Makeup experts and aficionados alike were thrilled when news spread that Sam Fine was the new Creative Makeup Director at Fashion Fair. Sam Fine has over twenty years of experience as a top celebrity makeup artist, responsible for painting the faces of such Hollywood stars as Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Mary J. Blige. Vogue Magazine called him “the go-to makeup master for women of color.” Sam’s collaboration with Fashion Fair cosmetics, a legendary brand in its own right, was the talk of town.

Sam Fine’s first collection for Fashion Fair is now available in stores. The highly-anticipated product offering features eight rich, creamy Supreme Lip Color Shades, two Supreme Eye Color Quads (with four shades each) and one golden Supreme Shine Lip Gloss.

Sam had this to say about the collection: “It’s an honor to work with Fashion Fair to create my first cosmetic collection and allow women of all shades to enjoy wearable color.”

Learn more about Sam’s first collection and purchase it here.

What do you think of Sam Fine Fashion Fare Supreme Color Collection, Clutchettes?

  • gmarie

    I’m glad they seem to be branching out from all those “frosted wine” “bronzed plum” type lip colors that they’ve been pushing to black women for the past 25 years. I understand they have a demographic to serve, but if they every plan to sustain themselves as a business and pull in a younger fanbase they have to go outside of the box. That is my main issue with cosmetics companies that gear themselves towards black women. and that is why they see a lot of missed opportunity consumers running to the trendier companies like Mac and MUFE etc. Shame because fashion fair has GREAT skin care products and foundation f

  • Luci

    I agree that Fashion Fair still hasn’t succeeded in appealing to young black women en masse. Even the packaging: it’s so Golden Girls. It’s so ODD when companies look so blatantly behind the times. Isn’t there somebody on their staff willing to tell them that they’re Grannying themselves up with the basic square compact in taupe colors?

  • Hehe

    Good to see the revamping themself. Hopefully they’ll work on their foundation line as well because it’s too orange and red base. I never understood how a line targeted towards black women doesn’t get that we come in more than one undertone.

  • Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    Good business move. Sam Fine is a pioneer in black makeup. I hope they do something with the formulations, too. Their makeup has always been too heavy for my skin.

  • ruggie

    A classic brand that just isn’t moving forward in terms of image and packaging. I hope this new move helps.

  • naaval

    that’s all good and well but the lipstick isn’t worth $22.00 drink it or talk to much and it off in 10 mins top but the colors are fierce…I tried it the day it hit stores

  • TJ

    Uhm… I think the collection missed the mark. It still looks so old school to me and it doesn’t have the fun colors that I was hoping for. I doubt I would skip over MAC to purchase any of this.

  • http://clutch SL

    Totally agree about the foundation base – great comment – hopefully they’ll catch on and even start providing different degrees of coverage both the cake and the liquid are too heavy. I never even go to the FF counter at all.

  • http://clutch SL

    ditto!! they need to do some focus groups

  • kissofdanger

    I hate it when people say that becuase over the years I have had a hard time finding makeup becuase it’s becoming too yellow.

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