Mariah Carey’s now infamous beef with Nicki Minaj is so 2012, but that didn’t stop Barbara Walters from asking the pop diva about the row during last night’s Nightline interview. 

Carey and Minaj’s issue stemmed from a tense incident where Nicki cursed out Mariah while the two were filming pre-qualifications for American Idol. During the heated exchange, Carey claims Minaj threatened to shoot her, an accusation Nicki vehemently denies.

But that’s all water under the bridge, or so we thought.

ABC reports:

In October, TMZ released a video of a heated argument between the two divas during an audition in North Carolina. After the cameras were off, Carey claims others heard Minaj take it even further and say, “If I had a gun, I would shoot that bitch,” as Walters reported on her daytime talk show, “The View.”

“It felt like an unsafe work environment,” Carey said. “Anytime anybody’s reeling threats at somebody, you know, it’s not appropriate. I’m a professional. I’m not used to that type of environment.”

As a result, Carey said she hired more security.

“I just felt it was the appropriate thing to do,” she said. “Sitting there on the road with two babies, I’m not going to take any chances.”

I find Mariah’s assertion that she’s “not used to that type of environment” interesting.

Despite beginning as an All-American pop princess, in the mid-90s Carey reinvented herself and began highlighting her black roots, working with a slew of rappers from Ol Dirty Bastard and Mobb Deep, to longtime collaborators Jermaine DuPri and Da Brat. I don’t buy Mariah’s attempt to feign innocence while making Nicki–who can’t conveniently pass for a white woman–dangerous.

But according to Mariah–who claimed to not know that Nicki sung on her records, telling Walters, “I thought she rapped. Or whatever”—she hopes the pre-season kerfuffle will be good for the show.

“For all the drama, I hope it helps the show.” She added, “I think it’s a classic, classy show and it didn’t need this.”

But with competitors like The Voice and the X Factor gaining in popularity, I think it did.

  • myblackfriendsays

    I have only watched like, two episodes of American Idol ever (the one where Fantasia sang Summertime, and the one where Clay forgot the words to his song.) This beef won’t make me watch this season. I wonder how much longer this show is going to be on the air?

  • The Comment

    “….or whatever…” Loves it.

    Is Dum-Dum’s 15 minutes up yet?

  • Kacey

    I think Mariah is coming across as really unlikeable in this situation. I am no fan of Nicki Minaj and I have been a big fan of Mariah since I was a little girl. However, this damsel-in-distress, “I fear for my life” act is getting old. It’s not genuine…it’s manipulative. Mariah is incredibly insecure and she needs to admit that she didn’t want another starlet on the show, and was determined to undermine her. Nicki foolishly fell for it because she’s not “evolved” enough to recognize a public relations trap when she sees one.

  • Yb

    Don’t go telling the truth now. You might get thumbed down or called a self hating Nicki fan. Over the years the only thing I still like about Mariah is her voice.

    Nicki Minaj is a far more problematic person then Mariah but her damsel-in-distress-this-mean-scary-black-girl-is-scaring-me-even-though-I’m-black-when-it’s-convient act is irking me as well.

  • lauryn

    I’m curious, what does the claim that Mariah Carey can “conveniently pass for white” have to do with her safety? Regardless of skin tone, passing, or whatever, I’d fear for my safety too if I were within ten feet if Nicki Minaj.

    Somethin’ ain’t right about that girl.

  • Child, Please

    Didn’t we have an article that focused on this already? The whole Mariah using her “whiteness” to her advantage? I mean was it worth revisiting again?

    I understand this aired last night and that was where this article arrived from, but was this necessary:”I don’t buy Mariah’s attempt to feign innocence while making Nicki–who can’t conveniently pass for a white woman–dangerous.” So, are you accusing MC of using her “whiteness” to her advantage?

    I also found this troublesome: “Despite beginning as an All-American pop princess, in the mid-90s Carey reinvented herself and began highlighting her black roots, working with a slew of rappers from Ol Dirty Bastard and Mobb Deep, to longtime collaborators Jermaine DuPri and Da Brat.” Perhaps these people were more professional and didn’t place threats on her life? And what does Mariah’s ethnicity have to do with their beef? It’s seems some are using it as a way to put her in her place or throw it in her face.

