Un-PC Thoughts on the KimYe Offspring

by Demetria L. Lucas


I wouldn’t be on my pop-culture duty if I ignored the news of Kim Kardashian being preggers by Kanye West. In case you’ve just emerged from an Internet dead-zone, on December 30, West announced Kardashian was preggers at his Atlantic City concert. Kardashian’s boyfriend/”misteress” told the crowd to “make noise for my baby mama.”

This is one of those subjects I want to continue to ignore — mostly because it just seems wrong to say anything but “Congratulations!” That said, l feel compelled to weigh in since news of the KimYe spawn hijacked Twitter for 2-3 hours on Sunday night. Unsurprisingly, Twitter went all-the-way-in dragging Kim for her life. It. Got. Ugly. I won’t go that far. Pinky swear.

I do want you to know I really tried to write about double standards, like how Kim Kardashian is called “a whore” for dating a bunch of guys. And yet, Carlos Walker — sorry, I’m not calling a grown man “Shawty Lo” — can impregnate 10 women and somehow escape that label. It’s a worthy point, but it wasn’t what I really wanted to say. This is:

1. This relationship was a bad idea from the start
Recall the chatter of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode where Kanye threw out nearly all of Kim’s clothes? No “good for you” dude wants you to re-haul your entire image to be with him. To make it worse, Kim dressed and looked better before Ye came around.

The more important reason though … Kim was/is married.

2. What in the hell was Kim thinking?
Her marriage to Kris Humphries was likely a hoax/ratings ploy. Somehow, I don’t think the ongoing divorce battle was part of the plan.

It’s just plain sloppy to enter another relationship when the previous one isn’t done. (And even sloppier to bring a kid into that situation.) I know ratings and attention are everything in reality TV world, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, especially on issues that actually affect other (little) people.

3. Uh … What in hell was Yeezy thinking?

I don’t ask that because of Kim’s dating or sexual history. She was unmarried from around 20-30. Dating is what she was supposed to be doing since she wanted to be married again.

I’m wondering what Yeezie was thinking because of Kardashian’s married present. Dating a married woman? Bad enough. Getting her pregnant? Bad. Real bad. Joe Jackson.

Kanye’s always come off as the uncomfy-in-his-skin suburban kid who wanted to be down with the streets. The conflict is responsible for some of his best music. But from what we see of his personal life, he often seems like he’s trying to prove something, and he usually goes way too far — like publicly dissing his exes and “defending Beyonce’s honor” by running up on Taylor Swift. His most rebellious actions have come across like sucker moves. This one does too.

4. The double-standards for non-Black, famous women are appalling
Fantasia became pregnant by a married man, and she was eaten alive for it. I know Kim is not going to get Fantasia’s scourge-of-humanity treatment because she isn’t Black. Kim’s prettiness, non-Blackness, and her extraordinary fame are not only going to minimize the fall out, but this classic Maury behavior is going to boost her brand. Expect this KimYe baby news to make the cover of every tabloid for weeks to come. Oh, and a Kardashian maternity line coming soon.

5. 808s & Heartbreak II will be epic
Old folks got a saying, “how you finish is how you start.” I believe them (see Point 1). For the sake of the forthcoming KimYe child, I hope this relationship works out – either as a marriage or an amicable co-parenting situation — but I just don’t see it. I do look forward to the album though, even if the content will likely be better suited for a therapist than the public masses.

6. I wish their kid the best
I mean that sincerely. Some people reproduce and I think, “they’ll be fine!” as parents. Others? You really worry about that kid. Kanye’s a self-proclaimed “international asshole.” And well, Kim? Well, she’s Kim and motivated by fame. Let’s hope the responsibility of parenthood changes these two for the better. And if not? Thankfully, the KimYe spawn one will have the best nannies, and if necessary, therapy, that money can buy.

Oh, and Aunt Khloe, who is by far the sanest Kardashian.

Demetria L. Lucas is the author of A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life (Atria) in stores now. Follow her on Twitter @abelleinbk

  • Rakel

    My un PC thoughts are: What a blessing for them. Sure hope they don’t eff that baby’s life up with all their nonsense (they pbly will tho), damn I can’t wait til that child is here and over a year so everybody can stop talking about it. I’m done and trying to stay far away from this convo lol.

  • Ask_ME

    Just wish them well and call it a day. I personally could care less what either of these people do. I feel sorry for their unborn child. Life won’t be easy for him/her (aside from financially). Again, wish them well and keep it moving. This is not “our” problem.

  • Smilez_920

    Agreed. But hey they have money they’ll be fine, Kim will still be Kim, Kanye and will continue his on- going internal fued with Jay-Z.

    While there is a double standard for non-black women, fantasia situation is different than Kim’s. Fantasia was the mistress who looked like she broke up the happy home of the guy from the T-Mobile store. That man made her look like a fool qhen he got back with his wife and they tored to eg money out of her.

    Honestly when Kim got married most of us knew it was a scam, I mean most didnt even consider her a wife just a Hollywood bride. She’s legally separated and working on a divorce. I mean not saying its right or wrong but one situation is easier to turn into a cute story than the other .

  • isolde3

    And to think, I was keeping my fingers crossed with the hopes that Kim’s pregnancy wouldn’t be covered here, seeing as that the only reason Kim K gets press on the black inter-webs is because she sleeps with famous, black men. Oh well.

  • Yb

    *Questions Clutch’s motive a in posting this*

    I can’t tell anyone how to live, and more importantly its not my problem. I never disliked Kim because I’m not a fan of slut shaming (not a fan, but don’t hate her). It’s Kanye whom I dislike. But hopefully they have a great union together. I say congrats to them.

    S/D: I wonder what’s going to happen if the baby comes out looking more…. *ahem* you know what I mean, then some people expect.

  • http://tontonmichel.tumblr.com/ Tonton Michel

    Yup, this is a dysfunctional situation that is a product of the times we live in. As for the double standard, tough, their community can afford to take a hit on image an impact on society. Black people can’t, a look around the community can tell you it is a weight around are collective neck. Need to leave that “they do it too” in 2012.

