Each year, Ebony Magazine dedicates an issue to black love. The cover and corresponding stories celebrate relationships while offering inspiration and advice on love. Their February issue has three separate covers featuring each of these “hot Hollywood couples”: Meagan Good and Devon Franklin, T.I. and Tiny and Bishop T.D. Jakes and his wife Serita.

Inside the issue, Ebony features three personal love letters from Devon, T.I. and Bishop T.D. Jakes to their significant others.

Here are some excerpts from the cover stories:

Meagan Good on her relationship with Devon Franklin:

“One of the reasons I think God put us together is that we see the world very much alike, and where we see it differently, we complement each other.”

T.I. on how marriage has impacted his relationship with Tiny:

“Once I made my mind up that I was going to be committed to this relationship, I started being married then and there. Since I’ve been married, it’s the same relationship, we’re the same people. We treat each other the same way, and we’re just as happy now as we were before.”

T.D. Jakes on advice for a successful marriage:

“Marriage requires work and expecting the unexpected. Don’t let other people design a marriage you can’t live with. Keep other people out your business. Every marriage is different.”

The issue is now on newsstands.

  • Honey B.

    I LOVE T.I. and Tiny! I Love seeing love and between these couples it just seems real. The very best to all of them.

  • The Other Jess

    Ever since bob johnson died, ebony has gone completely downhill. it now looks more like a tabloid rag or trashy hip hop magazine than a magazine geared mainly towards black women.

    ebony and all other black woman-oriented magazines needs to quit pushing the old and played trope of black love to black women and instead start promoting we expand our options.

    i hate seeing these types of articles and covers. black love – in large numbers – is dead and gone and has been for a while. dragging out a few couples should not give any black woman hope that black men will change their quest down the path towards white supremacist ideals. black male-oriented mags do NOT push this ideal towards them. magazines geared towards black women need to do better, including online mags like clutch.

  • DeezaPeeza

    I think Tiny is sometimes loyal to a fault

  • cabugs

    This is a very interesting comment Jess. Wow, I don’t even know whether to agree or disagree, but I think you raise some points that should be examined more closely.

  • Ask_ME

    John H. Johnson was the founder of Ebony…not Bob Johnson (BET).

    Even under Mr. Johnson’s leadership the magazine practiced “white supremacy ideas.” The magazine was filled with advertising for skin lighters etc.

    My mother used to have a subscription to both Ebony and Jet. The fact is the magazine has changed because the quality of black entertainment has changed.

    In order to survive this magazine had to evolve in some way (though I don’t agree with the changes).

    Look at today’s black stars and today’s black entertainment. The ish stinks! Gone are the upscale Ebony covers featuring Lena Horne, Harry Belafonte etc. They have been replaced by T.I., Tiny and Chris Brown.

    So, don’t blame the staff of Ebony…blame black culture. It is a cess pool.

  • Ask_ME

    Additional side note: I agree with your comments about “black love.” It seems to be a one-side notion pushed on black women by other black women.

    As a black woman married to a white man, I always find the reaction of SOME black women interesting when they realize every black woman is not solely interested in black men. These women take my and other black women’s dating/mating/marriage choices as a personal affront to themselves…as if my marriage is any of their business.

    I don’t have an issue with any black woman that is interested in the concept of “black love.” I just hate when these people try to shame/dog me for not feeling the same way.

    As for THIS particular website…there does appear to be some hesitation to address the above reality.

  • EST. 1986

    How does one start ‘being married then and there’?

  • HappyDays

    I’m looking very forward to reading Ebony’s Black Love issue. I love both couples espeically Mr. and Mrs. Franklin. Black love for some is still very much alive and well which is nice to see.

  • EST. 1986

    Meagan didn’t take on his surname, so it is not correct to call her “Mrs. Franklin”.

