Beyoncé Knowles (of the “Bust-it Creole” Knowleses) found herself immersed in some accidental controversy this week when word leaked that the R&B diva may (or may not, I wasn’t there) have lip synced her performance.

While I am not a “stan,” I looked forward to her rendition of the National Anthem because I knew, if nothing else, she would “bring it.” She is a perfectionist to an almost stultifying degree and is dedicated to her craft whether you find that craft to have “a good beat and you can dance to it” or not. But who knew things would go from “historically relevant and moving” to a real-life version of the YouTube lip-dubbed show “Got 2 B Real?”

From The UK Guardian:

Franklin told ABC News she still thinks Beyoncé “did a beautiful job” at Monday’s event but added: “When I heard the news this evening that she was pre-recorded I really laughed. I thought it was funny because the weather down there was about 46 or 44 degrees and for most singers that is just not good singing weather.” In fact, temperatures were as low as 40 degrees.

“When I heard that I just really cracked up,” Franklin added. “I thought it was really funny, but she did a beautiful job with the pre-record … next time I’ll probably do the same.”

The soul legend said that she had sung live for her inauguration performance in 2009, because “I wanted to give people the real thing” and that “pre-recording never crossed my mind.”

Oh, “Hate-retha.” So much shaaaaaaade.

But seriously.

Once that representative from the U.S. Marines Band admitted that they were a bunch of mimes for President Obama’s inaugural it’s been a non-stop, wall-to-wall, stop the presses, non-story that MUST BE DISCUSSED.

If you’re like me (and again, maybe you’re not like me, I don’t know your life) … you were like “So?” It was a beautiful rendition. Everyone knows Beyoncé can actually sing and sings her own songs and no matter what she was singing to a recording of her own voice. So she was still singing, just not live. I don’t get mad when I open up my laptop after playing “Single Ladies” and find there is no tiny Beyoncé dancing in a onesie on my computer processor. I mean, do these people also know that’s probably not her hair? Someone call FOX News! I got a Beyoncé scoop and it involves 10 lbs of blonde Indian Remy.

But I digress. A lot of people did care and in the spirit of journalism and general nosiness I thought, “Hell, let’s figure out why someone gives a rip?”

So here is my quiz for what caring about Beyoncé possibly lip syncing the National Anthem says about you.

First question: Do you care if Beyoncé lip synced or not?

  1. If no, you don’t care, this isn’t about you. Why are you still reading? Skip ahead to the end or something or go watch more episodes of Got 2 B Real.
  2. If yes, please proceed to let me give you what you need …

SO YOU CARE? Well, let’s narrow down what you care oh-so-much about, arbiter of Beyoncé authenticity. Which one of these statements sound like you?

DID YOU THINK: This is a historic day! And President Obama will never be inaugurated again! Even he had to look back and soak all that in. She couldn’t even be bothered to sing live! Like, it’s not about you, Fakeyoncè.

YOU ARE: A Traditionalist. You get upset when people don’t keep it real all the time. You also might be at that point where Obama lovers and Beyoncé haters meet and finally agree on something.

DO YOU THINK: This was so unprofessional. No one has ever done this before, lip syncing at such a historic and important event, and of course Beyoncé did that because that’s so typical of these new artists today. All ego. No discipline. Hell, she even did a song called “Ego.” It’s like it’s all about themselves and booty shaking and pop-pop-pop-pop-that-coochie and singing about being single when yo’ ass is married. What’s that about?

YOU ARE: A Purest. You’re also probably a stan for people who don’t sell very many records. NOT-THAT-THERE’S-ANYTHING-WRONG-WITH-THAT! I thought Ciara’s last album was pretty not horrible and greatly prefer hipster British R&B artists that you’ve never heard of because I liked them before they were cool. Just sayin’.

DO YOU THINK: So what if your voice cracks because it’s cold outside, Betrayoncè! Kelly Clarkson sang live and killed “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” so it couldn’t have been that damn cold.

