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We see them every day, magazine covers with beautiful faces lining newsstands across the globe. From ELLE to VOGUE and beyond, the faces that grace these magazine covers are everything they should be, they are successful, good-looking and well-known. The one thing these faces are not, however, is the faces of models.

We are long gone from the days when only models had the privilege of being seen on magazine covers. It was an honor bestowed on a select few, the elite, those who had earned the moment…supermodels. Today, models must fight for cover space with not only each other, but actors, actresses, rappers, singers and even a few average Joes. Basically, anyone and everyone who isn’t a model.

But Supermodel Naomi Campbell feels it’s time to change all that.

Naomi “I Got Legs For Days And Run Circles Around Chicks On Runways” Campbell, has long been celebrated for her history making moves in the fashion world. Recently Naomi sat down for an interview with Celebuzz to discuss her new reality show The Face and the current state of the modeling industry. During the interview Naomi let the world know that she feels it’s time for models to reclaim the print modeling industry, rather than just be a face on the fashion runway.

Naomi says:

“When I started modeling, there was a separation of girls that did shows and girls that did print. And my generation did both. That’s when it changed. Of course, we want the magazine covers back. Of course, we do. There are less covers for the girls out there who are the new, young, trendy girls. She’s got more to compete with and there are only a certain amount of covers they’re going to give a model a year. Before, you had models twelve months a year.”

As the executive producer of The Face, which premieres February 12th on Oxygen, Naomi hopes that the up and coming female models she features will usher in a new Supermodel Era and said her show definitely helps prepare them for that.

“I’m a tough love coach. I give encouragement and praise to my girls, but I also tell them when things are not right and they need to change them,” Campbell continued. “I don’t want to candy coat anything for them. They need to know the truth, because we’re not going to be there holding their hand when they go into the real world.”

Do you think it’s time for models to reclaim magazine covers? Do non-models make magazines more interesting?

  • Chika

    I could care less. I think it’s time for both models and celebs to stop being propped up as the be-all end-all of beauty.

  • Pseudonym

    I agree for fashion magazines such as “Vogue.” Keep emphasis on the fashion! Especially since it’s the same 5 celebrities on every cover of every magazine. But, then again, I’m not buying these magazines (most of them post their content on-line), so whatever sells more print.


    @ Chika:

    So very true. This just says to me, that models models have become passé in today’s world.

    For too long, models have been the instruments used to dictate the standard of beauty (looks, size, shape, color, etc) to the world.

    I’d nobody’s fault but your own, that you didn’t learn any other skill in life, aside from getting paid to look cute. We are living in a world, where looks are slowly becoming more & more subjective, & it sounds like Naomi is crying because she & those like her will eventually not have a place in that world.

    As far as I’m concerned, they can do away with all the celebrities & Rappers too, especially if they are not relevant to the publication they are appearing on.

    It’s high time that they use the regular people, who are the target audience for these books in the first place.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    brother samurai, hotep

  • The Artist

    I see two sides:

    On one hand, I’m certainly glad to see people that I can relate to in fashion magazines, but as an artist, watching anyone and everyone claim your forte can be a little frustrating, especially when you’re studied your craft. I think this certainly applies to the movie industry as well.

  • Val

    Bring the models back! Fashion mags use the same celebs over and over and it gets boring.

  • binks

    Co-sign with Chika. I thought it was just me but I’ am getting tired of celebrities, models, singers, etc. in general. There has been such an overload in the past few years that it is overwhelming. I kind of miss the old days where public figures were private or elusive now everybody is everywhere doing everything! Furthermore, I get what Naomi is saying because seeing the same celebrities on the covers (especially black publications) get boring but sadly the age of the “supermodel reigning supreme or being a model’s model” is done. From a publication standpoint you can kill two birds with one stone with hiring a celebrity because you get a model and the interview, plus celebrities comes with a pool of variations/interest in terms of looks/appearance/personality where most readers can relate too AT LEAST 1 whereas the modeling industry don’t on average. Most models out now (even top models out now) aren’t household names or warrant great interest.

  • Tonton Michel

    Why pay for a model when you can have a multi avenue star?

  • Child, Please

    I say bring the models back. People complain so much about the celebs, it wouldn’t hurt to see an actual model doing a model’s job. I understand folks think they’re being paraded around to be some type of standard of beauty, but most of these same women have stated they’ve been ridiculed in their private life that they didn’t feel beautiful until they became one. Should it have taken that? No, but I’m glad there is a standard being set in the field they work in much like our respective fields. I’m just curious, though, would people be against the models if the standard were seeing someone who wasn’t thin? It seems models are attacked if they are thin, but not so much if they’re at the other extreme. I can imagine, why it is, but would it hurt to be fair? Or would you rather see everyday people on the covers of the mags you may not buy?

  • Amber

    I understand what you’re saying. And I sure wish selling a magazine worked that way. But it doesn’t. They have to put people on the cover that will sell which includes models and celebrities. you can’t just throw a regular person on the cover of a fashion magazine. HOWEVER, there are many other publications that are more general or targeted outside of fashion that I think could benefit from that idea.

  • Shawnte

    With the influence most fashion bloggers have, it makes more since to have a blogger on the cover than a model.

  • TheAntifash

    I see regular people everyday. I have no desire to see them on the covers of fashion magazines.


  • TheAntifash


  • TheAntifash

    The notion of putting regular people on the covers and in fashion magazines is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think people realize how much they truly buy into the fantasy of fashion. You, me, your mother, or sister could never sell that fantasy. Get over it.

