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In the line heard ’round the world on Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin,” Drake rapped: “B*tch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.” He was referring to Vanessa Bryant, the wife of Los Angeles Laker shooting guard Kobe Bryant and mother of their two children, who was reportedly filing for divorce against the NBA basketball player. Bryant’s infidelity during their marriage was well-documented (he was even charged with raping a woman who he admitted to having consensual sex with) and was believed to be the impetus for their split. If they went through with said divorce (they recently reconciled), Vanessa would’ve received $75 million and three mansions in the settlement. Drake thought that was unfair seeing as how she wasn’t “shooting in the gym” and thus, in his mind, didn’t have any right to the fortune Kobe amassed from playing.

Kobe seems to disagree. He defended his wife on Twitter, during a recent exchange with a follower via The YBF:


Though Kobe hasn’t exactly been a model husband, he did the right thing by commending his wife for her role as a stay-at-home mother. Raising children is not an easy task by any means though its value is consistently undermined in the court of public opinion.

Drake’s line reeked of misogyny and a disregard for Vanessa’s contribution to their relationship and family life (and that of other stay-at-home mothers) so it’s great to see Kobe speak out against it. Drake has since apologized.

What are your thoughts on Kobe’s comments, Clutchettes?

  • ConventionalDee

    Kobe was right. Being a stay at home mom is a full time job, especially when your spouse has a demanding job. I respect that Vanessa doesn’t have a nanny and she does seem super involved with her girls. Vanessa plays her part, by taking care of home so that Kobe can focus on the court. I just hope he does better by her.

  • Blackgirlmd

    What annoys me when people rush to defend the challenges of stay at home mothering is that it implies that other people aren’t doing the same thing while balancing their duties on the job. And I would hope that just because one parent is a stay at home mom, the father isn’t absolved from parenting duties… Because whether one parent is staying at home, no longer living at home, or people are divorced, parenting is best done when both parents are involved.

  • Nubian Princess

    Being a mom is a full time Job period and it’s harder on the women who have to work and run a home. No shade to stay at home moms but Kids do go to school and have other activities so I don’t think the Job is that strenuous …I’m just saying

  • Alexis Trass Walker

    Sounds like shade to me. Have you ever done the SAHM thing? I’ve done both. I liked working outside the home. At least it was an 8-hour break. Not everyone’s kids are in school. It’s bananas to be around small kids 24/7.

  • Ewww

    If I’m not mistaken, Kobe agreed to give Vanessa half without any fighting or argument because he knew it was the right thing to do. Together, they built that empire. She has been holdin that man down for a DECADE and to say she’s undeserving because she’s not out on the court…oooh lawd. Still angers me. So the labor pains don’t count, nursing doesn’t count, literally sticking with this man through the thick and thin doesn’t count, helping with homework doesn’t count, keeping your looks up (because the woman still looks good) doesn’t count, being respectful of her man (publically at least) doesn’t count. But a game of basketball, now that counts for something.
    Stop it.

  • Keshia

    Good for her Kobe, girl.

  • Lex

    Maliah nor blac Chyna was in the studio writing with him. So where does he got off making such a statement?

  • Anthony

    Kobe was right to defend his wife, and it was incredibly tacky for Drake to talk about her in the first place. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant are famous, but I don’t see where they have tried to air their personal issues in some sort of reality TV way. They do not deserve to be rap commentary.

  • D

    Funny, classic, timeless line by Drake. And props to Kobe for defending his wife.

    My opinion….I strongly believe in pre-nups but if a man voluntarily and happily values stay-at-home parenting at $75 million, hey, more power to him. You can’t tell Kobe what his wife should be worth to him.

  • Christa

    Kobe did the right thing to defend his wife but um.. he should take his own advice. Where was all this respect when he was cheating?

  • The Artist

    Smh. Stay at moms simply don’t receive enough credit for the work that they do.

  • AM

    I l.o.v.e. it! Go Kobe!! :)

  • Kemba1284

    That’s why raising children is a TWO person job. Both parent should be active. But just because you stay at home to take care of YOUR children that YOU decided to have doesn’t mean you deserve an honor or special recognition. That’s your JOB!

  • Nubian Princess

    yes I have thank you and working and doing everything a SAHM does is harder. I don’t know where you work but a job is not an 8hr break so please stop it. SAHM’s are not scrubbing floors and washing walls all day so cut it out. Little kids do nap and eventually go off to head start and school so yeah like I said it’s not that hard.

  • Chelley5483

    At least we see from this what type of B*tch made negro Drake is. Kobe’s wife is no jumpoff who happened to get knocked up. That is his wife and mother of his children! Oh but that means nothing huh???

    Hate these damn diarrhea of the mouth rappers these days. Go sit down somewhere and STFU. We’ve heard enough, there is nothing new to be said from the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne and all these other bozos. We get it, women are disposable vaginas, it’s about money and loyalty to “da crew” and nothing else, you carry various amounts of guns and drugs and blaaaah… Yaay ok we get it. I swear, nothing but grown ass little boys who lacked discipline from their daddys growing up. This is what our kids are aspiring to be like these days. It’s depressing.

