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This is not the first time ESPN’s resident journalist Jemele Hill has been inundated with racist letters and tweets from the vast audience the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports commands. But this time, Hill decided to air out one particular vile racist who wrote a letter containing bigoted language towards the Michigan State alum.

In the letter, the asshole viewer refers to Hill as a “b*tch jungle bunny,” “spear-chucker,” and demands ESPN to let her go “before she back slides into some ebonics-laden inarticulate mumbo-jumbo tirade.” Additionally, the anonymous man reveals he’s “not interested in spending all day listening to some thick-lipped gorilla attempting to properly speak the King’s English.”

Astonished that her ignorant pen-pal had enough of racist vernacular to eschew from using the N-word, Hill went on Twitter to expose a small dose of what she says she receives pretty regularly.


“I get these types of letters every day,” she tweeted Adena Andrews, a writer for ESPNW.

We cannot pretend like Obama’s reelection was a sign that racism is something of the past, but what is unbelievable is that we cannot have a serious, nuanced conversation about race in America without white people denying it even exists to the extent this hate-letter suggests. And not to mention, the underlying misogyny in the hyper-masculine sports world helps belittle the contributions of highly qualified women. Wow, we have a lot of work to do in 2013 …


  • TrIsha

    I’m glad Jemele Hill shared this letter. It is a great reminder to athletes and non-athletes that racist people are all around us. It won’t stop. At the same time, you can’t allow their ignorance to stop you. I’ve never been the one to believe all white people are racist. But I do believe some have learned how to coexist with us and that is where the line is drawn. If a profit is NOT involved, will they entertain you or how much will they invest your lives? Perfect example is that of a coach and a player’s relationship. .

    Since this letter was addressed to a black woman journalist reporting for ESPN, it signifies it doesn’t matter if a black woman is competing, coaching , or reporting….negative/racist remarks are going to take place. Besides that, any authoritative or a less occupied position by a black man or a woman, it is uncomfortable for some people. This is the mark that racism is still alive and well and cannot be denied. We cannot stop their comments. If anything, it should give us more ammunition to succeed. Obviously, if it was left up to Jemele’s pen pal, she would be scrubbing HIS floors and nothing more (well maybe – hmm).

    The bottom line is to never allow words to define you; however, words are the beginning point towards conflict. So we do need awareness that racism is far from ceasing. And as an afterthought, some people within the black community possess the same sentiments/thoughts. If you look a certain way or come from a certain area/background, the same words are spoken. .

  • Anthony

    For the life of me, I don’t know how a story about the racial harrassment of a sports reporter developed a black men vs. black women subtext. Everything always ending up on that subject is taking a lot of pleasure out of reading this site.

    • MimiLuvs

      All it takes is for one comment from a reader. Somebody is bound to leave a reply.
      Sometimes I think the reply is from another alias that is used by the OP.

    • EST. 1986

      Wow. Really? You think they may be doing that?

  • Barbara

    This is new how? She’s been T&A / stripper moves since day 1. The less vocal abiity the less clothing needed to sell it, SSDD in the music industry. She knows to stay relevant that she needs to keep the show going. There are younger and fresher new artist ready to take her place some might even say she’s already been replaced but I don’t listen to music like hers anyway so IDK.

  • truth

    Why does everybody say obama when they talk about change and why do black people call obama their own when he is half white and raised by white when like so many other black children grew up with out his black father

  • truth

    And why is it that blacks always complain about racism when its the best time to be black u get everything just pull the race card u don’t hear other rase’s crying what about the Indians if anybody should have some grip its them not u pampered African American COMPLAINERS

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