  • Joy

    Ask: these days most mags cater to young people, and most young people don’t know who Lena, or Harry are. The key word in your comments is “today”….yes it’s today; not yester-year. No comparison

  • Joy

    Ask: Good 4U in finding white love, or any love for that matter. Because love of any color, or ethicity is hard to come by these days. I have several (professional) friends in their 40s that are dying to meet the man of their dreams, get married, and start a family. And they are having no luck. How sad. So you are indeed lucky. Also I digress: People often say that black women should broaden their horizons on the dating field, and give white men a chance. Well the fact of the matter is….every once in a while we see a sister with a white man; but overall white men are not knocking down black women’s doors to get with them

  • Joy

    SM: Your ridiculous comment doesn’t even warrant a response

  • Joy

    EST: That’s not unusual. Most actresses retain their maiden name

  • simplyme

    If by “Black love” you mean “two Black people who are in love with each other” then there is absolutely nothing dead about it…. step out of the celebrity bubble. “Black love” is alive and well… the problem in the Black community is marriage, commitment, and dysfunctional family structures and that has nothing to do with a lack of Black people loving each other or anyone going after any other race of people. Its about the ability to progress as a Black couple in the midst of some race specific obstacles. Black people aren’t getting married much to anyone… the numbers are abysmall for BOTH men and women I think even slightly worse for young Black men. But when Black people do get married, 9 times out of 10 they are both Black. So the solution isn’t telling women to go after other races, but to show people how to address the systematic dysfunction that plagues a lot of Black couples in America for their own relationships…as this issue is trying to do. I get your point about the Black love thing mostly being “pushed” on women but how many legit relationship articles (not booty spreads) are geared towards Black men in the first place? Very few.

  • Ask_ME


    The world is FULL of men and black American women are only 6% of the US population. Please stop projecting your inferiority complex on black women as a collective. Your experience (and my experience) is just that…our individual experiences. The truth is any woman with herself together can have her pick of men regardless of race.

  • Ask_ME


    Yet you are constantly finding a reason to reply to my comments that are NEVER addressed to you…ummm…and I’m the one with the complex? Have a seat please!

  • EST. 1986

    Yes, I know as much.

  • Ask_ME

    Please seek help immediately. Neither I nor any other black woman belongs to black men. The sooner you accept that the less prone you will be to rant about fantasies involving us.

  • EST. 1986

    Clutch, why do you all continue to let this person comment here?

  • Lulu

    @joy “Because love of any color, or ethicity is hard to come by these days”


  • Lulu

    i was thinking, is there a sort of mainstream magazine geared to black men that is like GQ? I completely agree about what you said about black male oriented mags.

  • Medusa

    LoL… I think he just meant that he made a lasting commitment regardless of when he decided to sign the papers. I can relate… marriage never really mattered much to me, it’s the commitment that you make to the person regardless of the date on which you sign papers.

  • Chillyroad

    @Ask Me

    Will do us a favour… If you want black women and black men to stop harradsing you and burning crosses in front of your house tell your “IR thugette” trolls to stop harassing black women who aren’t interested in inter racial dating. Don’t call them mules or mammies or NBAB (nothing but a brotha) foolishly waiting around for their black “kang” who will never come and if he does be prepared to get cheated on given HIV, sharing him with both men and women, left to be a single mother when he finally signs that NFL contract and married a white women. Enough of the IR scare tactics to force black women into the arms of some white Savior.

    Why don’t individual black women be left alone to be with whoever they want to be with?

    Your passive aggressive line of questioning whether black men are discussing “black love” is proof that you have an issue with black women who aren’t checking for white men.

    Why doesn’t Maxim write an article encouraging their readers to go to Harlem or Atlanta and find a black women? they sure do know how to tell them to go to Sweden Russia or Poland,

  • Chillyroad

    Online there are a few.

  • Treece

    What’s ridiculous is the fact that that you chose to make the assumption that her husband is on the DL and put him down for being a gentleman (and quite good looking at that). What’s ridiculous is for you to assume that she should even give your tired, trifling ass the time of day……oh, and what’s also ridiculous is the fact that Black men so often feel like that whenever a woman finds a man that is a gentleman and good looking, that he is “soft” or somehow “not man enough”. What a damn shame is that!? I’m done. Off my soapbox. No more replies

  • Ask_ME


    Case in point….this chilly road individual….notice how SHE takes black women’s right to free choice as a personal affront to herself. And the projection of her own issues…

    “Your passive aggressive line of questioning whether black men are discussing “black love” is proof that you have an issue with black women who aren’t checking for white men.”

    Get your eyes balls checked because I NEVER SAID ANY OF THE ABOVE. I never questioned anything about black men in any of my comments.

    In fact, this is my comment about the issue: “I don’t have an issue with any black woman that is interested in the concept of “black love.” I just hate when these people try to shame/dog me for not feeling the same way.”