  • Amber

    Has anyone considered that kim has actually finally found real love with kanye? Or considered that parenthood will be great for them? (Thats in the article) or that the child will be just fine? I havent noticed anything dysfunctional between the two. I am so happy for the both of them. Maybe kanye will smile on the red carpet now. His blue steel face is killing me.

  • Kia

    Thats the problem…Whenever a woman is knocked up out of wedlock..we wish them well and call it a day without addressing the problem. even with Kim K’s celebrity status she is a messy messy woman . gullable like ana mae and doomed for dysfunction. It has become too common especially in our community to get pregnant without a commitment, a serious commitment. Now its just “Culture” Jessica SImpson is a baby mamma…Jennifer Hudson is a baby mamma. Nia Long is a baby mamma…( No, I dont considered engaged as a pass…you are still a baby mamma) being a baby mamma is one fad I refuse to partcipate in. I know how to NOT get pregnant by a man I am not married too.

  • nights of onyx

    I don’t really think the criticism is founded in anything legitimate. A man buys a woman a new wardrobe, he’s wrong. A man stands up for a woman close to him, he’s wrong. A woman has a baby by a man she’s longed for and been close to for a decade, she’s wrong. lol @ millions of people needing to get a life.

    Shame on them for dragging her, both of them, through the mud. People are people. They have their flaws and mistakes and these two are no different. I’m not saying I’m team KimYe but I AM saying a relationship and child from a decade long friendship stepping stool, regardless of their flaws and mistakes, is respectable.

    and lol @ him referring to her as baby mama. see? He’s even honest! =X

  • Marcia

    Exactly about the differences between Fantasia and Kimmy. Totally different situation. Kim is separated and actively working on the divorce. Fantasia was involved in a very sketchy situation. I think it has little to nothing to do with looks or otherness.

  • Nicole

    Both Kanye and Kim are trash, their monetary wealth doesn’t change this basic fact.

  • JJ

    Why do black men continue to give their money to non-black women? Woman who already have all the privileges in the world. Smh

  • OMG

    I don’t know them personally so I just wish them the best and I hope they have a healthy baby.

  • Anthony

    I just don’t get it. As a man, I can see the physical attraction so many have for Kim K, but if I were a rich guy with options, I would want some depth in a woman and just don’t believe she has it. Kanye just seems weak to me. He gets some notoriety, but Kim is going to get the money.

  • D.T.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  • http://gravatar.com/pinklipstick227 pinklipstick227

    Excellent point! The author forgets to note that sadly, a lot of young black women look up to Kim Kardashian. These impressionable young women (teenagers) should not accept this type of behavior from their male partners. Marriage first then baby.

    Nevertheless, I wish Kim Kardashian the best of luck with her future bundle of joy.

  • alwayswrite22

    I agree with you on #5. I do not want to see/hear Daddy Kanye. His music (good music) has been based of the pain of failed relationships and staying hungry. I’m gonna sound mean but I want this relationship to fail because I don’t think “happy Kanye” music would be good.

  • Chillyroad


    Kanye’s mother, sisters, aunts, nieces, and cousins are the only black women he has to take care of. While she was alive I am sure Kanye’s black mother lived well. Ditto, Diddys mom who I’ve never seen without her blonde wig and blue contacts.

    Additionally Kanye’s non black audience puts money in his pocket.

    Finally stop taking these men’s choice in romantic partner personally. It’s his life and his life alone.

  • Chillyroad

    That baby is going to have to wear Kanye’s clothes. SMDH…..

  • Mademoiselle

    @alwayswrite22 Yes, that is mean. He deserves to be happy despite the quality of his music. I have a really hard time hearing/reading people basically hope that he’ll be a terrible father when we already have more than enough of them being idolized. I hope this kid brings out the best in him (and her) and that his best translates to a very healthy atmosphere for the kid(s).

  • Penny

    Let me preface my comment by saying that I am not a huge Kim Kardashian/Kanye fan and I am also married with a child (by my husband…LOL). Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me also say congratulations to them. I have not seen every episode of her show, but I am familiar enough with her situation to know that Kim longs to have a baby. I can relate to that feeling, so I am happy that this is happening for her. I am hopeful that this will have a positive affect on Kim. I am happy and hopeful for Kanye. I hope this makes him grow up. If it’s a girl, i hope it has a positive affect on his music and his treatment of women.

    As far as a married woman getting pregnant by a man who is not her husband, hey…this sort of thing happens ALL of the time. it is not a situation to strive to emulate, but it is a situation that occurs. It happens a lot more with “regular people” than with celebrities. Wish I had a dollar for how many people I know of who found out later in life that their father is really the man across the street or the man next door (that mom fooled around with while daddy was away at sea or away for work…or just AWAY)…Or their father had them by some young chick on the side and he and the wife decided to take the kid in a pass it off as their own. LOL. SMH…Kim is not the first celebrity to have this sort of thing happen. She just gets a lot of publicity (wanted and unwanted) for everything she does. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter how raggedy the relationships are; it doesn’t change the fact that a baby is on the way. We can sit back and call them immoral, whores, whatever, but what is it all worth anyway? Folks are going to do what they want to do. LOL.

    And now, on to my superficial thoughts: I think this is going to be a fun pregnancy to watch. I look forward to seeing the effect Kim’s pregnancy will have on the maternity clothes industry. I am sure we will see some really cool maternity gear come out. Maybe someone will design a stiletto that adjusts to a pregnant woman’s swelling feet. Diaper bags will start looking way better. One thing is for certain: this pregnancy will make them a LOT of money. The morality discussions about that will make the “married woman pregnant by someone else” issue seem pale in comparison.

  • JJ

    I’m not taking this personally. I don’t get or feel rejected by black men so this isn’t about me. I just don’t like to see black men with money with non black women. It would be fine if the black people were thriving in this country but we are not. Being black and making money in this country isn’t easy especially for black men so I don’t understand rich black men giving money to their oppressor. Every other race of man in this country marry women of their own 99% of the time to ensure that the money stays in the community. I just wish black men would do the same especially since most black people don’t have shit. Just my opinion no one has to agree with me.

