Benjamin Jealous

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous is known for making headlines, and he’s at it again. In an interview with David Gregory on Meet The Press, Jealous said that African Americans are doing worse under President Obama than under President Bush.

“When you look at joblessness in this country, the country’s back to pretty much where it was when this president started,” he said. “White people in this country are doing a bit better. Black people are doing far worse.”

Now that election season is over, it’s clear that the honeymoon between the Obama administration and the NAACP is over. Jealous referred that the latest Department of Labor statics, which reveal that the black jobless rate was up from 12.9 percent to 14 percent in December. And back when President Obama first took office, unemployment rate in the U.S. was below 8 percent, but among Blacks it was 12.7 percent.

Jealous also blamed Congress for being uncooperative in President Obama’s efforts to benefit struggling communities.

“With this president having said to us we need to invest in strategies to lift all boats, now that some boats are clearly more stuck, the question is will Congress join him in getting those boats unstuck, too,” he said.

Other vocal critics of President Obama include Rev. Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West, who have all spoke publicly about what they feel is a lack of concern for African-American issues. Sharpton has teamed up with the National Urban League to push the POTUS to create an urban jobs plan.

In response to the criticism that he’s not tackling enough Black issues, President Obama told Black Enterprise magazine in August, “I’m not the president of Black America. I’m the president of the United States of America.”

Do you agree? Should President Obama do more to help the unemployment rate in the Black community?

  • silkynaps

    Agreed and I’m thoroughly disgusted by the almost $200 missing from my playchecks. What happened to no new taxes for the middle class?

  • Jesus F#cking Christ

    lmao, these so called “African america leaders” are jokes. When Romney was campaigning on fiscal conservatism, all they could see was “african american” Obama vs the WHITE guy……even though Obama is not African American, hell he doesn’t even have “African American” ancestry. Then the majority of black females that don’t understand economics or politcal philosophy voted for him because he married one of them (michelle).
    When you vote based on stupid concepts like race, and liberalism, you will continue to get fucked and cities like Chicago, detroit, st louis etc will continue to exist………………and yes they will raise your taxes in order to give the money to the welfare queens, or some other social engineering crap.

  • Val

    This is all true. But, what good does it do to say it now after the election? Had the NAACP said this prior to the election then maybe we could have gotten the President to make us a few promises for our votes. You know, like how the so-called Hispanics got promises from him, how the Jewish lobby got promises form him, how the LGBT got promises from him.

    We are the only constituency that doesn’t ask for any promises prior to the election. So now after the election, when all the promises have already been made and the votes cast, good luck getting the President to listen.

    So to say this now, four months after the election is just posturing for posturing sake.

  • Val


    Actually, it’s not a new tax that you are seeing. It is the re-introduction of the payroll tax, which was suspended during the recession.

  • Alisha

    It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If the president made it a point to support policies that favor particular groups, the universe would have a field day. If the president tries to support policies that help ALL Americans (which is exactly what I think he should be doing), West, Jealous, and Sharpton will whine.

  • ASK_ME

    “Do you agree? Should President Obama do more to help the unemployment rate in the Black community?”

    I don’t agree simply because the government doesn’t create jobs. I don’t know why that’s so hard for people to understand.

    President Obama is NOT God. He cannot fix every problem in this country and he cannot fix what’s broken in the black community.

    In my opinion, black unemployment requires some internal self-reflecting. What the hell can President Obama do for a race people who have a 50% high school graduation rate? We put ourselves at the bottom of the totem pole by devaluing education and refusing to learn an employable trade.

    If we’re talking about the unemployment rate of those who learned a trade/sought education I can completely understand. However, we must also be honest. I have never seen an unemployed black mechanical engineer or doctor. I have seen several unemployed high school dropouts, GED recipients etc.

    Then there is the issue of business creation. I read a comment from Newt Gingrich that black people dismissed as racist, but appears to be true:

    “For poor minorities, entrepreneurship in small business is the key to future wealth,” Gingrich wrote by hand in a first draft. “This is understood thoroughly by most of the Asians, partially by Latinos, and to a tragically small degree by much of the American black community.”

    Lower class uneducated black men need to be encouraged to learn a trade like carpentry instead of freeloading aimlessly throughout their twenties waiting for someone to hand them a job. A profitable trade can lead to business ownership. If this is not in their future, they need to be encouraged to join the military.

  • ASK_ME

    Sorry, but no. I don’t think the majority of black WOMEN voted for Obama because he married Michelle (come back to planet earth for a second), instead a good number of black people STILL believe in Obama. It helps that the other guy wasn’t very likable…especially after his 47% comment.

  • Tonton Michel

    Yeah, things do not look good and Obama has proven that he is not the One when it comes to the economy. I am glad people are calling him out.

  • Pink Thought

    Agreed! power comes from not blindly supporting any party. Demos take the black vote for granted. They pay lip service and we don’t hold them accountable to anything else. Meanwhile the other party can do NO right. It doesn’t make sense.

  • J. Nicole

    We can talk about & critique all of the issues that we feel President Obama has yet to step to the plate about, but the thing I focus on first and foremost is what he has done for the Black community in essence has given a tangible example that you, as a person of color are bigger than your surroundings- that cannot be denied.

    I do however have complaints with the agenda, or lack of Black agenda of his precidency. It’s true he isn’t *just* the president of Black America, but he’s the first to look like us, so expectations are high. I also think its unfortunate that any other Black public figure who speaks out against his policies is shamed. If no one calls attention to it, if there’s no public outcry saying “Look, we voted for you, we need help”. We can argue that yea there’s some Black people who were just waiting for a hand out (“You’re black, I’m black, sooo get me a job”) but when you already had the odds stacked against you (poverty, poor education, crime riddled neighborhoods) there needs to be some focus on how to change that.

  • Dawn

    I agree but I’m not placing the blame on Obama. He is leveling the playing field and helping this country move from a place of trickle down economics which when left uncheck (as it was in the Bush era), some business owners began to act like plantation owners forcing everyone else to fight for the unwanted scraps and the sparse opportunities. Now, the unchecked resents being called out by someone who doesn’t buy into their beliefs and the public who is demanding better. That is why we are worse off because they are retaliating not only to make Obama seem like an unsuccessful President but to make us pay for no longer accepting their scraps.

  • Chloe

    This is so overblown and taken out of context. President Ben Jealous did not say Blacks were doing worse under/because of Obama .. He gave a statistics of an all time low in Black unemployment since 8 yrs of Bush to the present term of POTUS. What I got was he was saying we have to do more as a whole …even under this current administration. Peeps have made this into a ridiculous political agenda for either left or right from soundbites.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “If the president made it a point to support policies that favor particular groups, the universe would have a field day”

    you mean the latins and the gays are NOT groups?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “the government doesn’t create jobs”

    the $800 billion/yr for ‘defense’ creates a few jobs, yes?

  • silkynaps

    Interestingly enough, when this tax was “suspended”, my playcheck got a $20 raise. Enough for 2 Big Macs and a Happy Meal. Now, my playcheck is missing almost $200? Fuzzy math!!!

