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I’m sure everyone remembers the Tiger Woods sex scandal back in 2009, but for the two people in the room who may not remember, let me refresh your memory before I go into the details of this story.

Pro golfer Tiger Woods and his then-wife of six years, Elin Nordegern, divorced in 2010. The separation came after Woods admitted to cheating on Elin — some reports say with over 120 women! — and many of his mistresses were porn actresses and waitresses.

After dozens of women came forward and admitted to their extramarital affairs with Woods, he then publicly admit to, as he called them, “transgressions.” He soon lost several sponsorship deals and entered a 45-day sex therapy program.

Now, on to the latest news.

Just three years after the infidelity scandal, Woods has asked Elin to remarry him. According to Fox News, the 14-time major champion proposed again with a $200 million dollar prenup.

Elin is said to be considering the proposal, but only if Woods includes a $350 million anti-cheating clause. When the couple parted ways in 2010 she won $110 million in the divorce settlement.

The couple has two children together, 3-year-old Charlie and 5-year-old Samantha.

Do you think Elin should take him back? Would you remarry a serial cheater for a $350 million anti-cheating clause?

  • http://www.myblackfriendsays.com myblackfriendsays

    I was actually surprised she divorced him in the first place.

  • ASK_ME

    LMAO!!!! Get the money Elin!

    Tiger Woods must be desperate as hell. He is a single man now. He can go out and phuck all the porn stars he wants. Why in the world would he want to get back with his ex-wife and give he a 200 Plus million dollars if the ish doesn’t work out??? Some people lack good sense.

  • Kacey

    Maybe, just maybe, he truly loves her and realizes he made some terrible mistakes and is now trying to woo her back. It’s true that you don’t know what you had ’til it’s gone. I actually think this is very sweet…

  • ASK_ME

    If he truly loved her he wouldn’t have screwed 14 (?) side pieces. Elin should have been enough woman for him if he truly loved her.

    I sincerely doubt he would take her back if the shoe was on the other foot.

    The spectacle involving him and his chain of side pieces was a shame but at the same time it will go down in history as the most hilarious public affair ever. The sheer embarrassment alone would prevent me from taking him back.

  • Nic

    Funny, he could buy a dozen white women just like her. I guess he didn’t give her enough money the first time and wants to give her the rest…

  • Pseudonym

    Hey, that’s pretty mean. You don’t know Elin and what could make her unique. Also, despite the drama, that was his wife, life partner, and mother of his children for years during very critical years of his life. I’m sure they have happy memories as well. You can’t just go out an buy a dozen of that.

    This is an awful choice to have to face b/c no one will know the outcome until it’s the outcome.

  • Chillyroad

    I say she shouldn’t. He literally put her health and life at risk. I prefer children to be raised in a two parent home but nothing is worth risking your life.

  • dirtychai

    All of those porn stars can’t fill the void that Tiger’s probably experiencing having lost the woman that truly loved him and bore his children. However, if Elin feels like she has to write an anti-cheating clause in the pre-nuptial to keep him at home then maybe they shouldn’t remarry. Putting a leash on him isn’t going to ease her mistrust or keep him from cheating again if he ever feels comfortable enough to do so.

  • LadyP

    I cannot believe Tiger would even ask her to remarry him after all of that cheating. He still should be ashamed. Some time has passed so I guess he realized how important his family is to him. I couldn’t go back. As far as Elin, maybe she has in her heart to forgive him and give their relationship another try.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    If he has grown as a man and made his pace with her why not, it is hard to find a woman you can go all in with. I hope she says yes, might improve his game.

  • Ian C.

    Should “she” take him back? Is he crazy? Tiger quit while you’re behind. Just enjoy your visitation with the kids and move on to someone else. Forever is mighty long time, and there’s too much temptation out there (sounds like a set-up). If she wants him back then she should just take him back. But if she’s demanding a $350M infidelity clause, they really shouldn’t be together. She already received $110M more than she ever would have earned in her lifetime. Don’t give her the rest.

