There are few healthy hair enthusiasts out there who haven’t logged hours reading The site is a veritable resource for natural hair product recommendations, haircare tips, style ideas and discussion topics.

The four year-old online destination, founded by 29 year-old expert Nikki Walton, is so popular it’s inspired a book, “Better Than Good Hair.” Chockfull of advice to help women achieve healthy hair, “Better Than Good Hair” even includes tips for maintaining your style while exercising and directions for natural hairstyles complete with illustrations.

“It’s not a political manifesto. There’s no anti-relaxer or anti-straight hair rhetoric,” Walton, who has earned the nickname “The Curl Whisperer,” tells The Huffington Post. “There’s no judgement, no harsh stances. This book meets you where you are and offers ways to achieve healthy hair.”

The book, which includes chapters like “The Big Chop: Mama, Friends and Significant Others (How to Transition Without Losing Your Mind)” and “The Terrible Twos: Standing by Your Hair — Even When It’s Acting A Fool,” launches today. It’s available here.

Will you pick up “Better Than Good Hair,” Clutchettes?

  • AM

    No, I won’t be picking it up. However, congrats to Nikki.

  • CanV

    Yes, I will be picking it up. It A) Supports a Black woman doing something that ultimately supports the growth of other Black women and
    B) I want healthy natural hair. It’s that simple and I wish her all the success she can handle and then some.

  • Whatever

    Yes, I will support. Great gift for friends transitioning.

  • amarie

    I’m all for supporting Black people but all of the tips in the book are readily available online. For free… I can’t see paying for information that I can find on Naturally Curly, or any of the 50-11 hair blogs and YouTube channels.

  • Peace

    Agreed. Plus, Nikki’s advice never really worked for me…

  • Lulu

    LOL she hasn’t written an actual article on her website in years.

  • Lulu

    She’s really been pimping that book on her website, my goodness. I can’t imagine there being any new information that you can’t find online or isn’t in any other book geared toward natural hair (science of black hair, curly girl books..etc). You’re pretty much paying to support Nikki.

  • naysue

    I’m excited to hear about a new book for naturals. I will post it to the new releases section of my blog!

  • binks

    Agreed! I like Nikki and her website but all these tips and tricks are already out there, just a click away or on youtube as mention. Unless she giving new information and tips/techniques then I am not interested. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE that the natural wave brought new businesses, economic power we can capitalize off for a change and bright and fun individuals to the forefront but the products and information is getting a bit repetitive.

  • deeply rooted

    I am so over CN. She writes practically no original content and got “put on” for reasons that are beyond me. Her site is a homage to her and all her trips and pimping of her daughter. FAIL.

  • Nic

    I agree…I hope she does well but I don’t need a book on hair. I’m sure there are people who do. I don’t care what other people do with hair and it’s none of their business what I do with mine. Plus I’ve always known how to do my hair relaxed or natural so I don’t have all of these questions the way that people who I guess got relaxers minutes after birth do, since I didn’t get one until I was a young adult.

  • Nic

    Ouch…I have no strong opinion either way. It’s interesting/fascinating how many women are getting well paid for beauty blogs in general. I’m curious how it started, and hope that most of them have another career since this one clearly has an expiration date. I wonder how long it will last for most of them? I think she has this career now and has other training if the ride comes to an end, since she was a counselor before this all took off for her. It was amazing to read that her salary for her blog exceeded her salary for her counseling job. I mean, who knew blogging could pay a middle class salary? Why not enjoy it while she can? If someone wants to pay her to promote black hair around the world, why not?

    I think she’s a positive role model in general…she and her husband are college/grad school educated, married, parents, all done in the proper order. I think a lot of black people should emulate Nikki’s life in ways that have nothing to do with her hair.

  • AM

    it’s her site she can do as she pleases.

  • Lulu

    “I LOVE that the natural wave brought new businesses, economic power we can capitalize off for a change”

    apart from the book, Nikki’s site was bought by Naturally curly (Texture Media Inc.) which is white owned and run. Even their main site caters more to white women with curly hair.

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  • Jaslene

    K. I think I’m just all Black and my hair is really nappy and beautiful. Aren’t we lucky that we can look so different and still be beautiful?

  • emjay

    you mad? tell ‘em why u mad lol. but seriously no need to be mean

  • Nic

    Why does it bother you? She’s not showing off. That is her life. She went to college, she went to grad school, she married someone who did the same, and they had a baby. She started a blog, and it gained a large following and got noticed. Success is usually a combination of luck, talent, and hard work. The percentages of each of those varies from person to person.

    If you’re wondering why she got “put on”, which basically I guess is asking “why her” then I’d say her positive image is a good reason for that. She writes and speaks in standard English and uses correct grammar. I’d much rather see her on TV or traveling to places where black people are rarely seen then many of the people who say things like “Oh, I love your hair, I can’t wait ’til mines gets that long.” And if you don’t see what is wrong with that sentence, it is one more reason why she gets to be on TV and you don’t. I’d also say it was her and people like her because the other parts of their lives are positive and good examples in general.