YOU ARE: A Kelly Clarkson fan.

DO YOU THINK: This is so typical of how the Obama Administration conducts themselves. We have a fake, Kenyan Socialist Nazi Muslim Black Nationalist Liberation Theology Gay President and he invited some “black hussy” (who is married to a DRUG DEALER, by-the-way!) to over-sing the National Anthem like THEY ALL over-sing everything in that disgusting, cheap, ghetto way. I really think the Speaker of the House John Boenher needs to investigate Bey-whatever-her-name-is (I can’t be bothered to spell something so “urban”) because, I mean, we’re getting all these different stories. First it was that she sang it. Then she didn’t sing it. Now, they can’t say if she did or didn’t. I mean, if they’ll lie about Benghazi, they’ll lie about anything!

YOU ARE: A FOX News commentator. Everything within two feet of President Barack Obama is a conspiracy. Was “4” a flop or is that what Obama and his other pretend wife FLOTUS-yoncè WANTS you to think so you’ll be impressed when their next hot track “Déjà vu, Obama Pt. 2” drops? Think about it.

DO YOU THINK: You know, they say Beyoncé “Hexagon Dynasty Devil Sign” Knowles recorded that track because she didn’t have time to practice since she was too busy drinking the blood of the unborn in one of her and Jay-Z’s Illuminati devil worshipping ceremonies. What? You really think she and Gaga sold that many copies of “Video Phone?” I mean, seriously. The single was so bad the only way it could have sold if Beelzebub was involved. OMG. Beyezlebub! WHY DID I NEVER SEE THIS BEFORE? OPEN YOUR EYES, SHEEPLE!

YOU ARE: Scaring me.

DO YOU THINK: You know, Aretha Franklin sang it live in 2009 even though the cold (obviously) wrecked her voice because, you know? It’s about the president, not Sasha Fakest.

YOU ARE: Aretha Franklin.

DO YOU THINK: You tell people you “care” but you’re really just in this thing for the hits/views/pageviews/clicks/Ad revenue/Nielsen ratings because you know if it’s Beyonce SOMEONE CARES. Rating’s gold!

YOU ARE: *Looks in mirror* *Twirls hair* BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Vee

    * Blank stare*

  • Chika

    *sigh* This article wasn’t necessary…

  • Just a thought

    Does it matter…? I mean really matter. It isn’t that I care or don’t care, it is what it is and if President Obama and company is cool with it (lip sync or not) then why is it a major news topic?

  • Yvette

    This was a funny article. I do care because I feel a little deceived… nothing earth-shattering, but still deceived. I understand her need to want to be perfect, but it’s ok if your voice cracks Bey. I think more people would have forgiven her if her voice wasn’t pitch-perfect, rather than finding out she was lip-syncing.

    Also, I’m starting to be annoyed by this flawless persona that she feels the need to put out all the time. Rihanna has made some mistakes in her life, but she’s REAL. We know her ups and downs – with Bey it’s almost like she’s wearing a mask.

  • Felicity Rhode

    HA! Hilarious!

  • Just a thought

    We all wear a mask, it only comes off when we are complety and utterly alone…that’s when we are the most vulnerable. Many of us have a variety of masks for various occassions and experiences.

  • Liz

    Ummm…..K. I’m not a Kelly Clarkson fan, but the only thing that gives this story weight is the fact that both she and the singer from Brooklyn Tab sang live and Bey didn’t (or maybe she did…I dont really care). I think that’s funny, just like Ms. Retha. I was more disturbed that Bey chose to wear a full length gown and glam hair to the swearing in. She looked flawless…. but yeah. I get that she’s Beyonce and that she was “performing” but I laughed when I saw her….. time and place for everything.

  • Just a thought

    Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906)

    We Wear the Mask

    WE wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,—This debt we pay to human guile; With torn and bleeding hearts we smile, And mouth with myriad subtleties.