    Where are the articles focused on Nicki’s part in this? It seems this site is vilifying Mariah (I guess because more should be expected from her?) and turning a blind eye to Nicki’s bird antics. Can we get some balance in the next stories covered on this topic?

    I’m kind of sick of MC’s race being brought up at every chance to justify why Nicki went off the way she did or why she sounds like a damsel in distress. I guess this must mean brown and dark skinned sisters are the abusers, huh?

  • CP

    They had a song and video together tho…. Did Mariah forget, or?

  • raah

    Wait a minute. What does Mariah “not being used to that type of environment” where violent threats are thrown around have to do with her working with rappers, and black roots? Terrible attempt to make a connection. Is violence something she should expect when working with black people then?
    Please come again. So irrelevant and offensive.

  • YouHave2Wonder

    Oh, I didn’t remember that mess until you mentioned it. I agree with Kacey, this is all one big public relations show to drum up 1) American idol viewership and 2) denote Mariah as the wholesome family type and Nicki as the rough out of control “rapper”.

    I give American idol maybe five more seasons.

  • Kelly Hawkins

    They sho did! I liked that song too. Dang.

  • Kelly Hawkins

    Right? She was friend and collaborator with all those rappers she was hanging with, so she obviously wouldn’t feel in danger. Not a good connection at all.

  • Tonton Michel

    How do you make Nicking look like the good Guy here? If she is threatening co workers being s general ass she needs to be checked. And what does Mariah’s past association with rappers has to do with this as one commentator pointed out. She is supposes to be a thug and uses to violence by association? Unnecessary shade being thrown her way.

  • Yvette

    Took the words right out of my mouth! Britni, YOU’RE the one associating black rappers with “that type of environment”, not Mariah. Be careful with your biases.

  • Robbie

    I agree with Kacey above. Mariah acts like she is innocent. I know that she is star and that she has paid her dues. Eeryone knows that she is a diva. She wanted to be on the show by herself because she is insecure and afraid that Nicky will steal her shine.

    I am not a fan of Minaj nor do I care one bit about her music. However, I feel that Mariah direspected her, and her comment is proof that she is not as innocent as she is trying to paint herself.

    Nicky was right for standing for herself. She did not do it the right way but situations like these unfortunately happen. Hopefully she learned from it and does not fall into such a trap next time. Self-control is something we all have to work on.

    Used to like Mariah. After the incident with Nicky, I was done with her. If Nicky has to respect her elders so should Mariah. Just because she is new and younger than her in the game, that does not mean that Carey has to direspect her. Respect is due to anyone regardless of age.

  • Yvette

    This just in, the “feud” continues… (I’m starting to think it might be fake, smh)

  • Damn

    Wow, I’ve come to realize a lot of you have colorism issues. Defending bird behavior because it comes from a black person against the big bad biracial woman is still defending bird behavior. Get it together my people, this is a sickness.

  • GlowBelle

    I’m a little surprised how people are acting new to Mariah’s cattiness. Mariah has BEEN a spotlight loving diva, and has BEEN throwing shade at people for YEARS — and really this sound byte is the tamest. All of this “drama” is to spike up ratings for AI, and Mariah is just playing the cards thrown at her.

    I’m agreeing with raah above, Mariah was comfortable in “that” environment, because she was friends with those people. Cut the colorism, ‘oh poor Nicki’ crap, you didn’t hear Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri, and Missy Elliott say directly towards Mariah: “If I had a gun I would shoot at that bitch?” Enlighten me if they ever did because I believe that ignorant farce known as Minaj was the one who said it to her.

  • PineApple

    Dang, Mariah forgot all about that Target commercial they did back in 2010

  • JN

    I’m sorry. I literally laughed out loud when I read the headline. It remind me of Kid Fury’s video talking about the Nicki/Mariah feud Are they wrong? Yes, but can anyone else say these things and get away with it? lol.