    I’m not in this business but based on the makeup and hair blogs that I’ve seen that have been purchased by outsiders, the women sent around to be “ambassadors” all have good images…well-educated, charismatic, good public speakers who can use correct grammar. Not all of them feature their families but that is likely an individual choice. I like seeing her happy, functional intact family, and the fact that multiple generations of her family are the same. And yes, that is exactly who I’d like to see “put on” as opposed to kinds of embarrassing black women promoted in “reality” shows.

  • Nic

    Interesting how saying I hope her book does well but I don’t need it b/c my mom didn’t give me a perm when I was 5 gets people upset.
    And yet the people sniping on the site below got thumbs up. That’s black folks for you.

  • Nic

    Well, I think the work she did to create the blog is what “supports Nikki.” This is an extension of that and the only surprising thing is that it wasn’t done sooner.
    There is nothing wrong with her maximizing her exposure and taking advantage of her position since it’s not as if this is a job she’ll be doing until she’s old.
    She did the work to being with, why are people upset that it got noticed and got purchased. If anything, her blog pretty much worked the way any start-up company would, although in this case, she is the product (and there is nothing wrong with that).

  • Nic

    Well, thanks for letting us know. Maybe you do need this book.

  • marcia

    I think it is good for someone starting out because all of the information is in one place, yeah the net the YouTube has plenty but so much to sift through. I have been natural almost 10yrs and I don’t need it but I might pick one up as a gift or to support Nikki. Her twist-n-curl as simpl as it is really changed the game for my hair 4 years ago when I found her site.

  • Christelyn Russell-Karazin

    What I sense a lot in these comments are people who just *might* be a little envious of Niki’s success. Having seen her blog from the beginning to where it is now, and having a pretty successful blog of my own, I KNOW how much hard work she put into it. Celebrate that a beautiful black woman MARRIED TO A BLACK MAN, with a loving functional family is doing well. Please people, let’s try to be happy and celebrate each others’ success. I WILL be buying her book.

  • I got sense!

    It’s not her site. She sold it to some white ladies years ago. She runs nothing over there. Naturally Curly does and it’s probably their book. You know how they do it. Keep the black face on it but all the money (once again) flows out of black communities straight into white ones. And then we wonder why ,collectively, we don’t have anything. That would have been a hell of a company to pass down to Gia one day. This is how major companies got to be major and how wealth is accumulated and passed to the next generation.

  • Sweetles

    I don’t need her book, but I do like to support positive black women. I will be buying her book and giving it to my friend, who I know will appreciate it. And although all of the information can be found on the web, it is nice to have it in one place. Nikki’s blog hads come a long way, and I am happy for her.

  • AM

    Great comment.

    I am not going to purchase her book because, I already have catering to ALL of my hair needs. But I’m truly happy for the sister!! :)

  • LaLa

    She always does, this she wants a reaction lol yawn

  • Lulu

    LOL why would I be upset that her site got purchased? I’m happy for her and think it’s wonderful all that she did. And it’s true that there’s so much info online that you can get for free and that you are really paying to support Nikki herself. There’s nothing wrong with that! I’m just stating the truth.

  • Lulu

    I saw on your website that you said people are bashing black women who are successful, go SIT down. Stop assuming every black person has a complex and wants to pull down other black people if they say something that isn’t positive. Good lord, if it was a white, asian, latino man/woman people would still have their own opinions whether positive or negative. I say all this as a regular reader of your site also.

  • TheAntifash

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! Smh

    You gotta laugh @ this shit folks

  • binks

    Sighs….personal agenda much. The majority of the comments here are positive just because people say they aren’t buying doesn’t mean people are envious or whatever and furthermore that we aren’t wishing her success. Gasp, maybe we just aren’t her target audience. Gasp, black people do have a mind of their own and can use discretion on what we will or will not buy without being envious or without our choices being political or problack, so please stop the petty argument and trying to paint this as crabs in a barrel. Unless you are willing to judge ALL people with the same measuring stick and know them based on their buying power then please have a seat Mrs. Karazin.

  • Christelyn Russell-Karazin

    The majority of the comments here are pretty catty. I’m not the only one who has noticed this. It’s really not a good look.

  • NOTahater

    I don’t think it’s hating to say that you won’t buy the book.

    I’m a Curly Nikki fan. Have been one for years, and when I heard she was coming out with a book I was confused. Especially because she’s pushing hard to get her own readers to buy it.

    The natural hair blogosphere is pretty saturated. Any information you need is there at the click of a mouse. And, as a CurlyNikki reader who has benefited from her posts for 4 years, why would I then go and buy a book repeating the same things?

    And, to be honest, I don’t know that the book is selling all that well. On her site she is running a promotion requiring readers to pick up 3 copies (and to present proof of purchase) in exchange for a phone conversation with her.

    When Angel Laws (founder of wrote her guide to blogging, I bought the book– and it sold out fast — because it had information that people can’t easily find. It was a black woman’s advice on how to build a successful website.

    CurlyNikki’s book – on the other hand – contains information that people can easily find.

    And, again, I do *not* say this as a hater! Just an observer.

    I should also note, that I don’t think this is going to slow her down in any way. The girl is a force to be reckoned with for sure and I think that’s awesome.