  • silkynaps

    Logically speaking, he would’ve garnered more votes if he was single…

  • Joy

    Thought: Just a thought; exactly what do you expect President Obama, or any President for that matter to do for black people? I don’t think that (most) people support one party, or the other. People are generally drawn to political parties because of ideology.

  • Joy

    Ask: And Fchrist’s suggestion that black women voted for Obama is so ridiculous

  • ASK_ME

    Military spending is completely different from what people out here are advocating the president do. Neither the president not the government can create a company like Apple and hire black people. Those companies and jobs come from private citizens….not public officials.

  • Joy

    JeusChrist: Your comment that black women voted for President Obbama bc of Michelle shows your lack of intelligence. And i don’t recall people questioning Bill Clinton’s ethnicity when they voted for him (2) terms.

  • Joy

    Ask: I want to clarify that I meant to say that it’s ridiculous to think that black women voted for President Obama (just} because of Michelle

  • B.Payne

    The only blacks I see that are worse off are the blacks who are waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the black president to come to their door with a job offer. My black circle and I are doing just fine…I was doing fine under the Bush administration

    Some (if not most) of my people need to understand that no matter who’s sitting in that office, you have to take action for yourselves.

  • Joy

    Black people, and ALL people in the country are worse off because of the sign of the times. Among many thing The housing debacle, Because of Technology there is less need for as many jobs, and the economy of the country has always changed every 8, 10, 12 years for as long as I can remember. Things are sometimes bad, and sometimes good. Nothing ever stays the same. It’s called life

  • ASK_ME



    What I want to know is whether pleasing the people of different groups and lobbyists is going to help our economy or not. I guess we won’t know until years from now….

  • Jesus F#cking Christ on a Cross

    lol, actually, the historical voting preference of most of the African American shows the dire lack of intelligence of some of you. e.g Jesse Jackson jr winning an election in Chicago despite being a incompetent kleptomaniac, then y’all wonder why there was 500 murders in the city last year lol
    Anyway, back to Michelle. Judging by most African American females’ reaction to interracial couples, obama wouldn’t have won the democratic primaries back in 08, talkless of being president if Michelle were white. All the charlatans who claim to speak for the “african american community” wouldn’t have endorsed him neither.

  • Old TImer

    You mean to tell me you kneegroes needed someone to TELL YOU not to vote for him? GRRRRR!! Wonder why people say blacks can’t think for themselves. The info was all there, freely available. I guess Romney’s nail in the coffin amongst blacks was his DARING to be born white. The 47% comment got SO MUCH heat, yet you kneegroes ignored insult after insult after insult from Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Obama himself the past four years and even prior to the election. Hold your guns and your bibles close darkies because thats all you will have left. Stupid freakin people geeez! You folks deserve everything this mothertrucker jams down your throats sit your irrelevant butts right back down. Elections over and you pulled the short straw!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    during the great depression the government created many jobs and it worked….

  • jamesfrmphilly

    many good black people are unemployed. blaming the victim is just not right. what goes around comes around. i hope one day you get to taste what it feels like.

  • Tonton Michel

    Dont forget corporation, there people too.

  • edrina

    Excuse me “Old Timer” but Romney was not the better candidate.

  • edrina

    Excuse me “Old Timer” but Romney was the better candidate.

  • Tonton Michel

    “the government doesn’t create jobs”

    Thats a lie, fireman, public school teacher, Marine, sailor, airman, soldier, national park ranger, defense industry employee, NASA scientist, social worker, librarian, on and on all off tax revenues from the government.

  • Tonton Michel

    Sounds like you need to be paying more taxes.

  • ASK_ME

    For the slow people…government does NOT create jobs for the masses…never have and never will.

    Whenever there is a recession the FIRST jobs that get cut are those WITHIN the government (i.e., librarians, law enforcement etc).

    Keep depending on the government to save the day. The rest of us with good sense already know what’s up.

  • J Lee

    What exactly do we as black America expect him to do? The country has to get better as a whole before things can get better for any race. Yes, he’s America’s president. We always think that just because a black person is in charge of something, he/she are going to specifically do something for that race. Once this president does that, he’s going to termed racist and all hell will break loose. Damn give the man a break. He can’t make everyone happy..

  • gmarie

    Obama-or any politician for that matter can only do but so much for the black community’s issues as it is. the roots of our unemployment issues fall heavily on lack of education/training and unfortunately criminal background history. I know that not all unemployed black people fit into either of those categories but there is a significantly large number of them who do vs. other groups dealing with unemployment. I cannot say that that is an Obama issue. It’s something we have to try to turn around on our own.

  • Isis

    What Ask me said a million times. Those other groups dont hurt as much as we do bc they are already light yrs ahead of us. Building their own businesses and keeping their communities in tact something we refused to do. Its not Obamas fault way too many blks dont get how life works

  • Tonton Michel

    “For the slow people…government does NOT create jobs for the masses…never have and never will.”

    Still lying.

    Government creates jobs by investing in infrastructure.

  • MMK

    I like Obama’s response and I love how quickly our supposed black leaders forget that black men weren’t better off under their favorite president, Clinton. Check those facts too. So (for me) this issue has always been in our communities, sadly this weak economy is underscoring just how affected black people have been by it.

    As others have stated the reasons for this are varied and sadly a lot does have to do with poor educational systems in our neighborhoods and a ton of other negatives that most of us are familiar with.

    I think it’s Obama and his administration should be focusing on how to all people, not just black people. Please, give the GOP another reason to hate them why don’t you. And he did go on some black people campaign, do you really think the house controlled GOP is going to let those laws pass? Over their dead bodies they’ll tell you. Obama knows the economy is bad. He knows some people are more affected than others, but I’m sorry we can’t expect progress and expect him to cater to one group. It’s just not realistic or going to happen in this life time and with the GOP.

  • Joy

    philly: The fact of the matter is that this isn’t the depression of 80 years ago (the 1930s). Stop living in the past

  • Tonton Michel

    “What exactly do we as black America expect him to do?” Do what he said he was going to do in his campaigns.

  • Tonton Michel

    “but I’m sorry we can’t expect progress and expect him to cater to one group.”

    Oh, but we can expect him to cater to gays and latinos but not black? Really?

  • MMK

    Listen, your “gays and Latinos” routine on this topic has run it’s course. He’s not “catering” to them, he’s effectively putting policies in place that have been in place for black people for years. You can’t champion equality, yet there are groups still disenfranchised.

    So, no, Obama doesn’t owe us (black people) any special treatment. He’s addressing the job issues. He’s trying to get everyone on board, this includes those who have the power to vote laws in. Do you really think he can start an employment initiative just for black people? Stop the madness.

    Also, why are people EXPECTING him to make magic for black people. So what he’s black. Did we say these things about other presidents? No. So why is he so special. This line of thinking is backwards and as someone else said if this was SUCH a big issue for the NAACP then why not address it before he was re-elected? It wouldn’t have changed my mind and made me vote for Romney, but Jealous’ entire gripe is suspect to me at this point.

  • victoria


    100% agree

    Imagine our community 20 years from now. There is so much talk of the USA going bankrupt in less than 20 years. If that happen are people still going to rely on the govt?

