Many people believe that this is just about the time when we abandon our New Year resolutions. At this time, we are supposed to feel totally dejected because we’ve let go of our dear-old resolve.

Maybe that is true, but I say, hell, you can always jump right back in and try again. You have a whole year to perfect them. That said, here are five hair routines to let go of…forever.

Not trimming your ends

I can’t understand why we’re so scared of a pair of scissors. Split ends cause breakage and weaken the hair. A little snipping goes a long way in gaining the length you want. Do it regularly.

DIY bangs

We’ve all gone through stressful times when we feel less than zero. Why is it at those times when there’s no salon in sight, that we decide to cut bangs or give ourselves a trim? C’mon, it’s not just me…is it?

Unwrapped P.M. tresses

This kinda’ goes hand-in-hand with the sleeping-in-makeup thing. No matter if your hair is relaxed or natural, you need to protect your hair before hitting the hay. So whether that means slipping on a bonnet, scarf or a satin pillowcase, wrap it up.

The love below

How do I handle this discreetly? If you wait too long to get your private parts waxed, you will be in a world of trouble (and indescribable pain). Try to stick to a schedule so you can get in and out smoothly.

Relaxing hair too often

Stretching relaxers is so 2013. In fact, I remember hearing a stylist say no one’s hair needs to be relaxed every four weeks. Challenge yourself to stretch your relaxer by one week. After all, baby steps can help save your “baby hair”.

What hair habits are you dropping in 2013, Clutchettes?

-Shaunequa Brathwaite

  • Yvette

    I can understand the tips about taking care of the hair on top of your head, but the waxing tip seems out of place. Waxing is a personal preference that in no way affects the health of your “hair”. It’s ok to be natural down there.

  • Mademoiselle

    I must have this dress!!! Oh, and here, here on wrapping my hair at night… working on it. The dress!!! I need it in my life!

  • Pseudonym

    I trim my hair every 6 months and have no issues with bad ends. I even straightened my hair 3 months apart recently (getting it trimmed the firs time) and when my beautician flat ironed my hair the second time, she saw no reason to use scissors on my ends and I still had perfect layering. If anything, I feel like many black women trim their hair too often, which may be it can take forever to grow hair out.

  • Jess

    Good tips. I relax every 8 weeks comfortably now. I can’t believe that I grew up relaxing every 4 weeks– so unnecessary. I do think that trimming the end makes a lot black women nervous, but it really is a must. The hair naturally thins out towards the bottom and its not healthy or pretty. I have mine trimmed about very 4 months, so maybe 4 times a year. My hair is down my back and has never been healthier. And finally, while I always put my scarf on at night, I hate doing it when my boyfriends keeps over– its so not cute! That’s why I also sleep on satin pillowcases.

  • THe Comment

    I’m coming out the wigs this year.

  • Norma Carby

    No matter if your hair is relaxed or natural, you need to protect your hair before hitting the hay. So whether that means slipping on a bonnet, scarf or a satin pillowcase, wrap it up. This is so true. My hair stays protected & the moisture is locked in. The result, is healthier, stronger manageable hair

  • Jaslene

    The women where you live must take care of their hair because ’round my parts Black women are scared to trim in fear of losing that length do they end up with the most scraggly ends.

  • Lo

    Did they grow your hair? I’m trying to go from bsl to mbl and I’m planning on doing that with a wig.

  • THe Comment

    @ Wigs were very good to me. I have cornrows that I take down every friday. No hair loss. Hair is healthy and long. Wigs were the best option cause they were cheaper than relaxers and naturals.

  • cb

    thank you

  • A visitor

    All she is saying is that when getting waxed…don’t wait till the hair grows long cause that is when it becomes painful.

    Sure it is ok to be natural but I hope you modify your “naturalness” when you go to the beach. Cause I don’t want to see it.

  • Beauty Salons Perth

    In my opinion for this problem everyone should consult their trusted hair experts because they know about your hairs and can give you best suggestion.

  • teenagenaturalista
  • Dave

    On the topic of hair, can any of you lovely ladies recommend a hair place in NYC that specializes in natural hair. My wife has neglected getting her hair done out of fear of going to the wrong place that she nearly has a “mono-lock”.

  • Tata

    This is so beautiful, a husband asking for help for his wife. My husband just mumbles under his breathe. Lol

  • Kristen (@K_tenKS)

    I’m not sure because I don’t live in NYC, but all I can say is just Google places in the Brooklyn, Harlem or Queens areas.

  • Idahocowboy

    I’m a Whiteley that loves that Afro big hair look; split ends and all. DON’T CUTIT PLEASE!

  • Bronze_Beauty

    No more DIY bangs or trims…I’m still recovering!

  • visitor’s visitor

    Then look away.

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