  • Chillyroad

    How do you explain the white interwebs talking about her?

  • just_kiesh

    Kanye seems like a weirdo to me, as does she. Match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned. What “good” woman with self-esteem who isn’t star struck or gold digging would want him?

  • http://www.ishea.blogspot.com Six Twenty Seven

    I think celeb gossip is typically innocent fun, but seriously… why would anyone feel anything negative for Kim and Kanye, their relationship, or pregnancy? It seems to be something healthy for both of them and who are we to judge. Who would be the woman “the world” wants to see Kanye with and we’d approve? What man would “the world” co-sign for Kim? You can’t worry about living your life for anyone other than yourself and they’re doing just that.

    In terms of her still being legally married, I was legally separated and dating during that time. It took a year to finalize my divorce and I don’t feel it was up to anyone to judge how I handled myself during that time. Relationships have long fallen apart once divorce and separation are on the table. The rest is just legalities that can take quite a bit of time to sort out. By no means does that mean you should stop living your life or wait for the ink to dry.

    Yes, I believe there is an order to doing things, but people do stuff “the right way” all the time and it still doesn’t work out for them, so I say live your life! When you know better, do better… and don’t spend time judging others. I hope everyone can invest energy in finding their own happiness and living their best life.

  • Sasha

    My two cents is as followed: it is un-PC of me to think their child is the anti-Christ but that’s just what I believe. In a similar vein, the child didn’t ask to be conceived and at least they’re not aborting it. I hope Kanye will be a great father and that this pregnancy will make him maybe consider getting the therapy he appears to oh so desperately need. As for Kim…well she’s wanted to be a mommy for so long so good for her, hopefully she doesn’t take her parenting cues from her mother.

  • Chillyroad

    I have to say though…Kim is 31 and has managed to NOT get pregnant for years. Why did she decide to have a baby now?

  • Toni

    Ouch… that last part stung… but very true.

  • OMG

    @ Six Twenty Seven

    Bravo!! I love your comment. I couldn’t have said it better. Love it.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    Some (not most) black men continue to fall for this “black women are fat, mean, evil, and white and other women are beautiful and demure motif….time will tell with this situation….I have almost completely stopped looking at tv..sick of the disease of celebrity.

  • Chillyroad

    I liked her with Reggie. She seemed her most genuine with him. He was a nice young man from a nice family but she was just too Hollywood for him. I’d imagine he wanted someone more low key.

  • I got sense!

    What child will life be easy for?

  • cocochanel31

    Kim doesn’t need Kanyes money . At . All . She is the modern day Liz Taylor ..didn’t Liz have seven husbands ..one whoshe started dating when they were both married and whom she married twice ! This Hollywood cesspool of love lust and lies is nothing new . Kim is still married to Kris the male gold digge on paper only .. why doesnt he just sign the papers already . She has clearly moved on hnly reason this rltshp might last bc they were supposedly friends first . I definetly don’t see s kim. as someonewho is deep

  • mluv

    I totally agree! Our entire culture is fascinated by getting knocked up without a ring and/or commitment. And it it just seems like these celebs are sporting a baby bump left and right as if its an accessory lol. To each their own, but I’m just waiting for this monstrosity of a relationship to end. IMO they just seem incompatible.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    Liz Taylor actually had a talent other than screwing men…I wouldn’t compare the two….

  • I got sense!

    Nothing wrong with wanting to get married but both above comments forget the very real truth…not every women wants to be a wife. Once people realize this and stop putting others down for it we will progress.

  • I got sense!

    Wow. Just remember while you calling people trash that you reap what you sow.

  • LadyP

    At first, I couldn’t see Kanye being a love interest of Kim’s. Either way, I’m hoping they have a healthy baby.

  • I got sense!

    If getting pregnant before a wedding is a “problem” for you then live your life accordingly but you are not the standard by which everyone else should live their lives. You have the right to wait and they have the right not to. Doesn’t make it a “problem”. It makes it their choice. Black couples stayed together and raised their children long before they could even legally get married. The piece of paper won’t make someone care for their family nor does not having one doom you to a “dysfunctional” family.

  • Lana K

    That poor child… just another publicity opportunity for its Fame Thirsty mother & grandmother. For the child’s sake I hope she doesn’t follow the Kris Jenner parenting playbook

  • Chillyroad


    That isn’t true. Can I point you to Mark Zuckeeburg? Listen blacks don’t need to worry about the handful of black men with a bit of paper with non- black women. Those relationships do not a middle class make. Worry about growing the black middle class. Keep your eyes off the trees and worry about the forest.

  • Bump Mediocrity

    I personally feel that Kanye got Kim knocked up to get back at Amber Rose. Amber found real love in Wiz and Kanye never believed that she would find true happiness and move on. Amber is the one who Kanye really loves and Kim is having his baby trying to keep Kanye. That man’s heart is with Amber. And Kim’s heart is with Reggie.

    These two care for each other a great deal but it isn’t head over heels love; it’s convenience.

    A baby is a blessing period and perhaps it will give more gravity to Kim because that girl is as vapid and boring as they come. I could never hate on her beauty but after a while I would need more substance to feel fulfilled and something tells me that Kanye is the same way…there’s only but so many ways you can play with a human Barbie….

  • I got sense!


    According to the 2010 census of all the married black men 94% are married to black women. When did Armenians oppress black Americans? Why do you care where someone spends their money that they earned? Lol at your mentality. You sound bitter. “Most black people don’t have shit”. I’m sorry you have never seen happily married (or non married but committed) black couples but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any just because you are unaware they exist. Look up some stats from a few credible sources and it will show you that although we definitely have some work to do overall we went from slaves to the White House in about 150 years. And despite how much black Americans talk about the Asians, Latinos, Jewish, Irish, etc had it bad but… they also didn’t go through the same things, the same way, during the same period in time, in America. Stop waiting for someone to spoon feed you the information and look it up for yourself. if you had you would have made such an egregious statement. You gotta give credit where credit is due and we have come a mighty long way.