    @Michael Tonton
    Yes, the govt does create govt jobs, but with the lack of education within our community, we wont benefit from the jobs you mentioned. So Ask_Me’s commit is fitting.

  • Tonton Michel

    No your excuses for this president is what is tiring. He has shown little back bone with the GOP, backed off on his promises and catered to other groups while and jumping when ever a white kid gets shot.

  • omfg

    obama is not perfect, but he definitely has done things that impact blacks, particularly those who are on the lower end of the economic and educational line:

    -expanded pell grants
    -affordable care act
    -fair sentencing act – reduced disparity between crack and cocaine sentencing
    -school nutrition standards toughened
    -expansion of health care for children – health insurance authorization act
    -payment to black and native american farmers

    many of the things here benefit many blacks.

    what’s interesting is that latinos are not asking for government assistance. they are mainly asking for a path to citizenship or a way to be here and legally work.

    gays just want the same protections as everyone else.

    what do blacks want from the president? on paper, we have what the aforementioned groups have.

    they are not really asking for other forms of help, that i can think of off the top of my head.

    although i would like to see a wpa program, it probably won’t happen. and i would like to see a gi bill, but that won’t happen.

    black people need to find out what resources are available and taken advantage of them instead of despairing. there are many resources (trade programs, etc.).

  • Tonton Michel


    Exactly how much education do you need to have for these jobs? They majority of construction work calls for as phd?
    It was his big mouth that talked about tax the rich and reinvesting.

  • MMK

    TonTon Michel: My statements aren’t tired. They’re valid. You may not agree with them but they have merit. I can only assume that you’re referring to what happened in Sandy Hook. And I’m just going to stop you there. The entire country was appalled by what happened and all those kids weren’t “white” as you state, and if they were would their deaths lessen because of it? Sure, I will definitely concede that I wish he addressed gun violence sooner, but how dare you use the tragedy of those children to bolster your half-cocked ideas of what Obama should be doing. At the end of the day he’s addressing them and that’s all that matters to me, because gun violence in this country is horrible across all “races”.

    Also, what exactly would you like Obama to do come-out on the GOP with all guns blazing. It’s clear you don’t have a clue about how politics works. No one runs this country without making compromises and when the house is controlled by the party who doesn’t control the administration, then you can count your cash that there will be blood, figuratively speaking. What you propose if for Obama to be some magic negro, this he is not. The entire idea plays into the GOP’s views of him, but not mines. He’s one man, with an administration, who is trying to get this country back to where it was before the Bush war era. This won’t be easy. It’s not an excuse it’s a fact. He’s up against so many ism and issues that defy him just because it’s him. So get on outta here with all of that.

  • omfg

    @ ask me

    you should take an economics course and some history courses.

    the g.i. bill is one of the most important things the government did to create the (white) middle class. not the private sector, but the government.

    government is the single largest employer, and most often, these jobs are among the most stable. this is one of the reasons why blacks have gravitated to them. nowadays, layoffs occur in all sectors – public and private. nobody is safe. but, there is a reason why republicans are always blathering about having the ability to get rid of government workers – they are hard to terminate.

    the wpa program was another successful program that aided this country tremendously. besides the infrastructure that was built, do you realize that many black artists (jacob lawrence, augusta savage, romare bearden) were able to survive and explore their craft because of work they got from this program?

    please stop watching fox news and pundits. government, when done right, can do great things on behalf of its citizenry. it happens in other modern industrialized countries.

    part of the problem is that we’re hell bent on making sure it doesn’t work.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    white people of today live off the acts of murder and slavery done by white people of the past. when there was a depression the government created jobs and work for those people.

    it is sad to me to see some posters so ignorant of how the history of the US has advantaged white people even today.

    infra structure spending will create jobs and is good for the long term health of the country.

  • beauty85

    In reality there is so much more that lies beneath the surface, when it comes to black americans and our history. It’s like Usain bolt getting a head start in a race your not going to catch up, unless your on steroids. And for black people that is exactly what we need is a boost from society! Like how about the curriculum that is taught to black kids, our history should go further than just America, there should be some history from Africa, because we need more than just our great history to give us some real pride about ourselves. Honestly when black people actually wake up and start thinking about why we are in such a state, we will be able to start working on our problems. Slavery is the cause of a lot of our sociological problems. One of the reasons why the father was in the home. One of the reasons why black women waste so much money on weaves and relaxers, instead of saving up. Those are just two examples, there’s more that runs deep. We need tofind out who we are by doing DNA tests and actually studying history about Africa. I have so much to say just not enough time to type it all.

  • victoria

    That’s part of the problem…people believed him when he said tax the rich. Really! The rich will never pay their dues. NEVER. Do you think Obama will be the President that makes this happen? And Im surprised you are talking about revamping the country’s infrastructure. Who is the US going to borrow money from in order from this to happen?
    So I guess our community will have to wait until this country reinvests in infrastucture before many in our community will be employed.

  • Alisha

    To clarify, if the president made it a point to support a policy specifically because it would help Black America (and his primary motivation for doing so is a perceived responsibility black Americans because he also happens to be black), the universe would have a field day.

    Speaking to your examples, immigration reform (which I’ll guess you’re referring to with “the latins”) affects more than one than one racial/ethnic group (think the student who studies in the US from abroad but has to leave when his/her visa expires). As for same-sex marriage, I support the efforts of the president to make sure that ALL Americans have equal protection under the law.

  • omfg


    california voters recently voted to tax earners with incomes over $250k i believe.

    guess what? months later, we have a surplus. other things were done, but this was hugely important as california has TONS of wealthy people.

    if the mass of voters voted on this, the tax would have happened.

  • ASK_ME

    Please go ask the people at the Post Office if they feel their government job is secure. Ask them if their stomach doesn’t churn every time the cost of stamps goes up.

    Some of you people are just plain old delusional. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that depending on the government, which operates on tax dollars, is a BAD idea. Nobody with common sense needs Fox News to tell them that.

    When the crash happened in 2008 I recall reading an article about black unemployment. That article outlined the reality that a number of black people who were unemployed/losing their jobs USED TO WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT.

    What happened to their jobs? They lost them! If people are losing their homes via foreclosure and not paying taxes government jobs get CUT!

    That’s the way the government works…without taxpayers and tax dollars it crumbles.

    Y’all keep reaching back to FDR and post WWII America to talk about TODAY’S America as if time hasn’t changed. Hello, WE HAVE A NATIONAL DEFICIT in this country, the likes of which DID NOT EXIST during FDR’s presidency or in post WWII America.

    We won’t be seeing any modern day G.I. Bills for the average American. Nor will the government step in to create jobs for the masses. Again look at our national debt.

    Asians get it. Latinos get it. Whites get it. The only people who don’t seem to get it is African Americans (not all blacks…those that come to this country get it).

  • Tonton Michel

    ” but how dare you use the tragedy of those children to bolster your half-cocked ideas”

    Oh I dare alright just like you dare to defend a president for every special interest group and the right while taking advantage of the one group who shows blind loyalty as you have proven here.

    And I know enough about politics to recognize a yellow streak when I see one and so does the GOP.

    Its people like you who keep making excuses for the ineptitude of this administration the reason nothing can get done.

