Benjamin Jealous

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous is known for making headlines, and he’s at it again. In an interview with David Gregory on Meet The Press, Jealous said that African Americans are doing worse under President Obama than under President Bush.

“When you look at joblessness in this country, the country’s back to pretty much where it was when this president started,” he said. “White people in this country are doing a bit better. Black people are doing far worse.”

Now that election season is over, it’s clear that the honeymoon between the Obama administration and the NAACP is over. Jealous referred that the latest Department of Labor statics, which reveal that the black jobless rate was up from 12.9 percent to 14 percent in December. And back when President Obama first took office, unemployment rate in the U.S. was below 8 percent, but among Blacks it was 12.7 percent.

Jealous also blamed Congress for being uncooperative in President Obama’s efforts to benefit struggling communities.

“With this president having said to us we need to invest in strategies to lift all boats, now that some boats are clearly more stuck, the question is will Congress join him in getting those boats unstuck, too,” he said.

Other vocal critics of President Obama include Rev. Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West, who have all spoke publicly about what they feel is a lack of concern for African-American issues. Sharpton has teamed up with the National Urban League to push the POTUS to create an urban jobs plan.

In response to the criticism that he’s not tackling enough Black issues, President Obama told Black Enterprise magazine in August, “I’m not the president of Black America. I’m the president of the United States of America.”

Do you agree? Should President Obama do more to help the unemployment rate in the Black community?

  • linda jones

    no, i don’t believe obama has done anything to help blacks people,we are
    the only people that are not getting anything for our votes.he has sold
    out detroit to the highest bidder. the older i get i know everything is
    always a sellout for money.the other people that can’t be bought get killed. we have no leaders with morale values or a conscious for the
    people who elect them.our votes don’t mean a thing its just a formality.i guess if white men can do this why not a black, he is trying to find another deep pocket to get into socialsecurity .just looking for money to take from the poor he doesn’t care about anything other than getting money from blacks and poor or the working class.the rich has bought him out.i’m really glad he’s not really blacks he’s biracial thats white and african not of 2 black parents. he’s talking
    about making rich companies pay their taxes ha that’s a joke all these
    companies like henry ford hosp,att,any large company to bring a business
    to detroit don’t pay any property taxes to have their businesses here
    and then charge us for the merchandise they sell to us.looks like we
    should be owner of the business the us people have always been used
    thats why alien come here and sell their wares because they don’t pay
    taxes but irs would be on the citizens if we try anything.we have been
    used just look at the documentary from uncut all big business don,t pay
    taxes at all.just keep us paying it.its not personal its business just
    politics as usual. politians wait till nite to give themselves a raise
    they don’t pay for gas,they get free cars,salary,all kinds of perks and
    don’t work 40 hours weekly,expense,obama is blowing smoke up our
    behinds and not giving anything back to blacks. not because us has always been a prejidice country and the black leaders are to afraid to
    make a stand. we get nothing for the votes.just leader gets paid.

  • Keith

    Uhhhhhh no. BLACKS should do more to help the unemployment rate in the black community. Things like education and effort. I don’t know any blacks who havent had a bit of success in their life if they simplyTRIED instead of feeling entitled.

  • http://clutch pete

    The problem is bigger than Obama. White people are still evil, hypocritical monsters. You can have a BA, BS, MA, MBA, Phd, etc.. The White Monster will still find a way to fcuk u over. I am not saying to not achieve degrees, by all means do so but just expect the White Monster to be unfair to you. Why? Because he is a Monster!

  • Ransom Eddings

    Let me be respectful by saying Ben Jealous is an Idiot and a real weasel. He is one of the worse leader Black American can have. A coward and not even worth to be called an UT.

    Now that is over, jealous has done nothing to help Obama fight for black and other people who need help. Simply put he has sat back on his big butt and let Obama get beat up. Not one black organization or any other organization of color has come to Obama’s aid. We all should have known that the back lash from White Americans in general was coming. It was not Obama’s fight a by himself, if he was to really be successful he needed help, but it did not ended up like that. Jealous was find and dandy when Obama Was running, but when things go hot he back tracked so fast he could have been in one of those old racial adds, out running a horse. Black America is worse off because Jealous has done nothing but flap his slip and act like he is important. But he is not alone, the Black Caccus is just as worthless, the Urban League, ministers and any other black leader who left Obama hanging. I feel sorry for him, he turn to look for help and all he saw was a cloud of dust going in the opposite direction at speed of sound. I think when they speak of Obama as President of the United States, not president of Black America. So black people lack of progress is not because of Obama, but because he had no help to do more because he was too busy ducking Republicans while black leadership coward away afraid to challenge the white man. Bottom line cover their own butts and they still are. Not one of them should ever speak the name Dr. King, Mr.Malcolm X or any other black leader that gave their lives for the people. Mr. Jealous shut up, you have nothing to say, you are a joke and we need a man with some testicles if indeed he is a man.

  • chris

    If Obama was helping all Americans, Blacks would benefit. The problem is, the Obama policies are hurting all Americans. Importing millions of illegal aliens is not going to help the unemployment problems.