When I copped the latest issue of Glamour magazine over the weekend I was excited. As a longtime fan, I love delving into its pages, checking out the latest fashions and reading its typically well-written, thoughtful articles. As I flipped through the pages, noting nail polish shades I’d like to try and reading through the top 10 “dos and don’ts,” all of my good juju came to a screeching halt when I saw “comedian” Jenny Johnson, held up as a model for women speaking their minds.

If you have no clue who Jenny Johnson is, she’s a “Twitter comic” and the woman who got into an epic online smack down with Chris Brown last November. Despite starting the kerfuffle, she was immediately hailed as yet another victim of the singer’s outrageous temper. Only she wasn’t.

While many media outlets claimed Brown “attacked” Johnson, their vulgar row came after two years, yes years, of Johnson angrily tweeting Brown for no other reason except to aggravate, and dare I say, bully him (Luvvie gives a good breakdown here).

Hence my confusion when I saw her smiling in the pages of my beloved Glamour, along side an intro that said Johnson was “famous on Twitter for being funny, filthy—and for taking on Chris Brown.”

My first thought? Cyber bullying really DOES pay, huh?

For all of their work around sharing positive images of women and girls, Glamour took a giant step backward in my book by highlighting a notorious cyber bully and not-so-funny comic.

Don’t believe me? Here is a sampling of some of Johnson’s latest tweets:

While Johnson is certainty entitled to her brand of comedy, had she been a man who fired off the same boorish, harassing tweets to female celebrities, I doubt she’d end up in the pages of Glamour being held up as some sort of role model for outspokenness.

But she is. And I can’t help thinking that it has a more to do with her unassuming suburban soccer mom look than her actual comedic talent. Or maybe it’s just me.

  • Sasha

    While I do not believe J. Johnson bullied Chris Brown, I agree 100% that her appearance in this mag has everything to do with her “unassuming soccer suburban soccer mom look”. She’s like a slightly younger Chelsea Handler to me- unfunny but looks like your average White girl (slightly ugly but the blonde hair, blue eyes miraculously transcends the less than attractive facial features/ body figure) and since there’s marketability in relatability, that’s the only reason why these two get any platform.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Different strokes for different folks……

  • Chillyroad

    So you’re telling me she wasn’t sweating Chris Brown for the sake of victims of domestic violence? I’m shocked.

  • The Artist

    Are you surprised? Take a look at all the reality shows, where bullys make a career out of it. All in the name of ratings, perhaps.

  • http://creativegirlinacorporateworld.wordpress.com Esta Fiesta

    So would a Chris Brown feature heralding him for… anything positive let’s say coming back from a public image nightmare also be considered domestic violence paying off?

  • http://chennadoll.tumblr.com pinklipstick227

    That’s an excellent point.

  • http://gravatar.com/heavenleiblu heavenleiblu

    Negative behavior always pays off for white women.

  • http://www.myblackfriendsays.com myblackfriendsays

    Chris Brown gives some liberal white people an opportunity to direct their fear, anger and hatred of black men towards what they see as an “acceptable” target.

  • http://www.urbanexpressive.com J. Nicole

    Another Chelsea Handler type: nondescript white lady making off the cusp comments with vulgarity. Why is white media so obsessed with “taking down” Chris Brown? Yea, he comes off as vulgar and makes poor choices but so does Lindsay Lohan. I get it; the domestic violence thing was horrible but if these people find him so repulsive, why remain in the know to what he’s doing? And what is he, in his early 20′s? Lets see how far Justin Bieber would fall from graces had he been in a similar situation. I’d say not very far. This lady is just another example of white privilege. When a woman of color speaks up against her bullies (even though this woman technically was the bully) she is seen as hostile, yet when Lily McWhite-White does it, low & behold she’s a hero.

  • Britt

    This Jenny Johnson woman is a complete hypocrite. She claims to be standing up for women sending harassing tweets to Chris Brown, but then she harasses Kim Kardashian about her 72-day marriage. If you don’t like Chris or Kim K. don’t follow them. Simple. Her blow-up with Chris was only popular because she’s white. Yeah, I said it. I don’t understand how people think they can say whatever they want to someone either on the Internet or in person, and then want to play victim when they get their a** handed to them on a silver platter in a public forum. GLAMOUR missed the mark on this one.

    Also, real comedians don’t solely rely on pop culture for comedic material. They use their real-life experiences, but Jenny is too consumed with harassing celebrities to live her life.

  • Britt

    I agree. I like Justin Bieber and I wish him well, but if he were to get in similar situation to Chris’, his white Hollywood pass would kick in quick.

  • Britt

    No, it wouldn’t be domestic violence paying off. Even if that situation didn’t happen, Chris Brown would still get press because he’s an entertainer. Jenny Johnson wouldn’t have that feature in GLAMOUR if it weren’t for her “showdown” with CB. Unfortunately, when it came to her harassing tweets, he took the bait, and now look where she is. I hope she sends a ‘Thank You’ card.

  • Echo

    Were she a Black “Twitter comedienne,” would she have appeared in the pages of Glamour?

  • GlowBelle

    Climb aboard the White privilege express…

    At first I was upset when I flipped open Glamour and saw this, but then I realized that getting upset over what is so typical and expected is pointless. Chris Brown is a horrible little beast, but she did all that Twitter shake-up to glorify herself, not to help women in general. She also harasses other celebrities, so what purpose is she really serving? I never heard of her till that whole thing blew up, and she’s not getting my attention further. Harassing someone via social networking (aka the chicken shit way to start and conduct arguments in the 21st Century) to gain hits/attention doesn’t get applause from me. She should have put all that energy, her privilege, her “position” and her “comedic wit” into something much more productive than that.