    Why should the world be over-wise, In counting all our tears and sighs? Nay, let them only see us, while We wear the mask.

    We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries To thee from tortured souls arise. We sing, but oh the clay is vile Beneath our feet, and long the mile; But let the world dream otherwise, We wear the mask!

  • Superman is not REAL

    Take the stick out of your a$$ and laugh or cry or do whatever people do who make irrelevant comments

  • Superman is not REAL


  • AnnT

    I so appreciate the last “Do you Think”!
    I love your candor!

  • silkynaps

    Imma let you finish, but if they wanted to go with a pre-recorded rendition, they should have used Whitney’s. Whitney had the greatest rendition of all time.

  • Yvette

    Hmm, good point. I think people have trouble really relating to or connecting with people who wear a mask (I know this from personal experience). But maybe that’s not Bey’s goal – to connect with her fans. Maybe she just wants to put out music, and that’s her right.

  • kc

    I wonder how many brain cells one loses reading these Beyonce articles…

  • Yvette

    Lol, I see what you did there.

  • Rakel

    This article was hilarious. I’m a Bey fan but not a Bey Stan. The girl can throw down and we all know it. Aside from being a singer she’s an entertainer. She did her job. Maybe not the way everyone wanted. The whole idea is a little ridiculous to me. The day was historical and we’re worried about lip synching? Media outlets love to make something out of nothing. Especially when it comes to us. Any reason to discredit a Black woman will do I guess.

  • isolde3

    Yeah this piece was funny. The drags, reads, and gifs on the pop/music forums when the news broke were epic! People are mad because Beyonce has a history of, shall we say, dubiousness, especially where song writing credits are concerned. Now she’s been using social media quite a bit over the past year. She posted that “Take that Mitches” joke on her Baddie Bey instagram after Obama was re-elected. She has a tumblr and a lifestyle blog. So there really wasn’t anything preventing her from personally setting the record straight once all the praise and headlines began pouring in, commending her for her “live” vocals. It seems to me that maybe Bey didn’t think that anyone would find out, so she kept mum. I’m sure this will all blow over if she slays her Superbowl performance.

  • mickey


  • Ugh

    I am not obsessed with Beyonce by any means, but I just don’t understand why people need her to be flawed or to be like every other reckless artist out there. Why should she have her business on front street? Why should she act up? Just so everyone can feel a little more comfortable about their flawed lives. I don’t think she is trying to be perfect, I just think that she is avoiding being publicly messy.

    We are so used to messy celebrities who live reality tv/lifetime movie of the week lives that we are judging someone because they don’t stumble out of clubs drunk, or move from relationship to relationship, or have baby daddy issues, or because…I don’t know…they try to portray a pretty decent and mostly scandal-free image.

    People were having heart attacks over her GQ cover a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, ok…where are these critical folks when every other female artist has posed in the same way. Were you mad at Janet Jackson for being half naked and sexually explicit for half of her career? Jennifer Lopez? Rihanna? Britney Spears?

  • Ugh

    Artists lip sync all the damn time. It comes with the territory (lord knows how many performances we’ve watched where we didn’t know the artist was lip synching). Yo-Yo Ma didn’t play his cello live when he performed at the inauguration ceremony in 2009. There are those who believe that Whitney Houston didn’t perform live during her epic super bowl performance. We know the woman can sing, it was her voice, so who cares? And we have no idea why she lip synced at all – if she even did it. Sh*t happens. And I am sorry, but there is no way in hell I would have given up the opportunity to sing at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

    Just my long unwanted opinion.

  • politicallyincorrect

    If this incident should teach the public anything, it should be about the media’s thirst for page clicks. But how did she think it was appropriate to wear an evening gown at noon.

  • Yvette

    @Ugh – I definitely not advocating for her to act irresponsibly. But there’s a difference between acting crazy and putting up a front. Her lip-syncing performance is just another example of her putting up a front. Just be real! That’s all I’m saying.

