Nicki Minaj’s ever-evolving brand continues to grow. In addition to her new lavender lipstick for MAC Cosmetics and nail polish line for OPI Cosmetics, the rapper is designing for mass retailer Kmart. Nicki is launching a multi-department lifestyle brand including an apparel and accessories collection which will be available exclusively at Kmart and

Of the collection, slated for release later this year, the “American Idol” host said: “I am so excited to work with this iconic, mass retailer and to bring affordable fashion to my beautiful barbz all across the US.”

Sears Holdings, the parent company for Kmart, echoed her sentiments. “We are thrilled to align Kmart and Shop Your Way with two of America’s superstars,” said Imran Kooma, executive vice president and president of Marketing & Online at Sears Holdings. “We welcome [...] Nicki into our world and look forward to capturing [her] energy and creativity on and translating it into unique apparel, accessories and other merchandise.”

Nicki promises that the line will be inspired by her personal sense of style, meaning fans can look forward to Barbie pink color ways, vibrant patterns and skin-tight silhouettes.

Are you checking for Nicki Minaj’s line for Kmart, Clutchettes?

  • EST. 1986

    Naw, not at all.

  • Esta Fiesta

    Ehh not sure if I’ll be into this one. I’m holding out for Duro Oluwu for JCPenney though

  • Yb


    At Kmart, though?

  • Deb

    more like she was TOLD she would be having a fashion line at kmart and had almost nothing to do with the designs since her whole freaking image is manufactured by a bunch of music execs. She’s a caricature of herself. I hope the price for fame and success (seems to be her soul) was worth it for her.

  • myblackfriendsays

    I don’t like Kmart and I don’t like Nicki Minaj.

    So, no…I am not checking for it.

  • beautifulmind

    Lol now clutch yall already know the answer…

  • AM

    First, who is checking for her music? Second, FASHION line, or FOOLISHNESS line? She can miss me….not in the least interested, at all.

  • Pseudonym

    Just checked it out on Refinery29 and I.WANT.EVERYTHING!!!!!

  • pinklipstick227

    Good looking out. I’ve been finding a lot of cute pieces at JC Penney lately and I look forward to seeing Duro Oluwu’s collection. I also love supporting my people.

  • Val

    Hey Clutch! Have you ladies heard Nicki’s song, “Stupid Hoe”? If not you should listen to it and then you won’t waste your time asking Black women if we are checking for anything Nicki does.

  • AM

    Yes! That is one of the reasons why I ain’t tryna check for this controlled machine.

  • Rosey

    I hope she just goes away.

  • binks

    Boom! And objectively the only thing Nicki did right in this whole extended 15 minutes was her perfume everything else….is a miss. Besides, she dresses like an oversexed clown, who in their right mind would be checking for her clothes…but sadly their is market out their for her.

  • Salmon

    HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! If they’re affordable, I’m dressing as clown this year. Shout outs to Nicki for my inspiration.

  • mikey kun

    This could be good news all the k-mart stores around me have gone out of business, soooooo if she she parters with them maybe she’ll do the same. (that was shade by the way ;P)

  • Ms. Write

    Wait…does anybody see irony in the fact that she clowns people with no money in her songs yet her clothing line is at K Mart? (Not even Target!) Ha!

  • Bria

    I find this to be a very smart business move. A lot of her fans are little girls, and their mommies aren’t going to Macy’s and other high-end retailers for everyday wear. A lot of people shop at K-Mart, and their sister store Sears (I’m sure they too will have a few pieces).

    Also, just because these clothes will be in what many may consider a “low-end” retailer, I doubt that they will be cheap. Little girls, and teenage girls will be all over these clothes, just happy to own something designed by NM.

  • TheAntifash

    You win!

  • Nick

    My thoughts exactly! She can’t be serious. “Broke b****”, “dusty p*ss” ..and her comments during the election. She talks down at the average person like she never knew what it was like to live off minimum wage. Maybe she forgot what jamaica queens looks like.
    And you want us to buy your sh!t. Get real!!

  • Carla

    Absolutely…because the one thing I say to myself in the morning is I want to dress more like Nicki Minaj…

  • Blue

    I won’t be checking for it. But what celeb hasn’t had a line in k-mart. Smart business move for her.

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