  • AM


    1.) Congratulations Kim and Kanye.

    2.) Since when did babymama become the standard of reference to the MOTHER of your child. Some might say, same shit different toilet, but there is no way on earth, I’d be smiling ear to ear with him calling me his babymama. No way. God help me. Maybe I’m over reacting, maybe not. But correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t this the same man who refers to her as his “perfect bitch” and she took in stride, for lack of a better word, grinning and just being happy that she is in his thoughts. Lawd!

  • OMG

    @ jj

    What about Denzel Washington, Will Smith, T.I., Lebron James, Grant Hill, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Eric Benet, Usher, Samuel Jackson, Barack Obama, I mean the list can go on.

  • http://www.myblackfriendsays.com myblackfriendsays

    I agree with much of what you said, but I do have to point out that Barack Obama is not a descendant of African-American slaves. And it is a fair question to ask how/if that influenced his ability to get elected.

  • Toni

    …what exactly does this have to do with anything?

    Trust and believe, no one-black, white, purple or otherwise… thinks Kim Kardashian is demure and the model of womanly perfection.

  • http://theantifash.blogspot.com TheAntifash

    Congrats to Mrs. Humphries and the baby daddy.

  • Jenny

    Amber Rose is pregnant. Reggie Bush announces his girl is pregnant. Apparently the conception of this Kimye baby coincides with the Bush baby news.
    Hurt pride is not a reason to have a baby.

  • OMG

    @ myblackfriendsays

    Does it really matter if Barack was born from African American slaves or Africans? Like really, black is black boo. And who cares if that may have influenced his ability to get elected. I’m just glad that some people overlooked his race/skin color and chose the best candidate for the job.

  • http://theantifash.blogspot.com TheAntifash


  • Kia

    i i I got sense…you are not ma king much sense here. Marriage is not a piece of paper..It is a commitment & a spiritual commitment. Just like marriage has become a sham to so many ppl, having children has become just something to do also just because I can.
    Kim K, like many other women are gullable as hell when it comes to these men whispering sweet nothings in your ear about ” have my baby”. ..Sure money will be no issue to her but if she and Kanye are not married I know she will feel like boo boo the fool emotionally when he moves on to another woman and puts a ring on that.

  • AM

    @Bump Mediocrity,

    I thought his one and only true love, was Alexis his ex-fiance.

    Possibly another theory is he is trying to keep up with the Jiggamanizzles.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    Case and point…Superhead and Kim have probably had the same number of partners..if not the same damn people….Kim is painted as beautiful and a businesswoman while Superhead is known as a whore.

  • Tim


    Not true! 40% of Asian and Hispanic and 50% of British Black men marry interracially. Only 24% of black men NEW marriages are interracial. British Black (30%) Asian (50%) and Hispanic (40%) women marry interracially at close to the same or higher percentage as their men. The problem is the low interracial marriage percentage of American black (9%) women.

    The same black women complaining about black men & non black women (also see Michael Ealy post) are the same women who were complaing 2 or 3 years ago about black men and light skin BLACK women! This is not about black men.

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    Right and that comparison is highly insulting to Elizabeth Taylor’s memory and legacy. Men had to marry Liz first to access her goods that why all the marriages, so please @ Coco Chanel stop with that wack comparison, that brawd will never be on Liz’s level EVER!!!!

  • Kia

    Just a sidenote…ppl knocked the winner from Sundays Best…Leandria JOhnson when she got pregnant with her 4th child.

  • AM

    @ Ms.Info,

    Hey mama!!

    Superhead is not the best example in this case scenario to use…….someone else, in my opinion. I don’t know who, but certainly not her.

  • George

    You are all hilarious….The pursuit and microinspection of celebrities is more than obsessive…Let it go…

  • Yb

    “Like really, black is black”

    I can’t WAIT for the day when this mundane, untrue, elementary, overused, gas lighting, simplifying statement DIES.

  • OMG

    @ I got sense

    THANK YOUUUUU!!!!! Finally, somebody with some common sense. Newsflash ladies, some women may not want to get “married.” Some people are not religious and don’t believe that they have to say vows before a preacher, family, and God. Some people may believe that you dont have to sign a piece of paper to love someone or to share a life with. I really don’t understand why some of you don’t understand that. I really don’t. Everyone doesn’t think like you. If YOU choose to get “married” before having a baby, then fine, that’s YOUR choice. Others don’t have to live like you. And who says that your way is right and their way is dysfunctional? I bet you any money that the same women who complain about it’s dysfunctional to have a baby before marriage, blah, blah, blah are the main ones having sex before marriage. Isn’t fornication wrong too? Things that make you go hmmmm……. lol.

  • beauty85

    And If you get divorced you will be a divorced baby mama, ! So called Christians are so annoying, are you a virgin? I’m guessing your not! Do you eat shrimp, because you know that is an abomination as well, I could go on but that would be pointless!

  • OH

    Ummm doesn’t that mean of ALL the black men ranging from age 80 to 18 and NOT just newlywed black men in 2010? Because that is a huge difference, my dear.

    In 2010, 1 in 4 black men married non black women.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    This! I wish sites geared towards black women stop giving shine to famous black men ans their non-black girlfriends/wives because the story never usually ends well…I left these two in 2012 let’s not give them press in 2013 unless it is something worthy of press conceiving a child while still married isn’t nothing news worthy. As with all babies I wish their the best and hopeful future but as for the parents…..

  • Pseudonym

    Kim doesn’t go by a name such as “Superhead,” and also her rendezvous were with boyfriends.

