NRA Attacks Sasha and Malia Obama in Video

by Clutch


The National Rifle Association’s gun advocacy campaign has reached a new low. The organization recently released a video lobbying for gun ownership by attacking the first family. After their press conference lobbying for armed guards at schools, they created a video criticizing President Barack Obama for protecting Sasha and Malia with gun-toting security.

The video states:

“Are the president’s kids more important than yours? Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school? Mr. Obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security.”

Sasha and Malia are not the first children of a President to have security yet they are the first to be criticized for it. Many believe the NRA is taking aim at the President’s family because he dismissed the group’s suggestion to put armed guards in schools.

The NRA’s failed attempt to glamorize the need for security for the first family has angered both critics and supporters alike.

What do you think of the NRA’s video attacking the First Family, Clutchettes?

  • dee

    Well I would think the president and his family would be more likely targeted than most others.

  • cindy ridgway

    Every President in the modern age has had Secret Service protection for the whole family. His children would be more vulnerable to a kidnapping than most of ours. However the fact that his daughters are protected and ours are not is true. Our kids have no one to protect them against the nutbags.

  • Claude Carver

    SO then isn’t his kids being in the school putting our kids at risk?

  • Julie


  • TiredOfTheMadness

    No, you’re just an ass.

  • Chika

    *sigh* Maybe if I close my eyes and rock back and forth, this ridiculousness will all disappear…wishful thinking

  • Tearyne (@TearyneG)

    Because OBVIOUSLY your kids go to school with Obama’s kids. Do you think Obama’s kids go to school with just other everyday kids? Seriously. Get some logic.

  • GeekMommaRants

    POTUS has been threatened more than any other President. The first family is guarded by the Secret Service and NOT some rent-a-cop security outfit. All heads of state have security, why, they’re heads of state!!! Geez. Crazy runs the NRA.

  • neiX

    So his kids attending ONE school means that students in ALL schools are in danger?

    The NRA needs to stop their nonsense and start looking at some meaningful ways to protect the right to bear arms. Ignoring that there needs to be stricter regulations on gun distribution is just plain dumb.

  • Sasha

    These people love their country, rights and laws as long as they’re not threatening “their” way of life.

  • Whatever

    Hmmm…. while I am not supporting the NRA, I agree. There is definitely some hypocrisy here. The president’s children don’t need to attend any particular school for there to be a “high risk” situation, as we saw that with the school in Connecticut.

    and the title is misleading, they’re not “attacking” Sasha and Malia to make their point.

  • dippedingodiva

    Quite honestly, I am tired of the NRA and their extreme scare ads. UGHHHH this is logic 101. You cannot compare the President’s children with regular American children. That’s comparing apples to oranges. SMH

  • dippedingodiva

    Anyone with an ounce of logic can realize that the NRA are comparing apples and oranges here.

  • binks

    Boom! People forget that public office professions especially specialty upper level public offices such as those as a president is a hazardous occupation where you and your family are targeted. I swear the NRA is really scrapping the barrel with excuses now

  • Salmon

    Anyone notice that NRA referred to the POTUS as “MR. Obama.” Interesting, how so many conservatives refuse to say PRESIDENT Obama.

  • mikey kun

    what a waste of words (not the article )

  • The Other Jess

    i actually agree, Whatever. The movement is underway to ban guns and law-abiding citizens will be the first affected and left vulnerable to criminals (who will not give up their guns – which is why they are criminals!). Why do politicians and the rich get to use guns for protection, but average everyday citizens cannot while criminals run amok?

    I totally understand and agree with the need for gun control for public safety, but there has to be a more effective way that actually gets the guns out of the hands of criminals and irresponsible people who are violent, not those who want to use guns for self-defense only.

  • kc

    I know, right? Whenever I read an angry comment about President Obama, it’s usually just “Obama.” They might as well call him “boy.” SMH.

  • Old TImer

    When is the last time someone “attacked” children of the president? Those kids at Sandy Hook sure as hell could have used some secret service protection, AND Columbine, AND Virginia Tech. No one is attacking anyone, just pointing out the hypocritical behavior. MY KIDS need secret service protection, your kids will be just fine, here take the gun free zone sign, that should do the trick. Like most other things liberals need bad things to happen to them directly before they “get it.”

  • Old TImer

    I know right! You mothertruckers totally put the word “President” in front of the word “Bush” every time, and no “boy” is a term a democrat would most likely use. According to LBJ 140 more years to go!

  • jermo

    Cant think of any president kids shot down in the middle of study, but know of 26 just last month and hundreds of others from other events, and u can seriously say there kids more n danger then our own. Take clips size down ban assalt rifles, an idiot practice with 6 round clips buy 4, now its 15 innocent lives tooken is that any better, can u tell that family sorry for you loss, but least it wasnt 30. Need armed P.O at every school. Sparatic shooting not prevented cause clip size. Our tax dollars pay for the president family to b well protected, but cant pay to protect our own.

  • jermo

    Keep seeing dont compare president kids to our own, but i totally feel my kids are more important then any body elses (no disrespect to anyone else little ones) but my kids should b protected by the same means of, any one elses

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