tina turner

It looks like Tina Turner is trading in her U.S. passport for a Swiss one.

The legendary rock/soul singer has been living in Kuesnacht, a suburb of Swiss capital Zurich, since the mid-1990s, and according to Associated Press, the local council has granted her citizenship.

The news was published last Friday in the Zuerichsee-Zeitung newspaper. Citizenship requires formal approval from state and federal authorities and Turner says she could not be more happy.

“I’m very happy in Switzerland and I feel at home here … I cannot imagine a better place to live,” she said.

The ageless 73-year-old was born in Nutbush, Tenn. and rose to fame during the 60s and 70s as a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Her biggest hits included “Proud Mary,” “A Fool in Love” and “What’s Love Got to Do with It.”

According to a representative from her camp, Turner wanted to “clarify her situation” and “therefore also give back her U.S. citizenship.”

Looks like she is so over being an American. We’ll miss you, TIna!

  • ASK_ME

    Good for her. I wish to leave this country one day too.

  • Malik Hemmans

    i also wish to give up mine one day to become a citizen of Ghana

  • http://www.myblackfriendsays.com myblackfriendsays


  • Ladybadurae

    change “became” to “become” in the headline. Grammer Police! lol

  • aDoRkAbLe :-D

    Congrats Tina! Home is where you feel most loved, comfortable, and content. She’s still American, just not a U.S. citizen. She’ll still have to mark USA when asked nationality. :-)

  • Chillyroad

    As an Armerican living abroad I would never ever EVER give up my US citizenship. Living outside of the US made me realise just how valuable it is. No matter who I speak to, no matter what country they are from, religion, race, culture etc. I’m always asked why I left the US. US citizenship is like a golden ticket. Being a US citizens confers the most rights and privileges anyone can ever have in the world. Including the right to gun ownership.

  • Say it like it is

    Kudos to her! She has many, many fans there, as well as here, so she will be at home there. I really can’t say I blame her, especially since she grew up in Tennessee.

  • Guest1234

    Except for those damn taxes. My guess is that she prob gave up her citizenship b/c of the taxes required of American citizens even if they’re living abroad – which seems to be the in-thing to do for wealthy American ex-pats nowadays.

    I, too, would have difficulty giving up my citizenship, but, if I were a zillionaire, living in Switzerland (which AIN’T cheap) I might feel differently. Who knows?


    LOL! Good one. Oh wait, it’s actually spelled “GRAMMAR” not “GRAMMER”. Hahaha. Bazinga!


    Agree with you. But in Switzerland and most of Europe they don’t make a difference between nationality and citizenship. They don’t have a box for you to check nationality/ethnicity like we do here. I believe it’s even illegal in some countries to ask for it on official document.

    However on résumés you put a picture, your date of birth, gender, and citizenship (a.k.a nationality). Anyway, it’s a beautiful country with great living standards.

  • AJW

    Me too

  • victoria

    I live in Switzerland. And yes, it is an extremely lovely country with wonderful standards of living. I plan on living here for the rest of my days. However, I will never give up my US citizenship. Actually, unlike the US, you cant obtain Swiss citizenship through marriage. And they rarely grant citizenship. People have lived here for 30 years; worked; raised children – and the Swiss people have denied them citizenship.
    Regarding Tina, she probably denounced her US citizenship to avoid paying US taxes which compared to Switzerland are extemely high. To give you an idea, where I live in Switzerland, a family making 6 figures can pay about 4,000 in taxes.
    And regarding the resume, they also enourage placing your marital status on the resume. This shows stability for people of a certain age.

  • http://gravatar.com/qlittlestar13 The Mighty Quinn

    That is not entirely accurate. You can be born in Switzerland and not be a Swiss citizen. Nationality is easier to narrow down by surname and language. A friend was born in Zurich to Italian parents and he is considered Italian, not Swiss, nor is his child. It’s all very convoluted.

  • Anna

    Isn’t the capital of Switzerland – Berne or is that only what we are taught in Europe!?

  • Ladi

    you can have dual citizenship

  • Hehe

    After finding out Tina’s legendary self-hatred I say good riddance.

  • ASK_ME

    Explain please?

  • Naps!

