TV One Unsung’s Season 6 Premieres Tonight

by Yesha Callahan

tv one unsung 2013

By far, one of my favorite shows on cable television is Unsung on TV One. The series discusses the lives and accomplishments of those artists whose talent may have gone unnoticed during their heyday and has been called the “black” version of VH1’s Behind The Music. A couple of my favorite episodes explored the lives of songstresses Vesta Williams, Teena Marie, Millie Jackson and Phyllis Hyman.

This season of Unsung will be filled with stories from even more artists. Artists whose praises Unsung will sing this season include Isaac Hayes, Midnight Star, EPMD, Lou Rawls, Eddie Kendricks, The Whispers, Mint Condition, Johnny Gill. And, in a groundbreaking two-hour special on Disco, Unsung tells the definitive tale of an American phenomenon, featuring two dozen musical performances, and commentary by legendary Disco survivors Gloria Gaynor, Nile Rodgers, Thelma Houston, The Village People and KC of the Sunshine Band.

Some say Unsung always offers a sense of closure to fans and family of the deceased artists they cover. For example, Roger Troutman’s brother stated that the public was finally on the same page as the family in regards to realizing that no one really knows what happened between Roger and Larry Troutman the fatal morning of his death. But not every artist is a fan of Unsung. Stephanie Mills apparently isn’t.

“I don’t like that show,” the Grammy Award winner revealed in a recent interview with The Huffington Post. “They have approached me quite a few times, but I [won't] do that show.” She went on to say that she doesn’t feel she’s “unsung.” “I feel like I’ve had a wonderful career. I’ve done wonderful things and met so many wonderful different people. So I don’t feel like I’m unsung at all.”

Unsung airs tonight at 10 pm est/ 9 central on TV One with the story of Isaac Hayes!

What artists would you like to see covered on Unsung?

  • Ask_Me

    I’m watching it right now and all I can do is SMH. Isaac Hayes had 11 children by 7 different women.

  • LaLuz

    I really, really, really want to see an episode on Tony Thompson and High 5 from the 90s.

  • Mrs Right

    Love to Staphanie

  • Whatever

    I love Unsung. I find it to be entertaining and informative. They spotlight talented artists and give us a glimpse into what their life was like during their peak and during their downtime. While some stories can be melancholy, what else is to be expected from the shady ass music industry? Everyone has some sort of story to tell about the not so glamourous side of fame.

    Stephanie Mills needs to get over herself. Just say you’re not interested and keep it moving because some artists were definitely able to finally have their side of their story told on this platform. She’s already done interviews dishing her grief about Diana Ross getting her role in The Wiz and her friendship with MJ so she needs to stop acting like airing her dirty laundry is not for her. Steph, they’ve asked you several times because you complained so much they feel your story may be “Unsung”.

  • http://Clutch SL

    Wow – not surprised – but did not know that.

  • http://Clutch SL

    I try to catch Unsung when I can – most moved by the one they did on DeBarge. I would love to see them do Morris Day and The Time, Jennifer Holiday, Patti Austin, Rick James, The Isley Bros. – that’s if they havent done any of them to date.

  • Princess Di

    Two words: Tevin Campbell.

  • NY’s Finest

    I do love the show but I must say lately many of the artists they’re covering are truly not unsung. The whole point of the series when it began was to cover artists who were never really mainstream or just wasn’t a household name when they should’ve been. Now it just seems as if they’re just doing any and every black artist just because.

  • lil ray

    I like to know the real deal behind the Parrish robbery and Erick being push or falling out of a window

  • LadyP

    Oh my Gosh. I absolutely love Unsung! At the same time, it astonishes me how Rick James is passed over season after season. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rick James!!!! Even though he had a very troublesome career (like most), he still was a producer, musician, and a writer. Not to mention his voice was very, very unique. He really could sing. :(

  • http://Clutch SL

    @LadyP – couldn’t he though – it seems people focused alot on his addiction and sexual proclivities, but RJ had a voice that I think was so unique. He could really put it down!

  • http://Clutch SL

    Omg – yeah – he kinda dropped off the face of the earth – but he had such a wonderful voice. I had hoped he’d have a long career. Would love to know what happened.

  • LadyP

    Mmm..yes he could! I don’t care how I’m feeling…if I put on some Rick. He can turn any situation around!

  • http://Clutch SL

    Interesting point – when you say mainstream, do you mean like Whitney and Luther or do you mean well-known in the AA community? I have a hard time thinking of anyone who would where the label in the AA community. We all knew MJ before he went mainstream.

  • The Comment

    Wow!!!!!! Glad he didn’t have a reality show.

  • http://Clutch SL

    Lol!!! Shawty-lo anyone?

  • Ask_Me

    He got busted trying to get some head from a man.

  • JuicyJuice

    I love this show! I Believe a lot of artists on this show are Unsung regardless of how many people knew their music or not. I have learned so much from watching this show…pretty much about the shady nature of the industry.
    A lot of these artists featured on this show have contributed so much to the music genre today ( minnie ripperton, debarge). My favorite ones were Musical Youth, David Ruffin and Phyliss Hyman

  • Nadell

    Luv this show! Just wish this season they could’ve included some female artists.
    Artists like Jade, Brownstone, EnVogue, SWV, Jody Watley to name a view

  • heavenleiblu

    They already covered Jody Watley in the Shalamar episode

  • heavenleiblu

    I agree, but I’m beginning to think that they’re trying to maintain viewership, and if an artist is popular or beloved (to Black people, anyway), it’s a way to ensure that we’re watching, even if they got their due justice.

  • Guest 2013

    Yes! I would love to see all of those ladies. I love Unsung but as of late, I haven’t really been interested in seeing some of the artists. I wish they would show some unsung artists from the late 80′s, early 90′s like Tamia, Intro, Eric Benet, Lisa Fischer, Guy, Tony, Toni, Tone. I would love to see them.

  • binks

    Love unsang! But I think they should do a spinoff and highlight other talents and fallen stars in other sectors of arts and entertainment too.

  • NY’s Finest

    Mainstream to me is an artist who everyone knows, not just Black Americans.

  • Ask_Me

    They do. It’s called “Life After.”

  • Pearlsrevealed

    Jody Watley HATED how Unsung deleted most of her interview. Just go watch an 8 part dissertation about how much she despised the show on youtube!!!

  • Valda


  • Valda

    In addition to LTD, I would like to see the 1st female rap group, Sequence, Lakeside, Rose Royce, The Dramatics, The Emotions, Chi-Lites, Tavares, and The Spinners

  • Marietta

    I would LOVE to see Lakeide!

  • Anthony Richardson

    I would love to see Unsung showcase Sam Cooke

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