  • http://gravatar.com/niajolie JJ

    I’m not just talking about any ole black man. I’m talking about black men with money. Most black men don’t have any money so of course most will marry within the race.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    @ Pseudonym…nope, she films it and sells it to Vivid…lol

  • Chillyroad

    200 comments before the clock strikes 12;00 on the west coast. It ain’t all about Kim sexing famous brothers but black women’s interest in it. Kanye shrug…

  • unpc

    The obsession blacks (in general) have with this woman is sickening.

    She has famous black men drooling over her and your avg black men wanting to eff her.

    And she’s got black women wanting to be her (because black men want to eff her. ) This chick’s got BW spending hundreds on Kim Kardashian lace fronts and my naturally curvy sisters
    injecting and ingesting illegal substances so their behinds can serve as coasters as well.

    Self hatred at its best.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    lol @ AM…i couldnt think of someone else…lol…maybe Draya or somebody…?

  • beauty85

    Finally someone who isn’t brainwashed, so many people listen to whatever their pastor tells them without even reading a the bible, which is a book just like any other. @ Kia spirituality has nothing to do with paper and everything to do with your heart and soul. Paper is for legalities. There’s so many things in the bible that Christians should abide by, like not eating shrimp because its an abomination or how about staying a virgin until married, I’m not a Christian so I don’t abide by these things because at the end of the day humans wrote the bible for their own agenda.

  • Britt

    I believe everyone deserves happiness. I also believe that there are a lot of people in this world that aren’t happy because they’re trying to live up to the opinions of other people. I believe you should love who you love. With all that being said, I’m a Kanye West fan just like the author, and I agree that this may not have been the best move for Kim and Kanye.

    I don’t think Kim’s a whore. I refer to her as a “desperate hopeless romantic.” Something tells me that if she wasn’t still married, her and Kanye would have announced an engagement, but since they couldn’t, a baby was the next best thing. I think many of his fans wanted better for him. A part of me thinks they’re using the baby and Kanye for ratings. Kim’s divorce isn’t final, and it doesn’t make her look too good in court. It makes Kris Humphries’ claims that their marriage was fraud more believable.

  • Allie

    I was literally think the same thing when I heard the news. They both got hurt because their ex’s moved on and became happy, now they are getting back at them . . . Misery likes company, they can front all they want like they happy, but I know these two narcissist can’t stand each other.

    Bruised pride is a mofo.

  • MuffyCrosswire

    Oooh dey baby gon hv some of dat good hur!!

  • http://gravatar.com/niajolie JJ

    Kim mom is white and last time I check Armenians were also considered Caucasian and enjoy the benefits of being so.. How am I bitter for wanting black wealth to stay in the black community??? SMH. Black people stay on some kumbaya nonsense.

  • OMG

    @ beauty85

    EXACTLY! I swear, so called “religious” people or “Christians” be the main ones judging everybody when they may be doing wrong themselves.

  • Blue

    I personally think that Kim knows how to extend her 15 minutes of fame to 2 hours & 15 minutes or more. When ever her 15 minutes start winding down, she thinks of a new way to keep her face on tv & magazines. Pregnant after 6 months of dating a guy while still married after calling it quits 72 days after the wedding? Least we forget 95% of us never heard of her until after that sex tape leaked out.Yup model citizen status alright…I hope for this child’s sake.

  • Robbie

    @ Beauty 85, ther is no such things as a divorce baby mama. A babby mama by definition is a woman that is having kids out of wedlock.

    It is your choice to live your life as you wish and not want any part of the the commitment that marriage requires. However, don’t get things confused, a baby mama is what I stated above.

    By the way, it is not marriage the problem, it is most of the time the two people getting together for the wrong reasons that turned marriage into a joke, and later on blame it as the reason why their relationship did not work. Let’s put the blame where it is.

  • stellaxo

    i think she means that the child won’t have a ‘normal’ childhood, resulting in having very few people to relate to, and possibly fewer to trust? money isn’t everything, and there’s a reason that some of the wealthiest heirs are seen in and out of rehab centers. it takes a village to raise a child, and most of the kardashians & kanye don’t *seem* so stable/grounded. oh, and there’s that sex tape kim made with another man besides the father of the child.. but who knows?! it could turn out well. maybe. possibly! agreed with the ‘this is not our problem’ statement above. i think i can withstand maybe two more kimye posts and i will be OVER IT. 2013 is more than this -__-

  • http://gravatar.com/prxtence Salmon

    Sheesh, Kim is going to give birth to a barbie because Kimye is so plastic. I don’t care how sophomoric that comment was. My honest opinion. Ugh.

  • EST. 1986

    Kimberly Kardashian has received way more flack for the sex tape than Ray J. Is it her fault that our society shames women for being sexual and as a result, made her popular for it?

  • EST. 1986

    I’ve never understood how people could speak with so much authority on the lives of people who they have never met.

  • EST. 1986

    Ask them.

  • Keepitreal

    I didn’t hear about this shrug worthy news until this morning while listening to a classic oldies music station and IDGAF It irks my very being at how much press and adoration she gets on black websites. Getting fucked on tape = idol status as long as you’re an ABB, anything but black, woman, that is. What vexes me is these same people ooohing and aahhing over this Trashian are the same ones who spew venom towards black women who do far less. I’ve always been an ardent observer and I’ve noticed this unsettling behavior on various black forums, black women and the men who troll BW sites idolizing ABB while putting down black women left and right. It seems the negative press/portrayal is being internalized. It’s not shocking to see that war on BW has produced the first generation of Stockholm syndrome victims but it’s still disheartening.

  • cosmicsistren

    I think the situation is messy but I am curious to see how 2 self centered people will change when a baby comes and they have to focus the attention not on themselves but their child. I want to see who will change and who won’t.

  • http://twitter.com/gennatay Gina! (@gennatay)

    I agree 100%. It irks me that people are so quick to throw shade at Kim because they think they know all the details of her personal life. I said on twitter the other day that people call Kim a “whore” because they keep tabs on whose she’s dated. She’s a celebrity, her relationships make the news. Other women just make Facebook status changes.

