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This is not the first time ESPN’s resident journalist Jemele Hill has been inundated with racist letters and tweets from the vast audience the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports commands. But this time, Hill decided to air out one particular vile racist who wrote a letter containing bigoted language towards the Michigan State alum.

In the letter, the asshole viewer refers to Hill as a “b*tch jungle bunny,” “spear-chucker,” and demands ESPN to let her go “before she back slides into some ebonics-laden inarticulate mumbo-jumbo tirade.” Additionally, the anonymous man reveals he’s “not interested in spending all day listening to some thick-lipped gorilla attempting to properly speak the King’s English.”

Astonished that her ignorant pen-pal had enough of racist vernacular to eschew from using the N-word, Hill went on Twitter to expose a small dose of what she says she receives pretty regularly.


“I get these types of letters every day,” she tweeted Adena Andrews, a writer for ESPNW.

We cannot pretend like Obama’s reelection was a sign that racism is something of the past, but what is unbelievable is that we cannot have a serious, nuanced conversation about race in America without white people denying it even exists to the extent this hate-letter suggests. And not to mention, the underlying misogyny in the hyper-masculine sports world helps belittle the contributions of highly qualified women. Wow, we have a lot of work to do in 2013 …

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  • Yb

    As sad as I feel for this woman, and how horrible it is that she has to go through this I’m not surprised. I don’t expect anything less from whites.

    • Curious

      What have whites done to you personally?

    • Kostas

      “Hmm those blacks in Chicago….shootings…drugs…criminal behaviour. I don’t expect anything less from blacks”.

      See how that goes? I can’t understand how black people think it’s okay to make such asinine broad generalizations and then have the nerve to get all offended when THEY do it to us. Stop it.

    • Yb

      Are you getting paid to defend whites who wouldn’t give two shits about you? Some black people are really pathetic.

      If you really think that me generalising whites is the same as assumptions make about black people then you are a fucking idiot. I could careless if whites get their feelings hurt at what I said and their little black pet that defends them. My words have no power compared to the institutionalised racism they built and the privileged they hold.

      The worst you and I can do to whites is call them a Cracker. Now tell me what is the worst the can do to you?

  • Anthony

    As a regular reader of ESPN’s website, I can say that what that person wrote is depressingly common. Jemelle Hill is subjected to terrible disrespect by posters, many of whom seem to have so much hate towards black people, I wonder why they watch sports at all outside of NASCAR. The fact she is woman just intensifies the hate, in my opinion.

    • Sasha

      I was going to say the same thing. I’ve stopped reading comments to the articles she writes because they are filled with ferocious hate and vitriol. The comments almost always have nothing to do with the topic at hand or devolve into racism and bigotry. It’s sad.

    • Fantastico

      Yep, it’s that terrible combo of racism and sexism.

  • Not sure how the letter/mail system at ESPN works…was she the first person to open the letter? If not, are the other people required to send along these harassing letters? Would she be interested in having her mail screened? I’m glad she told the public. I also think, in her shoes, I wouldn’t want to read any more of the same crap.

  • The person who wrote that letter needs to get a life.

    • EST. 1986

      What exactly does it mean for one to ‘get a life’. I am pretty sure this man has a life, a life where he hates Black women and/or Black people in general.

    • It means not wasting your time writing hate mail. Jemele’s career is probably going to go better now because more people know who she is because of this incident.

      Pretty sure that is the opposite of what Mr. Letter Writer wanted to happen.

    • EST. 1986

      By looking at the picture, I venture to say it took no more than 10 minutes for that letter to written.

    • truth hurts

      10 minutes he could’ve spent doing something productive.

      Is there are reason you’re caping for this peckerwood or…

    • EST. 1986

      I am not ‘caping’ for anyone, whatever that means.

      It is just a major pet peeve of mine when someone’s response to something is for that person to “Get a life”, “You must not have a life”, and “You have too much time on your hands”.

    • truth hurts

      It’s a pet peeve of yours because you probably hear it so often. Here you are going off on some tangent that doesn’t have shit to do with the article…

      Methinks you need to GET A LIFE

    • EST. 1986

      Wrong! I SEE it online, all of the time, and it is not directed toward me. Thanks.

    • Kacey

      @ Truth Hurts: What are you doing here, then?

    • EST. 1986

      All you flunkies need to ‘get cho life’.

  • Tim

    This is why I kind of scratch my head when I see comments on here about whiter and other races of men embracing and liking black women more than black men (the enemy).

    I just don’t see it (embracing black women say group). “shrugz”

    • Chillyroad

      I wouldn’t go that far. America is a massive country. You are bound to find a few nutters. Most people are very decent. If out of the millions of ESPN viewers you get a few pieces of hate mail…I would say that is proof most white men don’t care about seeing a black woman journalist on the tv. Ratings would be a good barometer too.

    • victoria

      Yet, too many of our black men are leaving our kids fatherless, without support; leaving our communitites without protection (while they go to prison or date outside of their race). Not all non blacks are racist. Actually, I would expect our men to be our providers and supporters, but too many are not. This site doesnt say black men are the enemy; there are women on this site who encourages black women to date outside of our race b/c too many of our men have left us high and dry.

      Regarding the letter, the fact that she is black and that she is a woman is pissing many people off. I hope that she doesnt allow this garbage to upset her. No matter what field she is in, being successful, black, and woman will ALWAYS be hard to swallow for others.

      FYI, can you imagine how much work it took on her part to get her position. That’s something to be proud about.

    • Chillyroad


      I just dont have the energy for your comment. Smdh

    • Ask_ME

      One has to wonder why people like you insist on people viewing black men as individuals (i.e., “Don’t call all black men thugs) but deny that right to all others.

      Non-blacks don’t automatically equal racism.

      Blacks don’t automatically equal racial progression.

      I have run across quite a few “good” white people and I have run across quite a few “bad” black people…and vice versa. This doesn’t mean I hold the words/actions of THESE INDIVIDUALS against the whole race.

      You clearly see what you want to see. Anything else would upset your senses.

    • ChillyRoad


      Can you PLEASE explain to Victoria that black men and black women dont belong to each other so she cannot reasonably expect black men to protect black women.

    • Ask_ME


      No thanks…I’ll leave that up to you because you appeared to be especially disturbed by her comment.

    • victoria

      When children are raised without the protection of their fathers they are more vulnerable – molestation, rape, joining gangs, promiscuity, violence, etc. My comment was not concerning a men owning women, but having their presence makes a difference.

    • Chillyroad


      Children have a bad record of creating unions between two adults. If daddy isn’t in the house there is little he can do. He isn’t in the house because mom and dad didn’t have a home to begin with. If you want parents to be under the same roof raising children, build that house first than the children. You don’t build a house around kids.

    • victoria

      What is the point of your last comment? I am confused because I dont see how the comment coincides with the two statements I made.

    • Justsaying

      You’re concern is truly touching but just so you know only 1% of “whiter and other races of men” need to embrace black women and there’d be more than enough of them for EVERY single black woman who so desires. So there, you’ll be able to sleep soundly tonight. Nighty night.

    • Ask_ME