    I should of voted for Clinton the first time around I know she would of put up a fight.

  • victoria

    Yay, now the black community in California will not have to focus on education and trade training becuase California has a projected surplus.

  • Millie

    As a black person who was employed and unemployed under the Obama administration. I do feel for those young and old still struggling to find a job/work. That pink slip is real and sometimes it can knock the wind out of you and set you back drastically.

    I believe that these black leaders need to brainstorm ideas instead of constantly critizing the president i.e. West and Smiley. The black communties have been bleak i.e. Chicago, Newark, Philly, and Camdem long before Obama showed. We need to create for small businesses and push education reform in our communities. This is the only way we as a community will progress. We also need to stress financial literacy amongst are youth. It starts at home, not just in the white. We need to hold all political figure accountable not just the president i.e. mayors, congressmen, senators, and councilmen.

  • ASK_ME



  • Millie

    …ugh Clutch when will you get rid of this racist spam. This individual needs his or her head examed.

  • omfg


    you said: I don’t agree simply because the government doesn’t create jobs. I don’t know why that’s so hard for people to understand.

    i refuted that because clearly this is not the case and the g.i. bill and wpa program prove this.

    any economics class you take will clearly outline who is the biggest employer in the country – the government.

    also, if you’re inclined, please reread what i wrote. i never said government was the answer or that government jobs were safe. they are safer. this is a fact that has been proven over the years. plus, they offer some of the best benefits.

    also, usps jobs are different in part because of the change in the way we communicate (we email or text now or pay bills online). the huge need we had for the postal service is not the same as it was years ago and so it is being used less and less. of course, republicans want o get rid of the usps.

    back to the government creating jobs idea – there are many economists who believe the stimulus that obama put forth was not big enough. but, many attribute the stimulus – which created some jobs to build infrastructure – to some of the recovery.

    in fact, government does play a role in this, whether you want to believe it or not. our nation has crumbling infrastructure. government needs to attack this. in the process, people will be put to work. that’s what the wpa program did. focused on building infrastructure and we are better off for it. putting money to building infrastructure is not a fool’s errand. and it’s not something that should be left to private industry, except when sending a project out to bid.

    part of the reason why china is advancing is because of the big projects government is undertaking. private industry simply doesn’t have the resources for this. this is something that many whites, asians, latinos, etc. understand.

    but, if it makes you feel better to cast this as a blacks want a hand out argument, go right ahead.

  • omfg


    don’t know where you drew your conclusion from.

    i was correcting your assertion. the bottomline is that people will benefit from the surplus.

    but, many health care services, etc. were cut as a result of the budget.

    also, nobody is telling blacks not to get training. i am refuting part of your argument because you are flat out wrong.

  • AM

    imma need you to stop this foolishness. LMAO!

  • AM


    what cross are you bearing?! LMAO your name gave me the giggles, although really I shouldn’t have, being that Jesus is my homeboi.

  • Anansa

    Thank you!

  • Since1989

    I agree with you about black people banding together to create small businesses. My thing is, if the u.s government can pay reparations to the jews for the holocaust, which did not even take place in this country, why can’t undivided attention(at least) go towards fixing black communities that were created from disparities in employment and education and other opportunities. The impoverished black communities of today did not just come about out of thin air, because black people are inherently depraved. It was systematic and we never had economic power en masse from the start because of our far, but not so distant past and history.

  • Anansa

    The incarceration rate for Black men was higher with the Clintons in office. Now you spin that any way you want to satisfy your dislike for President Obama but the fact remains your “First Black President Clinton” wasn’t doing to much better. You can also thank the Clintons for NAFTA which sent jobs overseas…Yes, the jobs that Blacks thought were beneath them until the Latinos took them over and left Blacks behind. What did Bush do for Blacks? Reagan? Oh, since your beloved Clinton didn’t win, you can only have blind hatred towards this administration. Why didn’t you go out and do what you needed to do to get your dream president elected? You seem like you wanted a Cynthia McKinney so why didn’t you call her up? She wasn’t too busy. You could have written in one of your beloved Clintons, what was stopping you? Nothing. You just wanted to hear yourself complain.

  • Since1989

    I agree with you about black people banding together to create small businesses. My thing is, if the u.s government can pay reparations to the jews for the holocaust, which did not even take place in this country, why can’t undivided attention(at least) go towards fixing black communities that were created from disparities in employment and education and other opportunities. The impoverished black communities of today did not just come about out of thin air, because black people are inherently depraved. It was systematic, and we never had economic power en masse from the start because of our far, but not so distant past and history.

  • Anansa

    You should have voted for Clinton then you explain how the incarceration rate for Black men was higher during their administration. You could also do a soul clap for the NAFTA Treaty the Clinton Administration signed that sent so many American jobs overseas. GTFOH!

  • trueletterson

    I am happy to see that Ben Jealous just realize what we already knew mid way thru Obama first term, he should have been saying that last year before the election when he and the rest of those bourgeois blacks allowed themselves to be used to champion the deprave cause of people who was already rich and doing well but anyway it’s never to late.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    it really amazes me that so many black people seem to get their information from fox news. i am surprised that black people are talking this nonsense.

    the government provides billions of dollars to every segment of society but when blacks look for something, all of a sudden, it’s not possible? guess what, we pay taxes too, a lot of them. stimulation and infrastructure spending will benefit us all.

    blacks should demand jobs.

  • Tonton Michel

    “The rich will never pay their dues” OF COURSE there not going to pay if they know Obama is going to turn tail every time they bark. That is the problem he has no stomach for a real fight. The country doesn’t have to borrow a dime if they invested properly in infrastructure off taxing the wealthy. That will lead to more foreign investment outside of China buying up our debt so we can buy more of there crap. The government is charged with creating a fertile field for economic growth, you do that through tax dollars.

  • ASK_ME

    What some of us disagree with is the idea that blacks should demand jobs from the government while all other groups go about creating their own opportunities.

    Some of us get it. Dependency on “others” including the government doesn’t work out for black people.

  • Tonton Michel

    Save that derailment junk, I am talking jobs here not the prison industrial complex that is fed off the war on drugs a GOP product. And no is letting BILL off hook for NAFTA but Bill damn sure had the economy in order.

  • binks

    Agreed, a lot of people who are feeling the bite of the job market are the ones who don’t have update or adequate skills or IN DEMAND degrees to compete in TODAY’S job market. Long gone are the days where you can get by on a high school education, walk in and automatically get a job, major in a “so and so” field, or working your way up in the world with little odd and ends jobs. Hell, employers’ like McDonald’s are expecting you to come with a little more than a high school diploma now if you aren’t a high school student. A lot of people are behind the 8 ball because we (as a society in the USA in general) gotten too comfortable and thought our number 1 position would hold and didn’t realize the rest of the world was going to eventually catch up. We are now living in the age of technology and GLOBALIZATION folks and a lot of us are still behind the curve. Hell some people still don’t know how to adequately use a computer. That is why it is so important to push computer skills/programs, STEM programs, learning a foreign language (which is a bigger now), etc. I can’t put ALL of the blame on President Obama because our society and community was slowly heading towards the downward spiral long before he was sworn in. I think this would be a great time for his administration to focus on UPDATING our school system (which is soooo far back in urban neighborhoods), making higher education more readily accessible and making accessible the tools and trades our kids and underclass needs to succeed. Nobody should expect a handout but EVERYBODY has to get their hands dirty and put in work! We as black people don’t have the luxaury of flying under the radar anymore where some of us make it and most of us are “getting by”…

  • binks

    Because that sounds too much like right and work for some people who rather complain and ask for a handout instead of putting in work and fighting and securing their own American dream. I swear we need to stop looking for one person to be our black savior and helping/saving us but be our OWN heroes in our story/lives while in turn teaching and mentoring others to be a hero in their story as well, instead of quickly villainizing someone when things don’t pan out the way we thought. Gasp…President Obama is a politician NOT black Jesus or Superman same thing with any other politician before him and after him.