    Lolz! I was thinking the same thing!

  • victoria

    @ The Mighty Quinn

    I believe NAME WITHHELD was referring to documentation. I live in Switzerland and NAME WITHHELD is correct. Your ethnicity is never required on govt and non govt documents. However, your nationality is frequently required.

    You are also correct. Being born in Switzerland doesnt guarantee you citizenship. Also, unlike America, you cannot obtain citizenship through marriage. The Swiss dont play. They dont give citizenship to just anybody.

    Switzerland is a beautiful country and has a high standard of living. I can only guess that Tina Turner denounced her US citizenship in order to avoid paying taxes. Income taxes in Switzerland are extremely low (where I live, a family making 6 figures pays about 4,000). But they tax the mess out of consumer goods.

    I will never give up my US citizenship, although, I plan on living here forever.

  • victoria

    Yes, it is Bern.

  • No, Thanks…

    You dropped something… Your face!!! Realize I meant “your”… not “you’re”…
    This makes me think of those movies where the police shoot, like, a million bullets, and never hit anything…

  • Hehe

    Tina Turner is known in the industry for not liking black ppl. Quincy jones even commented that Tina doesn’t like working with Blacks.

    Listen to this ignorance:


    Phyllis Hyman comment about Tina:


  • http://gravatar.com/eynapanirb B.Payne

    I’m working on it now…2015

  • ASK_ME

    Your links (which don’t link to a video, instead they link to SEVERAL videos…none of which prove your case) are worthless.

    To my knowledge, Tina Turner has never had an issue working with other black people. As I recall she worked on We Are The World…with a whole lot of black people…including Quincy Jones. Not to mention she worked with a royal a-hole for DECADES and endured all kinds of nonsense.

  • Chillyroad

    If you don’t want to pay taxes you can always become an indentured servant in one of those oil producing Gulf countries.

    Europeans by Western standards are very ethnocentric. There is little ethnocentrism in the US because we are a country of immigrants. It’s why anyone can become an Americsn but you can never really be Swiss or Dutch or French or English. These are ethnic groups not nationalities.

    As the financial situation gets worse in Europe you will see how friendly these countries are. Within living memory, even during the 1990s Europeans were killing eachother along ethic groups and there are nationalist parties springing up all over the continent. It is mostly in Eastern Europe but they are bankrolled by wealthy Western Europeans.

    Switzerland and a lot of the Scandinavian countries have high standards of living because they are tiny populations, have oil in some countries, are tax havens in the case of Switzerland, and have highly educated population. Many countries im Europe are taxed to death to finance their socialism.

    As Western Europe because more Eastern European because of population collapse and immigration it will become more racist. Eastern Europeans are extremely racist. They will bring their xenophobia with them.

    Please don’t use how Europeans treat an international celebrity like Tina Turner with how they treat the average black person. I am an average black woman living in one of the more enlightened countries.

  • Hehe

    Idk why my links aren’t working but in the first video is an interview with Tina where she comments on how Africans are lazy and that she doesn’t enjoy African food while lauding how much she loves Europe. The second video Phyllis Hyman commented on how Tina doesn’t have Blacks working for her.

  • srb199

    Accept Oprah? Thought she loved her!

  • ASK_ME


    So Africans=All black people now? I don’t like Mexican food. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Mexicans.

    And just because she doesn’t have black people supposedly working for her (a laugh because I’m fairly certain her band consist of black people) doesn’t mean she has something against black people.

  • Hehe

    I guess my links really isn’t working but in the video she mentions how we(as in Black ppl) got our attitudes and way of life from Africa then she made the comments about Blacks(not only Africans) being lazy. Plus Africa is a big fucking continent so for to make such a general statement is ignorant.

  • Ekuba

    @ Malik: Don’t worry, we’ll gladly welcome you with open arms :), Ghanaians are known to be the most hospitable people in the world! Out of curiosity let me ask- what is it about Ghana that makes you want to be a citizen?

  • ASK_ME

    I will agree the statement seems ignorant but I still need to see some proof. I need to hear the context of the comment.

  • Hehe

    copy and paste the video links into a new tab.

  • ASK_ME

    I still don’t see the video. Give me a title and I will look it up on youtube.