  • Ask_ME

    Aww…you mad because I side-stepped your rant of imagined “facts” angry black man?!?

    I’ll be sure to tell my husband you said hello.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    Beautiful covers. Look forward to reading the articles. Marriage takes work … and its always good to hear others speak candidly on their experience and even some of the mistakes they’ve made along the way. I simply appreciate it for what it is … firsthand wisdom. Take it or leave it.

  • HappyDays

    I tend to refer to couples as Mr. & Mrs. as “respect” for their union. I did notice Meagan retained her surname. In this case, I really hope it doesn’t make a difference, just positive thoughts of a successful marriage for this couple.

  • Cocochanel31

    Wow interesting comments! I looove the new Ebony format under Amy Barnett’s editorial leadership. The content is fresh and up to date. The articles are waay more relevant than Essence imo and have more depth.

    To say don’t feature black love on the cover because black love is dead is downright stupid. Obviously black love is NOT DEAD , like the media would have you to believe, and THAT is why these couples are featured on the cover.

    So over black people and the “white man’s ice is colder ” mentality – go date a white or “other” man and all your problems will be solved. Umm no, real life does not work that way, let’s celebrate, honor, and emulate those black couples young and old, who are proving to us everyday that black MEN and women do still love each other and believe in marriage/partnership.

  • Chillyroad

    @Ask Me

    You’re not interested in black men why do you care whether they are discussing black love? Because you are trying to put black women in a corner and make them feel like they have to defend their choice to you. You want to defend black women’s choice to date out but not to date in. I told you I’ve never received reactions being married since 2004 to a nonblack and non white man. You’re response.. Oh you must be unattractive.

    Your arent fooling anyone. White men are even MORE non reciprocating than black men so why questions black women’s motives?

    Listen. I get it. You and your white man are like Jews in Nazi Germany. I will find an attic you two can hide in. Then the United Nations will create a state in the Middle East for you guys and other couples like you.

    You’ll so special.

  • Chillyroad

    Best comment ever.

  • Ask_ME

    @Chilly Stalker

    You’re still projecting. I have DEFENDED both black men AND black women’s right to free choice (refer to the Michael Ealy article).

    Yet, you’re trying to pull me into your vendetta with a certain group of black women. Ain’t happening sweetie. I already feel like I’m arguing with a fool. And here is a list of things YOU’VE written on this site and other under the your past names (Kiagli, Queen of Newcastle etc). Right from the horse’s mouth:

    1). I have a fat face (me: so your body must be fat too).

    2). I dislike “dark butts” (your nickname for dark-skinned black women.

    3). Black men overlooked me for more physically attractive black women.

    ^^^ Those were your words boo boo…not mine. So yes, naturally I concluded that black men weren’t checking for you anyway.

  • Chillyroad

    Lol @ USC affirmative action case. They don’t call it the university of second choice for nothing. She probably is a reject. Reggie Bush probably ignored her at a house party back in her Trojan days.

  • Chillyroad

    Best comment ever. As someone who married IR and who has always dated IR I wasn’t stupid or tragic enough to discourage black men and women from being together. I celebrate all love based on respect and dignity not axes to grind. I certainly don’t use my marriage as a way to gain victim status from those evil black folks. Blacks have historically been the most open, forgiving, welcoming, compassionate, and tolerant people when it comes to race and I’m proud of that fact.

  • Chillyroad

    Ask Ms

    I’m stalking you but you can go back years with things I supposedly said? Girl by. Clutch has an archive. Next time please quote me. You still probably paying USC back for your overpriced education but still don’t know how to do basic research and put forth a convincing argument. No wonder you didn’t get into Berkely or UCLA.

  • Ask_ME

    @Chilly Stalker

    I see your fat arse didn’t deny it. Unlike you and my other stalker, I didn’t have to depend on student loans or the government to finance my education.

    Oh yes, sweetie I remember reading about your dependence on the government to finance your “education” at the UCLA (LOL).

    I believe you said something along the lines of “Yes, I use to the state to pay for my education.” Please go seat your arse down somewhere. I’m out of your league…in more ways than one. I find it hilarious that a self-proclaimed welfare case is in here talking about affirmative action!!!