  • cocochanel31

    Liz Taylor was more talented acting wise of course but she laid on her back just as much …dont let the diamonds fool you lol . She was seximg Richard Burton when they were both still married . Kanye and amber had the perfect on paper relationships before and it didnt work …so to each his own . I wish them the best .

  • cocochanel31

    Kanye and Kim I meant had perfect paper relationships before ….hopefully there is substance behind this romance since they were friends first .

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com Val


    You already know the motive behind posting this. It’s the same old Black man with White woman let’s rile up the Black women post that we have now seen dozens of times. And will see dozens more times.

  • Tim

    Another post, from this writer, written more from emotion than logic. Does anyone believe that Kanye wouldn’t marry Kim in a heartbeat? Does anyone believe Kim doesn’t want to get married, just wants to or is ok with being a baby mama? How many kids do they (Kanye and Kim) have already? How then can this author compare Kayne and Kim to Shawty and his baby mamas? I’m certain of one thing. Kayne has had more sex partners than Shawty and Kim has had more partners than Shawty’s baby mamas. If they’re as irresponsible, how then could both have gotten into their 30′s, in multiple marriages and not have kids? Doesn’t add up. If she’s STRICTLY a gold digger why didn’t she have Chris Humphrey’s baby? Dude makes 8 million a year!

    Kim has ben taught well by her mother and doesn’t do anything w/o a plan. Her mother said she’s had Kim on birth control since 16. I saw a snippet of an episode of her show after they were married and still together and Chris wanted kids immediately and she was hesitant/reluctant to stop taking contraceptives. So yes, she should have waited, but to compare Kanye and Kim to Shawty and his baby mamas (I guess to prove…… white women are also irresponsible hoodrats?) is a stretch at best. Kim’s pregnancy has been well thought out and planned.

    This woman is like most women over 30. Desperate to find Mr. Right and be married. She has proven she’s more than capable of doing just that. Chris is just blocking and they’re not letting him dictate their lives. Who knows maybe Chris will come to his senses and grant her the divorce so that the child is not born out of wedlock. Kim’s, however, taking a risk. Men sometimes change their mind after the child is born. I’m sure she and her mother have a contingency plan if Kayne starts to trip. Kayne and Kim are multi millionaires who want to get married. Shawty is a bum and his( happy to be, ok with being) baby mamas are broke living in the hood. Big difference.

  • THe Comment

    LMAO!!!!!!! and a horse mouf….

  • kia

    @ beauty85..I can tell you are not a christian by your comments. I at first thought you were an atheist but I dont know what you follow or beleive in . You are entitled to your opinion like we all are so i wont bash you as a ” christian ” I say you need prayer LOL
    Regardless what religion you follow marriage is supposed to be a commitment which any “baby mamma” does not have. Yep..we do get to talk all we want to about KImye and WHY because she chooses to live her life on front street in the media for this long and now she chooses to have a kid and decides she doesnt want everyone all in unborn kid’s face.. I think not. She made a silly move just as silly as her sham marriage

  • THe Comment

    Because that is what people do to everybody. With authority! Like they really really know what is going on with you. I know. Trips me out too. And then….they get mad when you prove them wrong. People actually get mad when their illusion of how they view you is destroyed. Amazing.

  • THe Comment

    I don’t understand the obsession either. The Fashion Bomb Daily….worships this chick. All black web sites cover KK errrrrrday.

    It reminds me of little black girls playing with white or mixed girls hair wishing it were theirs. With no intervention…it grows into self hatred.

    I completely agree with what you said…..this obsession with this woman is sicking.

  • EST. 1986

    Misogynistic women and men will take any chance they get to call a woman a derogatory name.

  • Tim

    @I Got Sense

    Marriage existed before recorded history. Fact! Not neigh married is just a new fad. What is the separation rate for black baby mamas and their baby daddies? It’s got to be close to 90%. The fact is shaking up is a better alternative for very few black women.

  • Lola

    Sorry if this has been said and I am no legal expert BUT technically, isn’t a child born in wedlock assumed to be the legal husbands? Isn’t that why some men still have to pay child support for a kid that biologically isn’t there’s because there name is on the birth certificate and therefore they are legally assumed to be the parent? So TECHNICALLY isn’t Kris Humphries going to be the legal father if they are not divorced before this kid is born?

    Or, in short, these are some TRASHY people. Seriously, KK and Kanye are gross and hopefully we are not inundated with a fetus watch for these pair. I’ll take a Blue Ivy or a future British Royal over this garbage* any day.

    * obviously the baby isn’t garbage even if the parents are

  • just_kiesh


  • GlowBelle

    Thank you!! Took the words right out of my mouth. What they do is THEIR choice. It may not be my “paradise”, but it’s theirs and who am I to analyze and judge what’s going on behind closed doors?

    We need to stop putting these people on a pedestal…

  • __A

    @unpc – Thank you! This is the best comment I’ve seen. The Kardashians went to North Miami and were given the keys to the city. The mayor was black. There were a bunch of black people in the audience as well, and they had some black violinists playing music for them. I was blown away.

    White people think these women are TRASH, but black people put them on a pedestal as if they’re the most important people in the black community. It’s sick. It just shows how much black people are always looking for validation by non-blacks. Kim and Khloe are with black men, so black people see this as acceptance. These women are “down.” It’s just like that incident with Gwyneth Paltrow saying the n-word and those idiots jumping up to defend her. Dummies.

    Hasn’t Beyonce been running around with a shapely figure for all these years? Aren’t there lots of famous shapely black women? But now Kim K is what women are aspiring to be. I don’t even know what to say about how so many black men have put this woman on a pedestal and how so many black women want to be like her and support her by constantly talking about her and watching her show. It’s so pathetic.

  • GeekMommaRants

    What if? What if Kanye’s child looks like his mother, what does a shallow, attention slore do? Can you imagine KimK mom if the child has natural hair, dark skin and strong African features? This is scary.

  • Please

    So if Clutch doesn’t post it then it doesn’t exist? When has the good old head in the sand routine worked? RMFE

  • Barbara

    It’s not shocking to see that war on BW has produced the first generation of Stockholm syndrome victims but it’s still disheartening. Can I get an article on this instead of these attention seekers?