  • Me

    WHOA maybe he does really love her?? To lose $110 million and up the ante to $200 MILLION to get her back when you could be free & single and sleep with whomever is saying something. Now wifey on the other hand is smart to call his bluff with the $350 mil anti-cheating clause!! This is one of those situations I really wouldn’t know what I would do unless I was in it.

    Since I’m not in it though I know my pride wouldn’t let me even if I did love him and I;d probably regret even doing that later in the long run but I know me. If my partner embarrassed me to that extent on an international scale I’d be the side-eyeing, stereotypical, scorned-ex. There was no way I could swallow sharing a bed with him. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t believe infidelity qualifies for divorce, but DOZENS (maybe 120??) of whores! It’s not always about the money and status, my heart comes first. Somethings you just can’t come back from but its their marriage and to each its own, but I hope Elin is healing and wish that family the best.

  • http://gravatar.com/heavenleiblu heavenleiblu

    I just…

  • victoria

    I agree with Chillyroad and dirtychai 100%

  • Marisa

    Take him back for what Tiger proved that being faithful wasn’t in the cards, which is why one doesn’t marry in the first place. Looks like Tiger and Elin got what they both want now he has freedom to screw as many women now without the title of adulterer. Meanwhile Elin that ex-nanny/maid or whatever her domestic title was basically hit the powerball with that divorce settlement. Anyways I was never done for that make-up break up mess, that’s something immature teenagers and young adults do, not something people well into their 30′s with children at that. Their children need to see stability not the back and forth nonsense.

  • Mustbenice

    So this is what it’s like to be lily white.

  • Penny

    Honestly, I think it’s refreshing to see Tiger act human as opposed to acting like a dog. It would be nice to see him get his act together .

  • GlowBelle

    He has a lot of nerve…ugh.

    Then again, I don’t know what their situation is, it seems that he obviously loved her at some point to get married to her and have kids, but what’s love got to do with it? like Tina sang. If it were me, what he did was kind of unforgivable especially how it all played out in the public eye like that. It wasn’t like he slept with one woman it was 120…and I agree with chillyroad, he put her health at risk (um, hello, STD’s?), not to mention wrecked her trust, and trust is precious to gain and to gain back. I know sometimes you have to forgive and forget and keep it moving, but in this case I just couldn’t take back someone who put me at physical and emotional risk while damaging my pride…naw sometimes money no matter how much doesn’t even heal that.

  • Okay

    This is my main objection to cheating and why I find it completely unjustifiable. HEALTH. There are INCURABLE STDs you CANNOT protect yourself from by using condoms. There are STDs men can pass on to women that cause NO symptoms in men….yet women can develop cancer from it. There’s not enough love in the world for me to overlook these factors.

  • Love

    The reason why she’ll probably take him back is the same reason why many AA women are still single. She’s practicing forgiveness instead of harboring wasteful resentments. How about that. Obviously they love each other. Period. Love doesn’t know anything about ego and most of these comments are all about ego. People grow and evolve. I’m sure Tiger is a better man because he went through all of this and I’m sure Elin is a better woman as well. We ALL have our trials and tribulations there’s just happened to be public. People in glass houses really need to stop throwing them stones.

  • Z

    In terms of endorsement deals maybe being married was a better look for him. I can’t even be mad at Elin.

  • angel

    am I the only 1 that doesn’t care? I have a feeling that Tiger doesn’t give a damn about anything that has to do with the African American female maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just crabby.

  • mikey kun

    I read stories like this and think having common sense is not the way to get paid, maybe I should lose it and act dumb so I can be a rich person too

  • William

    EX is the EXample of the person you will never want to see again. Much less about remarry the same person. If it din’t work the first time how the hell is it going to work the second time?

  • Tara

    Honey, if you are not a white woman, most of these rich black man are parting with his money for you. Let’s get real. They do those crazy prenups to give the white man’s daughter their money. These slaves who finally got access to massa’s daughters. They been waiting for this for generations to take cre of missy and people all over the world are laughing at them.

