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Some may see Beyoncé as a pop star icon to “hip” to handle the patriotic task of singing the national anthem at President Barack Obama’s Inauguration. But without fail, Queen Bey held her own on the morning of the 21st, taking her seat on the musical throne after belting out the “Star-Spangled Banner” with regal vibrato.

The last time Beyoncé set the stage for the President and his first lady was in 2009, when she let her voice flow over the chords of Etta James’ “At Last” like silk magic. But this year, the woman who has all the single ladies belting for a ring across America got an ultra-upgrade. Beyoncé’s opening number was not the only change for this year’s inauguration.

Just as our 51-year-old president has greyed with time, so did his musical ensemble for the night. The performers at Obama’s second inauguration represented a mix of classic patriotism and new-age entertainment, allowing younger musical contenders to put their own twists to old school classics.

jennifer hudson inauguration

The nation’s first “Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson offered her rendition “My Country Tis Of Thee” and Jennifer Hudson breathed life into Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” towards the end of the night. Beyoncé replaced the United States Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus for the national anthem and James Taylor plucked at his guitar while singing “America the Beautiful.”

kelly clarkson inauguration

These picks demonstrate a smoother transition for the President and calmed all who watched, setting off an optimistic feeling that things might get better this time around.

Together, the artists of Obama’s second inauguration reflect the charisma that is most emblematic of the President himself: a warm sense of dignity and wisdom enveloped with the youth-like air of energetic charm.

  • Shirl

    Jennifer Hudson did NOT breathe life into Let’s Stay Together. That song should be sung mellow and easy. If you’re going to mess with Al Green you must come correct!!! Just because you can sing loud does not mean you should (with certain songs). She was very distracting. I had to watch the dance with the sound off. I’ll give it to her though, she did look beautiful and the FLOTUS was absolutely stunning!!!

  • Shirl

    Ok so here goes again… Jennifer Hudson did NOT breathe life into Let’s Stay Together. That song should be sung mellow and easy. If you are going to do Al Green you need to come correct!!! She was very distracting and I had to watch the dance with the volume down. Just because you can sing loud does not mean you should (with certain songs). I’ll give it to her, she did look beautiful and stunning is an understatement for the FLOTUS who was wearing the heck outta that red dress.

  • Shirl

    Sorry for the double post. The first one went into cyber space and then reappeared -_-

  • mikey kun

    It was a very magical day, I thought Beyonce, Kelly, and Jennifer did a great job.

  • Starla

    Why is it for every occasion these are the three black females singers that we pick from: Alicia Keys, Beyonce, or Jennifer Hudson? It gets tiring after a while. J-Hud’s voice is not for serenading. I totally agree that they should have just called Al Green to do his song himself.

  • Trisha

    I enjoyed Beyonce’s and Kelly’s performance. For the song Let’s Stay Together, it seems as if a singer with more of an upbeat personality would need to perform that particular song in. However, I’m not knocking Jennifer. It just didn’t seem like a good fit, but the song of course was perfect. A lot of beautiful moments yesterday/last night…

  • afrosik

    The best performance on Monday was by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Most of the other performances made me cringe for one reason or another. That choir was AMAZING!!!!!

  • Nigerian sistah

    And who would you have chosen. Riri?? She’s to busy smoking pot and taking naked pictures.

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