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Happy New Year, Clutchettes. Now that 2013 is here, and we’re (almost) done ringing in the new year, we can get on with our regularly scheduled program. It’s Friday, so that means shining a light on our sisters around the globe.

Last year black women achieved amazing things in ever sector of society, and I have no doubt 2013 will be the same.

So, here is this week’s fabulous news about black women! 

Uzoamaka Maduka, the 25-year-old Princeton grad, is the talk of the publishing world. Maduka’s literary journal, The American Reader, is out-performing expectations and causing a spark in the writing world. Backed by an anonymous financer, Maduka’s lit rag boasts a mix of Princeton grads and “geniuses” on the masthead. {NY Times}

Mellody Hobson and George Lucas are now engaged. Mellody Hobson is having a great year. Along with running one of the most successful black-owned financial firms in the country, Hobson was named Chairperson of DreamWorks Animation. Now, the businesswoman is engaged to long-time love, George Lucas. After seven years of dating, the pair have decided to jump the broom. Congrats to the happy couple!  {HuffPost}

National Coalition of 100 Black Women gets a Cincinnati chapter. Twenty-six women were inducted into the local chapter of the 100 Black Women in Cincinnati, Oh. The women say they weren’t looking to add more events to their social calendar, but rather do some serious good in their community. Rhonda Barnes, Cincinnati Chapter president of the National Coalition 100 Black Women, told reporters: “Throughout the year, the Cincinnati Chapter will hold multiple fundraisers to support the programs that we bring to the communities. Programs for 2013 will cover health awareness, education development and My Sisters Keeper Financial Seminar, to name a few.” Congrats ladies! {Cincinnati Herald}

Clare Akamanzi, Eniola Mafe, Lorna Rutto, Yetunde Odugbesan, Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, June Arunga, Jessica Shelver, and Isis Nyongo named one of the top business people in Africa to watch by Ventures magazine. Last  year was a great year for black women around the globe. We made strides in politics, business, education, and nearly every other phase of life. This year I expect we’ll do the same. In honor of the New Year, Ventures magazine, shared 13 of Africa’s next up-and-coming business people, and just like last year, women are very prominent on the list. {Ventures}  

Venus and Serena Williams star in the new iPhone commercial. Our favorite tennis duo, the Williams sisters, snagged yet another endorsement. On New Years Day, Apple rolled out a fun new add which features the pair playing table tennis, while the owner of the phone is dreaming.  The ad is cute, entertaining, and gives the world yet another glimpse at how awesome the Williams’ are. Take a look.

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    How is Mellody Hobson marrying George Lucas being construed as a good thing??

    She is in her early 40′s, never married, no kids, & has plenty of pep in her step.

    He is an old geezer in his 60′s, who looks like he’s on his last leg. He’s been married before, with kids.

    Why are we kidding ourselves, into thinking that this marriage is anything other than a financial arrangement??

    “Long time love”, my foot. I’ve followed George Lucas & his movies, TV shows, etc for years… I’ve seen him at numerous conventions, & never once have i seen him with this black woman (& believe me, I’d remember).

    They have absolutely nothing in common, outside of their positions within their respective companies.

    If this were an everyday black woman marrying an everyday old-a$$ white geezer, we would be wishing them anything but happiness…. We’d be insisting that she get her head checked.

    But because this is all about money, i guess we are content to pretend.

  • binks

    Great way to ring in the Friday…those ladies better work they have me inspired alreay for 2013.

  • omfg

    you have no idea what melody wants.

    maybe she does not want kids.

    she helms a multibillion dollar investment firm. she makes her own money.

    if she wants a billionaire old husband great.

    and yep, i am happy to see another black woman in the arms of a billionaire.

    white and asian women do this all the time.

  • binks

    Wait what? This question begs to be asked but do you know these two personally? How do you know they don’t have anything in common? How do you know their reasoning for marriage? And if it was a financial arrangement to combine their empires so what, people have married for much worst…. So if she or any other black women wants to marry an “old-a$$ white geezer” that’s their right. Please don’t derail this topic with the interracial rant/debate and let’s focus on the positive this post is meant for.

  • Kay

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the “American Reader,” I really want to see what they’ve come up with. So happy the ladies are doing it this year!!

  • leelah

    yikes…I have seen many pictures of this couple for many years. I can’t believe you’ve never seen these two together. Try googling them, you’ll see that melody is the only woman that’s been on his arm for a long long time.

  • dirtychai

    Great stories! I love the V & S Apple ad. Congrats to Mellody Hobson, with her rich self!

  • Pearlsrevealed

    “If this were an everyday black woman marrying an everyday old-a$$ white geezer, we would be wishing them anything but happiness…. ”

    NOT TRUE….I would be congratulating her on getting her bills paid and establishing a nice retirement. LOL

  • Pearlsrevealed

    Like the Williams sisters dream ad.

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