

    Gabrielle Union shut that red carpet all the way down–just stunning!

  • LovelyLadies!

    Love Gabrielle’s dress and Halle’s – Nice!

  • Chinyere

    Gabrielle, Halle, and Kelly blew me away…Um, Alicia served up her usual, boring, hit or miss red carpet fashions.

  • Val

    Lol. Hiya, AM!


  • honeybeemee

    All these lovely women of color looked GREAT!

  • Nila

    I don’t understand why Clutch doesn’t have anything pertaining to the Golden Globes last night. We are officially in award season and I understand that this is a site that caters to black women but are you telling me that we have no interest in pop culture? How can it be that you guys just ignored the Golden Globes as if it never happened?

  • dirtychai

    She’s beautiful.

  • Marisa

    Halle slays as usual I feel Kelly has the same look all the time although I do love her hair.

  • Val

    I just guessing but, maybe because only one Black actor won anything and that was a guy. Otherwise it was a pretty lily-white event.

  • Black Women

    They all look Fantastic!

  • Kels

    warner theatre?

  • http://Clutch SL

    Right – in DC – it’s called the Warner THEATRE – not Center

  • http://Clutch SL

    Gabby killed it as usual and Omg Chaka looked splendid…Alicia always looks like she’s almost there but not quite….Halle always hits it…. Kelly was elegant…Brandy’s tattoos were distracting….Ledisi was Ledisi…Kat’s bodice could have fit a little better but she looked very beautiful.

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