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I thought men rocking nail polish was old news (see Dwyane Wade) but the internet has been buzzing since Snoop Dogg posted a picture on Instagram engaging in his favorite green hobby and showing off his French manicure.

Maybe the style of manicure is a new phenomenon on men, but we know plenty of guys who take pride in polishing their nails and have been doing it for years.

It’s important to me that a man pay attention to his nails, keeping them neatly groomed and manicured. Polishes (from clear to darker colors) are optional and not cause for concern.

However, a French manicure pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable male polish to some people and in Snoop Dogg’s case, it had tongues wagging. His picture received so much attention on Instagram alone it was at 30K likes at the time of this post.

As long as it’s neat and understated, I’m all for men with manicures. Nail art is another conversation though.

What about you, Clutchettes? What do you think of Snoop Dogg’s manicure? Would you embrace French manicures as a new male polish trend?

  • Steve Winfield

    Samurai – actually, I found your comments on this column when a friend of mine on Facebook sent me a link to it.

    I never claimed that you adhere to Dr King’s philosophy. I cited King, because I respect what he taught, and (irony coming here..) because I am a member of a society in which a prevailing view is that King’s philosophy represents an appropriate standard (or at least, a goal) for human interactions, and therefore I can speak on behalf of that society to urge your compliance with that standard. (And, FWIW, you promoted the Tao in pretty much the exact same way that I promoted King’s philosophy. So what?)

    I’m sorry that I missed the part where you called me a “sellout Negro” – I honestly thought you were applying that tag to Seal. FWIW, you missed the part where I referred to “YOUR heritage” instead of, say, “OUR heritage” – that should have been a clue about my race – if my race is relevant in this discussion.

    NOBODY has said that you ever have to wear nail color. Nobody has said that you have to like the fact that other men wear it. Nobody has said that you must remain silent about your opinion. ALL I have said, really, is that it is none of your business – or society’s business – whether I wear nail color or not. You (by which I mean the “vast majority” that you claim agrees with you) do not own me, and have no right to dictate how I decorate my own body.

    As far as the support you claim to have on this thread – I’ve noticed that nobody has stepped up to support any of your arguments here, or to dispute mine.

  • Robbie

    I did not know this was a black women’s site. I saw a link in my twitter talking about us men and nail polish and here I am. Oh well. For the record, I am black, I have a black wife, and black kids. ;-) Oh and I wear nail polish. In the black community. NOT AN ISSUE.

  • Chis

    I loveeeee Snoop but hate the nails. The manicure is not G and it’s not masculine. Basically the author is co signing that she wants a effeminate man! No man should ever get a French mani like this. A man should get a soft manicure consisting of, something he can do himself or have his significant other do. For example, clipping his nails, cleaning underneath the nails, and buffing if he wants a natural man. No woman should be attracted to any man wearing nail polish nor a French tip. Lol

    Snoop dog has lost his mind!

    As for as the girl saying gender doesn’t exist and women can do what men do and vice versa. See that’s the reason our men are emasculated today and the reason why many sistahs are single. We don’t live in a feminist society anymore. Women have proven their equality, let a man be a man and let a woman be a woman. I have no problem admitting men can do things that I can’t and I can do things that they can’t either.

  • http://clutch Brandy Bee

    Hes a Freakin gay person nd needs to admit it …snoop grew up in BC he know he confusing kids & adults w thw fckery Men should do guy things and woman woman stuff

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