BGW2Two spunky women are seeking to break the myth about how black women interact with fitness.

Ellen and Lana Ector have transformed their popular group exercise classes into a home workout tape that women can use at home. The Atlanta-based mother-and-daughter fitness duo have put together “Black Girls Workout Too”, an exercise program that pushes females to rigorously increase their heart rate while toning their entire body.

The Ectors are mission-driven with their new fitness project:

“Curves are the right places! Statistics show that 4 out of 5. African-American women are overweight or obese and we have to change that!” a message on their fitness video’s website reads.

Ellen and Lana are the women behind Gymnetics Fitness, a private Atlanta-based studio that offers a variety of workout regimes to women of all ages.

The fitness tape is currently available on the Ectors’ site for $25.

  • kc

    Is the one on the right going to work out or going to the club?

  • b

    I meant to thumbs down the previous comment and made a mistake. I congratulate this duo. Every mother/parent should instill in their children healthy lifestyles that includes an enjoyable fitness program. Good job!

  • Val

    When people market something to me as being for Black “girls”, I usually ignore whatever it is they’re trying to sell. When someone markets something to me as being for Black “women” then I pay attention.

  • apple

    oh darn just when i was thinking about phaedra’s donkey booty workout hehehe

  • AM

    but Val, black GIRLS rock, no?!

    For me, doesn’t matter. It’s what they are selling that matters.

  • E.M.S.

    While video shows promise, I can’t just take it seriously with that image as the cover. I agree with kc, this is supposed to be about fitness, not the club.

    Any workout program or product that markets too much sex in it is not to my taste.

    Now excuse me while I wait for my Insanity DVD Set to arrive.

  • EST. 1986

    Referring to women as girls is insulting.

  • BriA

    I think it would have been better if they didn’t name it Black Girls Workout Too it’s kinda sounds like – Hey look I can do it too….Includeeee me!!! lol idk I guess I’ll watch the video but I won’t buy because I already workout just fine

  • AM

    Insulting how? On this very board, you’ll see articles talking about GIRLfriends, not WOMENfriends, commentors greeting each other, like “hey girl!”

    What is sooooo insulting about that? C’mon, as far as I’m concerned, you are exaggerating, and making a mountain over a mole hill. Context is key.

  • lex

    black girls work out is an insulting title, anything geared exclusively to “blacks women” fuels to the hype of what black women cant do.

  • Chelle5483

    Congrats to them. I don’t think the title takes points away if the workout is a solid one. It’s their first dvd! Yay to that! Yes the title might be a bit.. ehh.. but again, it’s their first dvd, with more experience under their belt I’m sure the next will be better. The woman on the right is simply showing off her curves, something that many black women feel they’ll “lose” if they begin a workout regimen.

    I’ve seen Jillian Michaels in less clothing, no big deal. No one’s buying a workout dvd with the trainer on the cover in a North Face jacket, I wouldn’t. I’ve seen Shaun T’s nipples more than my own it seems so yes, the body, on the cover, it’s what’s selling the product.

    Congrats to them. They look great.

  • lex

    i love how they both represent what women want to achieve physically, the mothers shows what older more mature women want tone arms,flat stomach, tight ass (lol) and toned thighs; and the daughter represents what younger women want ,tight flat stomach, toned arms and a toned high ass

  • EST. 1986

    I don’t feel like getting into this, but a girl is between the ages of 0 – 18.

    And, if you feel that I am ‘exaggerating, and making a mountain over a mole hill’, then in your own time you could do a few google searches about why some women think it is offensive.

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  • binks

    Agreed, the title isn’t the best but it doesn’t take away from their overall message and what they are aiming to do so I will give them props because it is due. I hope they reach their target customers!

  • Nakia

    Agreed, but considering that you are taking the Insanity leap (good luck, it’s difficult but very effective), this is not aimed at you or me. It’s geared toward those women who actually don’t work out because they are trying to maintain the look that this woman has…ignoring that unhealthy is never sexy.

    I also agree with all of the comments regarding the title. It’s just awful and unfortunate for a few reasons.

    Nonetheless, I like that they are trying to reach a certain segment and hope its not another ‘donkey booties for women who don’t want to sweat their weaves out’ thing.

  • AM

    -to each his own.

  • nappyprincess

    Good grief…does Black Girls Run insult you too?

  • Tim

    The key to end obesity in black women is to get young girls active (soccer, dance, ballet, yoga, etc) at an early age 5 or 6. If the young girl has not been physically active by the time she reaches her teens it’s highly likely she’s going to be overweight as an adult women.

  • gmarie

    I don’t see anything wrong with the cover image. Wit hthe exception of her middrift the girl is pretty much covered up. I’ve seen videos of Jillian michaels wearing less..

    I actually like that the women instructing the video appear to be fit for real with muscle tone and definition. it’s clear they really work out unlike the majority of fitness videos geared towards black women that only showcase a small waist and huge A$$ (ie buffy the body, phaedra’s vid, etc.)with only an intent to work out our booties. Well guess what, you’ll need to work your entire body to be truly healthy! those arms and guts and lets need work too.

  • heavenleiblu

    Thumbs up for the concept, Thumbs down for photoshopping a bigger, rounder butt onto Lana.

