Former Miss USA and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” mega diva, Kenya Moore is just another name to add to the reality star-turned-singer canon. On Sunday, Kenya Moore debuted her new single on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

*Sigh* Oh Kenya! She has taken her token, “gone with the wind fabulous” adage to new heights.

Watch her live performance here:

I am in no way an antagonist to reality stars, but this is getting a little out of hand. Like many viewers, I admittedly pacify my guilty pleasures for table flipping and a good verbal spanking by watching these weekly dramas. The problem is that by tuning into catfights and hookup scenes, viewers have enabled people like Kenya Moore, Evelyn Lozada and more to try and turn a profit off their fame.

From Mama Jones’ “Psychotic B*tch” song to Kenya Moore’s “Gone With The Wind Fabulous,” track, we’re witnessing the phenomenon of reality stars turned singers, designers, and newfound lipstick creators. It’s like the song that never ends.

I’m not certain if these reality stars are looking to attain public recognition, acceptance or to simply enter a popularity contest, but are we supposed to take them seriously? Do you take Kenya seriously?

-Nikki B.

  • Chelle

    Unfortunately, I watched the catastrophe called a performance and all I could do was sit with my mouth wide open in disbelief. I know reality stars typically are over the top but this has to be stopped. No amount of money should be accepted to make a mockery out of yourself. She looked a damn fool. Only if you ask me though.

  • AM

    kids stay in school!

  • Leya

    She’s gone with the wind horrible! Smh a mess!

  • Yb

    Ya’ll need to stop hating. She is fabulous.

    But real it pretty sad to watch her decline from the First black miss USA to a frantic, desperate senile woman, trying so hard to clutch onto fame. Smh

    The song may be hot in gay clubs though.

  • Pseudonym

    Gotta treat Kenya with the Walter-method: ignore her and she’ll EVENTUALLY go away.

  • Pseudonym

    and the irony of her choosing “Gone With the Wind” to go with her Miss USA title/hangup: she’s stuck in the past and seriously needs to move forward and join us in 2013.

  • khrish67

    Well we certainly know she feels really good about herself, even if we don’t. I totally agree with you. I was embarrased for her. Between this one and NeNe……..Lord give me strength. Perhaps NeNe can be saved by using some of her money for a good English course.

  • Priscilla

    I am mostly a lurker but had to say… this would make an amazing drag queen production. Wait til Rupaul’s diva’s get a hold of this lol! At least they will make it fun :)

  • Anthony

    Kenya Moore is amazing – it takes a special effort for a woman that beautiful to make me look past how pretty she is and see a desparate loser. Seriously, she was Miss USA when Arsenio Hall was originally on TV! I understand that she wanted a showbiz career, but it just has not panned out the way she would have liked, that’s life. It’s time for Ms. Moore to reassess and count her blessings, and think hard about how she wants to spend the rest of her life.

    To be honest, I think she has a lot going on for herself. I really wish her well.

  • Guest1234

    I’m not gon’ lie. I kinda like it. The song is obviously stupid, but the energy is very drag queen – and drag shows are always fun. Ya’ll know if Ru Paul did it, you’d be tappin’ yo’ toes, too. Shoooot – Why should the men have all the fun? I find drag-ish women entertaining, too. She’s just tryin’ to make a few bucks. I can’t even hate.

  • MsT-Mac

    Priscilla — I’m with you. I thought the song was fun, upbeat and quite drag queenish! Nothing wrong with that! I was actually sitting in my chair “twirling” right with her! LOL!

  • Chelle5483


  • Bria

    Boo Boo, BYE BYE! Now be gone with the wind!

    (But, you have to admit…this is pretty funny to watch. Her seriousness is to be taken lightly, and I think that’s fabulous!)

  • missy

    I think it’s cute. It’s entertainment, folks, not rocket science. She’ just workin’ it – trying to make a legitimate buck. So what? It is quite the drag production………and surely she knows this is a potential market. Let the bucks roll in –No better or worse than some of the stuff others are doing. Give the girl a break……….she’s trying to maximize every square inch of her potential – something all of us should learn to do.

  • binks

    Every time I see this clip, I’ am crying in laughter…I can’t I won’t and I shall not! Boy reality TV sure does make you look at people different before RHW of Atl I had another impression of Kenya Moore now that impression is gone…tomfoolery

  • Bria

    I wonder if this is a “Kenya Moore Production” *yikes*

  • Kacey

    I’m with you. I Looooves It! I’m over here vogueing and twirling…and twirl, twirl, twirl…LOL

  • Priscilla

    Chile.. I need over the top makeup, some “fierce” sparkles on those pants, and she needs to get her twirl on!

    I mean, yea she’s pitiful. But hot damn if I won’t be hearing about some drag show going on down here and the “kids” will put her to shame, TRUST!

    PS – South FL.. so you already know LOL

  • omfg

    it’s all in good fun.

  • MissRae


  • P

    I think Kenya is funny. She makes me laugh everytime. Just plain crazy.