  • Whatever

    While it did make me chuckle, it was unnecessary. No, to the daily Beyonce articles… “What caring about Beyonce’s every move and writing an article about it daily says about Clutch”

  • Winning Yve

    Having an opinion about any article just means I’m opinionated. Why are there so many articles claiming that they can tell you a little about yourself depending on how you feel about Beyonce?

    Moving on…

  • JK

    “I don’t think she is trying to be perfect, I just think that she is avoiding being publicly messy.”

    I’m right there with you until…she announces her pregnancy on the MTV awards, declares how powerful she is in a pair of panties and a cut off football jersey on the cover of GQ, she “accidentally” forgets to take off her million dollar engagement ring in interviews, and rips out her earpiece while lip syncing the national anthem. I’m all for keeping your business out of the street. That’s a fair move. But what’s with the extras. I don’t think anyone is faulting to her for not stumbling out of clubs drunk or shaving her head but she does seem to have an obsession with puttin on extras…

  • rockthecatbox

    This article gave me many lols, well played Ms. Benton. I am guilty of liking hipster british R&B…very guilty of that, but not a Purist (well I am, but only when it comes to spelling Purist correctly, harharhar) about Bey singing it live/ not live and what it says about her discipline/pop music in general/kids today. When I found out she used a backing track I thought, Beyonce doesn’t want to take chances and wants to deliver on an important day. She is a dramatic and theatrical artist, who likely takes the appearance of perfection and meticulous brand management more seriously than her peers.Bey is a safe, pleasant picture at things like an Inauguration, since she is a calculated and image-conscious person who will look, dress and act appropriately. Not to say she’s boring or a robot, because I find her delightful and amusing. I actually appreciate that she will be who she needs to be for the occasion, and find her to be one of those people who, when at a job, adapts for the work needing to be done. The track was a fail-safe. That’s all the thought I put into it. Now back to my Emeli Sande and Clairy Browne and the Rackettes.

  • Angela Scott

    First of all: Beyonce should be able to lip-sync when the singers conditions (cold weather) are not favorable to her expertise of singing! She is Legendary enough! We all know she can blow!…So therefore I say God Bless Her if she did lip sync it, it was beautiful. Second: It was about the President of the United States Barack H. Obama!

  • Winn

    I like you. I think you may be me.

  • rockthecatbox

    Thank you! This is heartening :) Have a wonderful day.

  • Kisha

    It’s okay to have an opinion on Bey lip synching….it’s the people who have a gleam in thier eyes and pound the table with passion when explaining thier issues with Beyonce, her fake pregnancy and connection with all that is evil in the world. I don’t understand these people. I haven’t been that wrapped up in the life of a celebrity since high school, before I had to face the problems of the real world. If you have anything more than a smirk or shoulder shrug in your spirit when discussing Bey lip synching at the inauguration, I’m gon need you to get cho life and turn on CNN. It’s not that damn serious!

  • Treece

    Thats what I’m talking about…If you were going to lip-sync, then keep it simple. She tried to basically upstage everyone there (including the President and First Lady) and took the coat off, snatched the earpiece out mid-performance, and hand gestured like Diva of the century. Yet in interviews she tries to play like she’s on the humble and all that southern “I’m just so happy to be here” mess (no offense to southerners out there). She chose to lip-sync it b/c she wanted to be perfect. She knows the public views her as flawless and she didn’t want to ruin it by possible f***ing up the Anthem. But like Liz said, Kelly Clarkson and the singer from the choir did it….is someone a bit insecure about thier own singing ability??

  • Libby

    Don’t forget she REMOVED her coat…LOL…
    Too cold to sing live, but standing up there with a mesh and velvet dress. Funny

  • Kanyade

    Agreed. I’ve been a fan of Snob (Miss Belton) since her blogspot days. This was hilarious. And, I think a perfect “end” to this hoopla. Let the subject die now. The end. :)

  • Kelley Johnson

    For any of the readers out there who’ve wondered if this site gets a little payola from Beyonce, Inc., this pathetic blog post ought to confirm that suspicion for you. When a site decided to insult their own readership, they’re getting their palms greased.