  • MySister’sKeeper

    Good riddance Tina. She made it clear long ago that she thought Europeans were stylish and fun while Africans were lazy and had bad food. Self hate is a shame. I guess her Swiss neighbors have kept their opinions of her black skin to themselves allowing her to remain blissfully ignorant.

  • MySister’sKeeper

    She has made it clear in past interviews that she is not the fondest of Africans and Africa, while celebrating Europeans.

    Here’s one example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMjyIOnWUlQ

  • MySister’sKeeper

    This is in response to your post below. It is not the same as you saying you dont like Mexican food and that being attributed to dislike for Mexicans. It is saying you don’t like Mexicans and attributing that to not liking Mexican Americans either. It really isn’t a stretch.

  • ASK_ME

    The rest of us want to see some PROOF of this allegation.


    @ The Mighty Quinn (damn, you made me call you The Mighty, at least you’re not The Almighty, lol).

    You totally right. It’s just that what you’ve mentioned is a different chapter of the same subject, so to say. What you’re referring to is more the acquisition of citizenship/nationality by birth versus by birth. The latter is more common in Europe. France was the only country that used to have the ” citizenship by birth” rule. But now, even the French have changed it. They added a new twist to it. It’s not automatic as it was in the past.

    That said once you’ve acquired the citizenship of most these countries, you’re a citizen, and don’t ever have to check race/ethnicity on official documents or form. They don’t have affirmative action or anything similar. I have friends that are Black and Germans or French by naturalization but don’t ever have to mention their racial group on government-issued ID’s or official forms. Granted, you may still have of your share of racial prejudice and all but officially you’re not a color.

    Of course, people you meet in your social circle may ask about your origins/roots because they take it for granted that you are not a “real” Swiss, German or Norwegian.

    @Victoria, you’re right the Swiss don’t just give people their citizenship to anybody. Es ist gut, dass du die amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft nie aufgeben wirst. Being American has a great deal of perks.

  • MySister’sKeeper


    And LMAO to the people who marked as thumbs down. Sorry your saviour has given up citizenship. Maybe you can join her in Switzerland.


    Thanks @ MySister’sKeeper for posting this link.

    Oh Sh*t, I can’t believe she actually said that and got away with it all these years. Had a white artist said the exact same thing, he/she would have been called racist. Now, I understand what @Hehe was saying. SMH @ Tina Turner right now. Her comments were ignorant. I’ll never look at her the same.

  • ASK_ME

    Nobody here called her a saviour. I’m a fan…and I will continue to be a fan.

    Like most entertainers, Tina is NOT an intellectual and she was speaking of what she SAW…she even admits in the clip that she “hasn’t looked into it.”

    Furthermore, I don’t think anyone can deny that parts of Africa need some SERIOUS work…compared to European countries.

    She gets a pass from me.

  • ASK_ME

    “She has made it clear in past interviews that she is not the fondest of Africans and Africa, while celebrating Europeans.”

    Even still…why is this an issue?

    I take it she doesn’t like the way Africans LIVE…as opposed to Europeans. That’s HER opinion. It is not surprising. Have some of you actually been to various countries in Africa?

    Tina, like MOST African Americans, is used to a certain way of life…that way of life, regardless of denial from African Americans, comes from White Americans…who descend from Europeans.

  • mikey kun

    good for you ms.tina

  • Rue

    Poeple she is still an American. She just did it for taxes. She probably wants to leave as much money for her heirs as possible. This is what most old (and some rich) people are doing nowadays. Anyway, I wasn’t even born in America and I won’t ever give up my US citizenship. No place like Brickstones in New York, with loud music blaring from the neighbours, or the (cold) spectacle that is inauguration day, or hot summers with broken hydrants and snowy winters spent gallivanting in Maine, running home to chowder :D

  • Rue


  • ASK_ME

    This coming from the troll that was called out by one of the writers here for operating under several names. Bytch be gone!

  • http://Clutch SL

    Ok that is crap – most if not all of Tina’s backup singers have been black, her musicians have been black – come again?

  • http://Clutch SL

    Thanks for the links – Interesting she would say something like that. Sad.