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    Kim benefited from sleeping with Ray J…now she is richer and more famous than he is….he was just another mandingo.

  • i mean

    It’s funny to see that the people who are ambivalent, or wish them well get blocked. But the angry people who are spewing hate get thumbed up. There are a lot of psychos these boards. Not a fan of Kim or wed-locked babies, but good lord! A baby is a blessing, period. I wish you all health, happiness and a good therapist.

  • Rochelle

    OMG. This is so true. I just don’t understand it. I mean what is it with this woman? I went to a new hairdresser 3 times. EVERY SINGLE TIME this woman’s name was mentioned in chatter. Besides the sucky service I had to stop going there because of it. LOL. I don’t get it. I just don’t I don’t watch their show and I am generally unaffected by them. I don’t understand black woman’s oppession with her. I think you are right. They probably just want to be her. So sad. I think blk people keep them in the news as well. I mean her show did not get nearly as much ratings as say Jersey Shore (which I love), but you don’t see JS on blk blogs. Why is that? Because blks worship this lady and keep her on their sites and in the news. I think she is trashy. I mean. Kanye is a big star and the best he can get is a girl that made a sex tape. That is the best the blk man can get in his prize white woman? Think about that…. Kanye is no prize himself but you would think he would aim for at least an educated woman since his mother was a DR. oh well.

  • JN

    I honestly think that BOTH white women AND Black women dislike Kim K equally. Look at People Mag, TMZ, and even (GASP!) CNN.

  • Rochelle

    I really think the only reason Kim is so in tune with blks is because they are the only ones that will accpet her in hollywood. Blk people put her on a pedastal. No rich white man would want this woman. She even tried to get at Tim Tebow. He wasnt interested. He said he wanted a more “saintly” woman. But she is ok for any rich and famous blk man. Think about that.

    Kinda like boxer Jack Johnson back in the day, He had relationships with white women. He thought he was the man. Today blk men think he was a no holds bar boxer who did what he wanted in and outside the ring. A true bad ass that threw his relationships and money in white people’s face. But all his white wives were hookers and he beat one so badly she killed herself. The best the rich blk man could get was a white hooker. That was his prize and it still is today. LOL. Sad

  • Tim

    Laughable! This “ain’t” the first generation. How in the world do you think a slave master and 2 or 3 white overseers controlled 50, 100 or a 1,000 slaves? It would have been impossible without help from some of the slave men AND slave women.

  • Skye

    Honestly feel if the kid had his mother looks. Kanye would have more of a problem then Kim maybe Kris Jenner pimp self she told Chloe to get a nose job. I remember a verse on the Dreams song where he said put your black baby down something like that.

  • MimiLuvs

    @isolde3 and to every one else:
    I thoroughly agree with you.
    She is not mention as much on the blogs, where the majority of the fan base are non-black people.

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    Don’t count out white men either.
    I have heard some things about her from white men, via direct communication or through cases of eavesdropping.

  • http://gravatar.com/mimiandy1683 MimiLuvs

    It has been proven time and time again that whenever Clutch posts articles about IR dating, there is always 150+ comments from the readers. It’s guaranteed to have people visiting the article.
    It’s like Maury with his paternity test shows.

  • nona

    I don’t really agree with #4. The news has been over a lot of blog sites, many of them that are “diverse” and people are dragging her. Calling her a “baby mama”, saying Kanye doesn’t respect her BECAUSE he called her his “baby mama”, and mentioning how she is still married. Honestly, most people recognize that the situation is a hot m-e-s-s. Sure, it’d probably be worse if she were black, but it’s not like people are overlooking all the…issues involved. When CNN announced the pregnancy and how Kanye revealed it, their tempered snark was hilarious.

    Either way, I wish these two crazy kids luck.

  • THe Comment

    In defense of Jackson, dating white women was not so much a preference (like it is today with black men). I saw it more that it was what ever would make yt’s head explode. He was really going for the jugular. However I agree with ur correlation to both men dating down.

  • THe Comment

    Oh girl….if u think this is ole girls first pregnancy……..shame on you.

  • Chillyroad


    Considering how taboo the relationships between black men and white women have been I’m going to have to give your comment the side eye. I find it highly convenient that all of Johnsons wives were prostitutes when his white male detractors were trying to get him charged with violation of the Mann Act. But I guess you’re right. No respectable white women would be with a black man so she must either a hooker or a victim of rape.

    You would fit right in with the lynch mob and probably thought Emmet Till got what he deserved. Smdh.

  • THe Comment

    scratch the shame on you……just…..know that this is not her 1st preggor…

  • http://gravatar.com/chanela17 chanela17

    now you know that wasn’t gonna happen..

    for some reason black websites are OBSESSED with the kardashians. i wouldn’t mind if they would cover other non black celebrities but they never do.MAYBE coco, but other than that, no.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Agreed unpc,_A and mostly everyone else! Some people think black people’s, particularly black women’s, opinions of Kim K. and company is mean but if you ever visit white media sites the comments regarding her and her family is straight up harsh! I’ am talking about Mortal Kombat…FINISH THEM….harsh…lol I never understood why our media and entertainment give non-black individuals a so called “black” pass or “close enough” pass. I might be naïve here but I rarely see other cultures give outsiders a pass or let them monopolize a huge section of their pop-culture even if the person has some racial or culture background from said culture..,*thinking about all our biracial stars in Hollywood”. So Kim K. well mainly Kris Jenner isn’t stupid she knows her audience and works them well when it comes to the Kardashian women because her daughters with Bruce is not being thrown into our media but the white media especially the one that is trying to be a model. So this that makes you go hmm….

  • Jones

    If Kanye’s the father and signs the birth cert then he is recognized as the child’s father legally. However if I’m not mistaken yes the husband could still be held responsible for the child in the event that Kanye decided ti opt our.