    Wake up, folks.

  • OH

    This may be one of the most pathetic “articles” to ever grace Clutch. The use of the “word” hateration in the heading should have been an indicator.

    Feeling the need to lecture and name call strangers over a stranger who doesn’t give one shit much less two about you says a lot about YOU Danielle the Stan.

    Why don’t you just go ahead and shoot a “leave Beyonce alone ” video or take a page from the Beiber fans who share your mentality and start a cutters for Beyonce campagin on twitter. SMFH

  • blacksnob

    Oh, OK. So, um … I have to know … “U mad?”

  • Princess Di

    The same amount it took you to type out this response.

  • ?

    I have to know why do some people of color purposely dumb down their writing or speech? Why is playing dumb considered cool?

  • Puh-lease

    For someone who hates Beyonce articles, you sure love commenting on them….

  • Child, Please

    I have to laugh at the fact that the public seems to want to move on from this, but Manti Te’o was bashed all of last week and this week and maybe even next week for having a fake girlfriend. Clutch, if your over it, why even give this the time of day – and make an attempt to insult your readers?

  • Barbara

    Feeling the need to lecture and name call strangers over a stranger who doesn’t give one shit much less two about you says a lot about YOU Danielle the Stan.


  • Kelley Johnson

    Awww, you don’t what I when I go off on King Creole, do you. Sure doesn’t stop you from getting worked up over my posts, does it.

  • Kelley Johnson

    They’re just doing damage control.

  • Child, Please

    No, snob, we have to know, are you mad? I mean it take a lot of effort to really try and belittle someone’s response like that and by effort I mean truly giving a damn about one’s opinion. He or she can have that like the next person. Please don’t act like this article doesn’t come across as condescending of those that do have an opinion about it as witnessed in the Beyonce story #92978 on Clutch.

  • Sasha


  • Yesha

    Not that it particularly matters, but …

    1. The article is making fun of people being in hysterics over Beyonce not really singing.

    2. The article also makes fun of the media hyping up the whole thing for attention because people care so much about Beyonce, hence the very last line. Which was also self-deprecating.

    3. No one is making you read Clutch, Barbara or “?” (which ever you prefer). So stop commenting under a bunch of different aliases. Or at least use a different email address when you do. It makes it less obvious.

    4. Or keep commenting (I don’t know your life).

  • Trinity Jones

    I cannot believe the media is still having this conversation. It is time to focus on other issues. I really don’t care that she lip synced. I understand it was the inauguration. Also, some people may have been disappointed. Imo…its still isn’t that serious: 1. Beyonce has already earned her reputation – We already know she is a performer and can sing. 2. SHE was requested, therefore, her only job was to please the requestors. If she was auditioning for the x-factor or some other singing contest – then yes I would have had a problem. I’ve been told or read that she was a perfectionist; with that, I think she would have known in which manner was the best way to perform the POTUS and the first family was.

  • Muse


    If anyone is seriously insulted by this OBVIOUSLY tongue-in-cheek written article, please remove the deeply lodged stick from your behind.

    The “I’m way to intellectual for anything mainstream” attitude of a few commentators on this site is nauseating. Especially when they’re the first ones lined up to add their two cents to all things Beyonce. *eye roll* Just admit it. You like this stuff. Your Erykah Badu head wrap, acoustic guitar, and Ph.D will not be confiscated. You can have both :-)

  • Barbara

    If only you could police the trolls on here with the same vigor there Stan.

  • Muse

    Lol… You must be a purest.

  • Kacey

    I have read that Beyonce behaves the way she does because she seeks to maintain an air of mystery about her, somewhat like the starlets of prior eras.