  • Fancypants

    Exactly Alexis! I babysat a 10 month old for a WEEKEND and promptly decided I did not want to be a stay at home mom. And he was a good non-crying baby on a schedule! Yes children sleep but they require constant monitoring. You have to work around them. And never mind the slow brain-death that occurs when not being around adults all day. My best friend used to call me randomly when she was a stay at home mom just to hear an adult voice. It is work!

  • Hmmmm

    yeah right….smart man. he’s protecting his dough and her ego. im sure she has a nanny or two. he knows he likes that song and that line.

  • binks

    Good for Kobe for defending his wife (though he probably disrespected her more than anybody could…let’s be honest) being a mother in general is hard weather it is stay at homes moms or working mothers let’s stop splitting hairs.

  • Nurse Joy

    She didnt have any talent of her own except looking pretty meanwhile kobe has ben putting in a lifetime of busting his ass… She earned that money laying on her back lookin pretty n babysitting her OWN kids is all that hilarious lyric is saying… Black ppl are too quick to defend some non black woman while holding their own to obtainable standards… When is the last time a black woman who didn’t work want called lazy

  • binks

    But MOST moms who work don’t look at their jobs as an 8 hour break nor are all working mother jobs easy peasy but a means to an end to keep their family afoot and to support them . A lot of moms who work don’t have the luxary or option to be stay at home moms. Let’s stop the madness and shade both ways please.

  • Joy

    Nurse: So are you married? #1 If you aren’t married (or have never experienced marriage) then your comment doesn’t hold water. #2 Most women in marriage, or a relationship lays on their back at one point, or another.

  • Joy

    Nubian: You don’t have a clue

  • Joy

    Drake who??!!??

  • Butter

    If she wasn’t with him, she wouldn’t have made 50M. She would deserve something but not HALF… I mean, she wasn’t shootin with him in the gym lol

  • chanela17

    i’m surprised that there aren’t more gay rumors about rappers. it’s all in their songs! they respect their little boyfriends…oops i meant entourages, more than they respect women. it’s so sad!

  • DollB

    “Bryant’s infidelity during their marriage was well-documented.(he was even charged with raping a woman who he admitted to having consensual sex with) and was believed to be the impetus for their split”. What are we congratulating Kobe for?? That’s the least he could after probably all he’s put her through.

  • JaeBee

    Let’s be honest…although I feel Vanessa was the one who was wronged and that she definitely DESERVED alimony and paternity payments as part of her divorce decree, her being a SAHM is NOT the same as a typical SAHM. It’s like when Ann Romney made the very same statement back during the presidential race…

    How many SAHMs have money to afford a nanny or nannies to look after their children when they become “tired” of having to deal with them? How many SAHMs have access to unlimited amounts of money that they can use to entertain, or buy things to entertain their children with? How many SAHMs have maids and other domestic help that can take care of household chores that need to be completed on a daily basis, in addition to the childcare?

    Yes, I’m sure being a SAHM can be rough; but for some reason I doubt that she’s had it as rough as other SAHMs.

  • JaeBee

    I think your statement could be applied to all moms.

  • Aymee

    She’s obviously a single mother who wasn’t afforded the luxury by her husband (or man) to be a stay at home mother. It’s just jealousy.

  • Gigi

    If I were married to Kobe, raising his children, and he cheated on me, I’d want more than my share. Let’s be honest with ourselves mommies!

  • Playwitit

    Right ok since she is a rich SAHM, its ok for her to be disrespected?

  • Nurse Joy

    Happily married with 2 healthy beautiful children… I workand my husband makes a pretty good living… I’m a CONTRIBUTING member of society because I CHOOSE to give back to communities by GOING TO COLLEGE, obtaining my degree, and becoming a nurse rather than ONLY lay on my back n collect a check for babysitting my own children… Why doesn’t she go to get an education? She has all the time in the world… Oh because she doesn’t have the brains it the talent to make her own living if she had to, meanwhile kobe is a dummy but damn @ least he knows what hard work is… He can divvy his funds too her however he chooses but it doesn’t make what drake said false… Shes lazy n dumb…

  • soulfullyreal

    It’s great that he is defending his wife, I just hate than it took a year for him to do it, that song is old now, and ppl been biggin him up for it. Now they got that old thing back and he’s coming to her defense, which he should. Idk, maybe i’m just a cynic…

  • Ravi

    You tell him Kobe. If anyone disrespects and mistreats your wife, it’s going to be you. oh, wait…

  • JaeBee

    Did you see me say that ANYWHERE in my post?!

  • Chelley5483

    EXACTLY Chanela17. Just way too much “crewlove” going on these days. Glad to know someone else finds it suspect.

  • Ravi

    “Wanting to be with a woman? How gay is that. You win sex against a man, that’s as straight as it gets.”

    – Drake

  • Realityplease


  • Chelley5483

    Good one! LMAO!

  • trueletterson

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said two people standing before a alter and saying I do don’t mean they are married, that’s a legal procedure, he said the definition of marriage is two people coming together to become one and that takes time. The main lesson in this is in spite of their ups and downs these two are holding it together and still working toward being married.

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