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We’ve wished each other a Merry Christmas, downed a few too many glasses of eggnog, and popped bottles in celebration of the New Year. After all of our holiday parties, sugary treats, decadent meals, and non-stop partying, many of us are looking to reboot and refocus on our health in the New Year.

Luckily (or unluckily), weight loss companies are capitalizing on our willingness to shed a few pounds for the New Year and are bombarding the airwaves with commercials, promising quick and easy ways to drop the weight.

From Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson hawking Weight Watchers, to Jillian Reynolds singing the praises of Nutrisystem (not to mention the myriad of cleanses and diets on the market), celebs, including Tami Roman, are trying their hardest to get you to plunk down your hard-earned cash and sign up for their chosen program.

But should you?

While plans like Weight Watchers, eDiets, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem have helped many lose weight, the costs can quickly add up due to monthly fees and prepackaged meals. Additionally, though many of these programs have helped people drop the pounds, very few of them translate into long-term weight loss for participants.

Health professionals agree that the best way to lose weight is through consuming fewer calories, while increasing exercise. But for those looking to follow a clear-cut program, the best of the lot seems to be Weight Watchers.

Consumersearch.com reports:

Weight Watchers’ strong track record is backed by a number of medical studies. A 2005 study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that Weight Watchers dieters were one of the two groups (out of four) most likely to stick with their diet and continue losing weight. In a report in the British Medical Journal (and publicized as the BBC reality show “Diet Trials,” dieters were sponsored on one of five weight-loss programs for six months, then left to their own devices. Again, Weight Watchers was one of only two plans that showed continuing positive results. Health magazine also names Weight Watchers as one of America’s healthiest diets, calling it “the gold-standard weight-loss program” thanks to its motivational support. U.S. News & World Report awarded it top honors in its Best Diets report for weight loss; it also tied for third in the best diet overall category with the Mayo Clinic and Mediterranean diets.

Are you starting a new weight loss program for the New Year? Which one? 

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  • falalala

    I will believe Jennifer Hudson once she recommends WW to her sister and it works for her. Charity begins at home.

    • Jess

      Holy Sh*t that was funny!!

    • Bump Mediocrity

      Aw damn Gina! That made me laugh!

  • Kay

    I’ve been losing weight but haven’t been on a diet. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle and exercise everyday. That’s all. Nothing magical. You have to watch what you eat, read labels and exercise all you can. That’s all there is to it. You don’t need an expensive program for that.

    • Chelle

      True Kay, it is not rocket science. Less calories. More exercise. Period. As women we get bogged down with the emotional aspect of overeating and not exercising. Losing weight is much easier looking at it from a more logical standpoint.

    • mEE

      that’s my method as well but that doesn’t work for everyone. some people need the structure of someone telling them every single day exactly what to eat and when to workout until they can build their own positive habits. even with me, I track my calories (carbs, fat, protein) and plan my meals a week in advance so I can stay on track.

  • C

    Weight Watchers did work for me. It helped me lose 60 pounds (2010) of weight gained while pregnant. While it does not work for everyone (everything isn’t for everybody), it works for some. I learned to eat healthier. Sure, I could’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle by just eating more fruit and vegetables & portion control, but it worked for me. Of course, I’m not doing it anymore. I just eat well and exercise to maintain my weight, but it was a good jump start for me. Also, I didn’t pay for long. I just went to a few meetings, purchased a calculator and did the program with my husband after that.

    • thinkpink

      Weight Watchers worked for me too. I lost about 30 lbs on it and it helped me understand the importance of portion control. The program is inexpensive and the support from meetings was great.

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  • DownSouth Transplant

    o.O now that is such an under the belt jab, please be positive for a minute please *Winks*