    However, her problem is that she trying to project the persona of a 1940s celebrity in an era when fans have unprecedented access to the lives of their favorite entertainers. So to some, she doesn’t come across as mysterious, but as shady and disingenuous.

    If she wants to keep her private life off-limits to the public, there are ways to accomplish that. It may not be easy, but she has the resources to do it. However, by constantly throwing-out teasers and then, when people ask for more, pulling back and crying privacy, it makes her look like she’s playing her fans for fools.

  • Yesha

    Are you saying you want to be policed harder? B/C technically, trolls aren’t only considered to be the ones constantly being argumentative/combative/spewing hate speech/etc/etc…in a forum..but also those that use multiple identities to comment.

  • mikey kun

    I am not a big B fan but knows she has talent. I loved whitney’s performance (to me the top of the top) and that was pre recorded, SO it doesn’t matter to me if B lip sung or not it was nicey done, and every diva before here has done it.

  • blacksnob

    Seriously. I think you all will be OK. You’re OK, right? Yeah. You’re OK.

  • Chinyere

    Aretha clearly sites the weather not being good, as a reason ANY singer might be inclined to lip sync. No shade was thrown. Clutch needs to change its name to…Your readers aren’t here to read Beyonce articles, we’re here to read about the issues that concern US. The racially ambiguous creole queen lip syncing, has no effect on my life, the inauguration was not a Beyonce concert. It was the swearing in of Obama, only the third democratic president in the last 75 years to be RE-ELECTED.

  • Yvette

    @Kacey – Exactly! You summed it up better I was able to.

  • AM

    Ain’t no doubt about it, Beyonce is ROYALTY. This article , alongside the 20billion written in her honor on Clutch, has now been printed, plaqued, and displayed in her museum!!

  • GTFOH!

    Last I checked, Janet Jackson is only sexually explicit in her music…she has led a relatively quiet life,even managing to get married TWICE without the public knowing until the divorces were finalized. Beyonce is sexually explicit in ALL of her music, and half naked on EVERY STAGE she dances and sings on. Clearly you’ve forgotten the TWO YEARS SHE LIVED IN OBNOXIOUS LEOTARDS. YOU SAID IT YOURSELF, SHE TRIES TO PORTRAY A SCANDAL FREE LIFE. The Knowles aren’t a scandal free family, I love Solange, but does anyone remember she got knocked up at like, 17 then had to marry the guy so the Knowles could maintain this cookie cutter image you speak of? Oh and Matthew Knowles impregnated a woman while he was married. Now tell me that isn’t enough to make a good lifetime movie of the week! People are mad that the machine known as the Knowles family, paint this scot free image when they are just as messy as any other family. There’s nothing wrong with being flawed…it’s what makes us HUMAN.

  • Deb

    Come on now, this is getting plain ridiculous.
    But then again, this happens every time the Beyonce machine starts churning. It’s that time of the year.

  • Kay

    WTF. Get over it. And that Creole comment was unnessecary.

  • Chinyere


  • 2NatuRho

    oh, this article…SMH. I agree with the who-gives-a-____ about the pre-recorded performance but to say Queen Aretha was hating and being shady…..uhhh pump your brakes ClutchMag, it was a simple gag no more, no less. Oh and Kelly Clarkson “My Country Tis of Thee” not the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

  • rockthecatbox

    This is a piece of satire. The piece was written for a certain audience that can grasp humor (i.e., the over the top patriotism inherent in an Inauguration–hence, Battle Hymn of the Republic), much like pieces on her website. She’s not speaking seriously about the coverage or the situation. Also, not sure if all readers are aware, but Clutch is trying to position itself like a Jezebel (blog mixing humor, satire, news items and culture) but for black women.

  • rockthecatbox

    *meant to add feminist blog mixing humor–that’s the connection to Jezebel.

  • http://Clutch SL


  • http://Clutch SL

    Thank you! Very nice.