  • Chelley5483

    Totally getting this for my daughter, age 12, who’s been transitioning for 2 1/2 years. This book will be a nice little gift for “tweens” battling what my daughter battles everyday, the difference between her wild and gorgeous curls and all the bone-straight relaxed hair she sees among her peers.

    Some people, like my daughter, are still into the “book-in-hand” format. I’d like to believe Nikki is trying to reach as many people at their level of comfort, some like YT, some blogs, some are old fashioned. This book is just another resource for people who like to highlight and reference and add to their book collection. I’m down with supporting the cause and wish this woman continued success.

  • Kam

    So the lesson learned is don’t give Black folk shit for free?

  • Christelyn Russell-Karazin

    What is my “personal agenda,” exactly? Mrs. Nikki is not paying me any commissions…lol

  • chanela17

    maybe cause she has a super loose curl pattern. LMAO i notice that most of the natural haired women that people admire always have a certain type of hair. definitely CURLY and not kinky. funny…..

  • Nic

    I think people always claim that the only popular hair bloggers have curly hair but that’s not true. For some reason, people start seeing curls if your hair is beyond a certain length. Now black women will foam at the mouth over some long hair, and while Nikki’s hair is curly, not all of the successful bloggers have curly hair.
    Everything that is less kinky than your own hair is not automatically a curl either.

  • Nic

    Well, unless you know how she is compensated, you cannot say she owns nothing and won’t have anything to pass down to her daughter. Since SHE is the product and she’s not selling hair care products, selling her site makes sense. What is the company supposed to be if she’s not making anything.
    This is her likeness, her image, and her name. And I’m sure that since she still travels and reports for the sight, she get paid beyond whatever deal she originally signed with Naturally Curly. Otherwise, she wouldn’t still be appearing in some form on a daily basis.

  • AM

    @ I got sense,

    I fully understand what you are saying, BUT, let’s give the sista props where due. She’s doing the damn thang!

  • Mel

    Well Nikki’s book is currently ranked number 25 out of all books in the country…so I think it’s selling just fine. Thank god everyone is not a hater like you…just saying.

  • Kay

    I thought the book was called BTGH?

  • Aymee

    Exactly. All these people making a lot of these unnecessary comments such as, “I’m not buying the book”, and “I don’t need it” are just indirectly displaying their jealousy and envy. If you don’t want to buy the book, fine. Just don’t buy it. Why are you making a comment stating that you won’t? It sounds immature. There are many people out here who will and are buying it.

  • Apple Pie

    Wow all those accomplishments and she’s only in her 20s? I’m proud of her and other young black women who are doing good things. I hope her book does well.

  • binks

    I wasn’t referring to you being in Nikki’s pocket but the snarky undertone and creative twist on the majority of the comments here you reference on your site in your recent article to fit your views instead of taking most of the comments here as expressing views and opinions that differs on why we might not be purchasing but I digress…

  • AM

    what book?

  • Jaslene

    In the article it ask the question on whether or not one will buy the book. So that is probably why some people are saying no. It would help to read the article before making comments.

  • Hairstyles

    Nice blog!..thanks for sharing :)

  • heavenleiblu

    @shawty the sweetie Congrats???

  • Sylvie

    While we’re in the process of derailng,..

    You mention that this site is “catty”

    I say before your go throwing stones, look to your own glass house of a site. Look to the comments and the commenters there and the the tone of the posts of your own.

    You do have a personal agenda. The subject of her marriage was never a topic of discussion nor the color of her mate until for some reason you chose to mention it. What does either of those things have to do with a book on hair?

    Back on topic. I’m happy for her. Her site is a big resource for me and I love the pics of her beautiful little girl and her travels. I don’t think I’ll by the book because I’ve been natural for some time but I may give it as a gift.

  • iolastar

    I LOVE Curly Nikki I frequent her site a lot. I’m so happy for her success and YES I will be purchasing her book.

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  • Joyce

    Well her book is a Washington Post Best Seller, finishing fourth in it’s debut week right after nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman ( I don’t think any of the other natural hair books accomplished anything like that. That’s probably why they call her the celebrity, blogger/best-selling author Curlynikki. That may also be why she really pushed her fan base to buy the book. Note that Nikki was the only black person on that list…by the way. So I guess your logic about the book not selling turns out to be about as smart as you are….he he! By the way, I’ve heard Nikki at least four times on the Steve Harvey Morning Show…so yeah it seems like she’s getting her brand out there more and more.

  • Joyce

    Ha Ha, right. I’ve never even heard of anyone being mad at someone for writing a book. If you don’t want the book, don’t buy it….but again, thats black folks for you. I also think people are forgetting that Nikki’s site was one of the first and is the largest. So all of this critique about the internet being full of info, is also because of her and people like her. I don’t see why she doesn’t have the right to ask for support for her book, given her important role in the Natural hair thing online? Confused and saddened at black folk…no black women specifically!


    Got this book for my girlfriend and she loved it : ) would definitely suggest anybody with even the slightest interested to get it as well!

  • Shirley

    “The Curl Whisperer” – first time I’ve heard of this. I’m sure the book will be helpful for many naturals.

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