    You know what I’ll just leave this here


    Hotepu as well, Brother Elder!! It’s been quite a long time. :-)


    3 points here:

    1) People seem to forget that models were at one point “regular people”, before they got into that business.

    2) Where in this article did it state “fashion mags” specifically? I know they mentioned ELLE & EN VOGUE, but seems to me that she’s saying that models should have a monopoly on publications as a whole.

    3) An attractive person is an attractive person, regardless of their profession. I’ve seen everyday women that are much more appealing than the herd of models that the industry parades in front of us, to dictate to us what is attractive.

    Until the industry breaks the mold variety of sizes, shapes & races, then most of these models can kick rocks. Besides Naomi & Tyra, I can’t name another 2 models by name anyway. That’s how much i couldn’t give a shit about any of them.

  • Simone L

    Uh oh!! you went cerulean blue on them bitches!!!


    Where do you think models, singers, athletes, & celebs come from? You think they are born out of test tubes, & hatched out of cocoons???

    You think they have a separate island that they live on, away from the rest of ugly & talentless folk?

    They start out as regular people.

    If you think that the only way of seeing attractive or talented people in this world, is via the TV pr a magazine cover, then the only person “buying to the fantasy” here is yourself.

    I have never let the media dictate to me what is attractive, & I never will.

  • AM

    LOL!! oH my.

  • TheAntifash

    Yes I think all of the above. I have never seen an attractive person in any other place than a magazine or television.

    Go away you ugly talentless person.

  • MommieDearest

    Maybe I’m just weird, but I’ve never bought a magazine, fashion or otherwise, soley based upon who was on the cover.

  • Monica

    I miss the days when models were on the cover of fashion magazines. The celebrity covers are tired. I read fashion magazines for fashion editorials, fashion and beauty related stories, and style tips, not to learn what movie, TV show, or CD the celeb du jour is promoting. It would be nice to go back but we are so a celebrity crazed now I don’t see it happening.


    How does a model not appearing on the cover of a mag, somehow prevent you from getting your fashion tips?

    It’s amazing how we all manage to Jedi Mind Trick ourselves into believing whatever “they” want us to believe.


    Let me know when you have something relevant to add to the discussion, aside from sarcasm & pointless YouTube vids.

  • EST. 1986 (GO RAVENS)

    Model or not, I do not waste money on magazines when the same information can be obtained online, for free.

  • EST. 1986 (GO RAVENS)

    You mean you couldn’t care less.

  • useless black middle class


    I would go further and say: it’s time for women in general to stop being propped up as the be all and end all of beauty.

    I don’t take my beauty in female form, I prefer my beauty to be a beautiful surprise.

  • useless black middle class

    Boo hoo.

    they’re playing the woes is black waaahman white beauty standards, card again. Now what tangible or intangible improvement to society will addressing this “weighty” issue deliver?

    None because the war over beauty standards is just a competition between different sects of narcissists for top spot in the hierarchy of female privilege they’ve erected to run side by side with the hierarchy of male privilege.

    Beauty for these people is nothing more than an all access pass that grants access to the most “powerful” males and the full compliment of social privilege. .

    They all want to claim exclusive ownership of beauty, to deny others the right to enjoy it in whichever way they see fit, and to define it in their own image for the attention privilege and dollars it’ll bring them, Na-zombie’s little rant here demonstrates that perfectly.

    How many ways are there to not give sweet f*ck about this effery? Coz I wan’t em all.

  • Inquiring minds

    I totally agree with her. Since when did actresses, singers and reality “stars” take over high fashion magazine covers? I am a gen x’er and I remember the days of the supermodel back in the 90′s. It was a glamorous phase that is missing in fashion these days.

  • Kay

    Though I do agree that fashion is often dictated by fantasy, the last few decades or so have seen the most unimaginative trends, often led by the fashion industry’s leaders who are so out of touch with what people want or dream of that they are recycling the same ish over and over again. We’ve yet to see another reinvention, to see a “Twiggy,” or another “Naomi,” or see a designer that upsets things so much it begins a new trend in fashion or even hair. I peruse fashion mags all the time and I am BORED out of my mind. And let me tell you, anything can be art, or edgy, it’s all in how you present it. So even my mom, sister, etc., can sell any fantasy if work is put into it to sell it. Where do you think the “Vogue,” came from? It came from regular working class, low income black gay males who would host latex balls. Madonna picked it up and it was all the rage.

    Where do you think panty wearing came from? It came from low class prostitutes who wore them and it became fashionable for women of all status to wear them as well. Fashion icons often dictate fashions, but they get their ideas, their inspirations from the world around them and yes, even some of those regular folks.

  • TheAntifash

    You just proved my point… Regular, working class people may create the trend (no denying that), but they could never SELL it. Huge difference.

  • soulfullyreal

    I may be in the minority here, but i actually prefer a celeb to a model on magazine covers. I’m more likely to buy a mag if i recognize the person on the cover. It’s not the only factor, but it is a factor. But it may also be because i don’t follow fashion enough to recognize models, other than the big names of course (Naomi, Heidi, etc.)

  • Ronnette A. Cox

    I agree! I curse the day Anna Wintour decided to put a celebrity on the cover of vogue

  • Mademoiselle

    I get where Naomi is coming from. I’m all for competition at the workplace, and proving you’re the best person for the job, but I can definitely understand why models would want to draw a line in the sand regarding what they bust their butts doing full-time vs what a celebrity does as a bonus on top of their real jobs.

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