    It’s ok to have preferences in life. It certainly is ok for Tina to like the European lifestyle, which she could have stated without reverting to that of type comment. It was uncalled for. Saying Africans are lazy. Come on Tina, you should know better.

    It’s like when a Black man says he only dates white or other non-black women and at the same he’s being disrepectful towards AA/Black women. That’s also unnecessary.

    Anyway…Oh I’ve been to some African countries.

  • http://Clutch SL

    I agree. You don’t realize until you leave. My husband gave up citizenship in his country for American citizenship…I am open to living in his country but he does not want to go back permanently.

  • ASK_ME

    I think she misspoke, and judging from the video she was younger when she made that remark. People here took her words and RAN completely to the left with them.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 3

    Quincy Jones has the nerve to complain about people not liking black people. He should have a \__

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Bingo! This is what I’ am aiming for I just don’t know the country I want to be a citizenship in yet….

  • AM


    Our foods are bad, we are boring, we are LAZY, we are comfortable living off the land, we don’t inspire her. Nah…..that’s FOUL. Generalizing a whole continent based on a limited experience. Tina have several seats. I sure do hope you’ve matured.

    -About her giving up her American passport to become a Swiss, more power to her. If she likes it, I love it.


    Yes she was much younger when she made that statement, and what she said was stupid. I mean she was being scientifical with her explanation. Empirically showing how Blacks Americans inherited the lazyness traits from Africans, and dissing African food. It’s a wonder most people have never of this video. Just because someone is Black they should get a pass when they make racist comments.

    Thank you @Hehe and @MySister’sKeeper.

    I would hope that Tina Turner doesn’t hold the same views any longer. This reminds me of the rap song Emimem made about «Black women being dumb and white girls are better…». Simply disgusting. Ever since I heard that CD I was never able to dig his music, even though he said these things as a young man and before he became famous.

    Thank you @Hehe and @MySister’sKeeper for posting the link.

  • CommonSenseIsOK

    Bye Tina! And take your bad wigs with you. I’m not upset that she’s leaving, just tired of her general. JMO.

  • Rue

    Saw the Tina “African are a very lazy people” vid. I’m not gonna say that she hates Black People, but COME ON TINA! say it ain’t so!
    #muy disappointed

  • http://www.facebook.com/maroonsista Maroonsista AtTwitter

    Ask_Me, I have no clue who you are but I respect you on so many levels for not being willing to just go with whatever someone tells you and needing proof. Too many people will decide a comment or an entertainment blog MUST be the truth without a shred of proof or an interview or even a quote from that celebrity stating what he/she said. Credible entertainment journalism is so underrated these days so I appreciate you sticking to your guns on this one. I also want to hear all of these comments from Tina Turner’s mouth, not someone else. I’ve never heard her say any slanderous comments about black people or African people. Not saying she said it or didn’t say it, but I need to hear it from HER, uncut and uncensored before I write her off. Until then I’m rocking with her!

  • mrie

    Wow, then this must be the ultimate truth, because Quincy Jones said so *sarcasm*. Didn’t he marry a caucasian lady/only caucasian ladies? So what’s his point , to malign Tina? He isn’t in a better position to do the “you don’t like black people” card. Granted that this is true, Tina may have made that choice because of her experience, but Quincy’s choice is more personal.
    @Hehe, you are a damaged soul. Seek help. The likes of you are being coming a cliche and a never ending pathetic song.

  • WhatIThink

    Unfortunately this is why entertainers should not be role models, but for black folks that is absolutely their most esteemed group of people. Many black entertainment figures have this same mentality and we all know it comes from self hate as it was the entertainment industry that historically promoted the most vicious forms of propaganda against black folks.

    And face facts, most black people in America and everywhere else buy into the fantasy that black folks should just lift themselves up on their own with no true struggle or fight in the process. In other words, most black folks don’t feel any obligation to uplift the group through conscious deeds and actions and often this is the excuse they make. And you can find that across the board among black folks of all walks of life. They identify more with white folks (who have historically been against them and hated their guts) than their own people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/danikuettel Daniel Kuettel

    If she did it “for taxes”, then she would move to canton Zug or Schwyz where the taxes are lower. Instead, she remained where she has been living for the past year and will continue paying the same taxes.