  • Deb

    yeah, In terms of presentation i’m definitely giving them slack because it’s their first dvd. I think this is just awesome…people on here nitpick on things that seem to personally irk them but act like it makes the product itself problematic. The first thing is to point out what’s wrong…nothing wrong with that but if that’s the first thing you feel you have to express…then…I don’t know what else to say.

    At least these two ladies are doing something and encouraging women in their community to get active. Mother and daughter, healthy and fit…it’s the best encouragement that is accessible across generations.

  • thinkpink

    It look like a good workout and I can tell they’re doing it in the right spirit.It’s nice to see workout DVDs done by a black woman other than janette jenkins Best of Luck to them!

  • MommieDearest

    Good for them! I’m not mad at Mama AT ALL for keeping it tight. LOL!!!

  • ImJustSaying

    Remember when we would get mad at white people for not including us and then we would yell about how we need to make our own products so we can support our own people? Not trying to start a debate but you know me….. I’m Just Saying

  • gryph

    first lesson?
    exercise < hair

  • ruggie

    Love, love, love the concept but the cover art and title are kind of cheesy. I’d support it though.

  • gmarie

    @e.m.s. I just watched the vid clip and I don’t see where sex is being sold anywhere. But ymmv… Once your insanity video arrives you will see the black girl in the background that keeps tapping out is a lot more naked than these women. She just doesn’t have the curvy build that the younger woman in this video has. Is it the curves that make you think sex is being sold? From what I was able to gather from the trailer they do a lot of the same moves I see personal trainers in my gym use on their clients.

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  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    As long as the background music is not Latin or zumba.

  • Chelle5483

    Ditto. That’s what I’m wondering!! I love the girls at Black Girls Run. What about A Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss too? I don’t think the “Girl” is meant to be condescending. I just don’t see the issue. We all know we’re women, my goodness.

  • kamille

    totally agree! fitness has to be instilled at an early age. I remember doing Denise Austin tapes with my mom and aunt. Later on ran track in high school. Now that I’m in college, gained a few lbs but my body was already fit before so it’s not that bad and can easily be lost. 2013 is the year for breaking the whole overweight/obese black woman title.

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  • CeeCee

    I think the concept is a great idea! I like how the women in the video are fit with toned muscles. I will definitely be purchasing their workout video and adding it to my collection. I know that some people are uncomfortable with the title, “Black Girls Workout Too” , but I think the title and overall look of the daughter will appeal to young teenage girls. If you are not active as a teenager then it is not likely that you will be active as an adult.

  • E.M.S.

    @gmarie I was specifically speaking about the cover and the way the daughter is positioned.

    I would think for fitness, you want to depict someone in a powerful pose, not one that is somewhat sexual, but that’s just how I view it.

    I take no offense at using a toned body as inspiration but if your audience is female, her pose is not quite as effective in my book.

  • Talia Washington

    Why are 98.6% of you so negative? Are you upset that people (unlike yourself) are doing something POSITIVE in their lives and motivating others to do the same? It SADDENS me that there are so many negative comments. Get off your high horse and realize that the BLACK GIRLS brand targets ALL black women, whether you want to accept it or not. YOU can choose to support, or you can choose not to…but you choosing to be negative shows how negative of a person you really are. LOL grow up

  • Ava

    ha! first time I’ve EVER laughed out loud on this site.

  • Marissa Dawson

    umm but when black girls work out we wrap up them weaves. they need to stop playin’! lol

  • MzJD2011

    I follow the duo on Instagram, and the daughter has this saying “squats not shots”. I believe the way she is posed that way is to show that you can have a nice bottom without having to have it injected. I think what she is trying to sell is that healthy is sexy! I don’t take issue with the title. Do you take issue with Beverly Bond’s “Black Girls Rock”? I think the point they are trying to make is that even with the startling statistics regarding black women and obesity we do like to workout out, we do want to be healthy and in shape. Just my thoughts and I’m going to purchase the DVD. I workout but I’ve seen them have major transformation on women, not just physically but their healthy lifestyle and I’m for supporting that!

  • MzJD2011

    That’s her real butt…”squats not shots” is her motto. Look at her IG she posts pics there all the time

  • Ashley

    I understand what you mean, but in all seriousness tell me you wouldn’t mind looking like that…. Maybe not in public but in general. SOLD.

  • Ashley

    Black floks always have something to pick about when other black folks are doing something to further themselves. WHO CARES WHAT THEY NAMED IT OR HOW THEY ARE POSING!!?!? Lets be happy for our sisters for making that leap of faith and doing their workout video! AND yes they are making revenue, but the whole idea is to HELP MORE PEOPLE! Come on ya’ll.

  • Connie Burton

    Amen……..Stop hating silly people.

  • Shonda

    I bought this DVD and I love it!!! Awesome job..

  • Audrey

    I trying 2 buy that DVD

  • Audrey Lampley

    Iam Trying 2 Buy that dvd sold out every where

  • shae

    Try Amazon they have it in stock

  • ziesha

    I’m buying the DVD tomorrow! :-D

  • Nikki

    I love this dvd! If you are looking for honest reviews on it check out my website below. There are video and written reviews of the program

  • dimpz

    THANK YOU!!!! Can we start an entire thread off of this statement/comment ALONE!!

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