    The road to success is PAVED by you NOT chauffeured FOR you!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “all other groups go about creating their own opportunities”

    you are dead wrong but i don’t expect you to ever be able to realize that. if you believe that ‘everybody else did it themselves’, i cannot help you.

    there are so many examples of government support of whites starting from land grants in the past down to subsided research and development today, that if you cannot see it you are purposefully blind. the WPA, the GI bill, the marshall plan.

    you seem to be some kind of a troll. i wonder if you are actually black. anyone who knows american history knows that the government has aided whites forever.

    it is only when blacks demand the same that trolls come out from under their rocks to spew their nonsense.

    infrastructure spending is stimulative and will help all of us.

  • ASK_ME


    I’m a troll because I don’t agree with you counterproductive dependency on the government for job creation for black folks. Right….something must be wrong with me for advocating self-reliance and education instead of government dependency.

    Please seat your old tired arse down somewhere.

    One minute you’re preaching black nationalism and hatred of the government the next you’re calling on the government to create jobs for black folks. Do you not see the contradiction in your way of thinking????

    I can understand asking for GRANTS and LOANS for BUSINESS CREATION, but that’s not what you’re after. That is NOT what you’re asking for in your comments. You want the government to actually CREATE JOBS for black people. You want the government to hand the black masses jobs. This is where I disagree.

    Infrastructure spending is SHORT TERM. It’s not a solution to the bigger problem that comes with the lack of education, motivation, and skills plaguing a large number of black people in this country. It’s not going to erase the reality that a large number of black people in this country are being left behind and WILL likely become members of a permanent underclass.

    You can keep riding down a dead end street or you can support long term change. Either way, you need to RESPECT that the fact that SOME of us don’t agree with your nonsense.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i feel you are a troll because you are saying things which do not track reality and which very few black people ever say. sounds like fox news.

    infra structure spending IS long term. we are STILL relying on the infra structure build that took place 50 years ago.

    “lack of education, motivation, and skills”? really? these are NOT the black people who i know. you sound like a white racist who doesn’t actually know any black people.

    black people need to IGNORE the trolls and demand action from the federal government to improve our situation.

  • ASK_ME


    And you sound stupid…as hell.

    Infrastructure spending is a short term solution that doesn’t FIX the long-term problem of HIGH black unemployment.

    Fifty years ago black people probably helped fix this country’s infrastructure. Guess what? High black unemployment is STILL an issue 50 years later.

    If lack of education and skills were not a problem with a large number of black people this article and conversation wouldn’t be taking place…now would it???

    I’m done. Get at me when you can hold a conversation without the ad hominems and deflections….especially when faced with your own contradictions.

  • Tonton Michel

    “there are so many examples of government support of whites starting from land grants in the past down to subsided research and development today, that if you cannot see it you are purposefully blind.”

    Yes sir, Manifest Destiny for every one but blacks.

  • Kacey

    I agree with you…I wouldn’t have used the words you did (and perhaps that’s why you got so many down votes) but the underlying substance of what you’re saying is true.

    I also agree with ASK_ME that Romney was just plain unlikeable and if the Republicans had any sense at all and had put out an even remotely viable candidate, the results may have been different.

  • mypointiz…

    why do i get the vibe that Jealous painted the black collective as needy children?

    don’t any of ya’ll remember Black Wallstreet?

  • mypointiz…

    Romney lost…get over it already.

  • Kay

    Actually no one in this country “creates their own opportunities.” After studying a bit of public policy as well as contract law, I can tell you that subsidies, tax cuts, and obscure measures often give scores of people TONS of help in creating their opportunities. And that’s just fine. But it should not be restricted to just a select few. In fact, the Black farmers had it out with the government after various monies were passed right by them only to be given to White farmers growing the same crops.

    In fact, there are certain tax breaks given to only people that have certain types of mortgages or have health insurance through an employer. If you are self-employed or pay for insurance out of pocket then you just won’t get those tax breaks. There’s social welfare and FISCAL welfare, both which depend upon the government. Corporations often fall into the latter category and are sponsored by the government into the BILLIONS, but let a normal joe ask for what he PAYS for back, and he gets. “dependency on others….doesn’t work out.” *rolls eyes*

  • PBR

    Black people have to stop blaming everybody else for our problems and looking outside the community for help. If you’re not even willing to help yourself and you don’t show love to yourself and your community, why the hell should anybody else care? I’m tired of it. Take responsibility for why your community is in shambles and why you can’t find a job or get control of your kids. It’s because you made poor decisions in the past, it isn’t Obama’s fault. Even if obama was to put on his Superman cape and somehow swoop into the black community, nothing would change because the mentality of too many black people hasn’t changed. Ben jealous has been president of the NAACP for how many years, and what has he done? Absolutely NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. Always pointing the finger but never want to take responsibility.

  • Ask_Me

    They don’t remember it because…remembering it would require them to admit that black people are more than capable of CREATING THEIR OWN OPPORTUNITIES.

    *Rolls eyes at those rolling their eyes*

  • Ebony

    Why are issues concerning black people so important now that we have a black president? Were they not important during Bush’s presidency? What did we do? Waited had our first black president then became concerned about issues concerning black people? So in 2016 what’s going to happen when his term is up?

  • justanotheropinion

    Black folk couldn’t get any promises from him in part, because he wouldn’t even meet with them during the first 2 yrs of his 1st presidency. Managed to find time to meet with and speak on a platform for others i.e. women, LBGT, illegal aliens etc. To shed tears over it now after he once again got the majority of the black vote is a waste. How’s that for Hope & Change…?

  • Marcius E. Chester

    President Obama is right when he said that he’s not the president of black america. But the president of the United States of America.
    NAACP President needs to stop asking for a hand out. If you want things to change go out and do something about it. All of america is hurting right now. Its not a black or white thing.

  • Marcius E. Chester

    President Obama is right when he said that he’s not the president of black america. But the President of the United States of America. NAACP President needs to stop asking for a hand out. If you want things to change go out and do something about it. All of america is hurting right now. It’s not a black or white thing.

  • mypointiz…

    It will be business as usual.

    and black folks will once again be as quiet as church mice on the ‘ursher board.’

  • Ayo

    Are you seriously suggesting black folks were silent during the Bush administration?