  • http://Clutch SL

    @Ugh – excellent post – I agree.

  • karenmm2

    I’m not sure if anyone else has commented on this “non” issue .. but didn’t Yo-Yo Ma, pre-record his 2009 inugural performance? These people create a storry out of this have nothing better on their minds.

    Yo-Yo Ma Talk about prerecorded performance:

  • The Artist

    Shesh..why do all the Beyonce articles turn into Piranha havens? I found the commentary quite funny, it’s refreshing to see a different style from time to time.

  • binks

    This gave me a few chuckles but where is the REAL LEAD article of the day though? Bits was funny but this article seems devoided even for satire because at the end of the day people’s opinions are going to be their opinion and folks going to feel a certain way or not at all.

  • UrbanRomanceEIC

    “Your Erykah Badu head wrap, acoustic guitar, and Ph.D will not be confiscated. You can have both”

    I live for this comment! Haha!

  • MimiLuvs

    In opinion, in regards to people’s opinions about Beyonce, I’ve heard my fair share of insults about the singer, way before I’ve heard about her stans (well, the concept of her “stans”). So in my eyes, the stans and her haters cancels each other out. In regards to the Beyonce-related articles on Clutch, I don’t mind them. What I do not understand is why folks are complaining about reading, in the comment section? If you don’t want to read the article, then do not read the article. Or perhaps, visit the website on a different day. I wonder if these folks return to a restaurant, after experiencing a horrible moment, so they can spend more money just so they can have another reason to complain? I also wish people would “keep it 100%” and just say that they just want to have a “Mean Girl” moment.

  • jenn dunn


  • Rue

    *singing and rejoicing about the realness of this comment*

  • useless middle class

    All I know is the white males nearest to beyonce in the photograph (eg biden upfront there) appear to be looking straight at her but seem mighty pissed off. Maybe they/re thinking she makes too much noise to risk making a SCANDAL with.


  • PBR

    I tell you, Beyonce has one heck of a PR team. They have every black blog including this one now on 24 hour lock leading up to her album. Any silly issue involving her name will get 3-4 articles. Oh well, proceed I guess.

  • AM


    You ROCK! I want to start a museum in your honor. I’ll print out all your comments, and whatever cash proceeds I make, I’ll donate them to your favorite charity.

  • Nic

    I don’t know, that wig has to keep her pretty warm. I mean, my hair is real and it definitely keeps my head warm, so wearing a lion’s mane for a wig probably keeps a lot of warmth in.

  • justanotheropinion

    First of all, I commend Clutch. This is the ONLY place where Aretha’s FULL QUOTE was given. Most outlets ended the quote after she stated ‘…for most singers that just isn’t just singing weather.’

    I’m no vocalist (except in the shower!), but I guess the temp can have an effect on the vocal chords. But if Kelly Clarkson can ‘belt it out’ at the same temperature (with all the imperfections that come with it), why can’t Bey? I’ll leave ya’ll to speculate as to why.

    Maybe the reason folks are so up in arms about this is that Bey threw way too many dramatics into this. If you weren’t singing, what’s with tossing the ear-piece – as if it were interfering with your vocals? She ‘acted’ like she was doing something and putting her soul into it. I guess once a ‘performer’, always a ‘performer’. Makes sense when you are dancing and doing a concert, but not so much when you are standing still supposedly singing.

    At the end of the day, does it really matter? No, not a bit. I still ain’t buying her CD’s, I didn’t vote for the man and others have done the same (Whitney). All I can say is next time, don’t act like this is the performance of your life time when all you did was show up.

  • motownmusiclvr

    Kelly didn’t sing “Battle Hymn of the Republic” or is Danielle saying no one knew that Kelly sang ‘America (My Country Tis of Thee)’.

  • motownmusiclvr

    Were you joking when you said she sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic’ meaning folks didn’t realize she actually sang ‘America’ (My Country Tis of Thee)?

