Sometimes it’s fun, just to throw out random tweets to celebrities. Whether you’re attempting to troll them and ruffle their feathers, or just being a ‘fan’, most people don’t ever expect a response.  A few weeks ago, I had this exchange with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson when he was bragging about Evelyn being in bed with him.



This went on for a couple of tweets. He tried to convince me that I wanted him and would give him the chance if he expressed interest. He finally kept quiet, when I mentioned that I would hope he’s discussed domestic violence with his daughters.

When you troll celebrities, you never know what type of reaction you’ll get. @KP1Lady learned that Oprah Winfrey doesn’t play. While @KP1Lady was watching Oprah’s interview with the Houston family, KP decided to voice her opinion about Oprah’s aging process:


Well, Oprah wasn’t going to sit back and let that one slide.


I’m sure Oprah’s reply was done in jest, but I’m also sure KP didn’t realize how her mentions would turn to shit as well.  See, once you mess with a celebrity on Twitter, their minions will come after you.





Thankfully for @KP1Lady, Oprah’s “army” wasn’t as nasty as Ochocinco’s short yellow bus army:



That person would probably be upset if they found out I loved both my forehead and nose.

The lesson here folks, well there pretty much isn’t a lesson, but if you happen to send a tweet to a celebrity, be prepared for them to possibly respond and for their “stans” to respond as well. They’re not always going to be as nice as Oprah, either.

  • Yvette

    Get her Oprah! LOL

  • AM

    I really do like her responses, “and you sir”, now, “old as hell? really?” Keep em coming madam O!

  • Cocochanel31

    Oprah probably doesn’t even manager her own Twitter account, quiet as its kept.
    Chaddumbcinco obviously does ..smh.

  • dirtychai

    Yeah, she does. A world renowned, philanthropist television host will obviously respond to trolls a lot differently than a narcissistic abusive football player who is better known for his antics than his actual job.

  • Jacqueline

    In life you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Yesha I am sorry but you and others who derive your “fun” from making comments to people you are not involved with in any way -are part of the problem

  • Camryn

    No the problem is that there are celebrities who feel the need to be validated, and seek attention from Twitter. But when they don’t get the response they want, they feel just because of their ‘status’, they can rile the natives up & go on the attack & not expect a response.

    Oprah, doesn’t attack in her responses, but there are quite a few others that do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maroonsista Maroonsista AtTwitter

    Exactly. Nothing makes a person look like more of a lame than to troll a celebrity and then have the audacity to hit him with moral advice. I think the blogger made herself look bad, not him. And to the commenter below, celebs are well aware some folks don’t like them but to go out of your way to troll them makes your life look absolutely empty…and pitiful.

  • Joy

    To whoever said she looks old as Hell; I say KEEP LIVING….and YOU will look old as hell

  • Child, Please

    She shades with pure class! I love it!

  • Child, Please

    If that had been he response I would have had a hamburger smile on my face! LMAO!

  • mikey kun

    get em mother O

  • Cocochanel31

    I don’t know whether she does or doesn’t. I”m sure she has other things to do than read and respond to Twitter rants. I would not be surprised if she responded or read some, and/or had someone else post and respond, like many “busy” celebs do.

  • AM

    She does and I’m here for it all.

  • AM

    It does make you like a lame. Like that white woman who cyber bully’s Chris Brown. Now she’s on some magazine-go figure.

  • Beautiful Mic

    LOL at people acting as if gravity won’t affect them at some point. They better hope they make it to her age, especially in these times. Shows just how much of life he takes for granted.

  • Señorita

    Forget the Oprah tweet, I want to know what else happened with Ocho tweets!!!! lol j/k

  • Camryn

    More of a lame? Hilarious….when you tweet publicly, the public has every right to respond back, no matter who you are. Nothing is more lame than people who comment on posts with such a holier than thou attitude.

    Y’all b*tches on Clutch kill me.

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