    Folks like Tavis and Cornel West were as loud as they now throughout his admin. You can go and watch all of their State of the Black Union events and the whole Covenant with Black America thing on YouTube and C-SPAN. Then there’s all of the fervor surrounding Katrina, his reelection, No Child Left Behind, his emphasis on Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, affirmative action and so on.

    You seriously need to rethink your post.

  • B.Payne

    I grew up with that taste so I know exactly what it tastes like…it’s nasty…but it only made me go harder on myself, not the president, to do better.

  • paul


    Well at least they all came out to make sure the first “black” president got his two terms. and kept Romney “the worser of two evil” (apparently) out of the highest office.

    Voting for romney would have at least kept people on their guard, voting for obama just kept obama.


    do nothing – know nothing – don’t wanna nothing morons deserve everything they don’t get.

    stuff a sock in your mouf so that you don’t scream too loud when obama really starts getting into his rythm on shanking dat ass.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    black people are suffering due to the fiscal policies and monetary policies of the united states government.

    unregulated, criminal, greed of wall street has destroyed the economy of this country.

    until the banks are made to account for their criminal behavior all the ‘pull yourself up’ nonsense in the world will make no difference. hard to succeed when the system itself is criminal.

    black people are right to demand action from obama. only the federal government can bring the white collar criminals to account.

    there needs to be infra structure spending with targeted set asides for blacks.

  • Pat

    No, President Obama shouldn’t do more to help the unemployment rate in the Black community.

    This is one area in which I think black leaders should redirect their energy from. Focus on the problem, not on what President Obama should do or shouldn’t do. The truth of the matter is regardless who is in the WH; black people will still face unemployment difficulties if we don’t improve ourselves. At least, gain a competitive edge. My stance in this issue is you can tell a person about a job or an opportunity, but they still have to complete the necessary steps to obtain the position (complete the resume/interview). Jobs are not plentiful, but for the jobs that are there – Are you hirable? Some applicants over qualified for a job, and have to settle for underemployment. So many factors are present in which doesn’t help me understand how the unemployment rate for blacks is Pres. Obama’s [continued] responsibility. He fought/fights to extend unemployment, giving applicants ample time to seek employment. Saved and revived the auto industry which saved and created more jobs. Next, let’s go with implementing a tax credit for small business if welfare receipt ant is hired. Small business loans for minorities, a child credit tax, and of course financial aid grants/reform. While people are unemployed, these are still opportunities for self-improvement. It may take a while, however, it is unfair to expect or look for anybody to bell you out. I think to expect POTUS to do more is placing him within a position that extend beyond his human capacity or responsibility.

    Another reason I think white America does better is because of company ownership and inner circle support. In other words, white America owns the company and they will hire each other. If a job opening becomes available, he or she will tell their neighbor, the neighbor’s children, family members, and so forth. Black people are not as quick to do that. Black people are facing individual conflicts and racial calamities that are making them do worse. Opportunities are present. If anything, we can share information and help each other. This is not the POTUS job, he has done his part. Now, what is going to be the state of Black America once he leaves the WH? This shall be interesting to see. Looking at some black people, I know that can find employment. It as if some black people prefers not to work. They prefer to wait around for a certain job or a handout.

  • stef

    As someone who ACTUALLY watched jealous on Meet the press he did not BLAME the president, Lets repeat for those getting their panties in a bunch . HE DID NOT BLAME THE PRESIDENT. Now its true things are worse under Obama for black people , it the truth numbers dont lie.

    But he blamed first the prior admin and congress. people you need to stop depending on clips and blogs to learn the news

  • DanaT

    Black Wallstreet? You mean the Tulsa Race Riots that pretty much was bombed, lynched, and raped because of racialized hatred?

  • Vonmiwi Culvera (@divalocity)

    I takes nothing to complain about our problems, but it takes courage and conviction to create solutions that resolve them. I don’t know who he thinks is going to solve all of our so-called problems? As a people in this country we have always led the highest people who were unemployed. Before Mr. Obama became president we’ve had career politicians in office: The Black Caucus, who had every opportunity to enact “change.” Can he show me anything that they have done to greatly improve the lives of their constituents in the last 20 years? It’s time that we stop begging and start doing. The only person who begs for someone to provide for them are the ones who thinks someone else is responsible for their very being.

  • Vonmiwi Culvera (@divalocity)

    I takes nothing to complain about our problems, but it takes courage and conviction to create solutions that resolve them. I don’t know who he thinks is going to solve all of our so-called problems? As a people in this country we have always led the highest number of people who were unemployed. Before Mr. Obama became president we’ve had career politicians in office, namely The Black Caucus, who had every opportunity to enact “change.” Can he show me anything that they have done to greatly improve the lives of their constituents in the last 20 years? It’s time that we stop begging and start doing. The only person who begs for someone to provide for them are the ones who thinks someone else is responsible for their very being.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i continue to be surprised at the posters who seem to have such a low opinion of black people. isn’t the first step to pulling yourself up to STOP HATING your PEOPLE?

    poster after poster is telling blacks to do for self. question, when in the history of this country have blacks NOT done for self? every advance has come as a result of our own work. blacks have NEVER received the GIFTS that whites have, we have ALWAYS worked for OURS. a black person telling black people to do it for ourselves is redundant.

    what is keeping us back is the IGNORANCE and SELF HATRED of so many blacks.

    what is wrong with demanding the same service for our vote that EVERY OTHER group gets? how LOW is your PRIDE to believe that the black vote is worth NOTHING.

    blacks are discriminated against. that is the TRUTH, RUTH.

    educate yourself and stop the self hate.

  • kelly

    you speak the truth

  • deniserena

    President Obama told Black Enterprise magazine in August, “I’m not the president of Black America. I’m the president of the United States of America.”

    Of course, but he is the president of gay america and has tackled gay issues head on. He’s the president of latino america and has pushed issues that are important to latinos. But when it comes to issues that matter to black people, he’s not the president of black america and can’t speak directly to our issues. I weep for you black folks that are still drinking the kool aid. You’re in for a big disappointment 4 years from now.

  • Denver

    NAACP President Says Black People Are Worse Under President Obama

    Chief, everyone I know is worse off under Obama except those who work for the government.

  • mypointiz…

    The bottom line is, they was still able to pool their resources and made due without the need for white people, thus they kept it in the community.

    Those times are different, but the opportunities are stlll there. Hayell, you won’t see raceriots now, so why all the crying for “what they gon’ do for us?”

    Even through the brash of race riots that plaqued this country(and killed so many black people), our people made it through.

    So, what’s our excuse now? I’m sick of all the talk and no action. Really.

  • Jstain

    “..the other guy wasn’t very likable…..” as if being likeable put food on the table or get you a job. The pathetic thing is your absolutely right. I suspect many people voted for “O” ‘cuz he’s such a nice guy. well, take that to your local grocer and see how much you can get with “I voted for the nice likeable guy”.

  • Be careful how you sound

    AIPAC isn’t a Jewish lobby. It’s an Israeli lobby. It doesn’t support American Jews and not all American Jews support it.