    If you mean because of the flaws of US government policy, then you may be correct. The US government does tend to double-tax the same earned income, while causing Americans abroad to be denied financial services simply because they are US citizens. The US government is also known for making threats of large fines and jail time for small mistakes. Yet, it does have a foreign earned income exclusion, which could mean that Tina Turner didn’t owe the US any taxes.

    So, I wouldn’t argue that it is because of the taxes, but likely because the US government has many problems and that Tina Turner doesn’t wish to be harmed by such.

  • http://www.facebook.com/danikuettel Daniel Kuettel

    If you live in Switzerland, you could also mention the difference in tax rates from region to region, which may be more or less than the US depending upon the situation. A family living in Zug may very well have a lower tax rate than the US, but the same cannot be said about a single person living in Basel.

    Why do you argue that she “denounced”, when it is more likely that she is thinking about relinquishing rather than renouncing? Living in Switzerland, you should know that Americans are being denied banking services due to FATCA. Tina Turner may be having difficulties because of such, or being required to pay high fees for being an American citizen.

    The claim that one “cant obtain Swiss citizenship through marriage” is false. Citizenship is no longer immediate like how it used to be, but it is still expedited for married couples.

    Living in Switzerland, you should also know that there is a Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, meaning that it is very possible that Tina Turner is not paying any US taxes at all.

    So, given that she might not be paying any taxes and is now likely having banking difficulties, how can you be so sure that she “avoid paying US taxes”?

  • Hehe


    I’m a damaged soul because I don’t like Tina? Did you see the link where she called Africans and Blacks lazy while extolling Europe? Or the vid where Phyllis Hyman said Tina has no blacks working for her? I just cant have my opinion? My using Quincy Jones was just one example. Celebrities and ppl who worked close to Tina has said that she does not like Blacks and tried her best to disassociate herself from the black community. One of Rick James famous line was Tina Turner hasn’t been black in 10 years.

    I’m not a fan of Quincy Jones but he was a producer for the Color purple. A movie Tina was up for as the role of Shug but turned down because it was “too Black”. Then she went on to do crap like Mad Max.

  • Wong Chia Chi

    @ Ladi and blinks

    You can be a dual citisen, but the tax issues, are confusing. So many expats opt out just to not deal with it.

    Most countries don’t make you pay taxes when you live abroad. I think only the U.S. does so it seems and unnecessary hassle especially
    considering that taxes are used to pay for services available to residents, it does seem stupid to pay them when you no longer reside, work in the country and are also paying taxes in the country where you actually reside.

  • ruggie

    If Tina turner hated America, she wouldn’t have accepted the Kennedy Center Honor during the Bush II administration. She may have her own reasons for becoming a Swiss citizen. When Hispanics spend 20 years in America and don’t become citizens, we call them illegals.

    As for Quincy Jones, his love for black women artistically and personally is undeniable. See his work with Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Chaka Khan, etc. Not dating/marrying/making babies with is a different story.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    I wish for you to leave this country as well.

  • ASK_ME


    Sorry but you appear to have a PERSONAL axe to grind with Tina. This statement:

    “I’m not a fan of Quincy Jones but he was a producer for the Color purple. A movie Tina was up for as the role of Shug but turned down because it was “too Black”.

    Is blatantly false. Tina’s reason for NOT doing The Color Purple is well documented. She has stated over and over again that the reason she turned down the role is because it was TOO close to the life she’d lived (referring to domestic violence). She mentioned the same thing in her biography.


    ““I lived Celie’s life with Ike. I don’t want to live it again”

    Stop slandering this woman with YOUR lies and hearsay from bipolar celebrities and dead crackheads.

    Over the years she HAS worked with NUMEROUS blacks. She may not fit into your box of what makes someone “black” or Rick James’ box, but Tina is a legend in her own box.

    Get off her back!

  • ASK_ME


    I remember when you had your picture as your avatar. Glad you took it down because you are ugly both inside and out.


  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Now if thats not the pot calling the kettle black I dont know what is. Dont let the door knob hit you on the way out Bobo.