  • maxineshawattyatlaw

    Exactly. He just seems so weird to me. Read weird as gross. Eeww. And those jaws of his, good God.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    is it possible to get some kind of court injunction to stop somebody else from having a baby?

  • http://twitter.com/gennatay Gina! (@gennatay)

    “This is scary”

    NO, this is ignorant. Have we really sunk so low as to think about what would happen if the baby isn’t “pretty”..UGH!!

  • http://gravatar.com/chanela17 chanela17

    what does not liking kim have to do with slut shaming? here people go again with throwing slut shaming into the mix for no reason.

    so because people are annoyed that someone is getting so umch constant press for no reason and have 20 pointless reality shows then that = slut shaming?? HUH?? i’m confused.

  • http://twitter.com/gennatay Gina! (@gennatay)

    @the comment

    You got proof? I’ll tell you just like I tell my younger cousins. Nobody should know that you’re effin unless they are A) doing it with you or B) catch you in the act. Keep a little mystery.

    So, unless it’s public knowledge that she was indeed pregnant before, THIS is her first pregnancy.

  • MommieDearest


    Will these two (soon to be three) EVER just go away? Sheeesh…..

  • http://khalilahb.wordpress.com kbrann

    I just don’t understand why we can’t wish them both luck. Kanye and Kim are GROWN ass people. This baby is NO mistake and even if there relationship doesn’t last I bet this baby was made with love. And I don’t believe they should have to WAIT until Chris Humphries stops crying to create a life together. I say Congrats Kimye–Do what yall wanna do and let everyone else suck salt!

  • MommieDearest

    Nobody said anything about the baby not being “pretty.” They were speculating what would happen if the baby did not have European features. European features does not equal pretty; African features does not equal not pretty. The baby could come out with dark skin, full lips, a broad nose and nappy hair and be gorgeous; and the KK klan will have a cow because the baby isn’t white. They don’t mind fukking black men but they don’t want to take it THAT far…

  • JN

    This was not my interpretation of what GeekMommaRants was trying to say. It’s the idea that Kanye already CLEARLY has race issues, and this kid may potentially grow up in a family where he/she is the darkest. Hopefully the child will not have insecurity issues and will love his/herself no matter what.

  • MommieDearest

    My comment disappeared. This is in response to Gina!:

    Nobody said anything about the baby not being pretty. They were speculating about what would happen if the baby did not have European features. European features do not equal pretty. African features do not equal not pretty. The baby could come out with dark skin, full lips, a broad nose and nappy hair and be gorgeous; and the KK klan will have a cow because the baby wouldn’t be white (enough). They like to fukk black men but they don’t want to take it THAT far…

  • Kema

    I would compare Shawty Lo’s situation to Sister Wives.

  • Lol

    Way to be purposely obtuse. Don’t you have a Kim poster to go kneel in front of dear?

  • Lyrics

    But when you get on he leave your ass for a white girl …

  • p


    You sound like you are in love with this person by your comments on everyoooooooone of the stories about her! Now that shes knocked up, maybe you can get off of her clit now!

    P.S Im not a stalker…just observant.

  • ph


    You are totally right…LOL and middle finger to all the black women trying to sound so measured and kumbaya as you say….so they wont be accused of being jealous and bitter.

    F that and F kanye…he proves once again how worthless and good for nothing a lot of black men are.

  • http://Clutch SL

    His situation is not even that decent. The guy on Sister Wives at least had a marriage ceremony with each.

  • get real

    black women also freak out when they find out their own kids have african features

  • bubbleyumgirl

    i have a question Hiatus. I’ve noticed a lot of your comments are very negative towards the readership of this of this blog. If you are so bothered by the reactions and opinions of women who comment, why do you even bother to visit this website?

  • The Other Jess

    I bet Hiatus thought that he was oh soooo witty with his little comment…

  • The Other Jess

    He told you straight out in his song golddigger. Even though he is with the biggest golddigger and whore in America, “golddigger” is what he thinks of us black women. when someone tells you who they are, believe them.

    doesn’t matter – y’all will still support him and keep making him rich. * facepalm*

    so will kanye and kim join shawty lo on “all my babies mamas”? LOL

  • The Other Jess

    Kim has been taught well by her mama??? Is this the same Kim who made a trashy sex tape and shopped it around like a prostitute justto gain fame? The same Kim who was married and divorced in 72 days? the same Kim who is as used as an old, dirty sheet of toilet paper, wiped over several men’s asses like sh*t on a sheet? The same Kim who is unmarried and pregnant less than a year after getting with kanye? And the same Kim who is the ultimate golddigging dame?

    WOW – guess I have a different idea of what being taught well by my mama means. Trash with trash, they deserve each other.

  • The Other Jess

    If anyone needed convincing on the topic, Black trash does exist.And Black trash and white trash go together – maybe they can sing kumbaya and listen to Dr. king speeches and feel proud of themselves.

  • The Other Jess

    she’s a whore.

  • The Other Jess

    and so is he.

  • The Other Jess

    Not from Clutch you can’t.

  • The Other Jess

    ummm sorry, but Kardashian wears a lace front herself, so Black women are not copying her. And only trashy Black men drool over her diseased a*s. Most Black woman of substance have ZERO desire to look like the filth that is Kim K. Keep telling yourself that Black women want to look like KK just to make yourself feel important, but we don’t. Clutch sucks. Sad but true

  • Mel

    This article is probably the most disturbing, unmodern, unfeministic moralising article I have read on this site. Who cares if she’s still legally married, she’s about to get a divorce and the baby will probably not “suffer” from any of it.
    Who cares if Kim and Kanye will get marry or “only” have a child? Are we back in the 50s or Afghanistan where a woman’s worth is based on her marital status?

    I don’t think Kim “got away” compared to Fantasia because she’s white but because the relationship with Kris obvisiously was a bad idea considering they were only married for 2,5 months, so no one really cares about that.
    The only point I do agree with in this article is nr !, about Kanye deciding what Kim should wear, especially after knowing that Amber Rose talked about how controling he was towards her etc.

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