  • The Other Jess

    The NAACP has no right to criticize the President or anybody else! They have been SO inadequate, and out of touch with the issues in Black communities. Instead of setting up initiatives to deal with the issues that affect Black youth today (crime, unemployment, Black gender divide, community dissolution), the NAACP ONLY responds to racially-motivated issues or Civil Rights-era issues. I have zero respect for the NAACP.

  • The Other Jess

    Sorry, but while, yes, Black people should create many of our own opportunities, there is nothing wrong with expecting the government of the country of which we are citizens, to do their part for us too. Sure, black people successfully made Black Wall Street, but it was then firebombed and destroyed by racists. If government policies had not been instituted to protect Blacks from further racism, we would still have caseslike black Wall Street today.

    Self-reliance and goverment-reliance work in symbiosis. The government should provide some protections and policies that are beneficial to us, and we should also build our own.

    We are a part of a country. We should not be the only people on earth who do not demand our country do something for us, while at the same time we should do for ourselves in our country.

  • ASK_ME

    @The other Jess

    The government is there to GOVERN. It is NOT there to provide for your every need (ex. give you a job). Where I’m from we call that a welfare case. Let that digest.

  • For Real

    NAACP needs to clean-house before commenting on the Obama Admin. I’ve the utmost respect for the NAACP and Jealous’s leadership, but this critique was uncalled for. You can march all you want, but if your organization is littered with people collecting paychecks and watching reality shows, what does that say? One such employee is the NAACP’s Criminal Justice Dir, middle-aged over the hill Dr. Niaz Kasravi, who’s pined (stalked) after this fat Ben Jealous since she left Amnesty, and also spends her NAACP time pining after a reality ex womanizing boyfriend Tehran from Shahs of Sunset. Pathetic, straight up for her and for us (it doesn’t serve our needs). She has no interest in the African American community whatsoever. In my book, Ben’s comments on the interests of African Am have 0 merit, if people like this work for the NAACP.

  • Jesus F#cking Christ on a Cross

    Myopic individuals who keep railing against obama, curiously NEVER have anything to say about the collectivist democtratic party imbeciles known as the congressional black caucus. Bobby Rush wore a Hoodie and disrupted a congressional session over the Trayvon Martin kid, but he doesn’t have a clue how to go about resolving the Chief Keefs killing each other for fun in his backyard.
    But since no one wants to address the baby mama culture that resulted from govenrment paternalism, they focus on so called “gun control” . Bunch of Morons.

  • For Real

    I’ve respect for the NAACP and Ben Jealous, but it’s bogus for Jealous to criticize when some of his staff could give a damn about African American’s (which affects our communities). This menopausal Dir Niaz Kasravi, stalking her ex from Shahs, is one ex. Where are the the genuine priorities of the NAACP, or was this a political move on Ben’s part? It does make you question.

  • Shirl

    I work for the government. I haven’t had a raise in 7 years!! If you go by my income alone (and not my husband) I qualify for food stamp, low income housing and medicaid. It kills me when people say shit like this. Yes there are those in the government that make big bucks but there are a whole hell of a lot more of us that live from paycheck to paycheck. So miss me with that bull…

  • mypointiz…

    I don’t have to rethink anything, Ayo.

    With those examples you just posted, why are black leaders still acting like the black collective are helpless kids?

    We are more than capable of getting things done, and it’s been proven as per your example, yes?

    So why the excuses for handouts?

    I’ll say it again: Jealous, and some of ya’ll are delusional to think that we need any more handouts! We have the ability to get ourselves outta this!

    Are many of ya’ll that dayum scared of the grunt work?

  • trueletterson

    I agree with you somewhat however we want, deserve and need our fair “share” of contracts and jobs etc. like every other group get, the reason we are in the condition we are in is because other people got more than there fair “share”. We just want our fair share tell me what’s wrong with that!

  • trueletterson

    Thanks Kelly all we want, deserve and need our fair “share” of contracts and jobs etc. like every other group get, the reason we are in the condition we are in is because other people got more than there fair “share”. Lastly we just want our fair share and we have a right to expect the president to help us as he has help others.

  • ann

    can we stop seperating already, black or white we are still American, I would like to know what whites have been handed that blacks have not? and I am talking real hard working Americans. I have never been handed anything but a paper taking more of my tax money from me to give to our enemies. I am white and worked hard for what I have, I went to college and I am still paying of my debt for that after 10 years. blacks have their own scholorships which they do not have to pay back. so please tell me what whites are given?
    I bought my own home I was not given it, I bought my own car I was not given it, All my stuff I BOUGHT I was not given. Everyone needs to frickin stop with the whites have better then black bit because it not a lie! I have many black friends who are better off then me and I never think negative, I think wow he/she suceeded the American Dream and can take care of themselves!

    So sick of the finger pointing! we do not get handed everything.

  • Allen

    The problem here is that He, Jealous, seems to want to blame everyone but his own people. Most of the black community would rather sit and collect un employment, disability, or any other free money they can get rather than put in the effort to get work. Thats just the facts. I see in in my friends mother, brothers, and he himself. IF the work is there for ILLEGAL immigrants, then it is there for our people as well.

  • kiki

    I think that the issue of self hatred is the main cause of today’s ills among black people. However, I don’t agree that demanding ‘service’ on the federal level is going to do a damn thing to help our lot.

    Self love needs to come in the form of pushing our children to succeed academically in order to compete an win in a world that wants them to fail. This is what I do NOT see anymore and I’m old enough to remember when the poorest child was encouraged by all to excell in school. It also need to come in the form of NOT HAVING SO MANY BABIES OUT OF WEDLOCK at the alarming rate which we do since that situation handicaps the next generation in untold ways.

  • kiki

    No. It”s not about “free money”. It’s about a workforce that is 50 years behind what the current economy is demanding. Highly paid low skilled factory jobs are NEVER coming back – that economic model for society is DEAD or overseas. The only answer is get educated or PERISH. We need to WAKE UP — this aint got ish to do with Obama.

  • Brynda Saunders (@BGSW1)

    I Romney’s 47% video, did if for me…I viewed the entire video all , near the end of the video ..He and his donors are laughing about how the average American should be glad to be born “American period”… because the workers in China where/are sleeping in close quarters with 12 people having to share a “communal bathroom”. according to Willard Mitt Romney this communal sleeping arrangement has thousands of workers all with the same living, working, sleeping patterns….I am thinking to myself at that point is this really his plan for the “workers of America” of all races….

    Not that is matters one bit , but I am sure that you mentioned it for a reason, Obama does have African American ancestry on his maternal side…Stanley Dunham is a direct descendent of a slave by the name of John Punch or Bunch(e),, the family is said to have been in Virginia, with all the “mixing of the races” some of the descendents “looked white, and thus began to pass and only mate with whites” this is the part of the family that moved further and further away from the slave hinterlands… Now the part of the family that could not “pass for white, and was obviously mulatto..branched off and went to North Carolina… this is just FYI…

    America is a exercise in Continuous Social Engineering

  • Anne

    Love this comment.