  • justanotheropinion

    Motives aside (like Tiger thinking this might be the way to get his career back – ca-ching!), if you have to put this type of condition on your marriage Elin, it ain’t the right thing to do and you know it. Smells like desperation on his part and and an easy paycheck on her part. Sometimes you just need to be a grown up and say “this ain’t for me – I’ve moved on”.

  • Tara


  • Tara

    She is only doing it because she knows a black man would be more likely to go along with giving her just about ALL of his money just to be with her.

  • Chillyroad

    She can forgive him, co-parent with him, and even be friends with him without taking him back. Forgiveness isn’t about the bad guy getting what they want.

  • Chillyroad

    Isn’t Elim from Scandinavia? If so I’m not sure their countries have a history of enslaving blacks…or Thais for that matter since his mother is from Thailand. Given how Tiger made his money (golfing) many white men parted with theirs to make Tiger rich. Tiger dont owe black men or women anything.

  • graham

    So she should get back with him? When you forgive you don’t go back I mean this man literally f herr over and put her life at risk for some other women. I’m all for forgiveness but he shiested her in the worst way. For the most part id rather be slngle over looking like a fool. I honestly don’t believe his intentions are pure. Imo

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    Who cares?

  • Wakeup


    There’s no need to start disrespecting black women – that’s not loving.

  • Wakeup

    If I could give Tiger Woods some advice, I would tell him there are plenty of couples who get married with very little money but they are happy.

    So if the marriage relationship is more about the money he is making then maybe the relationship has veered off into something else.

  • Ricika

    That’s what I’m sayin’. I wouldn’t believe him either.

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    “that was his wife, life partner, and mother of his children for years during very critical years of his life.”

    That is exactly what should have crossed his mind before he started cheating on her, repeatedly.

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  • Luci

    Well, hell, if I could get a $350 Million cheating clause, I’d marry him too. You know he can’t help himself. I’d just kick back in a Champagne bath and wait for the inevitable.

  • Kim

    Who said Tiger owed anyone anything? Some of you are so stuck on stupid by choice. SMDH.

  • Chillyroad


    Her comment suggested that Tiger’s money is best shared with someone else. I doubt she was referring Thai people.

  • Nic

    Pretty much…you can start off as the help, marry your way up, and walk away with $100M. Of course, if black men weren’t so dazzled by these women that they got prenups the way most rich white men do, this wouldn’t be an issue.
    I could care less about Tiger Woods but he should have known that no one was going to be tolerating him messing over a white woman, even if she used to be a baby sitter.
    And now I guess he hates money b/c he is trying to set himself up to give her some more. Tiger Woods must really hate being rich. He already paid her about $10M per ho, now he’s going for 3.5x that amount.

  • Nic

    You aren’t kidding. I think a lot of these men would give up a nut to get a shot with massa’s daughter. He already gave her a bundle and instead of just finding a new one he wants to beg this one to come back and give her even more. It is hilarious. There is no way he is going to settle down with just one white woman. He is going to be broke by 50 at this rate.

  • Nic

    Well, maybe not since he’s trying to give her even more of his money…she might have known this would happen. She’s got a bundle free and clear and if she re-marries him, she’ll likely get the rest. And all of that starting out as the help. Black women don’t get to move up from the kitchen/nursery into the big house like that.

  • Wong Chia Chi

    @ Ravi
    “that was his wife, life partner, and mother of his children for years during very critical years of his life.”

    “That is exactly what should have crossed his mind before he started cheating on her, repeatedly.”

    Exactly. He didn’t care about all that then but now suddenly he does? Some people think marriage is a joke and he is clearly one of them. I’m all in favor of forgiving someone but his habits just scream sex addict or NPD or some other such person in denial. Those can’t be fixed and it’s usually a matter of time before they crop up again.

  • Ms. Write

    The more money people get the stranger they become it seems.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fred.macintosh.77 Fred Macintosh

    Tiger wants a bargin at $200M, Elin wants $350M, split the difference at $275M, or no deal. She is not worth one cent over $275M

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