L&HH Logic: Is There Such A Thing As ‘Good Crazy?’

by Danielle Pointdujour

erica mena

Erica Mena is crazy. Bat s%$t, somebody hurt her and now she’s over compensating and angry at the world crazy. And you know what, she’s proud of it. Last night on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop video vixen, turned wannabe singer and faux manager jump off (ya’ll know Rich ain’t managing ish) Erica let loose her bag of crazy again on the show after Olivia decided doing a track with her wasn’t brand worthy.

In her best not made for the indoors voice Erica confronted Rich about Olivia’s loyalty and then proceeded to do the same face to face with Olivia at Yandy’s event. But if you’re thinking about trying to call her out on her antics don’t bother, Erica thinks that her crazy is actually a good thing. Yup, of all the delusions this woman obviously has, being ‘good crazy’ is one of them. Stabbing her baby daddy, punking Rich in the street at a club and then trying to fight her supposed friend and then getting in Olivia’s face is all just Erica’s way of being loyal and not taking ish. According to her, the crazy doesn’t come from out of thin air (she’s right on that account, daddy issues would be one of my guesses) and when she goes off it is always for a good reason.

erica mena

But is there such a thing as ‘good crazy?’

When I think of ‘good crazy’ I think of spazzing out on some nut job trying to hurt a loved one. During trial the attorney would call it self-defense. But throwing glasses and fighting outside of the club and landing yourself in a felony situation that you could’ve avoided by simply acting like you had something to lose, won’t be called anything but guilty in a courtroom and there is nothing good about that crazy. That’s just bad … all bad.

Unfortunately for Erica and the rest of us, there were probably at least a million women who were shouting “Yes honey! That’s what I be trying to tell folk in these streets!” at their television screens last night. Once again VH1 has managed to promote a side to women of color that need not be taken around the block anymore. Crazy is not a good thing! That’s why they medicate and institutionalize people that are crazy. Crazy means you’re not functioning properly on some level and maybe all that ‘good crazy’ is why Erica Mena is a semi relevant player on a reality show and not living the high fashion, musical diva life she feels she should be living. She needs help. Preferably anger management. Now that would be something good to brag about.


    Here’s a question: why do ya’ll invest so much time & energy watching this stuff???

    Aren’t there some books that we could be reading to better ourselves, or work we could be doing in the community, rather than subscribing to this stuff?

    Who’s more “bat sh@t crazy”: the characters on this show, whom you don’t really know if they are acting or not, or the people who tune into this madness, day-in & day-out?

  • AM

    “Once again VH1 has managed to promote a side to women of color that need not be taken around the block anymore. ”

    DUH! All thanks to all ya’ll tuning in, and giving VH1 reason to continue broadcasting this madness. If you are going to complain,at least be consistent! Stop giving them reason to aire these shows!

  • http://gravatar.com/hsm36 Whatever

    I have to agree with the previous comments. I’d also like to add… who cares?

    These reality show buffoons do not matter and they have all signed the dotted line to allow themselves to be exploited and to look like complete idiots on television. I’m not about to sit here and try to dissect why ignorant, grown women behave the way they do on scripted minstrel shows.

  • http://www.myblackfriendsays.com myblackfriendsays

    I watched the first few minutes of this show until Joe Budden’s ex-girl swiped all that stuff off of the table.

    FAKE! I love my reality tv, but let’s at least try to keep it believable, ok people?

    They need to bring back Steebie and Joseline From L&HH Atlanta.

  • Humanista

    Obviously, watching this stuff is a waste of time, but whether we were talking a/b Random TV Chick or not, it’s a valid question. There are many regular women who believe that there is such a thing as a “good crazy”(or that crazy is a *good* thing), and plenty of men who express the desire for women who act like this–and then reproduce with these individuals!

    Reality TV or not, this whole “women be trippin’ but it’s okay cuz they’re women” attitude is a real living thing.

    No,there’s no such thing as “good crazy”. Self-defense or defense of others is just that. As a generally reasonable woman, I am tired of women getting a pass for acting this way and not being held accountable for their actions and reactions.

  • Jaslene

    Aren’t there better things you could do, instead of passing judgement on those who like to engage in occasional ratchetness? Aren’t there some books that you could be reading to better yourself, or work you could be doing in the community, rather than make on a blog that celebrates the diversity of black women’s interest? I guess not. I guess I am bat shit crazy (the good kind) and in a way so are you.

  • justanotheropinion

    My daddy always said: “If you see crazy coming, cross the street”. Time is past due for folks to stop watching and playing into this BS. We can start by not giving it any credence in the written press.


    “Aren’t there better things you could do, instead of passing judgement on those who like to engage in occasional ratchetness?”

    Is this a trick question of some sort?

    First off, this is anything but “occasional”. These articles are popping up at least 3 times a week. “Occasional” would be once every other week.

    As for whether I have something better to do, I’m actually doing it. I’m encouraging people to do better, & be better… Something other than “ratchetness”.

    Look around you. This discussion contains people who feel precisely the same way about this.

  • AnnT

    “Good crazy” is expressed in terms of how pretty a woman is relation to her antics. I haven’t nor will I watch this show or any other show like this, but it’s generally accepted that the prettier a girl is, the more crazy she is ‘permitted’ to act.

  • Pseudonym

    “LHH Logic.” Oxymoron.

    But I’m very interested in the story line about the couple where the man converted to Islam and is trying to get this gf/wife to do so also.

  • Chelley5483

    Lol @myblackfriendsays..

    I couldn’t make it a few minutes into the first episode! When the ex of Joe Budden walked in to meet him at the restaurant but before sitting down to join him, spun around to show him her butt then sat down. Nope that’s all I need of this.

    And unfortunately, I need Steebie and Joseline too. Guilty pleasure of the century.

  • Kay

    I was an extra for a reality show a while back as a favor to a friend. I can tell you for a fact that most of these shows have a script, a set, etc. One of the stars told me that they shoot a few days out of the week on a schedule and the rest of the time it’s business as usual. Therefore, there is no spontaneity to the action as most of the situations are contrived or embellished. Hell, in one shoot, we were in a restaurant that was CLOSED but we were all in the background pretending to eat for like two hours while the director got the perfect shot. There was fighting between two “enemies”, complete with tears and recriminations then after the shot, the two walked off like old friends to have drinks.

    As fake and unreal as these shows are, they are on the air because we watch them. If we tuned into something else or supported independent projects, sponsors would notice.

  • Kema

    I like these shows and recognize that they are scripted. I really don’t get the upset.

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