    A lot of these commenters are not black, they are just pretending to be black.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    President Obama, either consciously or unconsciously, seems to distance himself from black people, except for his Chicago crew. Disproportionately, Black people, of all social strata, are doing badly, and losing whatever “wealth” they had pre-Obama. Obama is oblivious to this. His presidency is, in my view as a New Yorker, analogous to the mayoralty of David Dinkins in New York, which was characterized by ” not alarming white people.” The result was a missed opportunity to help his own people, blacks. What Dinkins and Obama did not realize is the first rule of politics in America is you help your own, first. Obama says he is president “of all the people.” White politicians say this too. But, they rarely mean it. In New York, where I live, the current Mayor ( a Jewish man) and the current governor( an Italian man) have, appointed and enriched people in their own homogeneous ethnic/racial group, and have done so blatantly. Obama has done nothing for black people, not even federal jobs.
    Obama needs to know the reality is white people aren’t really going to like you anyway. ( Recall that most white men did not even vote for him. They will “tolerate” you as long as you don’t favor your own the way they give preferential treatment to their own, everyday. Obama is the perfect president for the white community. Unfortunately, he is presiding over the decline and fall of the black middle class. His presidency will go down in history with that very “black mark” unless he changes in his second term.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    No one is asking President Obama for a handout. People are asking him to do what EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN does, help your own people. The white men he isolates himself with, did not vote for him, as a group. And I would bet, they don’t truly like him. Stop trying to please them. Do what they do, and give the goodies to your own people. Federal jobs, for example, have an average salary of $100,000 and every benefit known. In prior administrations, AAs with the degrees and education have nevertheless been excluded from these. In the Obama administration, AAs should rightly have a chance to get them now. The black middle class, after all, was built on public sector careers. The private/corporate sector has never really been open to blacks and currently, many perceive the private sector as more closed to blacks then even pre-Obama. And, no, not everyone wants to or should have to start their own business. There should be a place for AAs in the Cabinet, in the agencies and in the thousands of other jobs in the federal government.
    That’s what President Obama can do, for starters.

  • tiny tot

    Since when did the new NAACP make an all-out effort to reach back into the African American community, when their attention has been on lifting those otha “boats” like lgbt, ? There are folks on this blog mentioning some of the NAACP’s own employee’s don’t give a damn about the African American community. One example given , was washed up 40 something rag Dr. Kasravi who spends NAACP non -profit funds either stalking overweight Ben Jealous from Amnesty International to the NAACP, or stalking her reality show womanizing ex boyfriend from Shahs of Sunset. In other words, don’t challenge Obama if you can’t challenge yourself, Mr. Jealous.

  • Blue

    Well Mr. NAACP President, I was an unemployed black woman when Bush was in office. I am now an employed black woman now that Obama is in office. So did many of my black friends who are no longer unemployed. Now…you were saying? I wish some of our people would stop looking up to Obama as the savior of our community. He’s the president of the entire country of the United States of America, not just black America. I’m glad he made it this far. Don’t hate, appreciate.

  • Desiree Jordan

    “If” African Americans” are worst off under President Obama, then Mr. jealous has to admit that those same Americans of color he doth ‘proclaim” to care about ARE SIMILARLY UNDER THE SAME NEGLECT he attempts to decry. Where was the NAACP when Amadiou Diallo, Shaun Bell and COUNTLESS BLACK MEN was being murdered??? Where is the NAACP now when hard working people of color both men and women are being disrespected in our racist culture’s 24/7 news loop?. Oh wait….Mr. Jealous was rushing to call another black woman “racist” because he believed the lies Andrew Breintbart spewed on FAUX News. Forgive me – I digress….

    Mr. Jealous is inarticulate and his “statements” against this President – if not taken out of context above- exposes this FACT!

    Thank You

  • Common Sense

    OK, first of all the economy under Obama is the fall-out from Bush’s administration, and of course we were doing better then, because we hadn’t free-fallen into the depression that was inherited by Obama yet. And Jealous, Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, all need to realize that our poverty is NOT because of Obama, they need to take a closer look and do their research. Our poverty is due to us being “last hired, first fired, not Buying black and not supporting our communities!!!!! Fundamentally, Obama cannot change that, we ALL need to change that, but blacks still want to BEG white corporations for jobs that they don’t really want to give us. My theory is STOP begging. We spend billions of dollars each year, spend them with black companies and black doctors and black lawyers and black engineers and black painter and black carpenters and black plumbers and black realtors and you keep the money in your community and you build your community and you create jobs. Their plan of begging for jobs no one really wants to give us is ludicrous!!!!! we need to be self-sustaining. Maybe they don’t understand that. It is basic economics people!!!!! SELF-SUSTAINING!!!!!!!! Create our own jobs. How dense are they, I am almost embarrassed to be a member of the NAACP. This Jealous guy should listen to a few of Minister Farrakhan’s speeches on economics. How many more centuries does Jealous want us to beg??? Well I for sure want my future generations to be smarter and have more without having to BEG!!!!!!!! We have the talent, the intelligence and the know-how to grow our own opportunities, so let’s do it. There are so many young people of color out there starting businesses, we need to support them and encourage them, instead of waiting and BEGGING corporate white America to give us jobs. SUPPORT your brothers and sisters and create your own jobs. If you don’t have a job it is your own fault.

  • linda jones

    no, i don’t believe obama has done anything to help blacks people,we are
    the only people that are not getting anything for our votes.he has sold
    out detroit to the highest bidder. the older i get i know everything is
    always a sellout for money.the other people that can’t be bought get killed. we have no leaders with morale values or a conscious for the
    people who elect them.our votes don’t mean a thing its just a formality.i guess if white men can do this why not a black, he is trying to find another deep pocket to get into socialsecurity .just looking for money to take from the poor he doesn’t care about anything other than getting money from blacks and poor or the working class.the rich has bought him out.i’m really glad he’s not really blacks he’s biracial thats white and african not of 2 black parents. he’s talking
    about making rich companies pay their taxes ha that’s a joke all these
    companies like henry ford hosp,att,any large company to bring a business
    to detroit don’t pay any property taxes to have their businesses here
    and then charge us for the merchandise they sell to us.looks like we
    should be owner of the business the us people have always been used
    thats why alien come here and sell their wares because they don’t pay
    taxes but irs would be on the citizens if we try anything.we have been
    used just look at the documentary from uncut all big business don,t pay
    taxes at all.just keep us paying it.its not personal its business just
    politics as usual. politians wait till nite to give themselves a raise
    they don’t pay for gas,they get free cars,salary,all kinds of perks and
    don’t work 40 hours weekly,expense,obama is blowing smoke up our
    behinds and not giving anything back to blacks. not because us has always been a prejidice country and the black leaders are to afraid to
    make a stand. we get nothing for the votes.just leader gets paid.

  • Keith

    Uhhhhhh no. BLACKS should do more to help the unemployment rate in the black community. Things like education and effort. I don’t know any blacks who havent had a bit of success in their life if they simplyTRIED instead of feeling entitled.

  • http://clutch pete

    The problem is bigger than Obama. White people are still evil, hypocritical monsters. You can have a BA, BS, MA, MBA, Phd, etc.. The White Monster will still find a way to fcuk u over. I am not saying to not achieve degrees, by all means do so but just expect the White Monster to be unfair to you. Why? Because he is a Monster!

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