“You know a talent show is bad when people talk about the judges and not the contestants,” my father quipped when a news anchor reported a breaking update in the Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey feud. His assertion about the new season of popular FOX singing competition, “American Idol,” was spot on, and the proof is in the ratings. The show returned on Wednesday with its least-watched and lowest-rated premiere ever.

For months, the machine behind “American Idol” allegedly force fed news about tension between two of its most popular judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Many saw the narrative as a desperate attempt to drum up interest and increase ratings. A video showing the two embroiled in a nasty cat fight hit the Internet followed by a series of press appearances in which tempers flared and accusations were made on both sides.

But, alas all the alleged instigating on the part of the producers was to no avail. The premiere of “American Idol” delivered 17.9 million viewers, down 19 percent from last year’s opener which previously held the title for lowest-rated premiere.

Many attribute the dip in ratings to the manufactured drama, saying they would rather see talented contestants with potential for superstardom than catty bickering between judges. But I’d argue that the allure of “American Idol” waned long before. I became disillusioned with the show after I realized most top “Idol” winners have a slim chance of becoming a success by music industry standards.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes and Gents? Will you tune into “American Idol” this season?

  • EST. 1986

    The ‘fighting’ between those two was just too much last night. Less scripted fighting and more singing, please.

    *Breaking News – Chief Keef has been sentenced to two months of jail time. Thanks goodness!

  • Child, Please

    “Many attribute the dip in ratings to the manufactured drama, saying they would rather see talented contestants with potential for superstardom instead of catty bickering between judges. But I’d argue that the allure of “American Idol” has long waned, after it became clear that the #1 title on the show was not a veritable launching pad for success in the music industry.”

    I agree! I think part of the problem was they used the feud as a launch pad for the new season and it back fired heavily! Also, it’s become the standard lately at “Idol” that it’s better to be second place – ask Adam Lambert!

    SN: I think another problem they have is there’s already an “Idol” star in each of the major music fields (R&B, pop, country): Fantasia (though some may say J. Hud); Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood. I think they should’ve revamped the series to appeal to different genres, but that’s asking toooooo much!

  • M.A.B

    I agree, I haven’t watched that show since Jordin Sparks. It’s dead and played out

  • Catpopstar

    I’ve stopped watching because its the same thing every year.

  • binks

    Honestly, I checked out of American Idol when the gray hair dude won, honestly idol is boring and the same old same old. I’ am tired of shows like this overall from Idol, the voice, X factor, etc. they aren’t fun to watch anymore…shrugs

  • Lady Ngo

    I’ve never watched American Idol or any of the other shows like it. Just not my thing. Not to mention that its the same crap year after year and now there are a bajillion other shows like it. Of course the viewership is going to continue to dwindle.

  • Crystal Spraggins

    Ditto! I haven’t watched since Sparks, either. Let it go, people! It had its moment … now it’s over! I really liked “The Sing Off,” which has been canceled … sigh … and “Duets,” which was corny by sweet. Frankly, it was nice to see a competition without all the snarkiness.

  • Chelsea Joelle

    It is so so so so so so annoying to watch. It should be called “The Nicki Minaj Show.” Poor Mariah.

  • Tina

    Simon was American Idol. The show is trash without him.

  • Gloria

    Nicki Minaj is ruining American Idol. She thinks it is all about her.

  • Marisa

    I think also people maybe over the whole talent show reality contests, hopefully the fake housewives/non athletic wives/Bad Girls for No reason phase will be over soon enough too. Also who wants to tune in every week to watch these two broads bash each other while both getting paid tens of millions. At least when Simon and Paula used to go at it the shade was subtle and somewhat entertaining.

    Also we have been hearing about this feud since TMZ released the video months ago, which has been dissected by both casual observers and by the Butterfly Queen and the Pink Barbie stans. For me I was over it before it began lol, and with all these singing stunt judge castings its been more about them than the contestants. Lastly am I the only who remembers Nicki and Mariah doing a song and video together so all of a sudden they cant co-exist on a judging panel whatever.

  • Jaz

    Nicki is Killing Me right now! She always has to be the first person to speak (in various accents) and it so annoying. I hope this is her last season.

  •, Judie Walters

    I have loved American Idol every since the beginning days, but if Nicki stays on, this will be my last time of watching it this year, The worse part of the show, I cut it short last night, amost did not watch tonight, but thought I would see if she tamed down some, but still disgusting to watch, I hope Simon reads all the posts on FB, not one person is for her, and all will drop the TV show, ratings hit hard.

  • dee

    Yes, I was thinking the same thing. It would be great if the allowed bands and groups.

  • mluv

    When I was younger and when Simon was a judge AI was sooo intersting and different And to see plp who’d audition thinking they could really sing but just couldn’t was hilarious. Once simon left it wasnt the same.

    Never really watched AI much away but purposely decided not to watch it after they placed nicki minaj on the show.. idk WHY they did that? not enough of her barbs fans to get good ratings… just don’t think it was a good choice of judges.

  • Niles Caldwell

    They made a joke out of a show that was supposed to discover new talent. What a shame. It’s all about the awful judges now. Sorry Idol, I quit. I hope this is your last season.

  • Cara Barbato

    Idol is a train reak this year. They have to get rid ok Niki she’s killing it. I could only watch 5 mins of it last night and I felt like I had to take a shower after. I was so uncomfortable. I feel so sorry for all the talented people on the show this season.

  • thexenophilediaries

    Well I haven’t watched since…well since jennifer hudson and that was a LONG time ago. But I have watched it tonight and last night. Mariah is too much of a diva, minaj is crazy. But I like it. There isn’t as many funny people, put there is a lot more talent. Also Seacrest just looks tired. This season is looking to be okay. But after this year I think it’s time to hang it up

  • dee

    Nikki Gahbage is an untalented moron. Fire her obnoxious ass asap.

  • PC

    Minaj is insufferable, narcissistic, obnoxious and unwatchable ! Too bad! Urban & Carey are the opposite but being drowned out by the juvenile horse- – - – coming out of Minaj’s skanky mouth!

  • mikey kun

    I never got into this show , seems like it can’t produce what it claims

  • carl

    me too i saw she tried the british accent didnt like it at all there right about she is fake

  • carl

    i think she is just a fake pretending to be something she is not trying hard to be better than mariah

  • carl

    i think rihanna should have been a judge on the show way more talented than nicki

  • carl

    felt really sorry for the guy with the amutated leg he has a good singing voice

  • Rosey

    Although I think Nicki is horrible, I think American viewers are getting sick of all these singing shows. There’s so many shows and they all are boring. These days you can turn on youtube if you want to listen to people singing.

  • EBaby

    So far the show is WAY too focused on the judges. There’s only been one standout audition to me and that’s probably more so because of his back story. I don’t remember anything about the contestants which is never good when that’s the reason I watch the show in the first place. I won’t watch after the auditions are over

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