  • motownmusiclvr

    Beyonce sang ‘America (My Country Tis of Thee) not Battle Hymn of the Republic! I am sure Danielle was joking when she posted Battle Hymn of the Republic.

  • vma100

    I care only because it gave the right-wing haters another reason to doubt the authenticity of the president. They’re saying “He had a fake singer, just like everything else in his administration.” So it pisses me off that she handed the haters another cudgel to use against him and Michelle.

    Not a Kelly Clarkson fan at all, but she sang live… James Taylor sang live AND played the guitar. Sing live, people, or give the job to a grown up who can handle it. Come back ReRe.. and bring your crown!

  • Medusa

    Is any article really necessary? I thought it was funny.

  • Medusa


  • Kelley Johnson

    Actually, I think they’re just trying to figure out why she skinned a wolly mammoth and glued it to her head.

  • Kelley Johnson

    Make sure the museum is temperature controlled like Beyonce’s, now. Because like Beyonce, I’m really trying to preserve this shit so when my greatness is looked back on 200 years from now, they will know….I was here. I was here! Me. Here. Me.

    Thank you.

  • Shauna Stuart

    Except for the fact that Kelly Clarkson sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” NOT “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Even if the author was joking, it STILL makes no sense.

  • London’s Mom

    It didn’t bother me at first, and it honestly really doesn’t know, however after I watched the performance over and the theatrics she pulled while performing really irked me. The whole ear piece and grand hand gestures of the world just made me go…. OK Bey… stop. But she without a doubt is a performer, I’ll still remain a Beyonce fan.

  • AM

    *DEAD*!!! @temperature controlled. I can’t with you!! :)

  • Joy

    Politically: My sentiments exactly about the dress. I thought it was soooo inappropriate for the time of day, and occasion. A for the song I couldn’t careless if she was actually singing, or not

  • Joy

    Just a Thought: Actually I don’t thik President Obama had time to check Bey’s mics before she performed. Otherwise he would have insisted that she perform live. LOL LOL I’m kidding…I’m kidding

  • Kirsten

    I was dead at “10 lbs. of blonde Indian Remy”! LMAO

  • I should scare you

    I fall under the category of “you scare me” because of the whole façade of this Administration. BTW, I am not Republican.

  • Lisette

    Thank You Sooo Much for this comment. Now mind you, I don’t care one way or the other, but Rihanna was butt booty naked not long ago and I mostly heard about how fit she was. Beyonce by all appearances is an awesome, accomplished, scandal free young lady~married to a baller, if you will, she doesn’t seem to need the advice or approval of random strangers. People need to use their energy to enhance their own lives. Thanks again for eloquent well thought out comment

  • SoWhat

    She pulled out the earpiece to better hear herself. So, it’s not theatrics. And, I think my high school choir teacher would approve of her gestures. It makes for a better performance to smile and sing, and move your hands.

  • http://Clutch SL

    To hear what? Her pre-record blasting thru the speakers??? She wasn’t singing!!!

    You’re too funny!

  • B. Adu

    Erm no I don’t give a flying fig, but I’m curious as to why you care so much about those you say shouldn’t. Having read to the end, I’m none the wiser.

  • Mrs.Martin

    I’m laughing to myself that I even took the time to read this article about a ‘non-issue’, and I’m sure the author of this articled laughed as well. Its soooooooooooo ludicris that “Beyonce’s Lip-synch Gate”, was a headliner for the….wait for it NATIONAL NEWS! Like really people??? Beyonce’ can sing, she shouldn’t be crucified for this. Its not like she pulled a Milli Vanelli. Let her live ….damn!

  • Nakia (@KiaJD)

    @GTFOH has never been to a Janet show, I see. She routinely pulls men on stage to gyrate on them. See any show from the Velvet Rope or Janet album days. Almost immediately after she shed the baby fat of her first album she became sexy ALL THE TIME. Someone has selective memory.

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