    P.S. USC was my first, last, and only choice in Cali. UCLA wasn’t and Berkley weren’t even on my radar. I finished USC with a 3.8 and went on to graduate school out of state…all of which was paid for out of pocket.


  • Yb

    @Chilly Road

    I’m really not into this mess you have with Ask_me but I find it hypocritical that you knock another black woman for getting a good education at one of the top schools in California but defend Beyonce to death for not gaining education beyond that of a middle schooler. You look extremely transparent. I go to UCLA and I’m actually ashamed at the elitism your displaying as if being a educated black woman is bad or going USC makes one inferior.

    And you may call Ask me an affirmative action case but remember that West Indian are given preferritial treatment over black americans when it comes to fill black spaces for college quotas, so think about before conclude that your admission to UCLA was soley “hard work.”

  • EST. 1986

    Hahahaha! Looks like someone (Chillyroad) doesn’t like losing her own game.

  • EST. 1986

    I guess, but I think it is actually disrespectful to refer to a woman by her husband’s surname when she did not elect that for herself.

  • EST. 1986

    I’m over ‘Black love’. Like, what the heck does that mean?

  • Ask_ME


    I wasn’t even going to go there with this chick, but I’m glad you said it. I’m going to SMH and call it a day. This woman has some serious issues.

    How in the world can anyone talk about the state paying for their education and then talk about affirmative action in the same breath???

    How in the world can anyone talk about quotas while ignoring the reality that SHE is probably being used to fill a quota???


  • Chillyroad

    USC is a private institution so they can make race based consideration when admitting their students. UCLA was no longer allowed to use race as a consideration thanks to Prop. 209 which was approved in 1996. I started at UCLA in 2005. Who the hell is talking about financing education? We are talking about grades and academic merit.

    It’s a running joke between two rival schools when Bruins refer to USC as the University of Second choice. Why take it so personally. She knows what’s up.

    As I said go into Clutch’s archives and quote me boo. You still haven’t but I guess if you repeat a lie enough times you’ll convince a few people and start to belive it yourself.

    I defend Beyounce because even without an education as you can see she is far classier talented attractive and just an all around awesome black woman without it. I mean look at the motley crew of educated retards we have here at Clutch.

    Beyounce’s education level or lack thereof reflects that of the very vast majority of black women. If she sounds like a fifth grader so do most black women. Education doesn’t bestow class integrity or honesty which is why I have this highly edumacated black woman fabricating things I said about myself.

  • Chillyroad


    You really need to lay off the vagina monologues. Stop watching the Color purple and get you a boyfriend or any friend for that matter. Always on one of your estrogen rages.

  • Britni Danielle


    Umm, as a PROUD USC grad I take issue with your insinuation that the university is somehow of a lower quality than UCLA. No “second choices” over here sis.

    While Prop 209 did have a disastrous affect on the UC schools in terms of black enrollment, it’s not like SC was just letting anyone walk in the door. For the record, ‘SC is more selective than UCLA and has a higher 4-year graduation percentage (yes….I ride for my alma mater lol).

    Continue the dialogue, I just had to clear that up! :)

  • Chillyroad


    Thanks for chiming in to defend your school and not another human being who is being taunted online.

  • Ask_ME



  • EST. 1986

    1. I’ve never seen the Vagina Monologues.
    2. I’ve never seen the Color Purple.
    3. What makes you think I am even interesting in dating a man, or even dating?

  • EST. 1986

    Why are relationships between two Black people considered to be ‘Black love’?

  • SMH

    Lmao @ YB. Wtf does “preferritial” mean? Your entire “debunking” reads like a punch tape lol. How the hell do you lot matriculate into accredited institutions?? I guess it’s now black + vagina = admission. Smh. Now I can officially add UCLA to the list for potential sub-par Affirmative Action cases.

    Anyway, I’m glad I brought out all the self-haters from the woodwork to participate in the Blackness Olympics… carry on.

  • SMH

    Wow Treece, did you come up with that all by yourself? Sorry but I can’t stop laughing at your complete lack of an iota of humor.

    Thanks for your worries but I met Meagan at an LA lounge called My House a couple years ago, and I know for sure she was not repulsed by me. Angry ass lol..

  • EST. 1986

    You all can give me a thumbs down, but you can’t answer the question?

  • kelly

    Megan Good is a great role model

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