  • ASK_ME

    You’re fat as hell and you’re rude as hell…to people who aren’t even addressing you. When you don’t agree with someone your knee jerk reaction is to write the N word in caps. You’re pathetic. For now on you’re on the ignore list…along with the other trolls here.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    But your mother loves all my fattiness so much.

  • cb


  • BoutDatLove

    I saw the youtube links. For anyone else who didn’t see it, type youtube.com then copy & paste the rest of the link that HeHe posted after the / you will be able to view it then.
    Here are the videos:




    Here are the titles of the video

    Tina Turner – All you need is love – 1976

    Phyllis Hyman on Black-Owned Businesses

  • victoria


    I stated she PROBABLY gave up citizenship to avoid paying taxes. I never said I was SURE she gave up citizenship to avoid paying taxes.

    You stated, ”If you live in Switzerland, you could also mention the difference in tax rates from region to region, which may be more or less than the US depending upon the situation. A family living in Zug may very well have a lower tax rate than the US, but the same cannot be said about a single person living in Basel.” Why do I have to mention this in response to this article. The purpose of my comment was not to inform people of the different taxes in Switzerland from region to region. My purpose was to give reasons why I believe she may have given up her citizenship. However, I did state that, ‘Where I live in Switzerland…” I was giving an example of the taxes my family has to pay and how it compares to the US. I live in Aargau so you know that I pay low taxes. I also believe you pay lower taxes then me. My husband and I lived in Bern and moved to Aargau to pay lower taxes. I looked into moving to Zug due to the scenary; however, home prices are much higher in the Kanton of Zug than Aargau.

    Regarding the bank issues, yes I am aware, but Im not sweating it because I am a housewife and have never worked. The issue I have is that I do have my name on a few joint accounts with my husband (who is Swiss) and we have sorted that out.

    I feel you were being very condescending in your response to my comment. Implying that Im lying about my place of residence. Let see, like the typical Swiss wife and mother I spend my day going to Die Post, Coop (where I can use the 5x punkte coupon) and Migros. I also take walks through the old part (altstadt). I have a 1st class GA so from time to time I travel to Bern (to see the bears), Luzern, or Basel from witch I live 30 to 40 mins away. I take my daughter to spielgruppen sponsored by the stadt gemeinde. Ich spreche wenig Deutsch. However, I do understand a little Swiss German thanks to my children. Im confused about der, die, das. We shop in Germany to save money (Weil am Rhein). Im searching ricardo and ricardolino for a new dunkel holz esstische massiv, but may end up purchasing one from Migros Casa. I love Auf und Davon. I hate Goodbye Deutschland. In my wallet – my sbb GA, aufenthaltstitel (B class), driver’s license, apotheke karte, Coop karte, Migros family karte, AHS/AVS, UBS Maestro, Assura insurance card.

    I dont have to provide extensive information in order to make MY POINTS especially concerning a simple article. Veilen Dank. Adieu

  • http://twitter.com/Cognorati001 Colette Marcheline (@Cognorati001)

    Me too.

  • http://gravatar.com/eynapanirb B.Payne

    No disrespect to the talented Mr. Jones…but he should keep quiet on this matter.

  • Robert

    Kenya over Ghana baby! Please come to Kenya!!

  • Ms. Write

    I miss when commenters on this site used to have intelligent debates. Now it’s just come down to trolling and name calling. Come on guys, let’s do better.

  • Live

    Well maybe he knows his own tribe no none like black people.

  • Live

    Check Out her interview with Mike Wallace on 60 minutes in 2000. She said she did not mind being called a nigger because it’s the same as being black. She did not mind having to go through the back doors in the south.

    Tina’s comments start at the 4:00 minute mark.

  • AJW

    I just saw it too.
    I’m no longer a fan.

  • AJW

    I accidentally thumbed you down. I agree totally.

  • AJW

    This lady is sick.

  • apple

    why? i’m scared to leave.. i heard about racism in other countries that could be much more lethal (which can happen here too) so i changed my mind because fear of the unknown.. i felt like usa was at least the devil i know

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Wow! This woman is now the patron saint of self hating women, with many followers. I do not think she will be missed, better to stay over there were she is “accepted” than to suffer over here. Now if we could just ship off a few more suspects……

  • apple

    don’t be stupid. they are mobile links just take the m out of the link and you will see the video

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