  • Me

    This is everything. Thank u lol ppl need to relax. They act like these reality folks are ushering in the apocalypse! And I love a flamboyant woman personally

  • DownSouth Transplant

    uuhhhm yeah, I can see them perfecting that leyomi drop at the end into fabulous dance party move!!

  • Rue

    What is “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”? Is it like a play on her black/southern-ness?

  • omfg

    i watched this show at my mom’s place over the holidays.

    she got into it with one of the other women while in the caribbean.

    in the middle of the argument, she said i’m gone with the wind, fabulous…and she twirled away or whatever in her flowing dress and left the scene.

  • bornliberian

    the poor thing has no desperate to say relevant. SMH!

  • JN

    I blame this epidemic on all these Black folk who tune in every week to support shows like this. Pretty soon she will have a cover on Essence magazine, and then Rolling Stone, and then a supporting role on Scandal, then we will find out she is having Rob Kardasian’s baby, and then there will be no stopping her.

  • thinkpink

    You blame this epidemic on black folks? Um last i checked white folks tuned into Paris HIlton, Kim K and family and the Orange County housewives first. THEY created the epidemic. Blame them.

  • thinkpink

    Eh I may be wrong in saying this but I feel for her. I am willing to bet that her beauty is the very thing that killed her chance at legitimate stardom. The establishment is not letting a black woman that beautiful get her foot in the door and become successful. So she took another (albeit desperate route) and got her cash.

  • Pixxi

    I loved it. Silly & histerical. Obviously nothing to be taken serious.

  • charlie hustles

    Phaedra (sp?) said it best on a past episode when she called Kenya a “strange bird.” That’s what she is alright, a strange damn bird. Ha!

  • Anthony

    I thought about my first post a bit, and I will say this: if Kenya Moore is truly happy doing what she is doing, who am I say to say she should not do it? If she is simply clinging on to showbiz in the hopes of being Kerry Washington or Halle Berry, she is pitiful, however, only Kenya Moore knows the answer to that question.

  • psquaredla

    This was baaaaaad, all the way down to the weird crotch in those stretch pants. Kenya, being famous is not worth this much humiliation!

  • psquaredla

    I think the best part was Andy Cohen gleefully “twirling” in the background. I can only imagine he was thinking, “THIS crazy b*tch is making me rich!”

  • Natalie

    Being a beauty queen doesn’t mean you have the talent to be in the entertainment industry. Her beauty could have made things difficult but her lack of acting talent and as we can see singing was probably a major factor.

  • Anthony

    Thinkpink, I know kenya Moore also specifically named John Singleton as a director who demanded sex for role. I think she said this happened to her in some other situations too. My guess is that these men probably felt that her talent was weak enough that if she turned them down, their projects would not be hurt by her absence. I am not downplaying he accusations of harrassment, i am just saying that I believe a “smart” dog knows who he can run that game on.

  • YeahRight2011

    Since she couldn’t be here tonight, I accept this seat on Kenya Moore’s behalf. Thank You. #cueapplause

  • nona

    Never watched this show before, but that was something special! My mom is a fan of the RHOA, so I sent her the link, she loved it in a, “wow, she’s crazy and this suits her!” kind of way.

  • Kay J

    “Gone With The Wind” ??? Really though… do we REALLY think Gone With the Wind was fab? #AfricanAmericanWomen c’mon now…

  • DownSouth Transplant

    Stop, stop it right now!!, I am in this office that i have a professional demeanor to keep LMAO!!

  • Nancy peters

    If you can actually sing bravo to you but Kenya sound Like a damn fool gone with the wind fabulous is going to be the next gay club anthem worldwide that rind should’ve blown her ass down

  • Lala69

    I think you mean wind lol

  • thinkpink

    @Natalie That factor hasn’t stopped Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Tara Reid from achieving success.

  • thinkpink

    Lisa Raye has weak talent too but she hasn’t had any issues finding roles nor have a number of attractive talentless women. We will have to agree to disagree but from my personal observation the closer you are to the white side of the color spectrum the farther beauty and talent can get you in the industry. The only exception occurs when dealing with dark skinned black women who seem to get further in the industry when they are grossly overweight or ugly themselves down for a role. You’re right. A “smart” dog knows he can run that game on a attractive dark skinned black woman because there is a slim to none change she will get acting work anywhere else. Marginalize and then exploit….gotta love Hollywood.

  • Anthony

    Thinkpink, to be honest, it never occured to me that color would have been an issue for Kenya Moore. She is beautiful now, but when she first became known in the 1990s, she was so drop dead gorgeous that I can’t imgaine anyone letting her fairly dark complexion be an issue. You do have a point when you compare her to Lisa Raye. Lisa Raye literally has nothing going on except a big butt and smile, and she has had serious success in Hollywood.

  • WhoCares LiveUrLife

    My opinion! Its there life to go whtever path thy want to go..either or reality and or True reality! It jus amazez me how.people are so quick to judge!

  • Me

    I dont get how being a arrogant bitch makes you a star this woman is crazy and way to into herself no wonder she aint married

  • me 2

    that was a mess!

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