  • JJ

    Fuck Chris Brown

  • http://creativegirlinacorporateworld.wordpress.com Esta Fiesta

    Comediennes are entertainers

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    That’s white privilege for ya…

  • AM

    White privilege is at work here, no doubt about that. Who the HELL is celebrating her HYPOCRISY and giving her unnecessary coverage to promote her brand of ‘comedic’ foolish[ness]? If you want to give or add your voice to domestic violence,by all means use your “comedic talent”. However, don’t pretend that is what you are doing, when the truth is, you are using it as a platform to BULLY and bolster your no name brand sef! Mschew! And those that are cheering her on, SHAME ON YOU.including Glamour.

  • http://ellemk.wordpress.com LorriK

    This is clearly privilege and I’m suprised Glamour decided to support her UNLESS it was their way of condemning Chris Brown’s actions long ago. Not a good look.

  • Keepitreal

    Oh please GTFO with that nonsense no wonder the black community is so fucked up with all the back bending and twisting done in the name of running to the defense of ANY black man even one who left a bleeding, bitten, beat up black woman on the side of the road like the weekend’s trash. If Chris Brown represents the every (black) man then so help us.

    All the whining and crying over poor little Chris Brown’s “mistreatment” by white media and whites in general is not surprising but oh so pathetic.

    Poor little Chris Brown who:
    -Didn’t serve prison time for using a woman’s face as pinata.
    -His behind is invited repeatedly to perform on a family show on one of the three main networks.
    -He’s still performing on award shows.
    -He’s still winning awards
    -His music is still being played on the radio

    WTF more do you mammies want? For everyone else to suckle the poor baby?

    Some are so damned focused on them vs us, they become blind and start embracing, encouraging, codgle, all types of miscreants

    I’m more concerned with the black male privilege that allows men who engage in violent, hateful, disrespectful behavior towards black women to not only get away with it but be defended to the utmost by other black women.

  • KGA25

    She’s not funny tho!!

  • justanotheropinion

    Another shinning example of ‘no talent’ be glorified and celebrated. This trick got more than a pass because she’s white. Had she been any other color, white media would have string her up and crucified her and she’d be left to wonder how to pick up the many pieces of her no longer relevant career. Just goes to show, white folk will support & celebrate their own, even when it’s wrong or in bad taste.

  • Sasha

    Tears of joy were shed for the realness of this comment. 1,000 times thank you!

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    What do you expect from a woman whose husband is a polluter?.

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  • MJ

    I think she’s funny, but her humor isn’t for everyone. Obviously, her twitter hating is unnecessary and deserves criticism. Chris Brown was bullied, sure, but he deserves it. He walks around with more privilege and entitlement than anyone.

  • http://cupofjo-jo.blogspot.com bk chick

    Bullies have been winning since the dawn of time. Notice all the CEO’s and leaders…most likely they are all bullies in the work place and government. Bullies are usually well liked, charismatic, or funny people who take advantage of their social capital and hurt other people in order to leverage themselves…

    that being said, this is no doubt white privilege at play here with this woman getting a column in glamour, but I think it also has a lot more to do with who she “bullied” and not bullying period. I personally LOATHE Chris Brown…but this ish is ridiculous.

  • Chillyroad

    It’s just sad this woman is turned into some brave hero for doing little more than talking shit online. That’s about all I do with less fanfare. It’s the triumph of mediocrity.

  • Britt

    Black male privilege? What’s that? This is America. That doesn’t exist. Celebrity privilege? Maybe. I like Rihanna, but a lot of you just like to kiss her a** when she gives 0 f**** about your sympathy.

  • keepitreal

    Messages sent to white girls (the mass of JB’s fan base) and messages sent to black girls are in two different ballparks. Just turn on the radio, even their Lily white ears are protected from vulgarity and disrespect aimed their way. “Love you just the way you are” / “I want to make you feel wanted”… On the other hand…well you know the rest.
    No way in hell would White America send the message, directly or indirectly that’s it’s okay to beat your girlfriend to a bloody pulp. White girls/young women are a protected class, Justin would be under the jail cell.

  • ChillyRoad

    “I’m more concerned with the black male privilege that allows men who engage in violent, hateful, disrespectful behavior towards black women to not only get away with it but be defended to the utmost by other black women.”

    …with Rhianna leading the pack.

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    I guess there are some up and coming comediennes, who are taking the ‘Lisa Lampanelli’ route to gaining a following.

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    I just find it to be one of those ‘eye-opening’ situations.
    I have read a list that had some of her offensive tweets (its the type of ‘I am being a racist pig’ song-and-dance) and I am surprise that Glamour would choose this woman as their she-ro.

  • tony

    Im not appalled at what she said to chris brown, he did what he did and judgemental views on him are the consequences, but i have read some of this jenny johnsons tweets, for instance “99% of los lobos did some tree work in yard”, she obvioisly has some race issues, what upsets me the most is that she gets s book deal
    And a pilot for a show by being a twitter comedian? Doesnt that make her and kim k the same, famous for doing nothing. I cant help but to think of real comedians such as bruce bruce, kat williams, mike rappaport, and other black, latino and evem some white who have studied their craft but arent getting the same opportunity that this racist chick is getting, i mean no matter how u feel about cb you’d be absolutely foolish to no see the hypocracy in this

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