  • Anthony

    If you can afford security, why not get more if you are threatened? Mariah Carey is in her forties, she probably does want to do the fingernail scratching and hair pulling thing with someone who is acting like a teenager.

  • Yb


    You do realize biracial people come in all colors and neither did us mention Mariah’s skin tone so I don’t know where your mention of “Colorism” from. Projecting a bit, don’t ya think?

    And what do you mean by “a lot of you”? And secondly why are you referring to me as “your people”? Also tell me where in my comment Nicki was justified in going off and making a fool of herself?

  • Britt

    I’m a Mariah fan. With that being said, she’s known for being a diva and Nicki is not one to back down from anyone. Mariah is a legend and deserves respect, but you have to give respect to get it. If Nicki threatened to shoot Mariah, she wouldn’t be on American Idol, just like if we threatened our coworkers, we would be out of a job. I find it weird how Mariah didn’t feel safe around Nicki, but wasn’t afraid to go after Eminem a few years ago when he alleged that they dated. Nicki brands herself as a Barbie, yeah that just screams dangerous…

  • Crystal

    There’s no need to pull out the whole black thing with Mariah over not being used to that environment. It is simply, that she’s not being used to being threatened, or being put in place where she has to put her guard up, and be ready for war. She’s too old for the petty argument and was used to her stable lifestyle.. Duh.

  • Britt

    These are just facts: Nicki still had her mic on when Mariah alleges that she made those comments, and none of the producers heard her say that she wanted to shoot Mariah. Mariah didn’t want another woman on the show, but she can’t control that. We all work with people we don’t like from time to time and you grin and bear it.

  • binks

    This! Furthermore I would add Mariah amd the people mention are friends and had a mutal relationship so why should she feel threaten? Where her and Nicki had a brief history with a song. And why do we forget that Nicki beefs with nearly EVERY woman artists she comes in contact with or worked with…so I am not getting the article or the one side debate. Should she not feel threaten or entitled to her feelings because it is another black woman? If she felt that way she felt that way why is that wrong? Personally I think Mariah would have acted and did the same thing if the artist in place of Nicki was nonblack…hello Mariah’s beef with Christina Aguilera so I am not getting the race baiting or the baiting that if you hang around so and so than you should be use to it…what?? I chalk this incident as what it is big BRUISED EGOS nothing more nothing less..

  • Shelly

    What does Mariah being able to pass for white have to do with anything? Regardless of who she used to roll with, she is a 40-something year old mother with kids, yet Ms. Minaj has been publicly reckless with her mouth in the past and has threatened and insulted folks. I don’t think Mariah is trying to make it seem like something it’s not.

  • Ms. Write

    What kills me is this whole thing is based on mere heresay. She never ONCE heard Nicki say she was going to shoot her. It’s based on he said she said. Someone “overheard”. How high school…

  • Treece


  • MoreMonie

    in this day and age of shootings- if someone threatened to shoot me – i would do the same thing- i’m not rich or famous but if someone utters those words- i’m getting a restraining order-
    i dont blame her for doing that

  • Blue

    I don’t get it. Didn’t these two record a song together? What’s up with the beef? Beef or no beef, I think this is a way to get a rating boost. No one really watched American Idol like that did 10 years ago. They need something to help put them back on the map.

  • The Other Jess

    “I don’t buy Mariah’s attempt to feign innocence while making Nicki–who can’t conveniently pass for a white woman–dangerous.”

    What makes you think Mariah is feigning innocence? I never got that at all. Sorry, but Nicki Minaj is abhorrent and needed to be taken down a notch.

  • GG

    Celebs shade each other all the time, no big deal.
    Madonna shaded Mariah and Mariah give it right back…
    Janet shaded Madonna
    Patti Shaded Diana
    Shrugs… I love it…
    People are talking this way too serious.

  • Steffie

    So true GG. I think Madonna did it to Lady Gaga and we all know the Aretha had a fit when they called somesome other than herself the lady of soul. I don’t remember Patti saying anything against Diana. But a lot of them did Britney in. LOL!!

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